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Death note format
May 14, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

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Netflix has premiered its live-action version of the manga/anime Death Note, and the reaction from fans has been pretty volatile. While it's arguable which elements of the Death Note Netflix movie work, and which don't, there's been one bit of consensus: the film seems to cram too much story into too little space.

Right now, the talk about if/how the Death Note Netflix franchise should continue is going strong, and for our part, we have a suggestion that we think a lot of other fans will agree with.

Here's why Death Note Needs to be a Netflix series instead of a movie.

Slide 1/4 – The Premise Is Made For Long Form Storytelling

Death Note's premise was presented first in manga and then anime, and there's a reason those formats have served it well. It's not hard to see why: the premise of being able to kill whomever you wrote into a mystical book of death comes with a lot of trial, error, and slow-burn character arc that is much better suited for an episodic series rather than a two-hour movie. 

Besides the fact that seeing a character figure out and use the Death Note would be better in stage-by-stage format, the fact that the book can pass from one owner to another creates the opportunity for multiple seasons or even an anthology format that could present very different circumstances and perspective for each Death Note holder. 

Slide 2/4 – Ryuk Is Awesome

Another point of positive consensus regarding the Death Note Netflix movie is that for all its deficiencies, is Willem Dafoe's portrayal of Shinigami (or "death god") Ryuk. 

This Death Note Netflix movie barely scratches the surface of the Shinigami lore and all the rules that go with it; however, a Death Note Netflix series would be able to get into all of that, and bring Dafoe's Ryuk along for the ride.

Slide 3/4 – There's Much More Lore To Explore

The thing about Death Note is that it isn't just a small story; it's an entire mythology. The Death Note, the Shinigami, and even the saga of Light Yagami in the manga/anime is much more extensive then the introductory appetizer we got in the Netflix movie. 

Death Note series could actually dip into the longer story of cat-and-mouse between Light and "L," and the more extensive story of the Task Force hunting Kira. Once the original source material ran out, a series could take a page from he U.S. version of The Office and begin to tell its own American culture-themed stories while still exploring the larger mythology established by the source material. 

That's all to say: instead of trying to imitate anime, a Death Note series could actually be used to expand the lore of the franchise, while also exploring it in much deeper fashion. 

Slide 4/4 – The Kills Are A Great Hook

The Final Destination film series made a franchise hook out of elaborate kills by some unseen hand of fate. Death Note operates in much the same way, and the creative ways of using the Death Note to kill could provide an equally good hook for a series. 

Like the ending of the Death Note movie, these kill sequences could provide plenty of surprises and twists - especially if they follow the blueprint of the original manga/anime. 

Death Note is now streaming on Netflix.

Death expected or sudden? Family present or Record time of death. Preparation before Death Pronouncement Death Note in Chart. Death Certificate.

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death note format

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How to Document Death Confirmation

death note format

By reading the title, you might have already been thinking of Light Yagami from the popular anime Death Note. He who has come across a mysterious killer notebook. Before you hit exit, you should know that we are not giving away free killer notebooks of some sort. Although we have a ton of free stuff, most of which would make you happy; like sample quotations, goodbye notes, Sample Thank You Notes—have a blast downloading them!

On a more serious note, this article focuses on the death notes. Death is a sad, natural phenomenon. All of us are bound to die, which means you can no longer hug your loved ones, laugh at your friends’ jokes, nor can you browse the Internet for checking Facebook and download sample templates for free. It is something we do not wish to happen to us. But it will, eventually. That’s why, the best we can do is to cope up with it.

Sample Death Note Form in PDF

Real Death Note in PDF

Death Note For Doctors

Live-Action Death Note Example

Talking about death is something, telling someone of a loved one’s death is another story. Below are sample death notes you can download to notify somebody in writing.

News of deaths is not something you can use as a practical joke. There is so much gravity in the matter that if you think about it, you can’t relay this kind of message unless you are absolutely sure, or face the wrath of the family members and loved ones. Certain individuals and establishments follow rules and procedures in confirming and notifying deaths.

