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Letter asking for a second chance

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Letter asking for a second chance
August 22, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Some hiring managers are willing to grant people a second shot at a job interview, so it's worth asking.

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WISC-TV ) - The Janesville man wanted in connection with a gun store burglary and making threats against the government wrote letters to two Rock County judges about past criminal charges, pleading for a second chance.


In May 2008, Joseph Jakubowski was facing charges of battery related to a domestic abuse case, as well as disarming an officer. He pleaded no contest to those charges, but not before writing a Rock County judge letters pleading for a second chance.


In the letter to Judge Michael Bryon, Jakubowski calls the charges a “major slip" in his life, mentioning his troubles with alcohol and painful memories of his family.



He tells the judge that he wants a chance to prove to the court and society that he could be a “peaceful and trouble-free citizen.” He said to the judge, "If in your mercy you could please give me my freedom with a rope to hang myself, and I will prove to you and the DA, I will use that same rope to save myself.”


He said all he was asking for was help and treatment so this “never happens again.”


He wrote another letter in 2011 asking Rock County Judge Michael Fitzpatrick to amend his domestic violence intervention program order, saying he could not complete it with his work schedule as a construction worker.

He claimed he had not been in any trouble and had turned his life around. That request was denied.


Court records show Jakubowski has faced more than 55 charges since he wrote the letter in 2011, most of them traffic-related.


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This is my letter asking for another chance. Can you please let me know your thoughts on it? Hi (dude's name), This is an embarrassing letter.

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letter asking for a second chance

In a perfect world every resume review, application, and interview would end with a successful job offer that places you in the career of your dreams.  In real life, however, chances are you’re going to have to deal with a few let downs along the path to job hunt victory. Think about it this way: for every amazing job, there are easily 10-20 or more amazing candidates vying for position.  Chances are that someone is going to end up feeling the sting of rejection.

While no one wants to hear the old “it’s not you, its me”, rejection letters and emails are par for the course if you’ve been on the job market for any length of time.  While most candidates quickly hit the delete button before drowning their sorrows in bowls of ice cream to avoid replying with varying degrees of anger and anguish, if you take this tasty but unresourceful approach you may be missing out on a golden opportunity.  

The idea is that if you were near the top of the candidate consideration list and the first choice doesn’t pan out, or some other change in circumstances opens up another position, your rejection letter could be your best chance to keep your name and candidacy in the running.  Read on to find out more on how to score a second chance interview from a rejection letter.

Be Thankful

While candidates often think they are the perfect fit for the position they are applying for, sometimes the hiring manager’s choice of one applicant over another can center on the most minute of factors.  Maybe one person fit the department or company budget a tad better or maybe the choice came down to a few extra months of experience of more familiarity with a particular software utilized by the business.

While your may never know the exact reason you were edged out for a given job, expressing gratitude in your response to any rejection is a solid way to make yet another great impression on a would be employer.  While this may seem like a wasted effort, the reality is that many job offers and hires don’t quite work out the way the employer expected. Maybe the candidate wasn’t a great fit. Or, perhaps, a new position opens up due to an increase in workload or other unforeseeable circumstance.  

Whatever the reason, even if you don’t receive an offer after interviewing for a position, express your gratitude to the hiring manager, HR representative or other company rep via a follow up thank you email or similar correspondence.  Thank the people who ushered you through the process for their time and consideration. In the event things don’t work out with the chosen candidate, you’ll be sure to be on the top of the back up list for a call back if and when an opportunity arises.

Don’t be a Bad Sport

No matter what you do after a rejection, avoid the urge to express bitterness or resentment to the hiring manager, interviewer or other company representatives.  If you were referred for the position by a friend or colleague, avoid speaking negatively of your experience as your words could get back to the potential employer.

There are numerous considerations when it comes to hiring a new potential employee.  Maybe your preferred schedule wasn’t quite right or the other candidate had a slightly lower minimum salary requirement.  Whatever the case may be, keeping a positive outlook, at least on the outside, will keep you from knocking your chances at a second chance interview or future job offer

Give them a Second Chance

If you’re looking to potentially land a second chance interview after receiving your initial rejection, you will need to give some indication of your continued interest.  The first temptation after hearing the old “it’s not you, it’s us” line from a prospective employer is to hit delete or toss the rejection into the nearest trash bin (or fireplace if you’re feeling dramatic).  While you’ll probably get a few therapeutic benefits, this approach isn’t the best for converting a “no thanks” into a “welcome back”.

Indicate in a follow up call with the recruiter or a response email to the hiring manager that you continue to be thankful for the interview experience.  Drop in a line that indicates you’ll continue to be on the watch for other opportunities from the employer. Finally, explicitly invite your interviewer to reach out should circumstances change and the position reopens.

