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News announcement templates
October 18, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

It's important to have a template that can this basic format in announcement emails.

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The people on your email list expect you to share news related to your . This product announcement email template was divided into 4 parts.

New feature announcement: eLease templates

news announcement templates

In the final installment of your headline series, we’ve got 14 classic high impact templates.

List headlines and Announcement headlines.

We’ve already had quite a few list style headlines in the previous sections.

List headlines are that pervasive… and that effective.

And now you get even more.

Plus, you get a fantastic set of announcement templates.

Announcements make incredibly powerful headlines and email subject lines.

At Intuit, our product announcements and monthly alerts consistently received 50% higher open rates and nearly double clickthrough rates than our regular promotional emails.

Bottom line: These headlines work.

Before we dive in, I have a something special for you.

I’ve built a headline worksheet for you.

It’s a little extra bonus to say thank you for signing up for this series. I love to share the same tools that I use every day.  It helps make our jobs as marketers easier and more rewarding.

You get a headline worksheet contains all 55 templates from this series.

You just fill-in-the-blanks.

Boom! You’ve got a winning headline for your next article, email, blog post or social media blast.

Grab your free copy of the 55 Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Templates Worksheet.


List Headlines – Everyone Loves a List

Everyone loves a list. No matter how many lists you create, your audience will consume them.

Why do they work so well?

Well here’s the list. There are 7 reasons your readers crave list headlines and content:

  1. Order: A list gives them order in a world of chaos. Your audience is more grounded with a list. They can always count on a list as a tool to refocus them. It gets them back on track when life becomes unruly and out of control.
  2. Action: A list is actionable. Your readers love to start at the top of a list and check-off each item one at a time. Check. Check. Check. Done.
  3. Easy: A list is easily digestible. Your audience thinks in bullet points, not long prose.
  4. Comprehensive: A list offers everything your readers need in one spot. You’re delivering a complete and thorough set of information on a subject.
  5. New Ideas: A list promises to present all the possibilities and uncover new ideas. Your readers know a lot, but they wonder if there’s more they can learn.
  6. Saving: A list is worth keeping. Your readers like to clip, bookmark and save a list for reference later.
  7. Sharing: A list is the ultimate content to share. What your audience likes for themselves also makes for a great way to better connect with other like them. Their social desire kicks in. They will share. And their friends will re-share. Your list is the perfect viral content.

Those reasons are why lists are one of the headline cornerstones.

So let’s start with a quick exercise to unlock your list headline creativity.

EXERCISE: Refer back to the goals, accomplishments, skills, and qualities you noted in the earlier How-to Headlines segment.Now break down each of those items into lists of related items associated with the subject.

Create your own list of:

  • Characteristics, attributes or features of the desired item
  • Ways or steps of achieving success
  • Resources or things needed to achieve success

Start small with 5 or 6 items at first. Then add more or break your first list into smaller (but still valuable) pieces.


9 Proven List Headline Templates


1. Top 10 Actions/Goals/Things     

The Top 10 list is probably the most famous of all lists headlines.

You see it in every form of media from TV to presentations to blog posts.

The Top 10 list has been around so long and is so popular that it has its own drawing power.

That’s in addition to the normal reasons why we love a good list.

As a result, it is possibly the single most effective headline template you can use.

You can use a Top 10 list for almost any subject.

Better yet, you can reuse it again and again without burning out your readers.

Pro Tip: Add a timeframe at the end of your Top 10 list. Bingo! You’ve just created a recap for the year, month or week. Or you can make a forward looking prediction that helps readers prepare for what’s ahead.Besides being widely popular, recaps and predictions are repeatable. You can train your audience to expect a Top 10 list on a regular schedule, which can increase your loyal repeat readers.


  • Top 10 Restaurants in San Francisco
  • Top 10 Hilarious Cat Videos on YouTube
  • Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2015
  • Top 10 Earnings Announcements Scheduled for March

2.      #     Steps to Action/Goal     

This headline template is essentially the list style version of a how-to headline.

However, the list headline style can be a more effective than the generic how-to headline.

The one advantage the list headline has is the number of steps.

The number clearly sets a limit. It’s finite.

Your reader can quickly imagine the end result and what they have to do to achieve it.

Your headline promises that your how-to guidance is not an open-ended project that could take forever.

So they are less likely to skip over it or filter it out because it’s more than they can take on.

With that in mind, the number of steps you present should not be too many. Any number above 10 probably triggers the reader to think that this is more than they want to do.

So avoid headlines like “45 Steps to Setup Your New Computer.”


  • 5 Steps to Change a Flat Tire Safely
  • 3 Steps to Dress for a First Date
  • 1 Simple Step Proven to Boost Sales
  • 3 Quick Steps to Prepare For Your Next Business Trip

3.      #     Ways to Action/Goal     

The last headline template promised to make life easier with finite simple steps. This headline on the surface does just the opposite.

Who needs more ways to do one thing?

Yet, you see this headline template used all the time. It’s a proven winner.

How can that be?

This headline delivers a subtle suggestion to your reader, “You may not be doing this right.”

Your reader’s subconscious fear kicks in. They wonder if their missing something that could help them be better or more successful.

