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Examples of award nomination letters

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Examples of award nomination letters
April 23, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

The employee nomination letter should begin by identifying how the write is affiliated to the A sample of the nomination letter for an award.

Sample Nomination Essay


My nominee brings strong assets to his/her role and our group is incredibly fortunate to have him/her as our administrator.

First, s/he is dedicated and hardworking. S/he is extremely organized and focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage routine activities both efficiently and effectively. S/he brings a positive high energy and a personal touch. When I began my term as chair, s/he had developed processes and procedures over the years for managing our department that thoroughly impressed me. This brings consistency, as department chairs rotate, and helps each of us to start our term running, rather than scrambling to orient ourselves.

S/he brings true professional attributes to Ross and genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. S/he strives to integrate both an understanding of the big picture strategy and goals (for the school, for the department), as well as attention to details. Many times over the last few years, I have approached him/her on a non-standard matter with only a vague idea in my mind of what we needed or wanted to do. S/he took the initiative to figure out what the area needed with minimal guidance from me, and then delivered on the task as well. S/he also always goes above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing excellence. For example, in supporting our department retreat, s/he collaborated with the departmental committee as a team member and found creative ways to support the vision of the event with regards to the venue. The event received rave reviews by all and helped build the culture of our department.

My nominee easily develops and fosters relationships with faculty, doctoral students, and our guests. S/he actively participates in meetings and events; his/her participation enables his/her to understand the departments’ implicit needs and initiate ideas to support our efforts. S/he is terrific in welcoming our new faculty members and doctoral students, helping them adjust to the Ross School and Ann Arbor more generally. Likewise, our guest speakers and recruiting candidates encounter high quality facilitation of travel and accommodation, a welcoming personal hello, and we get rave reviews from them.

I highly recommend my nominee for a Ross Staff Recognition Award. S/he is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true inspiration.


This employee truly deserves recognition for his/her work over the past year. S/he has tackled the largest project our department has seen with a confident, graceful determination. S/he was eager to manage a mammoth project and quickly set about educating him/her-self about all aspects of the project – above and beyond what his/her job scope required. S/he has unquestionably become the 'go-to' person for anything regarding this project due to this effort. His/her knowledge of the project is well past comprehensive – s/he knows the information intimately. This mastering of the project and everything related to it has been a huge asset to the team as we muddle our way through. The employee has been able to explain things clearly for the team – even as s/he is learning it – and has kept the project moving forward.

Though s/he makes it look effortless, this employee has spent countless hours learning the project inside and out. Despite the huge personal investment s/he has made in the project, s/he is always quick to give credit where credit is due. Whenever s/he is called out for his/her amazing work on the project, s/he makes it clear that it is a group effort, never wanting to take all the credit. Speaking even more to his/her team spirit, s/he is always collaborative – never wanting to step on toes or make decisions alone. S/he understands the collaborative nature of the project and works to make sure that people feel included and have a say, while still staying firm and on-track.

Through this incredibly stressful time, s/he can still be heard laughing often. S/he always tries to stay upbeat, look for positive outcomes or compromises in difficult circumstances, and focus on the good. This employee has been amazing to watch in action this year. S/he has tackled every challenge that came his/her way and has helped everyone around him/her do the same.

This is a sample letter which is a format to endorse or nominate a candidate for an award by a company. This business leter can be sent via e-mail, post, fax or.

Staff Community Service Award

examples of award nomination letters

The various award nomination form templates we have to offer are extremely efficient and prevent wastage of your time. You can add the name and details of the nominee you wish to choose, reason behind why you are selecting that specific nominee and other relevant information. You may also see Award Letter Template From best websites nomination templates to best teacher, best student, best employee and other nomination templates, there is something here for every person’s or organisation’s requirements. The Award Templates are available in PDF, Word or Excel formats and come in a variety of colours, backgrounds and patterns. Just select, edit and print the one of your choice.

Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form Word Format

ncat.edu Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form template is a simple word format, which you can easily fill up the nominee’s name and department, nominator’s name and department, and nominator’s signature and date. It also includes options to describe justification for such an award in the area of teamwork, commitment, leadership and customer service.

