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Invitation for new business
July 15, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

It is like a birth of a child being welcomed to the world, and openings are the birth of new beginnings in businesses, waiting and ready to tackle the hardship and.

Getting busy professionals to pay attention to your event invitation is no small feat. Get it right, though, and you’ll win over their attendance and their endorsement. You want them to see your event as the perfect opportunity to network, grow, and/or advance their careers.

So what does it take to craft an irresistible event email invitation that gets the open and the registration? Here’s a breakdown of three key email strategies to keep in mind as you craft your business event invitations, plus three examples to guide your first draft.

3 business event invitation strategies to know

The typical person’s inbox is deluged with messages every single day — up to 121, according to one report. If you’re not making an extra effort to be innovative, your emails won’t get opened and tickets won’t get purchased. Here are three strategies that will help you stand out.

#1: Send your emails from a recognizable source

To avoid getting your email trashed before it’s opened or sent straight to spam, let your reader know you’re trustworthy at a glance. You can do this by sending your emails from a recognizable source, like your event brand or company name. Make sure to use your company email if you have one. If not, change the “From” sender in your email setting to something along the lines of  “[your name] from [your company name].”

#2: Use personalization beyond the subject line

Consumers expect personalization — in fact, 86% say that it plays a role in helping them decide what to spend money on. But there’s a lot more opportunity in personalization than just auto-filled names, like dividing your master list into segments and sending them targeted emails.

Three ways to put segmentation into action:

  • Create segments from your master list based on demographics, past events attended, and other purchase history information
  • Send these smaller groups of recipients emails on targeted subjects
  • Include highly relevant content or offers that are irresistible to them at specific times

#3: Lean on fear of missing out with early bird pricing

Everyone loves a good deal, especially if it’s on a pricey professional conference that their employer doesn’t reimburse them for. You can appeal to people’s fear of missing out and their wallet by experimenting with early bird pricing. To make sure the offer doesn’t get buried in the email text, make sure it’s clear in the subject line, i.e. “Early bird pricing ends tomorrow! Get your tickets before the last few run out.”

3 business event invitation email copy templates

Sometimes, you just need an example to help you kickstart a first draft and take the edge off of that blank document staring you in the face. Here are three business event invitation copy templates to help you write emails that engage your prospects.

#1. Invitation to current customers

Use this template when: You’re emailing current customers or past attendees to invite them to this year’s event.

Subject line options:

The countdown is on…

{{Event Name}} is here! Save your spot today.

{{Event Name + Year}} is just around the corner. Are you in?

Email copy:

[Event Name]

[Event Date]

[Event Time]

[Event Location]

[CTA BUTTON]:Save My Spot

Dear {{Contact Name}},

{{Event Name}} is only a month away! And you can still save {{amount}} before tickets go full price on {{date}}.

This year, we’re bringing you an amazing lineup to help you {{relevant benefit #1}} and {{relevant benefit #2}}.

[CTA BUTTON]: Register Now

This is your chance to learn straight from {{speaker types, e.g. business leaders}} like {{list of 2-3 speakers}}. So save your spot today!


{{Company Name}} Team

2. Invitation to cold prospects

Use this template when: You’re reaching out to cold prospects (e.g. recipients who have never heard of your or your event) to attend.

Subject line options:

[Save the Date] {{Event Name + Year}}

{{#}} days, {{#}} thought leaders, only at {{Event Name}}!

3 reasons to attend {{Event Name + Year}}

Email copy:

[Event Name]

[Event Date]

[Event Time]

[Event Location]

[CTA BUTTON]: Save My Spot

Dear {{Contact Name}},

On {{Date}}, {{demographic — e.g. business leaders}} from across the {{geographic region}} will gather for {{Event Name + year}}. Will you be one of them?

Three reasons to attend {{Event Name}}:

  • {{Benefit #1 — e.g. speaker lineup}}
  • {{Benefit #2 — e.g. networking opps}}
  • {{Benefit #3 — e.g. early bird pricing))

[CTA BUTTON]: Register Now

This is your chance to learn straight from {{speaker types, e.g. business leaders}} like {{list of 2-3 speakers}}. Save your spot today!


{{Company Name}} Team

3. Follow-up email to invite attendees to a meeting

Use this template when: Your event is over and you’re ready to nurture leads by meeting with them in person.

Subject line options:

Next steps after {{Event Name}}

{{Event Name}} was great! Here’s what’s next.

Thanks for attending {{Event Name}}! Let’s stay in touch.

Email copy:

Hey {{Attendee Name}},

Just wanted to say thank you for attending {{Event Name}}. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as the team here at {{Your Business Name}} did!

