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How to write an organizational announcement

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How to write an organizational announcement
March 03, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

We made this organizational changes to further strengthen focus on our stores and on each area strategy. Increasing the number of branches will enable us to.


Organizational change is one of the riskiest, most earth-shaking things a company can do. But a successful reorg can set an organization on the path to future success like nothing else can. 

It’s a radical move, but often it is the only way to truly shake opportunity loose, whether a company is struggling or looking to maintain its momentum. A reorg requires vision and flawless execution — or at least as close to that as is realistically possible — but when it works, it’s a thing to behold.

Three reorganizations stand out as inspiring examples of what can be achieved:

  • CEO Satya Nadella’s reorganization of Microsoft
  • Google founder Larry Page’s breaking up of the massive and thriving company into parts of a new company, Alphabet
  • British Airways’ reorganization in the 1980s


A key factor behind these transformations relates to a shift in the organization's mission and values. To learn more about how to grow your business by defining your own authentic company values, feel free to download our . (A handy Values Statement Template is included to get you started) 



01. A new CEO turns a legendary company on its head

Why the reorg was needed: After the phenomenal and long-lived success of its Windows operating system and suite of Office products, Microsoft was struggling to write its second act. The gigantic company was stagnant and rife with turf wars between major business units that often viewed each other more as competitors than partners in the same company.

SOURCE: Manu Cornet


Innovation was being thwarted by a toxic environment that kept the company increasingly dependent on regular refresh cycles for Window and Office. As the world moved forward, with Google becoming dominant online and Apple owning the market for mobile products, Microsoft struggled to keep up, with unevenly executed new products (e.g., Zune) in which even the company soon lost interest.


What the reorganization was: After being named CEO in February of 2014, Satya Nadella undertook a major restructuring of the massive company to do away with the destructive internal competition. Products and platforms would no longer exist as separate groups, but rather all Microsoft employees would begin focusing on a limited set of common goals including:

  • reinventing productivity and business processes
  • building the intelligent cloud platform
  • creating more personal computing

In September 2016, Nadella shook things up again with the merging of the Microsoft Research Group with the Bing, Cortana, and Information Platform Group teams to create a new AI and Research Group. With about 5,000 engineers and computer scientists, its goal is to innovate in artificial intelligence across the Microsoft product line.


What they got right: As the reorg began, Nadella shared with employees a new sense of mission: “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” He recalled his thought process: “Over the past year, we’ve challenged ourselves to think about our core mission, our soul — what would be lost if we disappeared. . . . We also asked ourselves, what culture do we want to foster that will enable us to achieve these goals?” Prior to the restructuring, employees had been lacking a positive sense of purpose, with the result being low morale and weakened employee engagement.

Although Microsoft’s future does look brighter as a result of the still-ongoing reorg, perhaps its greatest achievement has already been realized: to offer the company’s employees a new sense that their work has real meaning.  


02. Google splits up under the Alphabet umbrella

Why the reorg was needed: By the early 2000s Google was a phenomenal success, dominating internet search and making itself indispensable in our lives through products like Google Maps and Gmail. Its R&D teams were seemingly interested in everything, searching for what cofounder Larry Page termed “moonshot” projects, supposedly impossible things Google engineers could perhaps make real. From human longevity and autonomous vehicles to wearable tech, smart home devices, and artificial intelligence — the list goes on and on. Some things succeeded, some failed, and many haven’t left the labs yet.

Google as a company grew monstrously diverse. It was all connected, and yet not: an increasingly impossible entity to manage, with intertwining goals, teams, funds, and managers. Mindful of the troubling latter days of other once-great tech companies, Page decided it was time to deconstruct the entire thing. 


What the reorganization was: Page broke up Google into its constituent parts, making each one its own company, with all of them owned by a new umbrella corporation called Alphabet. Page sits atop the structure as CEO of Alphabet, with Google cofounder Sergei Brin as president and long-time Google exec Eric Schmidt as chairman. Each of Alphabet’s companies has its own goals and a CEO focused solely on those goals. 


SOURCE: Business Insider


In a blog post, Page wrote, “Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren’t very related. Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.”

Page admitted the reorg was radical in the same post, saying, “in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.”


What they got right: Page let everyone at Google in on his thinking when the launch of Alphabet was announced, explaining that the reorganization would free the employees to concentrate more productively and happily on their own mission without having to be concerned about Google overall. With each company responsible for its own expenditures and income, they’d also enjoy a new sense of cause and effect that could make innovating more meaningful. (Page has the power to funnel additional funding to an Alphabet company should the need arise.) 


