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How can i show you that i love you
September 30, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Lyrics to "Love Will Show You Everything" song by Jennifer Love Hewitt: Today, today I bet my life You have no idea What I feel inside Don't, be afraid to let it.

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Creative Ways to Show Love to Your Significant Other

***This Post has been updated to include 15 simple creative ways to show love***

Do you have someone you care deeply about? Someone who knows you inside out, understands your biggest dreams and fears, and shares your pain and your happiness?

If the answer is yes then give yourself a high five. It’s not easy to find true love in this day and age when the world is full of tempting options. It’s even harder to maintain a relationship for more than a few weeks.

So if you have a significant other who cares for you as much as you care for them, cherish them. Let them know how much you love and value them every chance you get.

Don’t make them guess.

Don’t wait till later.

And don’t be afraid.

But how do you show love without saying “I love you” all the time? After all, if you say it 50 times a day, it gets kind of old, doesn’t it?

Today I’m going to share 10 simple and yet creative ways to express love to your significant other. Hope these ideas will give you some inspiration on different ways to show love in your daily life!

And don’t forget to download my “30 Days to a Happier Relationship Challenge” by signing up to The Budding Optimist Newsletter below. It’s got 30 days worth of things you can do with your partner to strengthen your bond!


This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Read the full (warning: it’s boring) disclosure here.


How to Say “I Love You” Without Saying It




1. Say These 3 Words Often

No, it’s not “I love you”. That wouldn’t be super creative would it?

They are:

Tell. Me. More.

I mean, “I love you” is awesome, don’t get me wrong, especially the first time you say these words in a relationship.

But if you’ve been together for a while chances are you probably say this a LOT, sometimes not even realizing it as they roll off your tongue. Like when you’re hurrying to leave the house in the morning or right before you hang up the phone after calling your S.O.to remind them to get some milk at the grocery store.

If you say “I love you” over and over again, after a while, it becomes routine. There’s little mindfulness or intention behind those “I love you’s”.

“Tell me more”, however, requires both intention and mindfulness.

When you say these words, you’re committing yourself to be fully present in that moment with your S.O.

These 3 words signal to your S.O. that you take enough interest in them to give your full attention to what they have to say. And that keen interest and undivided attention will convey your love better than any “I love you’s” you say out of habit.

Say these 3 words to your S.O. often to show them your care. Hint: it's not I love you!Click to Tweet


2. Write Them a Love Letter (The Old Fashioned Way!)

I know this may be hard to believe, but people used to hand write love letters. It’s become bit of a lost art and I think that’s such a shame!

When you handwrite a love letter to your S.O., not only are you showing them you cherish them enough to spend the time and energy into writing an actual letter (not another text), you’re also giving yourself an opportunity to remember all the things you love about them. There’s something about writing things down with a pen that makes us remember more.

So grab a piece of paper, a pen, and start writing! If you need a little help getting your writing juices flowing, this adorable love letter set may be able to help.

It contains 12 love letter prompts to help you write deeply personal love letters you and your S.O. can read over and over again. You can seal each letter and open them as you wish. I purchased the same set at a local bookstore and absolutely LOVE it! I look forward to the day I share this with my husband and we unseal the envelopes together.


My “Love Letters” set


3. Make Them Feel Special by Doing This When You’re in a Room Full of People

How to show someone you love them without words?

Make them feel like they’re the only person in the world by doing this next time you attend a social event together:

When you’re off on the other side of the room mingling with other people, remember to make eye contact with your S.O. once in a while, and smile.

It’s that simple!

When you do this, you’re letting them know that you’re thinking about them even if you’re not physically by their side. Eye contact, apparently, can make you fall in love. It’s a powerful signal of attraction that will make anyone, especially your significant other, feel good. 

It’s also a classy way to show your affection in public without grossing anyone out.



4. Instead of Saying “I Love You”, Tell Them  “What I Love About You”

Here’s a great way to say “I love you” without saying those 3 words:

Tell your S.O. what you love about them the most.

And there are so many ways to do this! You can either:

  • tell them in person. (This one’s always a winner!);
  • surprise them with a text or email, or;
  • leave them a cute sticky note on their pillow.

You can also make a personalized notebook of the things you love about your S.O. and give it to them as a gift.

