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Knowing the difference between a job application and a resume is of paramount importance. The process of applying for a job include submitting two different types of documents: a resume and a job application. At first glance, it can seem that these are two similar documents with the same information, but you are mistaken. Let’s discover what is the essential distinction between them in order not to screw up your employment process.

What Is a Job Application?

A standard job application is a legal document required by the Human Resources department. It is a brief paper listing your essential qualification without explanation. For an employer job application serves to compare you fast to other candidates. A job application is a chronological laconic document of 1 or 2 pages. It also includes information that is never included in a resume: birth date, Social Security Number, driver’s license number, verification of military experience and training and even an inquiry about your criminal past. Usually, in a job application, you will be required to include full start/end dates of employment (month, day, year), names of previous manager, company name and location. The employer needs this info to verify your employment. You will also be asked to fill the salary history and current salary requirements. In some cases, employers can ask to add information concerning your GPA, semester hours and grades for certain subjects. You don’t have to include any additional information or special skills for job applications.

General Job Application Dos and Don'ts

Before filling out a job application, check out these dos and don’ts that will help you to create a correct one.

Job Application Dos:

  • First of all, read the application form carefully before filling it. You have to follow strictly all the directions.
  • Putting Social Security Number on job applications is obligatory.
  • Make sure you include correct employment dates.
  • Of course, you have to check your application for grammar or spelling errors.
  • One of the biggest mistakes of all job seekers is not to contact their references before the application process begins. Call and make sure they know you want them to be your references.

Job Application Don’ts:

  • Most importantly, never lie. All the information should be proven because it is a legal document.
  • Do not exaggerate your experience, skills, abilities, because an employer will reveal the truth.
  • Don’t leave any unfilled gaps.
  • Don’t write ‘see resume’ for questions that require some wide explanation.

Your job application is very important. If an employer decides to hire you, a background check based on your application is inevitable, so prepare it thoroughly.

What Is a Resume?

A resume is the most common document required from job applicants. Typically, a resume is a brief summary of all skills, abilities, qualification, work history and educational background of a candidate. There are three resume types: chronological (the most common), functional and combination. Include a job history summary where you will explain why you are the best fit for a position and what are your main career goals. You can mention additional information on resume like training, licenses, language proficiency, but all the data provided should be relevant to a desired position. Writing a perfect resume is daunting, but check out the instruction that will facilitate this process.

Typical Resume Dos and Don'ts

Follow these simple guidelines in order to create an outstanding professional resume.

Common Resume Dos:

  • Focus on your strengths. Include only your best characteristics and experience that will prove your professionalism and will convince an HR to hire you.
  • It is imperative to tailor your resume to each specific position. Instead of mass mailing the same resume, make some adjustment to show your interest exactly in a certain job opening.
  • Before sending a resume, proofread it multiple times. Errors and typos will kill your success on the spot.
  • Choose an appropriate resume format that will fit the company’s culture.

Common Resume Don’ts:

  • Don’t forget to list everything in reverse chronological order.
  • Don’t put any irrelevant information. Even if you are proud of it, but it won’t make any difference to a recruiter - erase it immediately.
  • Don’t forget that a resume is a concise document. Its length should be 1 page, in some exceptional cases, it can contain 2 pages.
  • Don’t go into detail - 5 bullet points covering your essential duties will be more than enough.

Knowing the difference between a resume and a job application along with basic guidance on how to write perfect documents will lead you to success in your job search!

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MBA Application Resume Template & Writing Guide (20+ Examples)

resume for application

Free Resume builder app will help you to create professional resume & Curriculum vitae (CV) for job application in few minutes. More than 50 resume templates available and each Resume template & CV template available in 15 colors. So you have 500+ resume designs in offline / online.

Create a modern & professional resume and cover letter with this free CV maker app. Our resume expert's tips will help you how to write a best resume for 2019 trend. Resume writing tips will help you get more job offers in 2019.

Intelligent CV - Free Resume builder app 2019 Features:
1. 500+ professional resume templates & 42 perfect resume formats.
2. Step by step guidance with resume examples.
3. Free resume with cover letter template.
4. Advanced Resume editor - Special CV writing tools to customize paragraph & lists.
5. Smart resume Manager - Change CV section order, Edit CV section title names, create new sections, modify at any time.
6. Resume formatting options - Font size, colors and margin settings.
7. Live resume format preview.
8. Download resume in PDF format.
9. Print or share the resume from the resume builder app.
10. Full resume writing service and support in English.