03. British Airways restructures its entire organization

Why the reorg was needed: British Airlines is the largest airline of UK. It was created in 1974 from four other companies — BEA, BOAC, Northeast Airlines, and Cambrian Airlines — taking to the sky with 215 aircraft supported by 50,000 employees, a level of staffing that was, even then, viewed as precariously oversized. The oil crises of the 1970s shrunk the airlines’ customer base, and its huge staff resulted in massive financial losses. The company soon developed a reputation for terrible service as a result.

In 1981, British Airways brought on a new chairperson, Lord King, who noticed that the company was operating very inefficiently and wasting valuable resources.


What the reorganization was: To increase profits, King decided to restructure the entire organization by reducing its workforce from 59,000 to 39,000, eliminating unprofitable routes, and modernizing the fleet. He repaired the airline’s image by bringing in a new marketing expert. Within 10 years, the airline reported the highest profits in its industry: $284 million. 

SOURCE: Piergiuliano Chesi


What they got right: Before King began announcing layoffs, he explained his reasons for the restructuring to the entire company to prepare them for the upcoming change. Without his transparency, British Airways could have experienced employee backlash and negative press around all the layoffs. But the chairperson always communicated honestly and frequently to manage the change.


What's the secret to successful organizational change?

What’s the secret to successful organizational change? Three words: communicate, communicate, communicate.

These successful examples of organizational change are instructive and even inspiring. They show how courage and thoughtful planning can be rewarded when you put your employees first and help them through a period of upheaval by sharing with them your vision for their new roles and the future of the company.

A transformation won’t succeed without broad involvement, said Patti Sanchezin an HBR article. Indeed, employees from all levels have to be included in every stage of the organizational change in order to make it successful. One way you can keep them updated and get real-time feedback to make informed decision is to send a lightweight, regular pulse survey to understand how employees feel about the change and assign collaborators to make the initiative a concerted effort. Learn more about how you can open communication channels to build bridges and course-correct in real-time with employee feedback during organizational change. 


"I would say that 70-80% of our leadership strategy comes from ideas that are solicited through TINYpulse."


-- Nick Smarrelli, CEO at Gadellnet Consulting Services






This sample letter may be used as a first draft when announcing to company staff It is with deep regret that I am announcing the resignation of (EMPLOYEE.

Organizational Change: Timing Is Everything!

how to write an organizational announcement

In our workplace, there are a lot of things and updates going on. Usually, in a business setting, we are being sorted in different hierarchies and positions, sorting the people into groups of similar processes or tasks. From line personnel such as those doing the core work, like production and sales, to staff personnel such as those that are working to support the organization with specialized advisory and support function, all these people are part in a team. However, staff would also mean the employees in general or all the people composing the organization and not just the key personnel or the group of officers. Ultimately, to simplify, in this article, when we say “staff,” this refers all the people employed by a particular organization.You may also see announcement email examples

Organizations and associations usually have a lot of updates and announcement from time to time. Without proper dissemination, this would result in an inefficiency of the whole organization; thus, every organization is structured in a way that the information will relay smoothly. To relay updates from the higher-ups to the staff, announcements must be made formal and be in a form of a written notice or a mail. Here are examples of staff announcements that you may find interesting.You may also see holiday announcement.

Sample Staff Announcement

Staff Benefits Announcement

Printable Staff Announcement

Staff Announcement

There are many things that you can announce with regard to your staff or in which the staff must be informed. The announcement may be through a notice printed in paper, a post in the announcement board, or email. These are the most common ways to disseminate announcements although there are many other ways on how you can reach the intended recipients.You may also see promotion announcement

Here are some examples of announcement relating to the staff in a company.

1. Announcement for New Staff

Whenever there is a new member of the organization or a new employee, you can give him or her a warm welcome either through short celebration like a welcoming party or through simply recognizing them in the office. Whenever you have these plans in mind, you can make an announcement to formalize your notice. Here is an example wording for the announcement of a new staff:

Dear Staff:

I am glad to announce that Jane Doe is joining our team starting on June 1. She will work as a business writer in the content department. Let us welcome her and let her know that you are excited about her joining the team.

To start, she is assigned to the templates team under the supervision of yours truly, so if you work with the templates team, please do look for an opportunity to greet her in person. You can also join us for lunch on her first days. So, let me know when you are available. You may also see wedding announcements.

For her employment background, she worked at a notable writing company over the past five year, so it is expected that she brings a wealth of knowledge regarding writing.

