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Marry me letters
June 05, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Valentine's Day is coming soon and we are offering a special proposal package for this month. Gigantic “Marry Me” letters plus the private.

Dear Future Husband,

I want you—all of you. I want to look into your eyes when I wake up, every day, every night. I want to lie beside you in bed and snuggle for warmth during winters. I want to feel your sleep-laden arms around me, feeling me up in your dreams. I want you to wake me up in the middle of the night to have your fill of me.

I want you—all of you. I want to know the tiny details of your everyday life. I want to know who told you what, who made you feel what, what you saw on the way to work, and what you thought while you nibbled on the sandwich during lunch. I want you to share every single detail of your life, until it becomes mine. All of it, until it fills me up—my body, soul and mind.

I want the security of your arm as my blanket. And I want the freedom of our travels. I want to feel the smooth skin and sooty smell of your body against mine. And I want to feel your lashes blink against my cheeks as you fall asleep.

All this and more, until your life becomes mine, and mine yours.

I want to carry the warm, invisible stamp on me—the mark that says I am a taken woman, owned in entirety. That I’m a woman conquered.

A woman, who finally, willingly, chose to admit defeat and surrendered her life at the feet of happiness, of domesticity. That I’ve been touched so deeply, that no one other touch matters.

I want to love you until you’re my sun, my sin, and my heaven. And I want you to love me back. I want you to smile into my eyes and laugh at my jokes, poor as they may be. I want you to share your dreams and your fears, your likes and your dislikes, the things that you love and those that fill you with awe. And I want to take those and make them mine, until I practically see through your eyes.

You see, I was once a woman who kept a part untouched, hidden away from the world. I was once a woman who sought to hide in frivolous flings, uncaring and distant. I was a woman who didn’t appreciate the full intensity of love. I once ran away from all this.

Not anymore. Not with you.

Today, I want to give you my all, and more. Today, I want to be with you. Today, I am combustible, and only you know how to light me up. Today, I am yours. Today, I am you.

Why spend hours or day with sleepless nights wondering on how you can make it special, we have a little help to easy the stress. These lights have a soft warm.

A Letter To The Man I Choose To Marry

marry me letters

BRIGHT was the first to bring marquee letters to Nashville when we rolled out our LOVE letters in 2012. The feedback we got was fantastic, so we grew our inventory of marquee letters to include every letter in the alphabet, various symbols (including a hashtag!) and even offer upper and lowercase versions of some letters.  While couples have used these letters to make a bold statement about their new initials and affection, many of our other clients have gotten creative with our marquee letters – at grand opening parties, fashion shows, annual fundraisers, surprise birthday parties and even wedding proposals! Here’s a round up of our favorite marquee moments for you to enjoy!

Our ground supported marquee sign beckoned guests into CJ’s Off the Square for their BHLDN preview party in July while last summer’s grand opening for Olia Zavozina’s store in Green Hills used our wood posts to hang these letters.

Photo Credit Jenna Henderson

Photo Credit Annabelle Charles

Photo Credit The Collection

Corporate clients love to see their name in lights as do birthday boys and girls!  

We’ve given the Belle Meade Plantation Derby Party a golden glow the last two years and we’ve loved contributing to the semi-annual Porter Flea Market.  This year’s hashtag marquee was a big hit!

And what better way to deck the BRIGHT halls for seasons and holidays than with a festive sign?!

Most recently, she has said yes when asked to “Marry Me” – stay tuned for the full recap of this style shoot turned surprise proposal coming soon to the blog.

Photo Credit The Photographix

Have an event that needs a BRIGHT boost?  Contact our team about reserving our marquee letters for your event, [email protected]

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marry me letters

Many people put an incredible amount of time and thought into asking their special someone to marry them. Very few people, however, spend years crafting a hidden message to pop the question. But that's what one friend-turned-boyfriend did.

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Timothy and Candice, who asked that their last name not be published, always enjoyed exchanging letters.

"Candice really likes handwritten letters," said Timothy, 27. "I think that handwritten letters are much more personal and thoughtful because you have to take the time to craft what you want to write and can't undo anything once it's on the page."

Boyfriend runs 5.5 miles to spell out prom proposal for girlfriend in running app

Just a week after they began dating in 2013, after they had been friends for years, Timothy decided to use their letters as an opportunity to propose.

He spent the next several years carefully creating a hidden message in the letters. When all 14 notes he sent her over the years are put together, their first letters combine to spell "Will you marry me."

Timothy revealed his project years later, when the moment was right. As they were looking back at letters from the past few years, he carefully laid them out and told her to focus on the first letters.