Note: This headline template works best on subjects that are complex or not commonly well understood. Your audience is likely open to a multiple options in the hopes of finding the best one.


  • 7 Ways to Get Your Book Published
  • 4 Ways to Find the Stock Market’s Next Big Winner
  • 5 Easy Ways to Cook a Turkey
  • 9 Ways to Negotiate for a Higher Salary

4.      #    Resources/Tools/Tips for Audience/Process     

There are many resources, tools, tips and tricks, and best practices for any subject or situation. The problem is finding and organizing them all.

The resource list headline template promotes your one stop shop for everything you need.

You’re telling your audience that you’ve created the ultimate list.

No need to do their own exhaustive research. No need to compile the best information.

You’ve done all that for them.

Pro Tip: Resource list headlines that include massive numbers (like 51, 75 or 101) are guaranteed to be hits. Such big numbers tell your reader that the content they are about to read is epic.It’s not your broad fluff stuff that gives obvious information. It signals your reader that your list must include something new that they hadn’t discovered before. They are compelled to read on.


  • 51 Resources for First-Time Home Buyers
  • 35 Tools for Web Designers
  • 75 Tips for Getting Accepted to the Best Colleges
  • 55 Headline Templates that Your Readers Will Find Irresistible

5. 101 Actions/Goals/Things     for Goal/Thing    

This headline template is the monster version of the previous resource headline style.

It’s the twin brother of the “How-to [Blank] – The Ultimate Guide” headline.

Plus, the number 101 is the most popular number to use for the ultimate list. Just like the Top 10 list is the most recognized headline format for shorter lists.


  • 101 Baby Names for 2016
  • 101 Do-It-Yourself Decorations for Halloween
  • 101 Car Parts for Restoring Your Vintage Ford
  • 101 Organic Foods for a Longer, Healthier Life

6.       #    Action/Goal Secrets Every Audience Should Know

Many headlines work well because they are designed to make your audience curious.

This particular template is one of the best.

It packs three explicit triggers words that make your content irresistible:

  1. “Secrets”: You come right out and say there are secrets that other know, but your readers may not. Who doesn’t want to know a secret?
  2. The number: Yikes! There’s more than one secret?! Your readers can probably survive not knowing one secret. But they’ll look downright clueless if they don’t understand multiple critical secrets.
  3. “Every”: Inside your reader is thinking, “This means ME.” Better yet, you escalate your reader’s fear impulse that everyone else knows, but they don’t.


  • 7 Emergency Room Secrets Every Patient Should Know
  • 10 Teenage Sex Secrets Every Parent Should Know
  • 13 Landing Page Secrets Every Marketing Professional Should Know
  • 75 Shopping Secrets Every Deal-Seeking Consumer Should Know

7.    #     Surprising Reasons Why Action/Goal     

Many of the headlines in this series are designed to trigger our natural curiosity.

However, sometimes your readers feel they know a particular topic well. Or maybe the issue isn’t that urgent.

Your average how-to headline or list headline is not enough to induce your audience to read on.

Your headline needs to poke that curiosity a little harder occasionally.

This headline template promises a surprise to spark that curiosity.

You can tell your readers that they haven’t thought of it all.

You have unexpected, non-obvious information that could be the secret to unlocking something valuable.

Pro Tip: I also like to occasionally add a .5 to the number. Presenting a list of “11.5 Ways to It may be perceived as a little gimmicky, but it’s great for your audience to get a BONUS. Jeffrey Gitomer’s best-selling sales books use this prolifically.


  • 7 Surprising Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Job Interview
  • 10 Surprising Reasons Why Global Warming Is Accelerating
  • 5 Surprising Reasons Why Learning Spanish Is Critical to Your Education
  • 13 Surprising Reasons Why Your Business Is Set to Takeoff

8. Get Action/Goal    ! #  Steps/Ideas/Tricks   That Really Work

Some subjects have been covered over and over again.

How to lose weight. How to get a job. How to date the perfect girl/boy.

It’s easy for your audience to skip your content on such popular topics. Your readers are thinking you likely aren’t offering anything new.

Just more same old advice that hasn’t worked.

Acknowledge their skepticism.

Signal that you know the other B.S. doesn’t work… but this does.

That’s what adding “Ideas That Really Work” at the end tells your readers.

Plus, you are enticing those skeptics by promising real results.

Your strong “Get” or “Grab” call to action has more impact with the promise of success.

Something the rest of the blah, blah, blah advisors can’t deliver.


  • Get Your Dream House! 15 Tricks That Really Work
  • Get Fit Now! 7 Steps That Really Work
  • Get a Bigger Raise! The 1 Idea That Really Works
  • Grab Cheap Airline Tickets! The 5 Tips That Really Work

9. The #     Laws of Action/Goal     

Laws give us order.

They give us structure.

They spell out the rules of the game.

Your readers want to find out what the laws are to make sure that they are getting the most from “the system”.

On the other hand, rules were made to be broken for some people.

This part of your audience specifically likes to beat “the system” by intentionally breaking the laws.

The good news for you is that this headline template is attractive for both types of readers.

Both need to know what those laws are in order to either obey them or break them.