Free resume builder app can easily adapt the CV or resume designs to any resume format you choose such as functional, reverse-chronological, or combination Curriculum vitae, one page / single page or two page resume formats, United states resume format, biodata format CV portfolio and job application CV format.

Write a cover letter for resume using the same templates as your resume template.

Intelligent CV had designed the resume builder (CV maker) with professional resume templates based on research and latest trends in various industries in United states (US), Europe, Canada and other part of Americas. This will help ensure your resume focuses on what international hiring managers expecting.

Free Resume builder app with step by step resume guide 2019.
1. Easy to use:
Anyone who know to use android mobile phone can create curriculum vitae for free in PDF format. Fill the biodata information, education, experience, skills and photo for creating curriculum vitae.
2. Curriculum vitae helper: Resume examples and Samples for each resume Sections are very useful for Students, fresh graduate, first time job seekers or entry level jobs, High school / college student internship and also experienced.

3. Free Resume cover letter templates: Add cover letter to resume / curriculum vitae or download resume cover letter separately in PDF. Resume creator app has many cover letter templates & formats for various fields such as engineering student internship, IT Software developer, business / management job, nurse, teachers, assistant sales associative, medical doctor, graphic designer, Customer service, executives, accountant, bank job, etc.

4. Resume with photo (image) :
Free Resume builder with photo which is optional. All resume templates has option to add profile photo.

5. Biodata Maker & portfolio maker:
Apart from resume & CV, Resume builder app helps to create biodata and portfolio for job (in PDF format) with available few biodata formats.

6. Download CV in PDF format (offline and online), Print Resume, Email the resume and Share the resume.

7. Successful career builder:
Free resume writing service with smart and quick CV maker (Resume Builder) app for job application form generate high quality CV which gives better support than docx format so you can generate resume in PDF format.

8. View my resume: See all created resume in "Saved resume / Downloads".

If you have any queries with this resume builder app, contact us.

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How to Customize Your Resume for Each Job You Apply to

resume for application

Knock interviews out of the park before you even walk in the door. Complete a video resume in a matter of clicks with Biteable.

What type of video resume matches your personality?

Getting started

Give yourself an edge with a video resume

A video resume can show employers your ability to enhance their company and fit their business culture before they even pick up your paper resume. It also sets you apart from the other candidates who have no video to support their application. The best part? 89% of employers say they would watch a video resume. On the other hand, 95% of paper resumes never get read. Advantage: video resumes.

If you’re worried you don’t have the video editing skills to make a video resume, never fear. Use Biteable to point and click your way to a breathtaking video resume faster than you can write a typed resume.

Use video editing software you can afford before you get the job

You don’t need a full-blown video production budget or an expensive suite of video editing software. The Biteable video resume app gives you the power to cut, edit, and add text to your footage until it’s perfect. We offer a huge library of stock footage and music too, so you can put all the professional touches on your video without having to take out a loan.

Create your video resume in a snap

The Biteable video resume maker works in your browser and operates entirely on clicks. There’s nothing to download and no learning curve. It’s easier to use than most online application systems.

Just log in and choose a template or make a completely custom video. Then click your way to a finished video resume. It’s so fast and easy you can create a custom video resume for every application without breaking a sweat.

I've used other apps similar to this and Biteable is the best, by a long shot.

Biteable is easy to use, giving me a lot more time to focus on the message.

The basics

Step off the page with a video resume

A video resume commands far more attention than a paper resume. Every job candidate sends a paper resume, but you’ll be the only one with a video too. That’ll instantly separate your application from the slush pile and get your foot in the door.

Take the planning off your plate with templates

Cooking from scratch is hard, so is creating an animated resume from scratch. Biteable has templates for every profession, designed by video professionals to help you keep your video resume on track and make the best impression.

Simply edit the template, add a sprinkle of your personality and a drizzle of your skills, and cook up a video resume that’s immune to rejection.

Build your personal brand with thematic color and motion graphics

Choose a color scheme and style to create a motion graphic resume that visually represents who you are and builds professional rapport. You can even use a color scheme that matches the colors of the company you’re applying to.

The Biteable editor offers built-in color schemes and visuals that polish your video till it shines. It’s like adding your personal logo to your animation resume (we also have animated logos if you want to add one for real).