A reception is scheduled for June 1 in the conference room to welcome her. Please join us at 3:00 p.m. for a cupcake and iced tea.You may also see moving announcement cards.

It will be much appreciated if you could join me in giving Jane a warm welcome in our company.

Job Announcement to Staff

Standard Staff Announcement

Staff Internship Announcement

2. Announcement for Staff Meeting

Whenever there are updates or additional instructions or just simply a monthly meeting, you must post a formal announcement of such staff meeting in order to properly disseminate the information. You may refer to these example wordings for your content:

The month meeting will be held on Friday, February 6, at 4:00 p.m. in the conference room of Building 401. This is with regard to the new service personnel, reviewing of the general instructions, and establishing of rules for compliance with workplace safety laws.You may also see promotion announcement.

This is a formal notice about the weekly staff meeting to be held on Friday, February 6, at 10:00 a.m. at our main office. We will discuss the following agenda:

  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Report from respective heads
  • Updated list of copy editors
  • Graphic designs for a book cover

The meeting would approximately run into lunchtime, so packed lunch will be delivered at twelve noon. Let me know ahead regarding your food preferences.You may also see party announcement.

3. Announcement for Staff Promotion

Whenever you are promoting an employee or a staff, it is better to formally put it into writing to acknowledge his or her promotion. In your writing, you must be a balance between being too celebratory and being unconcerned, for if you are too celebratory, the other employees may say that you are being biased in promoting the employee. On the contrary, if you are being unconcerned, they might think that you are not happy with the promotion. It is okay to be enthusiastic, but keep a formal tone throughout the letter. Here is a simple example for an announcement for staff promotion:


It is our pleasure to announce the promotion of John Doe to Supervisor in Marketing in the Publishing Department. John joined the company five year ago, has acquired enough knowledge, and has advanced through progressively more responsible positions in the Advertising Department, where he played a key function.You may also see birth announcement.

Thus, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Publishing Department, and we are very much thrilled about his new position at the company.

Let us congratulate John on his promotion and join us in welcoming him in the Publishing Department.

4. Announcement for Staff Party

Workplace would be so boring without parties and events. Hence, if you want the employees to stay enthusiastic in their work, give them a break and a room for breathing through gathering and parties. It is best if you would formally announce the event through a letter or an email. In this way, everyone will know and the information will not be tampered unlike those that are just passed through the mouth of their co-employees. Here are short, not-so-formal staff party announcement example wordings:

Let us jingle and mingle at the 10th Annual Doe Company Christmas Party. Dress to impress and be prepared for a company photo. Festive celebration to follow.You may also see business announcements.

We all worked hard all year round, so it is time for us to unwind, get together, and celebrate the Christmas season. You are invited to our Annual Doe Company Christmas Party.

We’ll pop the champagne and toast to the reason. Everyone in the office and their families are invited in our Annual Doe Company Christmas Party.

5. Announcement for Staff Leaving

If among of your staff is leaving the company for good, you may inform the other members or employees as well for formality so they can have a proper farewell to the staff who is leaving. Another reason for informing the other employees might be because there might be some people who have unsettled business with the person leaving. It is also important so they can adjust to their tasks that are connected with the post, especially when no employee yet has assumed the vacant position.You may also see graduation announcement.

I am sad to announce that today is John’s last day with us. We wish him the best of luck in his future path. We will be moving quickly to hire a replacement for his post. If you have any business with John, you can approach our HR assistant.

Unfortunately, John has decided to move out from the company and today is his last day to be with us. He has been our top sales guy for the past year, and he will be hard to replace. We wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

Expected Staff Announcement

Sample Letter To Staff Announicing New Employee

Staff Announcement on eLetterhead

Temporary Job Opening Announcement

Job Announcement Staff Accountant

6. Announcement for Staff Resignation

On the part of the employee resigning, they must write a resignation letter and give them to the appropriate personnel such as the human resource personnel. On the other hand, the key personnel in turn must disseminate proper notice to the rest of the team. Here is a sample wording for such announcement:

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the resignation of John Doe effective this June 1. It is sad to lose one of the top performers of the team, and our only consolation is that he is comfortable with the decision he made if it is for self-advancement and improvement. You may also see free birth announcement designs.

He has contributed a lot to this company; hence, we acknowledge his efforts. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his commitment and dedication for the company throughout the years. We wish him best of success in his future endeavors.

