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Sample apology letter for missing deadline

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Sample apology letter for missing deadline
August 25, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Missed Deadline Apology Letter. This package contains: 1. Instructions & Checklist for a Missed Deadline Apology Letter. 2. Missed Deadline Apology Letter.

6 Parts:Avoid DelaysAvoid E-mailAddress the Issue Using Specific ExamplesWrite Your Apology LetterQuestions and AnswersComments

Writing an apology letter to your boss can be difficult and embarrassing. We understand this and will help you compose your letter as quickly and easily as possible. There are a number of reasons why you may need to write your boss or your company an apology letter. Perhaps you were late or missed an important deadline, you acted or spoke in a way that was out of line with the company's values or that was disrespectful towards your colleagues, or you may have even been suffering from poor performance lately. Obviously, your apology is best delivered in a face-to-face meeting, but there may be some cases in which this is not possible. In this article, our goal is to help you understand the main components of a business apology letter if you need to write one. This way, your letter will be appropriate and clear, unlike the some of the jokes, unfortunately, told at company holiday parties.

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Avoid Delays

Avoid E-mail

Address the Issue Using Specific Examples

Write Your Apology Letter

Now that you're ready to begin writing, let's review the parts of the letter, which can be tailored to fit your situation.

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While at times uncomfortable or embarrassing to write, a formal letter of apology, when needed, can help improve your standing with your colleagues and your boss. It can also reaffirm your commitment to working with the company as a team player. The goal of your apology is to maintain good working relations with your colleagues, your superiors, and the company. For this reason, honesty, sincerity, and a demonstrated commitment are critical. We at VisiHow hope that you will never need to write an apology letter to your boss or company. If you do though, these guidelines will have helped you to write a convincing letter, and sincerely apologize.

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See more tutorials on writing letters: Write a Letter of Apology and Write a Letter of Pleading.

Questions and Answers

I need help with an apology text to boss for disobeying company policy?

I No I am not supposed to have my cell phone and work however I got caught with it today and send home. It basically just happened So I want to address it and say I'm sorry

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My question is how can I explained why I stout on my boss?

How do I explained the reason why I stout on my boss

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You might be given a formal or informal apology letter. I am writing to apologise for the meeting I missed on October 20th about development plans for the company. .. vl be negatively marked but I can see them in your sample answer. .. on the parts assigned to me so as to meet up with the deadlines.

26+ Apology Letter Templates in Word

sample apology letter for missing deadline

Late Submission Assignment Letter

Four years of college is a long, long time and emergencies happen to students all the time. Yet, truth be told, most of the times students submit their assignments late because of their tardiness or carelessness. A genuine student who needs more time because of sudden illness or serious personal difficulties would immediately contact his professor and request for an extension ‘before’ the assignment submission deadline.

Teachers know that. After all, they have been students too. And many of them to grant an extension of two-to-seven days to deserving candidates.

A delay in submitting an assignment for which you have not been granted an extension is another case. It may invite serious penalties, such as non-acceptance of your assignment and be awarded an ‘F’ (or Fail)) grade for it.

Then, there are cases where students need to turn in their assignments online, instead of the classic pen-and-paper type assignments. It is a common observation that 65% of the college and university students submit their assignments just in time and there are always about 10% students who submit their assignments late with a ‘dog-ate-my-homework’ type excuse. In the digital age, it often translates to ‘my computer/device suddenly developed a technical glitch’.

These excuses are so stale that it becomes obvious that you not only failed to do your homework but also lacked the sense to ask for assignment assistance from someone who could help you do so in time. It also shows that you could not even find a better reason for your late assignment submission!

Also Read:How To Ask For Assignment Extension With Request Letter Sample?

Reasons for late submission of Assignments – Sample

Late Submission Application

A 2015 research by Keith Gregory and Sue Morón-García showed that more students turned in their assignments late when a long deadline was given because they forgot when the task was due. In such cases, the students may write an application for late submission in the following manner:

Dear [Sir or Ma’am]

I am very sorry for the late submission of my assignment on [Subject]. I apologize for the inconvenience that it caused you and I hope that you will be able to accept it without having to alter your schedule.

The delay happened because [I fell sick/it was my sister’s wedding/ or whatever reason]. I would like to convince you that I was genuinely not able to do it because of the above-stated reason that I am not in the habit of procrastinating things.

I have completed my assignment now and promise that I won’t repeat this mistake.

Please accept my heartfelt apology once again.

With best regards,



If you could attach a signed letter from your parents to go with a family emergency request or a doctor’s prescription for medical reasons, the chances of your assignment getting accepted will increase considerably.

How to Write an Application Letter for Late Submission of Assignment for Academic Reasons?