Free Download

Service Above Self Award Nomination Form PDF Download

rotary.org Service Above Self Award Nomination Form template in PDF format describes how to nominate a candidate, the criteria and eligibility. In this same form, you will provide the details of the nominee – name, member ID and number of years of Rotary membership, and activities, etc. You also have to provide the nominator’s details.

Free Download

Free Employee Nomination Form Word Format

Free Employee Nomination Form is campus enterprises employee nomination form. Besides providing the details of the nominee and the nominator, you will be providing reasons that justify the nomination. It also includes mentioning the key traits, characteristics and qualities of the nominee in the field of leadership, commitment and teamwork.

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Award Nomination Form PDF Format Download

tms.org Award Nomination Form PDF Format is honors and professional recognition program. In this form template, you will provide the award title along with the details of the nominee and the nominator. It shows directions of awards selection process, validity, criteria and eligibility to nominate someone. It also provides step-by-step directions of filling up the nomination form.

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The Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form PDF Free Download


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Secretarial Award Nomination Form PDF Format


Free Download

Michael Spence Award Nomination Form


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Education Award Nomination Form PDF Download


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Free Athena Award Nomination Form PDF


Free Download

Daisy Award Nomination Form Template Download


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PDF Ruby Award Nomination Form Free Download


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Individual and Joint Nomination Form Template


Free Download

> What are the Top Uses of Award Nomination Form Templates?

Several award nomination form templates available free online in MSWord, PDF and Excel formats. By downloading and using such templates, you can edit, add the name and all the details of the nominee you want to see win an award. You can also add the characteristics, achievements, activities and reasons why your nominee deserves the award. You can use these awards templates for all types such as best employee, best student, best cadet, best teacher, best scout, best performer etc and so on. Any organization can avail these templates in various backgrounds, styles, patterns and colours, download and print ready.

Who all can use Award Nomination Form Templates?

Award nominee form templates required by anybody who runs an organization or any type of organization such as business, sports clubs, community service group, schools, universities, industrial corporations and many such are available. There are various ranges of ready to use, easy and quick to compose and print award nominee form available in word, PDF and excel formats. These award nominee forms are extraordinarily professional to look at, carefully designed, very beautiful and have efficient outlook. They are easy and simple to add, edit, modify according to your requirements and download and you can print them without going through any struggles.

What are the Benefits of using Award Nomination Form Templates?

Award certificates are the greatest motivators that any organization can give to anybody as recognition. That is kind of showing respect and confirming the approval of having a job well done in any form of work field. Such certificates appeal to bring out the inspiration from a person. Nevertheless, creating documents to nominate somebody is not an easy task. Therefore, award nominee forms that are available online come very handy in such situations. Since they are available in PDF, Excel and MSWord formats, it is easy to add, edit and modify according to your need. They include all the criteria, qualifications, achievements required to nominate a person. With award nomination form easily available for download, edit and print ready, it takes faster to fill the details of a nominee after going through the guidelines and process that come as instructions in such templates. Such templates save your time and help in selecting the most qualified nominee as the award winner. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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How to Write a Compelling Nomination

examples of award nomination letters

Dear Selection Committee:

It is a tremendous honor and privilege to write this letter in support of Outstanding Student's nomination for the Student Leadership Award. Without a doubt, Outstanding epitomizes the very best of our campus and his/her/their value to our community is unmatched. I have now known Outstanding for two years.  As a faculty member in his/her/their area of study, I am very familiar with the quality of his/her/their mind and academic ability.  My numerous interactions/discussions with him/her/them have allowed him/her/their to demonstrate his/her/their sharp mind, curiosity and eagerness to learn, and first-rate written and oral communication skills.  Colleagues who have had the pleasure of working with Outstanding in their classrooms all remark on his/her/their academic abilities and praise his/her/their classroom contributions.  It thus came as no surprise to me that Outstanding is being considered for a Student Leadership Award.

