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Leave application for wife illness

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Leave application for wife illness
July 02, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Sample leave application of one week for surgery in hospital. My Wife was in the hospital for surgery. How can I write a good letter informing my.

A leave application for wife medical treatment by employee to manager asking him to grant casual leave for the treatment of the wife abroad. Leave Application for Wife Medical Treatment for office to be submitted by the employees of the company in office. Leave for wife’s operation or surgery in the hospital and you want to go to hospital. Leave application for wife illness or sickness are available below:

Wife Treatment Leave Application

Respected company manager,

I work as an IT specialist in your firm. It is to inform you that my wife is suffering from syndrome. Her condition is very seriously ill and I need to go with her abroad for treatment. Her treatment is very urgent as her life depends on it. Her treatment tour will be from 15th of June to 20th of June. Respected sir you are requested to grant me the leave for these days so that i may be able to go for my wife’s treatment. I promise you that i will make up for the work lost in my absence. I will try to come early if possible.

I hope that you will allow me to take leave for my wife’s treatment. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor. Thanking in advance.

Yours truly,


Leave for Wife Medical Treatment from Office By Employee

Hello Sir,

I am Shabbir khan, mechanical engineer at North G Valley construction site. Sir I went to home during last week to see my family as they were calling me again  and again. During my visit I went to doctor for checkup of my wife because she was feeling pain in the belly. Doctor diagnose some stones in the gallbladder which were causing pain.

Doctor prescribed the medicine of one week and given date and time for the surgery of my wife in this week on Wednesday. I request you to please allow me to go home for my wife’s treatment as it is my responsibility and there is nobody available for her care during the surgery.

Doctor said she will need at-least rest of one week with medicines. So I need leave of one week and seeking your kind approval. I will be thankful to you.



Application for Leave Due to Wife Illness

The Manager, HR

Dear Sir,

My wife has fallen ill last night. We are living as a nuclear family so there is no one else at home to take care of her. Despite taking emergency medicines, she is not feeling well. I have decided to take her to PIMS hospital, Islamabad for her better medical treatment. Obviously, this requires my travel from Lahore to Islamabad.

I shall be very thankful to you for granting me leave for two days so that I could take her to the hospital and accompany her till her health recovers. I am optimistic that her health will be restored meanwhile my leaves from the office. I am eager to resume my office duties very soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Application for Half Day Leave Due to Wife Illness for Today

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

I have received a call in my office from my wife about ten minutes earlier that she is not feeling well since half an hour. She is pregnant as well. The half of my official duty time has passed during which I have considerably completed my today’s assignment. It will be very hard for me to further concentrate on my work after knowing about her poor health as she is alone at home. So, I request to you kindly grant me half day leave for today so that I could take her to the hospital as early as possible. I am eager to make up deficiency in my today’s work soon after resuming my office from tomorrow.

I am thankful for your time and kind consideration.


Application Letter for Wife’s Treatment

The Principal,
Education High School,

Respected Principal,

It is stated that me, Riaz Bhatti have been art teacher in your school. My wife has been suffering from stomach problem for the last 2 months. After several checkups & consultation to doctors, the treatment didn’t cure.

I have consulted to my uncle who is renowned physician in Lahore hospital. He advised to admit the wife in Lahore hospital for 2 days. While that, he will properly treat for her disease.

Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 3 days so I can go & take her better care. I will appreciate for your favor.


Riaz Bhatti

Leave Application for Treatment of Wife’s Road Accident

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to submit a letter of leave application. I would like to have some time off work so that I can spend it with my wife who was involved in a serious road traffic accident yesterday. I would like to be with my wife while she is going through the treatment for her broken leg.

The doctors have told us that my wife may never again have the full use of her left leg due to the nerves being severed. She will need my help with the kids as she is bed bound after the operation she has just been in. We have three kids and two of them go to school and the third is a newborn baby.

So you can see why I need the time off work so that I can help my wife and the less things she have to do in the home the faster her recovery. I hope that you will grant me this and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mike Fauna


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Mention this reason specifically in your leave application reque I am writing this letter to inform you that I need to take a sick leave from School due to family.

Leave Application for Medical Treatment

leave application for wife illness

Larissa Schmidt

56 Cooper St
Fowler ACT 5000
Tel: 0400 000 000
E: [email protected]



Isabelle Fontaine

Human Resources Manager
Heathcote Harris Jones
29 Roseland Ave
Sanderson ACT 5020


Dear Ms Fontaine

It is with great regret that I submit this letter as formal notification of my leave of absence from Heathcote due to an illness in my family (I will be taking on the role of primary caregiver to my terminally ill mother). As per my employment contract, I am giving two weeks notice and my last working day will be 3 March 2014. I will do my utmost to complete all outstanding tasks and projects before that date.