  • The 10 Laws of Winning an Auction on eBay
  • The 5 Rules of Preparing for an Earthquake
  • The 12 Rules of Publishing a Best-Selling eBook
  • The 7 Laws of Fat Burning Exercises

Announcement Headlines – Hear ye! Hear ye!

News media remains the go-to destination for the latest information.

One way to think about the content they distribute is that they basically deliver an endless stream of announcements.

Just the subject or timeliness vary.

What do these TV, radio, newspapers and online new sources rely on to attract readers and viewers?

A headline.

The main elements of the headlines that news media rely on can work for you.

This announcement headline style offers three vital characteristics:

  1. We’re #1: The reason this announcement headlines work so well is that we all want to be the first to know something. As social beings, we feel a big benefit by being first. We get an advantage. We can improve our status.
  2. Authority: This headline style gives you (the news broadcaster) an additional level of authority. You demonstrate that they’ve got the inside scoop on the timely and trending topic. You are perceived to be an insider with firsthand, deeper experience on the subject.
  3. Urgency: Announcements have a shelf-life. Some news can be top of mind one day and easily skipped the next day. Your audience is conditioned to act fast when they see an announcement. So they will jump at the opportunity to learn and share the latest and greatest news.

Exercise: Create your own list of 5-10 announcement examples for each of these questions:

  • Hot and Trending Topics: What is current news in your niche or something that you can tie back to your niche?
  • Goals: What valuable objectives does your audience want to achieve? Refer back to the important goals and desired skills you noted in the previous How-to Headlines section.
  • Accomplishments: What new products, updates, or major milestones are you launching and wanting to build buzz around?


5 Announcement Headline Templates


1. Breaking News! Announcement     

You see the “Breaking News” headline flashed on the screen every day on TV news programs.

They do this to grab your attention. It has incredible stopping power.

This headline template can do the same thing for your content.

Your audience will take notice and be compelled to read your story.

The key is that you are delivering the freshest news.

Pro Tip: Make your own news. This headline template is great for announcing key milestones or accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to use this aggressive approach, even if your news isn’t going to be picked up by major national media outlets.


  • Breaking News! Android Sales Surpass iPhones
  • Breaking News! Usain Bolt Fastest Man in the World
  • Breaking News! Protein Key to Fast Weight Loss
  • Breaking News! Over 1 Million Visitors to BobAngus.com

2. Announcing Announcement     

Making an announcement is more understated than “Breaking News”, but it can be equally effective.

Your audience always loves an announcement from you.

The best way to drive action is to emphasize the value your audience will receive in the headline.


  • Announcing the iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks Guide
  • Announcing 10 Deep Discounts for Your Back to School Shopping
  • Announcing Our Pick to Win the 2016 Super Bowl
  • Announcing a New eBook – How to Find the Perfect Job on LinkedIn

3. New Announcement     – Call to Action!

This headline template puts a different twist on your announcement.

Here the emphasis shifts to a call to action.

I particularly like this style because it directly asks your audience to do something.

Tests have shown again and again that simply asking for action is the most effective way to actually get your audience to act.

So putting a call to action in your headline makes perfect sense.


  • New Windows 10 Available Now
  • New Master Headline Guide – Buy Now!
  • New 30-Day Trial Subscription– Try it Now!
  • New 3-Month Marathon Training Program – Start Today!

4.      Announcement     Limited Time Only!

Another way to drive action is to add a sense of urgency to your announcement headline.

This approach has been used by direct marketing professionals forever. You should take advantage of it too.


  • Levi’s Jeans at 50% Discount – Limited Time Only!
  • 35 Body Sculpting Tips FREE– This Week Only!
  • How to Boost Your Confidence Seminar – Seats Limited!
  • Understanding the 2013 Tax Changes – Ends Friday!

5. Alert: Announcement     

Alerts and notifications have a similar effect on readers as warnings.

It’s like waving your hands and shouting “Hey! Pay attention!”

Add “Alert:” or “Notification:” to the front of your headline or email subject line.

Your readers will take notice.

Plus, this headline template uses just that single word “Alert:” intentionally.

Doing so increases the formality of the headline.

As a result, you have created a sense of urgency that your readers have been pre-conditioned to act on.


  • Alert: New Jumbo Jet Takes Off on Maiden Voyage
  • Alert: High Fructose Corn Syrup Found in More Foods You Eat
  • Notification: New Car Loans Available at Lower Rates
  • Notification: Your Newsletter Subscription Has Been Upgraded

Download Your Headline Template Worksheet

There you have it – 14 more classics headline and email subject line styles.

You will certainly drive more action whenever you use an announcement or a list headline.

And that completes the series.

You now have all 55 fill-in-the-blank headline templates.

You’ve got everything you need to get more readers enjoying your content.

Here are the links to the other sections we covered:

Top 10 How-to Headlines

16 Fear and Mistake Headlines

15 Brand Association and Peace of Mind Headlines

And make sure to download your worksheet here:

Grab your free copy of the 55 Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Templates Worksheet.


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Best Press Release Distribution Service

news announcement templates

In today’s modern world, much of our conversation happens through the medium of email. Whether it is for marketing purposes or for personal use, utilizing email’s power has proven to work better and be more efficient than other communication channels for a multitude of reasons.