5. Be Their Cheerleader

We all crave loving support from people we care about the most. I know whenever my husband tells me that he not only read my latest blog post, but enjoyed it, I am over the moon!

He’s not a reading type of guy you see (which makes me question his claim that he’s read Lord of the Rings Trilogy from cover to cover), so when he makes an effort to read my posts, I feel his support. To me, that is a thousand times more meaningful than “I love you”.

Showing support is key to maintaining a good relationship. We all want the security of knowing there’s someone watching our back and rooting us on, especially when we’re pursuing a dream or reaching for something outside of our comfort zone.

And if we fall, they will be there to catch us.

So be your S.O.’s loudest, most loyal cheerleader.

Sometimes, no words are even necessary. Just be there when they need you the most.




6. Instead of another “I Love You” Text, Send Them This

A message in a bottle. It’s a clever way to make your love message stand out in this busy world full of digital clutter.
You will need a batch of small cork bottles from the dollar store, a few pieces of paper, and a little imagination.

If you don’t have the time to hunt for the individual supplies, here’s a nicely designed and affordable message in a bottle set.

Your messages can be funny, sweet, sexy, or however you want to make it.

Here are a few ideas on what you can put in your message:

  • Share a secret
  • Recount a memory
  • Invite your S.O. out for a date night with the details
  • Tell them something adorable you noticed about them
  • Ask a question. It could be something deep like “what’s the best memory you have of your childhood” or as simple as “where would you like to go for dinner this weekend?”



7. Surprise Them With a Fun Activity You don’t Normally Do

Engaging in fun activities together is a good way to keep the sparks alive in any relationship. It’s also a great way to create a positive experience.

According to psychologists and relationship experts, in order for relationships to thrive, you need quite a few positive experiences in your day-to-day life together to counter any negativity. 

So why not surprise your S.O. with a fun activity you don’t normally do?

Instead of another night in watching Netflix, go do something new or go somewhere you haven’t been before—an exercise class, a stand-up comedy show, or a photo walk through an unfamiliar part of town (not too late at night of course or you might get a surprise experience you don’t want).

Can’t go out? That’s okay! There are lots of ways to do a fun activity indoors.

For example:

Get some canvas and art supplies for an evening of painting and wine. Or put on your favourite playlist and just dance! There’s always something if you’re willing to get off the couch.


According to research, in order to have a happy relationship that lasts, you need 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction. Click to Tweet


8. Give Them Love Coupons

Give your S.O. a set of special love coupons. They could be for things like a massage, a one-day “get out of chores” pass, or a “I’ll let you pick the movie” deal.

I don’t know about your other half, but my husband would do anything for an “extra portion of meat” coupon.

You can make your own coupons out of coloured papers, or get this set of 20 love coupons for a sweet deal.


9. Ask Them What Their Perfect Day Looks Like and Help Make It Happen

What does the  “perfect day” look like for your S.O.? Not your idea of the perfect day, but what they consider to be the best way to spend a day.

Maybe it’s spending quality time with family, or hanging out with a group of friends. Or it could be binge-watching bad documentaries about alien invasions or sleep-in all day long.

Hey remember, it’s THEIR idea of the perfect day.

Then try your best to make that day happen for them. Within your realistic bounds of course, you can’t give them the world!

Clear away any obstacles standing between them and their perfect day. For example, if the problem is they have too many things to do and not enough time, help them do their share of the chores and errands so they can have the time to enjoy that day.

We all need a day like this once in a while where we could do the things we really want to do and wish we had the time to do. It’s important for our happiness.

By helping to make your S.O.’s version of the “perfect day” happen, you’re showing your S.O. you care about their happiness. And that’s a sign of true love.


10. Don’t Get Another Card!

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you probably give your S.O. store-bought cards all the time. It’s a great gift, don’t get me wrong, but it’s soooo overdone.

Here’s a suggestion:

Why not make a special card for your S.O.? You really don’t need to be the next Picasso to make a stunning card for someone you love. There are tons of great-looking arts and crafts supplies you can get at the dollar store for your project, but I would invest in good quality card stock because it does make a difference.

11. Do Something They Like to Do

I’m 99% sure there’s something your S.O. gets really excited about but you’re not all that into.  For example, my husband likes super action-packed movies and me…hmm…not so much.

