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Baby saying i love you
February 09, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Galery of i love you my child quotes: ii loves my dear jiiajiia. 3 you are my peekaboo i am your goodnight kiss you are my i love you LOVE Q. Love You Baby.

After suffering two miscarriages while trying to have a third child, I had to pause and consider what it meant to move forward and try again. My midwife had mentioned that if I were to lose another child, I might need to see a fertility specialist. A pregnancy loss was no longer a scary thing that only happened to other people. It had happened to me twice in one year. It almost seemed impossible that it wouldn’t happen again.

Yet ultimately, my husband and I decided to give it one last try, because as I explained to him, the love I felt for our children made every bit of heartbreak worth it. In the end, I was right: the love I received back made the struggle worth it and then some. I will never forget the first time my rainbow baby said, “I love you.”

When we tried again, I got pregnant easily. Yet the victory felt somewhat hollow. I didn’t gasp in delight or cry tears of sorrow or joy as I held up the pregnancy test. I showed my husband, gave a weak smile, and prayed aloud, “I hope this works.” I didn’t want to get too attached to the idea of another baby. I knew now exactly how fast that dream could be snatched from me.

As I moved through those first early weeks of pregnancy, I tried not to think about being pregnant. I tried not to imagine myself being a mother again. I tried not to imagine myself crying on the bathroom floor and bleeding again either. I tried to stay focused on the minutia of my day, thinking about what I was going to eat (and trying not to think about whether my nausea was strong or weak and what that might mean), who I was going to meet up with (and what I should talk about since I wanted to hide my pregnancy), what I was going to wear (was I showing too much? Too little? Was I even pregnant still?). No matter what I tried to keep my mind occupied, it was consumed with what might be happening in my womb.

I was overcome with love in a way I had never felt before. Here was my missing puzzle piece. Here was the baby I had struggled so long for. He was everything. I loved him more than life itself.

The one byproduct of all that worrying, however, was that I didn’t bond with the baby in the same immediate way I had with all my other pregnancies. In my mind, I would constantly whisper “I love you’s” to my unborn children, even the ones I had lost. This one was different. I was so ruled by fear that I didn’t want to feel any attachment, in case it ended in predictable disaster. When I began bleeding just before my eight-week appointment, I handled it with a numbness that astounded me. I called my husband into the kitchen, told him which step of the recipe I was on while making dinner so he could take over, then told him I was having another miscarriage. I calmly instructed him to get maxi pads after dinner. I cried without without hardly making a sound.

Yet when he returned from the store, the heavy bleeding had stopped. I called my midwife who scheduled an appointment for me to come in the next morning. I hadn’t miscarried. My baby was still alive. I felt overjoyed but also guilty at my unemotional reaction to what I thought was a third miscarriage. As the pregnancy continued, I allowed myself to fall in love with my rainbow baby. By the time he was born, I was overcome with love in a way I had never felt before. Here was my missing puzzle piece. Here was the baby I had struggled so long for. He was everything. I loved him more than life itself.

I adored him with a fervor that was unmatched with my previous two babies. Perhaps all the tragedy had finally shown me how deeply I should enjoy his infancy and savor these last “firsts” with my final rainbow baby. I relished his first smiles, first coos, first scoots and steps. Yet there was one milestone that was noticeably absent - his first “I love you.”

By the time he was two he was saying up to 7-word sentences, and three-syllable words like “octopus.” Yet he still wasn’t saying, “I love you.”

I realized around 18 months that he was developing an alarmingly sophisticated vocabulary. He was above and beyond his peers, stringing together words like it was nobody’s business. By the time he was two he was saying up to 7-word sentences, and three-syllable words like “octopus.” Yet he still wasn’t saying, “I love you.”

People were astounded when they met him. He would chat with them, while friends and family would stare at him, amazed by how much they were able to understand. “I’ve never seen a 2-year-old who can talk like that,” they’d say. I’d say it all the time too. He had a bewildering way with words. Yet for all his advanced communication skills, parroting anything and everything I said to him, he still would reciprocate, “I love you.”