Go beyond the selfie video

Even if all you’ve got is your phone camera, your video resume can be more than a simple selfie video. Add stock footage and background music to create a memorable video resume that’s way cooler than plainly answering questions on camera and gets rapt attention from beginning to end.

Pro tips

Be the most interesting candidate in the room (even when you’re not in the room)

Written resumes tend to be extremely professional, even a bit stuffy. A video resume is your chance to showcase your personality, show off your creativity, and build a brand that puts you in your own category.

Demonstrate how you’ll fit in with the company culture and even show samples of your work (especially if your work has visual appeal). This is your chance to present a complete picture of yourself for prospective employers. Your video resume is a great way to add the bits and pieces your typed resume leaves out.

Keep it short, but informative

Your video resume should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. One minute is the sweet spot.

That might seem short, but don’t worry. It’s plenty if you keep your message focused and avoid fluff. Cover the important points like what you bring to the company, your skills and accomplishments, and your goals. If you need a guide, a template helps you keep everything between the lines.

Give your video the share test

A lot of important people are going to watch your video resume, so imagine posting your video on the internet. Would you be comfortable with your video resume going viral? (Who knows? With Biteable, it might.)

If you’re cool with anyone on the internet seeing your video resume, it’s good to go. If going viral is scary, you may want to spend a bit more time on it.

Get some (nice) feedback

Even if your video resume passes the share test, send it to a few friends and family members and ask for honest feedback. Make any needed adjustments before you send it off to potential employers. Whatever you do, don’t post your video online and browse the comments for suggestions.

Further reading

Learn to make video resumes like it’s your job

Become the foremost expert on video resumes. The Biteable blog is packed with enough information to turn you into a professional video resume creator in an afternoon. Check out the articles below for more.

How to make a video resume faster than you can finish your coffee

  1. Hop on to Biteable using your laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone (it’s THAT easy).
  2. Log in, or create an account.
  3. Choose the video resume template that matches your style.
  4. Use our online video editor to add animation, footage, background music, and text to build a video resume that knocks employers’ socks off. Of course, you can use your own video footage or soundtrack as well.
  5. Save and export your video resume, and add it to all your applications. Then watch your schedule fill up with interviews.

A complete guide for creating applications and resumes for jobs.

How Do You Fill Out a Resume & Application Form?

resume for application

Sample Letter #1


We have received your resume, portfolio, and application for employment. In order for us to move ahead in our selection process, could you please complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it to us by the end of the month? Thank you for your cooperation.

Sample Letter #2


We acknowledge receipt of your resume and application for a position at Doe Software and sincerely appreciate your interest in our company.

We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. We wish you every success.

Sample Letter #3


Thank you for sending your resume in response to the Media Relations job posting. The deadline for applications is April 29. At that time, we will review all applications and invite the five most qualified to interview. We will notify all applicants of our decision no later than May 5. We appreciate your interest in Doe International. Best wishes in your job search.

Sample Letter #4


We appreciate your interest in Doe, Inc. and acknowledge receipt of your resume. In the event that we wish to arrange a personal interview, we will contact you by mail or phone. Again, thank you for your interest in employment at Doe, Inc.

Sample Letter #5


Thank you for your resume. We appreciate your interest in the Doe Corporation. Although your educational background and work experience are impressive, we regret that we do not currently have an opening appropriate for your qualifications. However, we anticipate the possibility of a suitable position becoming available during the next year. Your resume will remain on file in our human resources department, and we will contact you for an interview if a position does become available.

We feel honored to have the interest of an individual of your ability, and hope we have an opportunity to discuss your qualifications more fully.

Sample Letter #6


We have received your inquiry regarding employment opportunities at Doe Corporation and are in the process of reviewing your qualifications against our current requirements. Should your background and experience meet the requirements of one of our job openings, we will contact you to request addition information. If we do not have an appropriate opening at this time, we will retain your inquiry for six months for future consideration.

Again, thank you for contacting Doe Corporation.

Sample Letter #7


Thank you for applying for the Production Manager position at Doe Corporation. After reviewing resumes for this position, we identified those applicants whose skills and experience most closely matched the organization's needs. Unfortunately, you were not among those selected for further consideration.

Thank you again for the time you have given to Doe Corporation. We wish you success in your future career.

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Knowing the difference between a job application and a resume is of paramount importance. The process of applying for a job include submitting two different.

resume for application
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