"I instantly burst into tears of joy, as my mind could not comprehend how someone could love me so much," Candice, 25, told ABC News, adding that she didn't think she would have figured it out herself. "Someone that can be so genuine, thoughtful and romantic."

The two have been happily married since October 2016. Timothy said he always liked Candice, even before they began dating, and that his special idea came from a dream.

"We were friends for three and a half years before we started dating, and I liked her that entire time, so the idea grew from getting to know Candice," he said. "The moment where it came together, though, was in a dream that I believe God gave me, because what guy could come up with this on his own?"

Shine up your wedding, parties and other events with our most loved light up letters. Book online and have 30km Free delivery to your venue.

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marry me letters

Hello, my future wife.

Whether you are reading this before you meet me, or stumble upon it after, I want you to know a few things.

The reason I am writing this today is because I can’t stop thinking about you, and I can’t stop myself from imagining how happy we will be. Let this letter be a promise to you that I will do my best to be the man I want to be for you.

I may not yet know all of the difficulties that come with a lifetime commitment, but I have enough relationship experience to know what I want and how I picture my life with the person I will commit to: you.

Those around me are a continuous source of education and inspiration on how I want our relationship to be. So here and today, I vow to try my best to do the following:

I promise to do my best to make you beam daily, so count on many surprises. Your smile will be my priority. I get weak knees when anybody smiles, so just imagine the effort I will make to be the source of yours.

I promise I will always look at you with the same adoration as I did the moment I realized I loved you.

I promise to try to ignite the same sparkle in your eyes I see when you’re surprised, inspired, motivated or when you are about to lean in to kiss me.

I promise to hold your hand when we’re 80 years old with the same liveliness that I did when I crossed that line to hold yours for the first time. I vow never to let the excitement of dating me die down; I will surprise you with the location, the reason or the activity itself.

I promise to keep you guessing where we’re going next.  I promise to do my best always to interest you. I will keep reinventing myself, gaining new hobbies, new knowledge and new interests to keep you -- and myself -- entertained.

I promise to have new stories to share with you, and maybe I’ll retell the best ones again if you insist. Our friendship will continue to grow over the years.

I vow to challenge you to challenge yourself for the better; to make you think differently. I promise to try to feed off of your illuminating energy that will inspire me to do the same with myself. I will do my best to ensure that being bored never crosses your mind.

Even in grief and darkness, I promise to show you the different shades of the dark, and to help you find the tiny rays of light that are always there if you seek them. After all, there’s always worse than worst and better than best; everything is relative.

I promise to kiss you throughout our life together, with the same passion I had the first time I felt my lips on yours. When we kiss, I want it to slow down time -- just you and me engulfed in our feelings.

I promise to play the games you like to play.

I promise to do my best to remain physically attractive for you, and I will do my best to be healthy in order to keep up with our children and grandchildren; someone has got to teach them Muay Thai kickboxing. I’ll train you, too; I want you to know how to fight and defend yourself, just don’t use it against me.

I promise to help you to be healthy, both physically and mentally. I will cook and clean for us. Expect the best breakfast: traditional Armenian tomato and pepper omelets, followed by fruit salad with… well, I can’t give all the secrets out.

I promise to strive to be a role model for our children. I want both you and them to see me as a source of motivation. I want to inspire them in the same way that my father inspires me.

I promise to do my best to love your family as you love them and to be by their side as much as I am by yours.

I promise to always listen to you when you simply just want to be heard; when you want someone to vent to about something or when you want advice.

I will listen to you especially when you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with anybody else, and to the things you try to tell me when you’re not even speaking. I promise to always listen.

During our life together, I promise to make sure that you feel as though you are the center of the household -- I know you will be -- and I will always try to show my appreciation for you because of that. Being the man of the house is nothing without a woman.

I promise never to let my guard down in taking care of us. I know you won’t be one to be satisfied with the bare minimum.

I promise to do everything that I can for you without taking away from your independence physically, intellectually or emotionally.

I promise to create family traditions and to make sure that your legacy lives forever through our children.

I promise to encapsulate the moment when I realize that I am in the most magnetic, amorous and erotic love with you, not to let that feeling dissipate to the best of my ability and to relive it with you constantly, always.

Sincerely, Your Future Husband

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Proposal flight over the letters marry me in a field.

“Letters? You sent me letters?” Lady Quinley strode forward, a determined scowl marring her face. She jerked Millie's arm enough to pull her hand out of Quinn's.

marry me letters
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