Today, we’d like to center our focus around announcement email templates, the sort of which you will often see within the context of business.

What we love about announcement emails is that they are directly related to marketing, but they are also used for internal, company-related matters, such as the promotion or the resignation of an employee.

For that reason, we decided to create an article where you can find templates for all the different types of announcement emails you may need to use. So, let’s get started!

New Business announcement emails

Announcement emails that have the purpose of introducing a new business, allow a company to reach out to an existing customer base instantly, instead of relying on other media sources, such as TV advertisements or printed media. 

The prior connection a brand has built with its existing subscriber base can act as an “unfair advantage”, effectively setting them apart from their competition. Keep in mind that business launch emails can be mainly used by two types of businesses:

  1. (Personal) brands that have built a reputation and are now releasing their own store/service/product, or…
  2. Existing businesses that have built a customer base and are now opening a new franchise store in a different area.

In this example, we will be using the second (2) case as an example for our templates, since the first is very similar, and better covered, with “product launch announcement emails” (discussed below).

Example of a business announcement email

In this example, you can see how effectively ELOQUII is announcing their new store’s location. As you can see, they start by mentioning the area of the new location and follow-up by showing an image that helps their fans refresh their memory regarding all the store locations. 

After the announcement of the new store, they make an irresistible offer (free appointment) and add a very strong and visible CTA (Book now).

Of course, you don’t have to be a graphic design expert to get ahold of this one. Mailigen offers a bunch of different templates that you can use to announce your new store location. 

New business announcement email template

Whether you want to make your email stylish in design or keep things simple (text only), the following template can act as a great sample that you can adjust to your needs.

Dear [name],

We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last [enter number] of years, we are expanding!

In fact, we are opening a new store in [enter location and specifics].

We invite you to celebrate with us during the big opening day on [enter date]. There will be many exciting surprises, including irresistible discounts.

[Add specific CTA depending on your specific offer, in this example -] If you want to make use of your opening day discount, please click on the button below so we can send you the discount code.

See you there.

Team [name of your brand]

Product launch announcement templates

A product launch announcement email is sent with the purpose of announcing the launch of a new product, new feature, new release, or an upcoming event related to a product.

As discussed above, it is a great way for (personal) brands to expose their new product or service to their already existing subscriber database, effectively increasing the traffic to their new store.

In general, there are three main categories in which product launch emails are used. These are emails sent for product launches (such as a new clothing line), software product launches (such as a new SaaS business) or a feature release (an updated version for an intangible product, such as an ebook or software).

New product announcement email example

It is obviously very difficult to give an example that everyone can identify with when it comes to product releases. After all, depending on the type and niche of the product, one email may look vastly different than another. 

In this case, we chose to illustrate an example that represents exactly what a personal brand’s email should look like.

The author of the book is a well-known researcher and nutritionist that has published several books in the past, having amassed a large number of subscribers for his newsletter.

As such, there is no need for exciting intros or overly marketed offers. In this case, the introduction is laid out with more words than you would expect the typical email to have, explaining that the product is a result of prior engagement with his subscribers. 

What is impressive here, is that he touches upon the readers’ emotions by donating part of his profits to a charitable organization that speaks to his audience, before moving to the blue-colored CTA.

New product release email template

Above, we gave an example that was simpler than what you might be used to seeing from big brands, especially in its design. If you rather use a more stylish approach, you can always choose from all the templates available in Mailigen. 

Remember, not one template can be given for product launch announcement email, so this one may need more adjustments than all the rest. That being said, here is a simple template you can use for your next product launch email.

Dear [name]

The new [product name] is finally here!

What makes the [product name] different is [give an introduction to the product and why people may want to buy it]

You can order your [product name] directly from our webstore or find it on Amazon.

[Only add offer if needed] The first 100 people that make an order will receive free shipping.

[Add CTA button]

New software release announcement email

When it comes to software release announcement emails, the first thing that may come to mind is the release of a new app to an already existing subscriber base. For example, if you are a fitness influencer, you might be thinking about releasing your own fitness application, to help your customers train better and scale your business.

In this case, this email is the one you need to be looking at. Below, we will give an example of Greetings, an existing company that released its own application.

Example of New software release announcement email

The email starts by instantly letting the reader know what it’s all about – A new application. What follows is a quick intro to the product.

The design of the email, in this specific case, is important, as it gives an insight into what kind of visuals the readers could use for their greeting cards.

Another thing we like in this example is that the company is very specific about the product features and the way it works.

Finally, one can observe that the company hosts two different CTAs, namely “Download Greetings for iPhone” and “Last Button for Holiday Cards.” Companies often follow such a method to test which CTA will receive more clicks and adjust accordingly.

New software release email template

As with the previous template, it is very difficult to offer one template that works for all occasions. You can use the following sample as a foundation that you will build and adjust depending on your product.

Hey [name],

We are excited to announce the release of our new app, [name of app].

[1-liner introduction about your app and its function]

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service and we believe that [name of app] will help you enjoy your experience with [company name] even more.

So what is [name of app] all about?

[explain the purpose of your app with visuals and in further depth, focusing on the features].