It is my plan to return to full-time work within three months, pending my mother’s health condition. I will keep you apprised of my situation and availability to resume work.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind regards

[sign here]

Larissa Schmidt

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Leave Application for Wife Treatment

leave application for wife illness

Sample leave application of one week for surgery in hospital. My Wife was in the hospital for surgery. How can I write a good letter informing my organization.

Leave Application for Wife’s Surgery

The General Manager, Media Department, Discovery, US

Respected sir,

I would like to bring it to your knowledge that my wife is suffering from brain tumor and is admitted in the hospital. Doctor has given us the date for the surgery and I am supposed to be with her all the week. So I will not be available from 5th June to 10th June. I shall be really thankful if you grant my leaves considering my problem. I assure that I will complete my all due work. Thanks.

Yours sincerely

Kieth John.
Media Department, Discovery

Leave Letter Due To Surgery in Hospital

Mr. Mickey Arthur,
Deputy Supervisor Accounts,
Izmir Electronics (pvt).


Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that my wife was having a pain in her backbone and doctor has prescribed a surgery. This is a major surgery and my wife has to be admitted in the hospital for one week. There is none in my family to be with her so it is mandatory on me to accompany her. So it’s my humble request to grant me a leave for one week so that I can take care of my wife in a better way.

Thank you in advance.


Hunter Mickey
Employ no 7079023

Leave of Absence due to Surgery

Merchant Shipping Co.
4 Davis Road,

Respected Manager,

I want to request you for a leave due to my wife being seriously ill and her surgery is in the coming week. I am sure that you can understand that my presence is very important in the hospital because of her critical condition. Please grant me leave for a week. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Calpurnia Finch

Leave Application for Surgery of Wife

Mr. James
The Manager,
Jason Bank Pvt, Ltd.

Dear Mr. James,

It is to inform you that my wife is admitted in J.W. Hospital due to her surgery in her throat. She was suffering from sore throat and doctor has prescribed throat surgery for her as she has got tonsils. I am also with her as there is no one except me who can take care of her. For this reason I cannot come to office for next week from September 2nd 20XX to September 8th 20XX.

Please accept my leave application and grant me leave for one week. I shall be grateful to you for this.

Thank you for your time you gave to my application. Please feel free to contact me on this number 333333333 for any quires.


Joseph Wilson
Accounts Clerk

Leave for a Week Due To Wife’s Surgery

The HR Manager,

Respected Sir,
It is stated that my wife has been ill since quite a few months now. First we thought that it’s just some minor infection that’s causing her high fever…But, as months passed by she went weaker and weaker. Upon consulting a few doctors she was diagnosed of first stage liver cancer. It’s indeed a hard time for our family. She has been advised to undergo a liver surgery this week, and then bed rest for another week.

I request you to kindly grant me a leave for a week due to my wife’s surgery. I’ll join back the office as soon as the operation is over.
Approved request shall be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

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To address a serious health condition of the employee's child, parent, or spouse. A serious health condition shall mean a disabling physical or mental illness.

How to Write Leave Application – Format and 16 Samples?

leave application for wife illness

There are so many reasons that warrant leave from work.

In circumstances where you have to take your wife for a medical checkup, you must write a leave application letter, detailing why you need to take a day off.

Most employers will be understanding of your situation. If you feel that yours might not be, provide as many details as you can about the situation.

Since you have to accompany your wife to the doctor’s visit, therefore, highlight the issue, and then build upon it somewhat.

Make sure that your supervisor understands that the situation requires you to take a day off, without which your wife will not be able to make it to her appointment.

Still not sure how to go about this? Don’t worry.

Have a look at the following leave application sample:

See also:Sample Sick Leave Email

Leave Application for Wife Medical Check Up

March 4, 2019

Mr. August Pullman
Human Resources Manager
Concrete Solutions Inc.
332 Kent Road SE
Enid, OK 28993

Subject: Leave Application

Dear Mr. Pullman:

I am writing this letter to ask for permission to take a day off Thursday, March 7, 2019. I understand that the workload at this point is immense, and any team member taking a day off may result in compromised deadlines. However, I do not have a choice at this time.

My wife has been suffering from symptoms from an unknown disease for quite some time now. After visiting many doctors, it has been established that she has a connective tissue disorder, which needs to be investigated further. However, we had not been able to get an appointment for weeks. Today, I received a call from her doctor’s office informing me that her appointment is on Monday.

Since my wife is not well enough to travel on her own, I will need to take her to the doctor. Owing to the fact that her doctor practices in the suburbs, it will take an entire day to go there, and come back. And this is why taking a day off is necessary.

If required, I can come in during the weekend, or work extra hours from Tuesday, in order to meet the deadline. I would appreciate it if you would look into my case with an objective mind, and grant me a day off on Monday.

Thank you for understanding my situation.


Jacob Miner

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Sample leave application of one week for surgery in hospital. My Wife was in the hospital for surgery. How can I write a good letter informing my.

leave application for wife illness
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