“I miss you,” he’d say as he snuggled into me. It was his alternative to saying “I love you.” It was adorable, and made me fall all over myself the first few times he did it. Yet over time, it became a source of anguish. He could say “I love you.” He could say “Look at my Lightning McQueen car, Mom” so obviously an “I love you” wasn’t stretching his skills at all.

I began asking him to say it for me all the time, and he would laugh or say “I miss you” instead. I wondered if perhaps he felt some barrier to loving me; maybe it was because I could love him from that first moment I knew he existed. “Just say ‘I love you,’” I’d implore. “I know you can do it.” He knew he could, too. He just didn’t want to.

Then shortly after his second birthday, as I was milling about in the kitchen, I found myself distractedly saying, “I love you too, baby.” Then I realized where the “I love you” had originated. My rainbow baby, sitting at the table, coloring contently, had just said, “I love you” as if he had said it a million times before.

“Did you just say, ‘I love you’?” I asked.

He smiled and giggled and said, “I miss you! I miss you!” trying to cover up his mistake. Then later that day, he said it again. A few days later, he said it to my husband. The game was over. He loved us. At last. I had waited so long to have him to love, and so much longer for him to love me back. It felt like redemption for all the heartache of my miscarriages - wrapped neatly into three unmistakeable words.

A little one's first words are a memorable moment for every mother and father - especially when it appears that the baby is saying 'I love you'.

Adorable video appears to show baby saying ‘I love you’

baby saying i love you

When Carolyn Valdez was filming her then-4-month-old baby boy and told him to say "I love you," he appeared to listen.

If it isn't amazing enough that a 4-month-old seems to repeat after his parents, it's even more incredible because of baby Noah's story.

"Noah was born with a birth defect called craniosynostosis,” Valdez told "Good Morning America." “Basically, it’s when the sutures in the baby's skull fuse together prematurely, which we were told they are not supposed to fuse till the child is about two years old. The only way to help this condition is to undergo surgery."

Valdez had had a difficult pregnancy, the 26-year-old mom from Harlingen, Texas, said, including preeclampsia and, eventually, an emergency cesarean section at 36 weeks. Noah had a heart murmur that resolved itself after birth.

The family decided to move forward with Noah's surgery when he was 4 months old. Dr. Michael J. Burke of Renaissance Hospital in Edinburg, Texas, performed the craniotomy for synostosis surgery.

"The day the video was taken we were actually in the hospital," his mom said. "He was about one week post-op. Everything was going good and he was healing perfectly. Unfortunately, he was having a reaction from a medication he was taking, so we took him into the emergency room just to be safe.

“While we were waiting for the blood work and test results my husband [Rene] and I were just playing with him and I was also texting my mom, sending pictures and videos."

And then it happened, she said.

"We always talk to Noah and tell him, ‘I love you’ and we always tell him to say momma or dadda or bubba," Valdez told "GMA." "But just in that moment I was taking a video for my mother when we asked him to say, ‘I love you’ and he actually said it.

“I'm so happy and blessed I was able to catch it on video. Not believing what I just heard, I quickly stopped recording and saved it. I just couldn't believe he actually said it. I kept replaying it over and over."

Valdez said it isn't the only time Noah has said, "I love you." Since then, she has caught it on video another time, Valdez added.

"I was so ecstatic he just blew us away,” she said. “My family and friends were so surprised as well. I'm happy I got it on video because I'm sure they wouldn't have believed me."

Noah's mom hopes the video will raise awareness about craniosynostosis, a condition she had never heard of before he was born.

Noah is now 6 months old and is "surrounded by family that loves and adores him," she said. "Even close family that are miles away do everything they can to stay part of his daily life."

Valdez hopes the adorable video "sends good vibes to everyone" who sees it, she added.

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Why We Say ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’

baby saying i love you

New parents often anxiously await the day that their young ones learn their first real words. After all, learning to talk is one of the earliest and most exciting baby milestones, which typically occurs between six months and one year of age, according to Parents.