You can download our app directly from the App Store and Google play

[add CTA button to download the App]

New feature release announcement emails

The release of a new feature can be a reason for an exciting announcement email. From software companies (SaaS) all the way to gaming companies, improving your offer in any sort of way calls for communication with your fans and/or users.

Example for New Feature Release Announcement email

We chose this feature release email template from Carbonmade, not for its beautiful design, but rather for the simple message it conveys to its readers.

Although the email only presents two areas with text, the fusion of the available space with text and visuals is used in a great way. As such, the users understand the new features thanks to the company’s informal and somewhat “laid back” tone of voice.

Feature release announcement email template

When it comes to a new feature release, the way of structuring your email will highly depend on your company’s tone of voice. A very big company, such as Microsoft, will not announce their updated version of Windows the same way a smaller company will introduce an update to its software. 

In this case, and to stay in line with the example provided, we will focus on smaller-scale businesses, using a friendly and relaxed tone of voice. You can, of course, adjust this template to your personal needs and add visuals or further explanation if needed. In this one, we kept things relatively simple.

Hey [name]

Our new, updated version of [product] is finally live!

We made sure to [give a short intro about what makes the updated version different]. 

Ready to download the updated version?

Click on the button below to get started!

[Add CTA]

Pre-Order Announcement email

Pre-order announcement emails are usually sent before the official launch of a product, to create more buzz and gain an initial idea of the orders they will need to fulfill Most of the times, Pre-order emails have the sole purpose of sending the reader to an external landing page where, before placing an order he will have the opportunity to read more upon the product he is interested in.

Example of a Pre-order announcement email

Apple needs no introduction. This is also probably why this email is barely 20 words in length. When structuring your own pre-order email, and considering your business is not on the level of Apple, you may want to add a little more words than Apple does in this, beautifully designed, email. 

As you can see, the example above has two calls to action, with the main focus on the “Pre-order” button. Users can learn more about the product by clicking on the second call to action right beneath: “Learn more”.

Template of a Pre-order announcement email

Are you searching for a template you could use to create your own pre-order announcement? Then use the following template:

Hey [name],

The big day has finally come! We just finished [the product, e.g. finished writing our latest book, and waiting for the editor to go through it].

Before we release the book on [your website] and Amazon, we’d like to reward all our loyal supporters by allowing you to pre-order the book, before anyone else.

[add an element of scarcity, e.g. There will be only 2000 books printed in this printing round, so be fast!]

[Add CTA, e.g. Pre-Order now]

Finally, when it comes to product announcement emails, remember that the three examples above can also be used, with some slight edits depending on the situation, to inform readers about Event or webinar announcements and spot reservations for future sales.

Promotion announcement email

Oftentimes, within a company’s environment, it may be challenging to communicate changes with all employees on the spot. This can be due to the size of the company, or even the company’s policies. As such, oftentimes companies will share important information with their employees through email.

One of these cases is a promotion announcement email, which employees may receive during certain periods of transition. Usually, these types of emails are more formal and, as such, it may be a good idea to make use of a pre-existing template and adjust it to your needs.

Example of a promotion email announcement

As you can see, the email is written in a rather formal way, making it much easier to use and adjust a template for such occasion. The author starts by addressing the totality of the staff, making the announcement in the first paragraph, so that everyone is aware of what it is they are reading.

In the remaining paragraphs, the author compliments the individual that got the promotion, informing the rest of the staff of his achievements and giving a small glimpse into what it takes to get a promotion within the company.

Template of promotion email template announcement

You can use the following template for a promotion announcement.

Dear fellow staff,

I am pleased to announce to all of you that [name] has been promoted to [new role within the company].

[name] has worked here at [company’s name] for [length of time], and was instrumental in [address some important work and/or achievement]. Aside from spending long hours in the office and taking on additional tasks, [name] showed his team spirit by simultaneously helping others improve their work output. We are happy to reward that kind of hard work and dedication.

Please join me in congratulating [name] on this exciting news.

Best regards,
[supervisor name]
[company name]

Open position announcement

Emails sent out internally, within a company, to announce a new position that is up for grabs, is often referred to as an Open Position Announcement email. If you are a business owner or simply responsible for the task of filling the open position, then this is the email you need to send. Here is how such an email looks like

Example of open position announcement email

As most companies choose to keep such emails in their internal servers only, it proved difficult to discover impressive examples that we could show you. As such, we created an example ourselves:

Dear all,

If you have been following the developments within our company, you probably came across our latest job opening. For those of you that are not aware, we are currently hiring an HR manager. This announcement will, on a later date be shared with external sources as well, but we would like to get some eligible candidates from within our company.

If you’d like to get more information on the specific role and get a full description of what our ideal candidate looks like, please click here. If this job role interests you, feel free to send us your CV and give a brief explanation as to why you are the perfect person for this role, by replying to this email.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask Suzan M., who is available in her office from 9.00-11.00.

Kind regards,
Maria Sharena

As you can see from the example above, Maria chooses to introduce the role within the company before posting it to external websites. Her goal is to see at least some people within the company reply to the email, sending their CV. She keeps the email short and adds a link to further information the candidates may need. It is a simple and comprehensive way to get her point across.