Sample Response to a Rejection Letter

Need a push in the right direction when it comes to converting a rejection letter into a second chance interview?  Read on for real world sample responses that work for candidates like you:

Dear Ms./Mr. (Interviewer’s name),

I appreciate you taking the time to update me regarding the status of my candidacy for the [open position].  I understand that there are many qualified candidates for an open position and that hiring decisions are often nuanced and difficult.  I’m glad that you found an applicant that fit your organization’s current needs.

If you have any specific feedback regarding my experience, resume or interview, I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism.  Additionally, if circumstances or staffing needs at your company were to change, I would enjoy the opportunity to apply with the organization again.

Thank you again for your time.



Article Updated from the Original on March 12, 2018

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Please Give Me Another Chance Letter

letter asking for a second chance

Will You Give Our Love Another Chance?

Posted by Teresa Martinez on Feb 18, 2014 in Love Letters, Personal | 5 comments

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“Will You Give Our Love Another Chance?” is a letter asking for a second chance in a failed relationship. Coming from the heart of someone who admits being in the wrong, this man is asking for one more chance to prove his worth to the woman whose love he has taken for granted.

My love who I have hurt so much,

You were right…there will come a day that I will realize how much I’ve lost, with you gone from my life and that day is today.

I was a fool to let you go, a bigger fool for causing you to leave, and the biggest fool for thinking that I can easily find another woman to replace you. I became so engrossed with myself, forgetting to nurture our relationship along the way. It has always been you who has given way to my needs and my dreams. I have forgotten ours and worse of all, I totally disregarded yours.

It was only when you were gone that I truly realized the impact of what I have done or failed to do for us. The things that I used to think will make me happy now appear meaningless and unimportant without you. I have long taken your support and love for granted, thinking that they will always be there. It was wrong of me not to have appreciated what you willingly and unselfishly gave me.

My love, I beg you to give me another chance and come back to me. Forgive me for hurting you so with my indifference. I promise I will make it right this time and prove to you that the love you gave me was not a waste.

I am suffering so much now without you and probably deserve it. Please end this suffering by giving me this once chance I ask. And if I fail you one more time,  I’d leave without you asking me to. I’ll do that for you, for then it will be proven that I’m not good enough for you. You deserve the best man and I will try to bring out the best in me to be worthy of your love.

I love you and I am so sorry for not having said it enough or showed it enough.  I will wait for the slimmest of chance that you will give me. Will you give our love another chance please?


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letter asking for a second chance

To my Superman,
I still remember the first time you said hello. I still remember the feeling i had for you the first time you told me you that you cared for me. The butterflies i feel inside every time we talk. I thought that was all it, but you made it happen that we met on not so likely time, but still, that was the most unforgettable moment of our love story. I fell in love with you when we we’re still talking via net. But when i saw you the first time, you took my breath away, i never thought i could ever fall this hard. But i never told you about how i felt for you, i didn’t want you to think i was that easy, i didn’t want to break my own rules for you, not just yet. And i waited for you, i waited for you to feel the same for me too. Little did i know, you were feeling the same all along, i didn’t happen to know the reason why it took you long to admit. But i’m happy. The morning of January 19th, you called me and told me you wanted us to be more than friends, that you want to take care of me not just a friend but my boyfriend. I was the happiest. Everything changed between us, we were even more sweeter, more open to each other, our world became more beautiful, because we had each other. That was for almost three months. Until we had a small misunderstanding, and that’s it, everything’s ruined between us. Everything we had meant nothing to you at all. So i had nothing left in me but the courage to ask you if you still want me, if you still want us. I was so scared while waiting for your reply. I was preparing myself for whatever your answer may be. And there it was, you said you didn’t want to keep me hanging and that i should go on without you. So i said OK. I said ok even when what i felt that time was the complete opposite. I still stood high, i didn’t want to breakdown, i didn’t want you to see me weak. I refuse to believe it was really happening, that we were really putting it to an end. I was afraid you might find someone better. And that we would never have a second chance. It’s been more than a month now, we’re still talking but things are a lot different, we’re back to the stage where you are my “superman” and i am your “heartbreaker”. Every time you ask me how i feel now, I will always say i’m okay, i’m fine and i’m good. I don’t want you to be bothered with how i feel. So i settled myself as your friend again. Your very good friend. For now, i can’t imagine how will i start to move on, to finally let go. I’m not ready yet, not ready to forget all the memories and let go of you. I had you for a long time, so i don’t mind keeping you in my heart even longer. To you superman, thank you for everything, thank you for letting me a part of your life and sharing me a bit of yours. Honestly, I’m still hoping for a second chance, that maybe you will realize and look looking for me in another person’s company. I won’t quit hoping for us, even if it hurts me knowing that its impossible. I miss you, I want you back, I want you to love me like you did before. I want us together again. I want to be your girl again and be better this time, best even. To you my ex, I still love you and i will keep loving you. You’re the best ex i had. You’re my superman. D.L.

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This may greatly diminishes your chances of getting the job. However with Tips and instructions for the letter requesting a second interview. It is often good to.

letter asking for a second chance
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