That's why award-winning concert pianist, singer and mother of three Victoria Fatu was so blown away when her son, Mark, seemingly spoke his first words at a surprisingly young age. In February, she captured a video in which Mark repeats the words "I love you" back to her at an unbelievable three months old. Recently, that video has gone viral, gaining more than 29,000 views. Watch it below, and be amazed:

Fatu told TODAY it was a complete "shock" when her son repeated those three words back to her at such a young age. Now 10 months old, Mark isn't as verbal, but he is picking up some of her musical talents: "He doesn't say much now, but he sings and mimics songs in perfect pitch," she said.

While Mark's feats are certainly impressive, he isn't the first young baby to have uttered those three little words. In fact, some of our favorite viral videos show other babies doing just the same.

Take this Internet favorite for example: This little cutie said the words "I love you" at an unbelievable two months old. Her 20-second struggle to get the words out is almost as adorable as the end result. (Plus, it earned her more than 14 million video views.)

Then there's this seven-second video, which is short but oh-so sweet. Little Ben said "I love you" at three months old just like Mark, but the best part is his dad's look of complete and utter surprise when he does.

And hey, as long as we have you watching adorable videos of babies saying "I love you," we just have to bring back this winning clip. Watch (and swoon!) as 15-month-old Gemma Kate imitates her mom's sing-song version of the phrase. So. cute.

[h/t TODAY

Heather FinnContent Strategy EditorAs the content strategy editor at Good Housekeeping, Heather works on all things social media, video, and entertainment news for the site.

I'll Never Forget The First Time My Baby Said "I Love You". By Gemma Hartley words like “octopus.” Yet he still wasn't saying, “I love you.”.

When will my child start saying I love you?

baby saying i love you

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A 13-Week-Old Baby Said "I Love You"

This Viral Video Captures A 13-Week-Old Baby Saying "I Love You"

Baby Says I Love You Viral Video
Kids grow up so fast these days, but nobody expected this tot to take to talking so quickly. Metro U.K. reports that little Ellie Reid is getting a head start on that whole saying words thing. In a video that her mom, Claire, recorded, the wee tot can be heard saying "I love you."
Claire sent the video to her husband, Grant, who was at work. When he saw the video — and heard just how clearly his daughter was speaking, he could hardly believe the video. In the clip, viewers can see Claire saying "I love you" and Ellie repeating it. It's crystal-clear.
"I was working away in Inverness when Claire sent me the video. I couldn’t believe it. Ellie had just turned 13 weeks old when the video was taken so it really is unbelievable," Grant told Metro U.K. "I watched the video and straightaway I said: 'Oh my God.' I was just so shocked. You can see she is trying to copy what Claire is saying and it comes out so clear."
Of course, Grant shared the video with friends and family, but it spread beyond his close pals. The video has become something of a viral sensation.
"We sent the video to our friends and family and they were all completely shocked, too," Grand said.
According to Britain's NHS (National Health Services), babies generally start speaking around 12 to 18 months, making Ellie a very early adopter. When they do speak, they generally start with short words like "mama" and "dada," so the fact that Ellie says an entire sentence — albeit a short one — puts her more in the territory of one-and-a-half and 2-year-olds.
While she's shown a major talent, Claire explains that her daughter hasn't said anything since she said "I love you." It may have been a one-time thing, but she feels lucky to have captured the moment. "Ellie hasn't said anything since. It was just a fluke in the moment. She makes cute little noises and I think in that instance she was just trying to copy the noises I was making," Claire said to Metro U.K. "We will show her the video when she's older, but that's a long way off yet."
Some parents keep detailed albums with first steps and first words, but having a viral video? That's a whole new way to embarrass a kid.
WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: "How to Say I Love You" Movie Clip - THE BOSS BABY

*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn how to say “I love you” in ten different languages with this heartwarming board book. “I love you” may sound different.

baby saying i love you
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