Template of open position announcement email

And if you are looking for a template that you can use to announce a new, open vacancy within your company, you can use the following example as a foundation.

Dear all,

I have some exciting news for all of you. As of today, there is a vacancy for our role in our [Department] More specifically, we are looking for a new [add job title]. Even though eventually, we plan to publish this job opening to external channels as well, we strongly recommend any current employee who is interested in this role to apply.

Our new [Job_title] will work together with the [e.g. Product Marketing] team and hold main responsibilities related to [mention two or three main duties e.g. Social media marketing]

If you’d like to be considered for this role, you [add requirements, e.g. have expertise in SEO, Google ads and Social media marketing.]

Click here [add CTA linked to the add] for a full job description.

To apply for this role, reply to this email by [date] with your resume and give a short explanation as to why you’re interested in this position.

If you have any questions regarding this position, feel free to contact our HR team [add contact details].

Best regards,
[Your name]
[Company name]

New employee announcement

It is quite common, within large companies, to introduce new employees by sending out an internal email to all existing staff. Especially when the role this person undertakes is higher in the hierarchy of the company, it is a good idea to use this strategy so that everyone within the company has a good understanding of the person who will be joining the company. Here is an example of what such an email looks like:

Example of new employee announcement email

Catherine introduces Ann to all the staff of Mediquick, mentioning she will be the new addition to the customer service team. As you may be able to tell, Ann does not have a high position in the hierarchy of the company. Nonetheless, it is a great way to make everyone aware of Ann, who will now most likely receive a heartfelt welcome. 

The sender of the email makes sure to mention that, for everyone who is directly involved and/or has to communicate with Ann on a regular basis, there is an appointed person to help out. 

Finally, she shares some personal information to make others find points of common interest and stimulate feelings of socialization to make the new addition feel more welcome in the work environment.

Template of new employee announcement email

Below is a generic template you can use to introduce a new employee to the rest of the staff. Of course, feel free to adjust according to your needs.

Dear staff,

We are pleased to announce that we found the best candidate for our long-lasting open position [enter job position]. We decided to bring [name] to the team as his/her knowledge matches and exceeds the requirements for the role.

[name] has worked in [give a short description of previous roles and responsibilities].

During his/her first month, [name] will be assisting our new hire to learn more about his/her responsibilities, the company culture and the expectations within the company.

We hope and assume you will make the first step and introduce yourself to our new [job role], helping him/her adjust to the pleasant atmosphere of our company as quickly as possible.

Best regards,
[company name]

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Email Templates

news announcement templates

There are a lot of milestones in one’s life that are so momentous they deserve a separate acknowledgement, for the person going through that milestone or achievement to take pride in and make an announcement to inform everyone about it. For some, it could be the announcement of an engagement, or an upcoming wedding. Proud parents will no doubt make an announcement about how their firstborn is celebrating his first birthday and, later, when the child earns an award or recognition at school.

In the workplace setting, there are also a number of events in one’s career that are worth talking about and, quite probably, the most obvious one is a promotion.

A promotion can mean a lot of things to an individual, depending on his priorities. It denotes a movement up the career ladder, leading the person a step (or a rung) closer to the higher position that he has been aiming for. Along with that rise is an elevation of his status or the esteem he gets from others in the workplace or in the industry.

A promotion is also seen as a means of improving one’s economic status, since it comes with a corresponding increase in his salary or benefits – both monetary and non-monetary. As his position in the company goes higher, so will the perks that will be given to him.

In contrast, the promotion may also mean a shift, transfer or transition, especially when the person will be promoted to a higher position in another office or department. He may find himself having to report to a different supervisor and working with different employees, in an entirely new environment. It is also a given that the promotion comes with more tasks and duties and, most definitely, heavier responsibilities.

A promotion is not something that affects only one person (the one who is promoted at work) or only one department of an organization or company. It also affects the people he will be working with in his new position, and those that he will be leaving behind in his old position, as they will try to find ways to cope without him, in the interval where the position he left remains vacant.

As such, there is a need to inform everyone – in a formal or official manner – about the promotion, and this is done through a promotion announcement.


An employee promotion announcement is exactly what the phrase describes: it is a formal document announcing the promotion of an employee. Actually, this document is basically in the form of a letter, which is why it is also often referred to as a “promotion announcement letter”.

In many cases, especially in small companies with a workforce numbering to around a dozen, news of promotions can be relayed in meetings, or by simple postings in bulletin boards. It becomes a different story when we’re talking about larger operations, or in bigger companies with a relatively bigger number of staff members. It is in these instances where making a formal announcement – in writing – is generally preferred.

The purpose of a promotion announcement letter is to provide information about a promotion and, in this particular case, there are two clear intentions in preparing this letter.

  • To inform the employee that he or she is being promoted to a higher position within the company; and
  • To inform other members of the organization and all other stakeholders about the promotion.

The rationale behind the second intention is simple, really. It is a common courtesy for the department or division where the employee is currently working in to be informed that one of their people will soon be moving out, so they can take proper corrective action to adjust to his absence without the work getting affected too much.