Like the FBI together with Penn State University who created an online training module called “We Regret to Inform You…” for law enforcers in confirming and informing the dead’s next of kin. Doctors, on the other hand, really ascertain a patient’s death by applying certain recovery procedures such as observing the patient and note if there is an absence of palpable pulses before they inform and release any certificates.

A death certificate is probably one of the most common forms of notifying deaths in writing. It contains the following basic parts:

  • the name of the patient,
  • the sex,
  • the age, and
  • the cause or the manner of the death.


Some hospitals or establishments do not release death certificates unless the family of the dead has paid their dues. If this thing happens, you might want to check out our Promissory Note Samples for you to be guided.

Summary of Death Note

Sudden Death Note

Sample Death Note

How do you break the news if somebody dear to us dies? First of all, you have to prepare yourself with all the crying and the moping, which might include you as well. Although death is pretty common, it is still hard to deal with. There isn’t one easy way of telling, what matters is that you are gentle and considerate.

After informing the loved ones, there is another challenge that you have to face—the funeral arrangements. Arranging the dead’s interment is the last favor that you can do for them. The service should be profound and meaningful—this is already your last attempt at saying goodbye, so make it count!

But in case you are not currently in mourning and he or she is just in the hospital, recuperating, check our Progress Note Samples.

'Death Note' is one of the most popular manga/anime franchises in the A collection of Tsugumi Ohba's 'Death Note' manga, in volume format.

6+ Death Note Samples

death note format

In addition to knowing how to perform death confirmation, it’s also important to understand how to appropriately document it in the notes. This guide provides a structured approach to documenting death confirmation in a patient’s notes. To see how to complete a death certificate check out our guide here.


Documentation basics

Before we discuss how to document the death confirmation itself, we need to cover the basics that apply to all documentation in a patient’s notes. You can check out our detailed guide to writing in the notes here for more information.

What should I use to write with?

You need to use a pen with black ink (as this is the most legible if notes are photocopied).

Patient details

For every new sheet of paper your first task should always be documenting at least three key identifiers for a patient:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Unique patient identifier
  • Patient’s home address

If a patient label containing at least 3 identifiers is available then this can be used instead of writing out the information yourself.

Location details

You should indicate the patient’s location on the continuation sheet:

  • Hospital
  • Ward

    Patient details


Beginning your entry in the notes

At this point you should already be holding a pen with black ink and you should have ensured the continuation sheet has at least three key patient identifiers at the top.

1.Add the date and time (in 24hr format) of your entry 

2.Write your name and role as an underlined heading

3.Make your entry in the notes below this heading (see the next section for details)

Beginning an entry in the notes


Documenting death confirmation in the notes

1. Document your reason for attending and who asked you to attend(e.g. asked to confirm death of Mr Smith by staff nurse Amanda Miles)

2. Document who was present whilst you were confirming the death (staff/deceased patient’s family and friends)

3. Document the circumstances of the death:

  • Location of the patient
  • The individual who first noted the patient to be dead
  • Any individual present at the moment of death


4. Document confirmation of death assessment:

  • Identity confirmed by wrist band
  • General inspection
  • No signs of respiratory effort
  • No response to verbal stimuli
  • No response to painful stimuli
  • No pupillary response to light
  • No central pulse
  • No heart sounds after 3 minutes of auscultation
  • No respiratory sounds after 3 minutes

The recommended times for auscultation varies, so adhere to your local hospital policy. The only official guidance on this matter can be found here¹ , which advises a minimum of five minutes total (heart sounds and respiratory sounds) to establish that irreversible cardiorespiratory arrest has occurred.

5. Document the outcome of the assessment, including time of death (which should be documented as the time at which you completed your assessment)

6. Document any discussions you had with staff members or relatives of the deceased in relation to the death

7. Document any concerns of staff members or the relatives

Death confirmation documentation


Completing the entry in the notes

At the end of your entry to need to include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your grade/role (e.g. F2/Medical registrar)
  • Your signature
  • Your professional registration number (e.g. GMC number)
  • Your contact number (e.g. phone/bleep)

Completing the entry in the notes


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Death Note: How To Write Binge-Worthy Television

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death note format
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