I’d love to schedule 15 minutes with you in the next week or so to chat about how {{My Business Name}} can help you reach your 2020 goals.

If that sounds good, simply click the button below.

[CTA BUTTON]: Schedule meeting


{{My Name}}

More email templates to nurture your sponsors

Email is the lifeblood of business today. Learn how to write stellar messages that simplify communication with your partners in our tip sheet, 8 Sponsorship Letter Templates to Hook Event Sponsors.

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I would like to invite you on behalf of Zebronic Seminar Services to attend the inauguration of our new business at Chennai city on Monday at 8 pm. It is our.

Professional party invitations and cards

invitation for new business

Canadian companies must write a letter of invitation when they host business visitors from abroad. Business visitors can be existing or potential buyers, investors, trade show or conference visitors, partners, employees, or individuals coming for training at the company’s facilities.

If you need a visa, a letter of invitation does not guarantee that a visa will be issued. Visa officers assess applicants to find out if they are eligible to visit Canada. Some visa offices may need these letters to be notarized. Contact the Canadian visa office of your visitor’s country to find out if this is required.

If your Canadian company is inviting a visitor, a representative of the company should write the letter. Some firms have specific people who sign letters of invitation. Your company should send each visitor two originals of the letter of invitation, one for them to submit when applying for their visa and one to present when they enter Canada.

Be sure to leave enough time for your visitor’s visa to be processed. See the application processing times to find out how long it may take to process a visa.

Note: You may not need a visa but may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

The letter must include information:

  • about the person being invited
    • complete name
    • date of birth, if known
    • the company represented and the person’s position
    • the person’s address and telephone number (both work and home)
    • your company’s relationship to the invitee and your business history together
    • whether you know the visitor personally, and if you are related
    • the purpose of the trip (if part of a longer-term project, please provide context)
    • the length of time the person will be visiting your company in Canada
    • accommodation and living expenses that your company will cover and
    • the date the person intends to leave Canada, if known.
  • about the person extending the invitation
    • complete name
    • job title and position in the company
    • address and telephone numbers in Canada and
    • work email address.
  • about the company extending the invitation
    • complete name of the company
    • headquarters address
    • the address of all company facilities to be visited
    • the company’s website address, if available
    • the company’s date of registration/incorporation and
    • a short description of the firm’s type of business.


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Apple sends out invitations for the new iPhone event on September 12

invitation for new business

I have started getting invites to LinkedIn pages in my personal inbox on that network.

In an effort to copy and become Facebook, LinkedIn has rolled out this feature! In all seriousness, people inviting their friends to Facebook pages has been a thing for a long time and some pages even use the strategy to invite anyone who has liked a post.

Here’s how the newly launched invite to pages looks in your inbox:

And here’s how you – assuming you have a LinkedIn business page – can use this feature to invite your connections.

On your business page go over to the right and click on Admin Tools. For now, it has a big, blue NEW by it.

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These are the options:

Invite connections is new! Click on that to get this screen:

You can invite a person exactly once! Thanks, LinkedIn, for that! No reason to keep inviting people and bugging them if they have declined already.

Nonethless, social media marketer friends, let’s pick carefully who we invite! If your page is about a very technical topic, why would your non-technical connections care?

This is a new strategy and I would recommend to use it NOW while people’s inboxes aren’t overwhelmed by these invites, yet.

Interestingly, you can only invite connections to your own pages. Admins only! So I can’t invite my connections to somebody else’s page – even if I love that page. Strange, but okay!

I suppose I can copy and paste the link and send it to my connection. That’s not quite as user-friendly, though. This new tool for admins is user-friendly and I see an increase in invites coming everyone’s way!

Of course, getting people to like your page is just Step 1. No reason for staying connected if you don’t share valuable content.


Like this:


Your organization can be invited to manage specific locations or location groups owned by Search by business name and choose the appropriate location.

11 Business Open House Invitation Wording Ideas

invitation for new business

Planning a Company Party or Business Event?

Print Your Own Invitations with Professional Results. Whether you’re a new business throwing a Grand Opening Event or your company is celebrating an important Anniversary celebration, Southworth has some fantastic and free event announcements and invitation templates that mean business.

All you need to do is choose a design from our festive invitation selection, download the template of your choice, customize with your own details … and print them out on Southworth for elegant results that never fail to impress.

So go ahead and get ready to host the event of the season. Take the guess work out with this helpful print on demand chart which shows how much paper you’ll need.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to get Business Invitation letter to Lithuania

To entice people to attend, your invitation should be compelling enough that Describe the event, whether it's a grand opening, new business.

invitation for new business
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