Those who are in the department that the employee will be moving into also deserve to be informed of the new addition to the staff, or even about the fact that they will have a new supervisor coming in. That way, they can prepare accordingly to accommodate the newly promoted employee, ensuring a smooth transition of work and responsibilities.

The use of a promotion announcement is applicable to all types of organizations where job promotions take place. Government offices make these sorts of announcements. Commercial and retail companies prepare announcements regarding promotions. Regardless of the nature of the organization, or its operations, composing employee promotion announcements are expected, and actually even encouraged.

Learn about why people are getting promoted.


Just as there are some things to be mindful of when writing other types of business letters and documents, there are also various considerations when coming up with an employee promotion announcement.

The Content

Depending on the culture and custom of an organization, a promotion announcement letter may take on various forms, including the content. It is a given that the name of the company and the date the letter is prepared appear on the face of the letter. Usually, the company name may appear in the form of the company logo or letterhead. However, there are other basic details and information that must be included in any promotion announcement.

A promotion announcement letter must have the following elements:

  • Name of the employee being promoted. This is considered to be the most important element, since he is the person being promoted, and the one being informed of the promotion.
  • Current (and soon-to-be former) designation or position title. This is one way to make it clear that the employee is moving from a lower position to a higher one. If the promotion entails transferring to another division or department within the same company, do not forget to include the division, unit, or department that his current position belongs to.
  • New or promoted designation or position title. Similarly, do not forget to include the division, unit, or department it belongs to, if it is in one different from the current work location of the employee being promoted. Also, include a short summary of the old role, functions, tasks and responsibilities of the employee in his previous position.
  • Effective date of promotion. Include the relevant dates of the upcoming changes, specifically the date when the new employee will have to report to his new post or office. This is so the promoted employee, and the other employees whose work will be impacted by the promotion, can be more prepared for the change.
  • Tasks, duties and responsibilities under the new or promoted position. Highlight what the new role of the promoted employee entails. If there are specific projects or undertakings that will be assigned to him, mention it in the letter. If the new position is supervisory, it is even more imperative to mention that, in order to clear up any expectations on what the new role entails. Not only will this inform the promoted employee what to expect in his new position (so he can also prepare accordingly), but it will also provide the other employees a glimpse of what the promoted employee will be doing. It is highly likely that many employees within the organization are still unaware of who does what in the company, and the promotion announcement is another opportunity to provide that clarity. Make a clear connection between the new role of the promoted employee and the strategic goals of the company. It is all right to set high expectations; the promotion certainly requires the employee to live up to them.
  • A note of congratulations or welcome to the promoted employee to his new role and in his new workplace or department, if applicable. Express support for the employee and confidence in his abilities as he takes on his new role.

In other cases, the promotion announcement may also include the following:

  • An acknowledgement of the employee’s hard work or qualifications that led to him earning the promotion, citing specific accomplishments that made him or her stand out during the evaluation and selection for promotion. This is to address any doubts or questions that other employees may have on why that particular person was given the promotion.
  • Key background information, particularly on education and certifications, of the promoted employee, to justify his promotion.
  • If the letter is also addressed to outside clients and other external parties, an explanation on how they may come in contact with the promoted employee.

Some tips when it comes to writing the content of the employee promotion letter:

  • Make sure you get all the facts straight and accurate, especially when it comes to the proper nouns, such as the names and job titles, addresses, division/unit/department names, and the like. Confirm details with the appropriate parties if there is something you are unsure about.
  • Check, double-check, triple-check spelling, particularly of names and job titles. Again, confirm when necessary.
  • Do not write a novel. Be concise and succinct. Cut out all the fat and fillers and leave only the relevant information or details. You want to bring the message of the promotion across as quickly as possible, and not in a long and meandering manner.

The Tone

There is one absolute rule with regards to the tone that the employee promotion letter should take: keep a professional tone throughout the letter.

It is all right to be congratulatory in the letter, especially if the promotion is something that management deems is well-deserved and long overdue. However, there has to be a clear line between making the letter sound too celebratory and too nonchalant about the promotion. It should strike a balance: be congratulatory, but keep it professional. Don’t go over the top, but don’t be too stingy with it, either.

What is the danger when this rule is not followed?

If the letter is too effusive in giving its congratulations, other employees may interpret it as indicative of management’s favoritism, so they will be inclined to think that the promotion was made with a skewed or biased view. Some employees may end up feeling envious or jealous of the newly promoted employee, resulting to tension or strain at work and, worse, affecting how they will work together.

If, on the other hand, the letter is too sparing in offering congratulations to the point that it comes across as too glib or non-committal, it takes away the excitement of the promotion. For many employees, a promotion is a special event and definitely something to celebrate, and for the news to be handed out coldly or without feelings, that would totally defeat the very essence of an employee promotion announcement.

Here are some more tips when dealing with the tone of the promotion announcement.