7. Announcement for Staff Termination

There must be a valid reason to terminate someone from employment; otherwise, the company would be unreasonable and illogical. If proven that an employee committed acts that are subject to termination, he or she will be immediately released from the company with enough remuneration. There must be proper communication with the management and the terminated employee regarding the grounds for his or her termination. Then, the management or any key personnel must send or post an announcement with regard to the termination of the employee. Here is an example wording for the announcement for staff termination:

Please be advised that John Doe was terminated as an employee of our company effective on June 1. All staff are asked not to communicate any further with him regarding matters that are confidential to our company. His duties and responsibilities have been assumed by Jane Doe, a tenured employee of the same department. If you have any questions and clarifications, please contact Jane Doe. You may also see baby announcement postcards.

Last Say

There are many instances where you need to make an announcement with regard to the staff in a company such as announcement for new staff, announcement for staff meeting, announcement for staff promotion, announcement for staff party, announcement for staff leaving, announcement for staff resignation, announcement for staff termination. Your announcement can be in the form of a written document or an email, so long as everyone will be informed of the update or notice.Hopefully, the examples above will, in a way, help you in your staff announcement. You may also see employee announcement examples.

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How to Announce Corporate Reorganizations

how to write an organizational announcement

In any organization, leadership occasionally needs to make company-wide announcements for a number of reasons. These can be anything from good news about employee and company achievements to less welcome updates related to policy changes, cutbacks and even layoffs. Whenever news needs to be shared, organizational announcements should take the right tone and share all of the necessary information in few concise paragraphs.

Formatting the Announcement

Most organizational announcements are made in memo format. The top of the page should include a header that includes a “To” line (i.e., all employees, a specific department, etc.); a “From” line; the date; and a subject line. These lines should align with the left margin.

The announcement should then follow the format of declaration, discussion and summary. Begin with a declaration of the subject of the announcement, or why you are writing. Follow with more explanation and detail, and end with a summary that reiterates the announcement and next steps. The tone should be professional and direct to ensure that employees understand the news being shared.

Be Clear, Concise and Specific

The most important aspect of an organizational announcement is that it serves a direct purpose. In other words, the audience should know exactly what the announcement pertains to and why it is important. Be specific in the subject line of the announcement; for example, “Welcome to John Smith,” rather than “New Employee Welcome,” or “Memorial Day Holiday Schedule” rather than “Holiday Observance.”

In the body of the announcement, begin with a short explanation of why you are making the announcement, and then share the specifics. For example, if you are sending an announcement about cost cutting, you might begin with a short paragraph noting the reasons for the belt-tightening and how you have reached these conclusions. The next few paragraphs will detail the cost-cutting measures that will affect employees, for instance, cutting nonessential travel or free lunch on Fridays. At the end of the page, be sure to direct employees to where they can ask questions or learn more information about the announcement.

Just the Facts

Organizational announcements are just that: announcements. Therefore, they should remain objective, without speculation or opinion. Stick to the facts and information pertinent to what’s being said. A good way to do this is to use an inverted triangle or journalism-style approach to making the announcement. Open with the most important information in the first paragraph, addressing the who, what, where, when and why of the announcement. For instance, if you are welcoming a new employee, announce the employee’s name, his department, where he will be working, and invite employees to welcome him. If you are having a welcome lunch or other event, include information about that event in the first paragraph. In the following sections, offer more information about the new employee, including education and experience. End with a reiteration of the welcome, and direct employees to where they can find out more information if they have additional questions or must RSVP to an invitation.

Prepare your first employee communication by enlisting the organization's top Write an announcement about the corporate reorganization for clients and.

How To Make Your Organizational Announcements Beautiful And Effective

how to write an organizational announcement

Typically, those in the "know" already know... and those who don't, well... shorter is sweeter and better. Just as if an employee had been terminated for other reasons less attractive, you would not usually divulge the reasons for an employee's termination. I would certainly communicate the "not good fit" to upper management -- if they weren't already involved in the decision - make sure to keep it to "on a need to know basis".

As for informing the company, you can take several approaches:

1. If you plan to replace this person, upon his/her hire, the new person will automatically be introduced and contact info circulated
2. Send out a company/dept-centric email advising that the employee in question is "no longer with the company." Nothing further needs to be stated and probably should not be for obvious reasons.
3. Preferable option in my opinion--advise department heads (upper management) and let them decide if and how they wish to communicate the information to their employees.

I hope this helps.

Are all these people trying to figure out how to announce that an For example: “ I'm sad to announce that Julie has decided to move .. For now I'll just go with: “ Today was X's last day with our organization, and we wish him.

how to write an organizational announcement
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