But once in a while, I’ll watch one with him. It’s my way of saying “I want to spend time with you doing something you enjoy.”

And likewise, he’ll go out on a long walk with me sometimes even though he’s not really into long walks around the neighbourhood.

You and your S.O. will inevitably have different tastes and hobbies, and it’s perfectly okay to do your own thing. But at least once in a while, join your S.O. in an activity they like to do. Again, it’s a great way to show your significant other that you care about their happiness.

Nothing says “I love you” more than the fact you just want to be by their side, even if it means doing something you’re not crazy about.

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12. Acknowledge Their Efforts

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Set It Up”? It’s a funny romantic comedy about two overworked assistants trying to set their finicky, workaholic bosses up on romantic dates.

In the movie, one assistant tells his boss in order to win back the affections of his love interest, he should tell her the following line:

“I see you.”

When I first saw that scene, I went “huh”? I see you? What does that even mean?

I even Googled it. And then it dawned on me.

“I see you” really just means “I acknowledge your efforts and I’m impressed.”

And guess what? He got her back.

I’m not surprised. You see, we all want our efforts and hard work to be acknowledged. We all want someone to recognize our worth, even when we don’t recognize it ourselves.

So if you see your significant other trying hard, acknowledge it. Tell them you see their efforts and you’re impressed. One of the best ways to show someone we love them is to tell them we see how hard they try and we are proud of them.




13. Help Them Stay Healthy

If you love someone, it’s natural for you to want them to stay as healthy as possible so you can enjoy many more years with them, living a happy and active life.

Show your love by helping your S.O. adopt and maintain healthy habits such as exercising regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, or quitting smoking.

If healthy habits are not already part of their lifestyle, it may be a difficult transition for them at first. It might take a while for them to appreciate your efforts. But don’t give up. Keep encouraging them patiently, and be ready to participate in healthy activities with them side by side.

For example, my husband was the one who encouraged me to start hiking after I recovered from Leukemia for the second time. When we first started hiking, he had to constantly motivate me to keep going. There were times when I hated him for making me go through what I had thought was pure torment, but soon I grew to love it.

Hiking helped me rebuild my physical and mental strengths during a difficult period in my life. I’m thankful for him dragging me to the trails and pushing me forward during those early days when I could barely walk up a hill without bending over and gasping for air.

If you do your best to help your significant other maintain a healthy lifestyle,  they will greatly appreciate it, even if not right away.

Unlike other material gifts that can quickly lose its shine, this creative way to show love will keep generating value for years to come.



14. Record an Affirmation for Them

You probably didn’t need the five languages of loveto tell you that words of affirmation are important in a relationship.

Who doesn’t like hearing praises from their loved ones?

A praise or encouragement from someone we care about often does wonders for our mood, especially when we’re having one of those days when things are just not going our way.

But unless you and your S.O. are joined at the hips or can reach each other instantly at all times, you might not always be available to give your S.O. those words of affirmation when they need them the most.

So here’s an idea:

What if you recorded a series of words of affirmation for your S.O.? If you do that, they can listen to your voice whenever they need to hear encouragements from someone they love.

And guess what? There’s an app that can help you record up to 5 affirmations for free. It’s called “ThinkUp”. For more details, I talked about it in my post “11 Free Apps That Make You Happy”.

With the premium version of this app, you can also add your own background music to your recorded affirmations. You can definitely create some amazing recorded affirmations for your S.O. with this app!

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15. Don’t Forget Physical Touch

Another creative way to say “I love you” to your S.O. is through physical touch.

Physical touch is a powerful way to communicate love. A kiss, a hug, or even a rub on the back can say so much more than words ever could.

Physical touch is also beneficial to our health. It’s an effective stress reliever, a mood booster, and could even possibly help prevent colds and flus.

Now those are all good reasons to cuddle more!

Besides cuddling, you can also try giving your S.O. a massage. It’s a superb way to help them relax and fire up those feel-good chemicals in their brain.



Final Thought: Make Showing Love a Priority

You know what I learned about life? Above all else, love matters the most.

Don’t believe me? A study done by two psychology professors found that the most common regrets people have are related to romance, lost love, and family.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that when you’re facing the possibility of losing your life, the first thing you think about isn’t going to be “gee, I wish I had more time to get that promotion.”