  • Be informative. Never forget that the main purpose of the announcement letter is to inform. More than offering your congratulations or listing down the many reasons why the employee deserved the promotion, the first order of business should be to provide the details about the promotion.
  • Always begin the letter on a positive note, and the best way to do that is to open it with the good news about the promotion. The first sentence should immediately provide a clear indication of what the letter or announcement is all about. If you start it with an explanation or an enumeration of the positive traits of the employee, the readers may be confused as to its purpose until they reach the end of the letter.
  • Observe proper etiquette and use appropriate words and phrases. This is to maintain a professional tone in the letter. Use the proper salutations, depending on the target recipients of the announcement. For instance, high-profile promotions usually have to be announced to external stakeholders and clients, so include them in the salutation.
  • Inject some enthusiasm or excitement when making the announcement, and avoid being too formal as to be staid and gloomy. The letter should be able to convey management’s confidence in the promoted employee, particularly on his ability to do the job and deliver what is expected of him in his new role. This is also an opportunity to show the promoted employee that he has the support of management as he takes on his new role.

There are some instances where preparers of the promotion announcement take liberties with the tone. For example, a relatively small company addressing the announcement to the members of the organization or of a specific team within the company may opt to adapt a slightly informal tone. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t go over the top and start sounding overly enthusiastic.

At the end of the day, the tone of the employee promotion announcement will largely depend on the recipient. However, it is important to never lose sight of the fact that it ought to remain professional to a certain extent, which means that the variability will be limited to the degree of formality that will be injected into the overall tone of the announcement letter.

The Format

Whether the promotion announcement is delivered through a physical letter on paper or through email sent via the company’s local area network, the formatting should stick to the basic rules of business letter writing.

  • Observe standard business letter writing formatting rules. Never forget that the employee promotion announcement is a formal letter and, thus, should adhere to professional standards of writing business letters or communication. Since the announcement emanates from the company, it makes sense to format it similarly to a company memo, using the company letterhead or logo to add a touch of professionalism. Use business paper, the same ones used in official and formal communications and correspondence of the company with clients, customers and partners.
  • Make sure it is legible or readable. Granted, it will be written using a computer or word processor, but that is not a 100% guarantee when it comes to readability.
    • Observe proper spacing between paragraphs. This is to give it a clean and relaxed appearance. The announcement is supposed to bring good news, not to annoy the readers with its poor formatting.
    • Break the parts down into smaller paragraphs. Avoid making the announcement one or two large blocks of text that will turn readers away from finishing reading the whole thing.
    • Mind your punctuations. Many disagreements have arisen due to erroneous punctuation marks used in business letters and documents.
  • Make sure all the signatories have signed off on the letter. It is possible that the person who actually wrote the letter is not the one authorized to sign it. Before sending it out, make sure that it is duly signed by the owner, supervisor, or member of management authorized to sign it. This is the final stroke in making the announcement official.
  • Keep it to a single page, as much as possible. In fact, make it a rule to keep it to one page only. This will be beneficial, especially if you are planning on having the announcement published, where a longer and bigger space is likely to cost a lot of money.

Formatting is still required even if the announcement is to be transmitted electronically, via e-mail or the company’s internal network message board, if any.

Prior to submitting it for final signature and delivery to the recipient, or even release to the press for publication, make sure to proofread the announcement letter for spelling and grammar. It never hurts to repeatedly do a spell and grammar check, since it will ensure the quality and integrity of the announcement letter.


The internet provides a wealth of sources for those who are looking for templates or samples of promotion announcements. There are even downloadable templates that require you to fill in the blanks, do a bit of customization, then you’re done!

The employee promotion announcement may be as long or as short as management, the Human Resource Manager, or any key personnel tasked to write it wants it to be, for as long as the basics are covered.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

Sample 1:

To:InfoTech Staff and Clients

Subject:Promotion Announcement – Hugh Gough

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the promotion of Hugh Gough as one of the new Marketing Directors of InfoTech.

Hugh has been with InfoTech for close to ten years, painstakingly climbing the ranks with his dedication and commitment to his work. Three out of those ten years were spent as a marketing manager, where he has shown exemplary performance, as shown in the annual sales and customer retention reports.

Hugh has always shown initiative in the performance of his duties, even going above and beyond what is expected of him, in order to ensure that InfoTech delivers quality customer service while producing the expected outputs, well before their respective deadlines. We expect this same level of dedication and commitment to be applied in his new position as one of the heads of the Marketing Department.

As a Marketing Director, Hugh will be more closely involved in the formulation of marketing plans, with particular focus on the two biggest projects of InfoTech – the Deuz Project and the highly anticipated MegaWide Project, a five-year undertaking expected to launch in the coming year. Of course, these are on top of any other concurrent marketing projects requiring his marketing expertise and leadership.

Let us all congratulate Hughon this promotion, and wish him luck for all his future undertakings.



Human Resources Manager, InfoTech

Sample 2:

Subject Line:Hugh Gough, Marketing Director

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Hugh Gough as one of the new Marketing Directors of the Corporate Marketing and Communications department of InfoTech. Hugh joined InfoTech a little over ten years ago, holding positions in the Sales and Logistics Departments over his stint with the company.

Hugh brings his extensive expertise and experience in Sales, Advertising and Marketing to his new role in the Marketing and Communications Department, and we are excited to see where he will lead the department – and the company – in his new position.

Please join us in welcoming Hugh to the Marketing and Communications Department, and in congratulating him on the promotion.


Angel Stone

Human Resources Manager, InfoTech

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