While his/her/their academic achievement is indeed noteworthy, I have also been impressed by Outstanding’s work ethic and drive. Outstanding has been front and center in many of the initiatives that are moving student life forward at our University. His/her/their fellow group members trust Outstanding implicitly and have entrusted the responsibility of many organization endeavors and programs to him/her/them. This is no way typical but is a testament to the character and drive of this individual. To recognize his/her/their many contributions and the quality of his/her/their work, Outstanding was recently elected to lead the organization for the upcoming academic year.

Still, his/her/their stellar academic performance and exceptional service as a student leader only speaks to a small part of who Outstanding is. No small part of what makes him/her/them special is his/her/their commitment to service to both the campus and the community in which he/she/they lives. Indeed, as I have come to know more about this remarkable student I have become all the more impressed and humbled.  Outstanding gives of himself/herself/themselves on an order of magnitude that is equaled by few.

Outstanding’s list of campus activities/initiatives is a long and noteworthy one.  All of these activities reflect Outstanding’s innate leadership abilities and eagerness to assume leadership responsibilities.  Indeed, in recognition of his/her/their notable academic and leadership work, Outstanding was recently invited to join Prestigious Honor Society. In his/her/their “spare” time, Outstanding has also managed to find the energy to volunteer at Local Non-profit, Noteworthy Campus Department and Impressive National Campaign.   In this capacity Outstanding worked directly with the homeless and provided support, companionship, and service to our community. And because this isn’t enough to keep him/her/them busy, Outstanding also continues to pursue experiential educational opportunities through a comprehensive internship with High-Profile Employer.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Outstanding Student stands well apart from most of his/her/their peers in terms of commitment to academic achievement/service and in regards to the leadership that he/she/they exhibits.  Our campus is undeniably a better place because of him/her/them and his/her/their actions, and he/she/they both fully embraces and epitomizes our ideal for engaged learning and community impact. I strongly recommend Outstanding for your consideration.


Highly-Respected Faculty Member/Staff Member/Student Leader

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ms. Mary Nominee for consideration for the Staff Award for Excellence. As another example, a recent graduate of our university frequently visited Mary's office prior to graduating.

How to Write a Nomination Letter for an Award

examples of award nomination letters

The university has many individuals and teams who make important contributions to the campus community. There are many nominations for the U Make a Difference Awards; therefore, when nominating an individual or team it is important to write thoughtful and deliberate nomination letters. Below are some tips to keep in mind when preparing nomination letters.

Presume the selection committee may not know anything about the nominee(s) job or successes. Therefore, the more detailed information you provide, the better. The following suggestions have been provided to assist you in preparing a compelling nomination letter:

  • The opening paragraph of the letter should put the rest of a nomination letter into context for the selection committee. This paragraph should contain the nominee's name, position at the university and a brief explanation as to why the nominee is a suitable candidate. You should also include your relationship to the nominee (i.e. how long have you worked with this individual/team, what was the capacity in which you worked with them, etc.). Letters that are co-written by 2-3 nominators should contain similar information.

  • The main body of the letter should provide the committee with a well-rounded picture of the nominee. These paragraphs should provide several concrete examples of the general and specific efforts and contributions the nominee makes in the workplace and their impact, the qualities that make the individual or team a worthy recipient, and how these have made a difference to the university. Your examples must clearly link the attributes and work of the team or individual to the award criteria.

  • Descriptions can include brief 'testimonial' statements from co-workers, students and other people on whom the nominee has had a positive impact. A co-signed letter should include examples or viewpoints from each supporter. Supporters may also submit a separate, supporting nomination to present difference voices.

  • When multiple nomination letters are being submitted, it is a good strategy for the different writers to connect to ensure key criteria are addressed and linked across letters. Each letter should add its own value (as opposed to each one saying the same thing and, taken collectively, missing key criteria).

  • Avoid generalities (like "He/she is a hard worker and goes above and beyond her job duties"). Make every sentence count, provide enough detail, and use examples to emphasize what you are saying and to demonstrate to the committee how the individual or team meets the award criteria.

  • Have someone review your letter(s) before you submit, they may find errors or give feedback on how to improve it.

  • WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How do I nominate someone for an Award?

    It is a tremendous honor and privilege to write this letter in support of Outstanding Student's nomination for the Student Leadership Award. Without a doubt.

    examples of award nomination letters
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