You’re going to feel there’s not enough time in the world to be with those you love, especially the one person who still makes your heart flutter after all this time.

So don’t squander the time you have now. Make it a priority to show your significant other that you love them, and do it often. 


Which of these creative ways to express love did you like the best? Do you have any other suggestions on different ways to show love? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. Before you go, make sure you grab a copy of my “30 Days to a Happier Relationship Challenge” by signing up to The Budding Optimist Newsletter below!


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Often, the best way to tell a dog you love them is through mimicry. Studies using MRI technology show dogs understand human language better than.

10 Ways To Show I Love You

how can i show you that i love you

Recently, on a cross-country flight, my husband and I were seated on opposite sides of the aisle. Several times, he leaned toward me to ask, "Would you like a bite of my sandwich?" "Can I get you some water?" Once he offered to share the last bite of his cookie. A while later, he reached over and put his hand my arm, just to say, "Hi."

At the end of the flight the woman next to me said, "Your husband really loves you. I can tell."

And she's right. He does.

As couples, we express love through our everyday actions -- our gestures of kindness, our generosity, our attention, our touch.

We say, "Drive safely." "Take an umbrella." We kiss each other goodnight.

And our spouse hears,"I love you," in a way that touches more deeply than words.

We all have our favorite ways to show love. Here are some of mine:

1. Do the stuff neither of you wants to do. Someone has to call the plumber, resolve the mystery charge on the credit card, figure out what in the refrigerator is making that smell. Go ahead. Be the one.

2. Cut your partner some slack. We all forget things, lose things, or screw things up. Why rub it in?

3. Flirt. You're never too old or married too long to make it clear that the two of you have still got it going on.

4. Be patient. Like it or not, sometimes you just have to wait. Skip the eye roll or foot tapping that says, what took you so long? Take a few deep breaths. Relax.

5. Pay attention. As in full-on and undivided. Not every minute of every day, but show up when it counts.

6. Clean up, above and beyond the call of duty. Not your dirty cup? Who cares?

Keep two feet in, especially when things are difficult. Commitment is about staying with your challenges long enough to make things better.

8. Let down your guard. Vulnerability and intimacy are one and the same.

9. Receive and acknowledge your partner's acts of love. The happiest couples are those who notice and respond when their partner reaches out. A thanks or a smile is all that it takes.

10. Stop a fight in its tracks. One of the most loving things you can do is stay calm when your spouse is getting worked-up.

11. Look for the humor in those less-than-endearing behaviors. What's not to love about someone who second guesses the GPS?

12. Leave enough gas in the car, enough hot water for a shower, enough milk for coffee.

13. Make dinner. You don't have to be Julia Child. Simple is fine. Just give it your best shot.

14. Hug back. Kiss back. Smile.

15. Give your partner some space. Space to watch the ballgame in peace. Space to go for a run, call a friend, or curl up with a book.

16. Be willing to sleep with the window open a little more than you like.

17. Be willing to sleep with the window closed a little more than you like.

18. Stay in touch. You're busy. I'm busy. No one is too busy to text xoxo.

19. Your spouse wants to go back to graduate school, eat more fruits and vegetables, train for a marathon. Your response: that's great!

20. Be the first one to reach out after a fight. Don't think for a minute that the first person to give ground is admitting fault. Marriage isn't a game of chicken. It takes courage and kindness to yield.

21. Choose -- at least once in a while -- not to elbow your snoring spouse. Chances are you'll eventually snore, too.

22. Make your relationship a priority. Marriage doesn't stay sweet all on its own, year after year. Have a date night, a weekend getaway, keep work hours within bounds. And for goodness sake, when you're together, turn off your phone.

23. Think your spouse deserves a standing ovation? Tell someone how talented, smart, loving, gracious she is. How patient he is with the kids. How he makes the world's best pie crust. Make sure he overhears you.

24. Do what it takes to stay healthy and sane.

25. Keep in mind that life is short. Don't waste time holding grudges or focusing on petty upsets that, in the big picture, mean nothing. Focus, instead, on the ways that your marriage is loving and good.

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"Love Will Show You Everything" lyrics

how can i show you that i love you

The romantic phrase "I love you" is said around the world in every language. These sweet words are spoken to profess emotions of fondness, desire, affection and admiration for another person.

We'll show you how to say "I love you" in 20 languages. You'll never know when you might want to say those words in a different language. To make the phrase something special or unique to you and your loved one, speaking or writing it in another language is a warm and touching gesture.

Saying I Love You in Different Languages

Saying "I love you" in another language can be a sweet way to show your affection. Learn this simple phrase in a language other than the one you typically use to show your loved one that they are special to you. This gesture is sure to impress and grab their attention.

Here are the ways to profess your love in 20 languages:

  • Arabic (modern): Ana uhibbuka/uhibbuki (ah-nah oo-heh-boo-ka/oo-heh-boo-kee)
  • Danish: Jeg elsker dig (yay els-ka dah)
  • Dutch: Ik hou van jou (ick how fan yow)
  • Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua (mee-na rah-ka-stahn see-noo-ah)
  • French: Je t'aime (Zhuh tem)
  • German: Ich liebe dich (Ick leebuh dik)
  • Greek: S'agapo (seg-app-oh)
  • Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia 'oe (a-loh-ha vaoo ea-ah oh-eh)
  • Italian: Ti amo (Tee ah-mo)
  • Japanese: Aishiteru (ay-she-tay-ee-roo)
  • Korean: Sarang hae (sa-rang-hey)
  • Mandarin: Wo ai ni (Wuh eye nee)
  • Polish: Kocham cie(ko-ham che)
  • Portuguese: Amo-te/eu te amo (ah-muh-tuh/oo chee ah-moh)
  • Romanian: Te lubesc (tay you-besk)
  • Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya (Yay loo-bloo teb-yeh)
  • Slovak: Lubim ta (loo-bim tiah)
  • Spanish: Te quiero/te amo (Tay key-aero/Tay-ah-mo)
  • Swahili: Naku penda (nah-koo pen-dah)
  • Swedish: Jag älskar dig (Ya ell-scar dey)

Note that those with non-Roman alphabet are written phonetically in English.

Check your pronunciation with the native speakers in this video:

Using Sign Language

In addition to saying "I love you" in words, you can also sign the words in American Sign Language. This method is the universal way to say "I love you," no matter what language you speak.

To do this: Spread out your hand and bend down the middle finger and the ring finger, leaving the others up and out. You can do this gesture from across a room to let your significant other know you love them or simply do it whenever the mood strikes and you want to be silent in your declaration of love.

When to Use Different Languages

If you are looking for a way to impress someone special, consider saying "I love you" in a language other than your native one. If your loved one speaks another language it would also be a touching way to show how much you care about them.

This phrase does not need to be reserved just for an occasion such as Valentine's Day; you can use it whenever you want to express your true feelings. Consider writing "I love you" in a different language in a love letter or card. You can also text this phrase to your beloved or use it to end an email to your sweetheart. You may also like to include a sweet love quote.

If you are hesitant to say these words to someone, using another language may make it easier for you to say them for the first time to your love. You can sweetly say this phrase as an attention grabber and let them know that you love them and want them to know how special they are.

Our Spanish words of love or love poems and quotes articles will show you more ways to express your love in this beautiful language.

When you're ready, learn how to say thank you in many languages too.

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Songs to Show You're in Love

how can i show you that i love you

House music is the epitome of love! House is the musical revelation of affection, harmony and hedonism that has soundtracked cultural movements around the world. The musical style continues to bring people of all races, genders and sexualities under one roof for timeless moments of passion and delight.

Gushy right? But we didn't need to tell you this, because you've probably felt it for yourself on the dancefloor.

While the raw emotion of love is easily the most touched upon subject in almost every genre of music, house music has a tendency to focus on a unique aspect. It's the collective perception of the enchanting sensation rather than one individual's desire or heartbreak.

Early originators of house used its hypnotic, addictive and grooving format to get political, fight intolerance and promote diversity by appealing to the hearts of their listeners. The core message of love that was drilled into early forms of the music still rings true to this day. It has paved the way for all the dance music that has come before and all the exciting sounds that will come after.

Below we selected 15 of the most timeless house music tracks that spread love, explore feelings of desire and get you in the mood... to dance!

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how can i show you that i love you
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