Those who are late because they wanted to research some more to enhance the quality of their writing piece are most certainly the rare students whom the teachers already love. Here’s a sample of the application letter for late assignment submission that they may want to use:

Dear [Sir or Ma’am]

I apologize for being late in turning in my [thesis/essay/assignment] on [Subject]. As I was writing my assignment, I came across some sources [You can list the sources here] and it took more time than expected in doing my research.

It was very unfortunate that I failed to approach you earlier and get an extension on the submission deadline in time. I miscalculated the time that I needed to complete my research and write it in the required format.

I know it is my fault and hope that it is not too late for you to review my assignment. I have spent a lot of time in preparing it and doing my best on it.

With my sincere apologies,



It would be a good idea to seek assignment help from the assignment writing service experts who could help you add value to your essay writing.

Apology letter for late submission of Assignment

The crux of the matter is that three things that your application letter must include are:

  • A Reasonable, Sensible Excuse: While there is little that escapes the eye of experienced professors, you might still get some credit for being creative and courageous for coming up with an excuse that seems credible and believable.
  • An Apology: All teachers have busy academic schedules to go through. Your assignment or thesis is not the only thing they will have to check. They might have a pile of assignments to go through and a late submission often irritates them. Since it is your carelessness that causes this irritation and inconvenience to them, you owe them a sincere apology as a mark of respect to them and their time.
  • A Promise: It is up to the teachers to accept or reject your request. Do not take their permission for granted. If you are asking them to make a concession for you, promise them to not repeat the same mistake and stick to your promise.

Feel free to use these ideas to convince your professor to accept your delayed assignment and let us know about your experience too.

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Apology For Missing Deadline

sample apology letter for missing deadline

Nowadays, it is not only through personal interaction that an apology may be stated. People opt to create a professional apology letter to show genuineness in conveying their sincere apologies. Formal apology letters may be written due to different kinds of instances and transactions. You may also see Sample Letters.

It will be a lot easier for you to make an letters of apology if you already have a guide to follow. To help you create an appropriate and well-curated apology letter, we have collected a number of apology letter templates that you may use as references. Select the template that can help you relay your apologies based on the situation.

Apology Letter Dissatisfied with Quality of Product Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Restaurant Apology Letter Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
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Size: A4, US


Restaurant Apology Letter for Delayed Response Template


File Format

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Size: A4, US


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Why Is an Apology Letter Written?

The creation of an apology letter should be guided by a letter template that is both formal and genuine. If you have wronged a person or a group, it is very important for you to be professional, but you should also remember that you should make the other end of the transaction feel that what you are saying is coming from the heart and not just for stating an empty apology.

Writing an apology may be due to different instances where an entity needs to apologize for a particular purpose or an event that occurred in an unexpected manner. A few reasons why an apology letter is written are as follows:

  1. An apology letter may be written by a business entity who has provided a product that is either defective or damaged.
  2. Creating an apology letters may also be due to incomplete packages that are sent to clients whether it is the fault of the courier or the business the client was dealing with.
  3. Businesses can create an apology letter to their clients for errors in billing, quotation, job order or invoices.
  4. An individual can send an apology letter for late payments, especially if an entity has given an additional number of days to prolong the deadline.
  5. Students can create an apology letter if they missed a project or assignment deadline.
  6. Shops, especially those who have online pages, can create an apology letter if they have delayed the shipping of products to their clients.
  7. Those who are involved in partnerships and other bonds may also create an apology letter if they have broken the trust or agreement in a business letter.
  8. There are some businesses that provide an apology letter if they have recorded the wrong information of a client that resulted to inaccurate transactions.
  9. You can write an apology letter if you have conducted an offensive, improper or inaccurate behavior that affected the processes of an entity.
  10. Companies also send apology letters to their clients if poor customer service has been given during the transaction where a client is involved.
  11. Apology letters can be created by a client who has missed a scheduled appointment, especially if there was no advance appointment cancellation made.

There are still a lot of reasons why apology letters are created and sent. May it be a kind of business or personal letter, make sure that you will create an apology letter that contains all the information regarding the reason/s you are apologizing.

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How to Create an Effective Apology Letter

Whether you already received a complaint letter or you already know that you need to apologize without getting the specified letter, you need to make sure that you can provide a reply or a new letter to the person to whom you owe an apology with. A few steps that you may follow in creating an effective apology letter are as follows:

  1. Start creating your apology letter by first identifying its purpose. As any formal letter samples will show you, indicating the reason first and foremost will immediately inform the reader of what they are to expect when they read it in its entirety. Make sure to list down the reasons why the letter needs to be created and what the apology is all about.
  2. Create a brief idea about the mistake that you committed or any other items that you feel sorry about. Since the receiver is already aware that the letter is for you to send your apologies, the next step is for him/her to hear the mistake from you. This will set the mood and will let the letter receiver understand why the apology letter is needed.
  3. Once you have already given an idea of the mistake, specify facts that are involved during the incident. State the reasons why the incident occurred as well the mistakes and/or altercations (if any) that took place. More so, discuss the chronological occurrences of the incidents that transpired so it will be easier for the letter receiver to remember the transaction. Following the formal letter format, you must not give any more detail than is necessary. Only stick to what is relevant to your message.
  4. Always own up all the wrong things that you have done. You need to let the receiver of the letter feel that you understand that they were either hurt or disappointed. Acknowledge how they feel and let them know that you understand if they have a negative reaction about what you did. This will help you to reconnect with them in a positive manner and to prove your point that it is not your intention to hurt or disappoint them.
  5. If possible, offer a solution about the problem. It can be very helpful if you can provide something that can make up to the damage that has already been done. This is more appropriate and applicable to business transactions, especially those concerns about the products that are either broken, incomplete, or poor in comparison to the promised quality. You may also see Business Letter Templates.
  6. Do not end the letter just by apologizing. It will be best if you will be clear about the professional relationship that you would like to continue with the receiver of the letter. State your desire for better interactions in the future and the hope that the letter receiver will still trust you even after what has already happened.

Professional Apology Letters

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Kinds of Apology Letters

Though there are a lot of kinds of apology letters, they can be grouped into two categories. These categories are as follows:

Business/Corporate Apology Letters

A business or corporate apology letter is a kind of formal letter example that is written by the following entities:

  1. A company who would like to apologize to their clients which are mostly related to poor customer service or the low quality of the products and/or services being offered by the business
  2. An employee who would like to send an apology to the company management because of particular actions that he/she has shown in a particular time period
  3. A business who would like to apologize to another business due to a variety of transactions that may have affected the operations of the other business entity to whom the apology letter is for

Friendly/Personal Apology Letters

Aside from a business or corporate apology letter, you can also create a friendly or personal apology letter. An apology letter written in this manner can be due to the following:

  1. A person who would like to say sorry to a friend whom he/she has betrayed
  2. A child who would like to apologize to his/her parents, siblings or relatives
  3. A student who would like to state an apology to his/her teacher or classmates

Classifying the apology letter that you will create based on these categories will help guide you on how to properly construct the formal letter format, content and layout of the letter that you will send to another entity.

Guidelines in Creating an Apology Letter

A few guidelines that you may apply in creating an apology letter include the following:

  1. Be precise of the reason on why you want to apologize. It is important for you to not confuse the letter receiver or mislead him/her about what you truly wanted to say.
  2. It will be great to end your discussion by showing that you are responsible for the things that has occurred. More so, it will help if you provide no excuses. A person who was offended or disappointed can accept the apology even more if they know that you are aware of the results of the things that you have created or executed and that you blame nobody else.
  3. Do not promise anything that you cannot deliver as you do not want to write another apology letter. Make sure that you can provide the things that you will state so that you can rebuild the trust and confidence on you of the entity whom you are transacting with.
  4. Be aware of the selection of words that you will use in the letter and make sure that they all sound genuine yet still professional. It is very important for you to not create assumptions and other items that may just worsen the situation.

Disagreements between parties cannot always be avoided. Whether or not such incidents require a formal apology depends on the scale of the argument, the matter at hand, and the parties involved. It is imperative, however, that such disagreements should be settled as professionally and as amicably as possible. So if writing a letter of apology is necessary, then by all means, use the letters that we have made available for you. You may also see Formal Letter Templates in Word.

Our template help you to apologize for missing or being late to an what was discussed and all the tasks set and required for me to fulfil by (state the deadline).

Sample apology letter for missed deadline

sample apology letter for missing deadline

Subject: Your Name - Interview

Dear Mr./Ms. Interviewer,

I would like to apologize most sincerely for missing my interview today at 8 a.m. I attempted to call as soon as I realized I would not make the scheduled time, but I was only able to leave a message via voicemail. A freeway accident involving a semi-truck stopped traffic completely for 30 minutes on my way to your office, but that is no excuse.

I should have left my home even earlier to ensure I would arrive on time.

As a public relations firm, I understand that XYZ Public Relations Company values professionalism, which includes timeliness. Whether in a staff meeting or a client consultation, I understand that you would expect your employees to be punctual and to notify you ahead of time if they are delayed.

I currently am taking steps to ensure that I am not late for a meeting again. I plan to leave for meetings even earlier than I already do to ensure I am on time regardless of delays. I also will always check local traffic reports before planning my driving route.

I demonstrated a lack of professionalism today. However, I would like to request another opportunity to interview with you for the position of communications assistant. I know that despite my embarrassing error, I am an ideal candidate for the position due to my extensive experience and my proven ability to achieve quantitative results for my clients.

I will follow up via phone to see if we can schedule a time to meet again. Again, I am very sorry for my actions. I look forward to meeting you and demonstrating to you why I am a strong candidate for the position.

Best regards,

Firstname Lastname

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People would write a letter of apology or a formal apology letter to show . payments; a student apologizing to a teacher for missing a deadline.

sample apology letter for missing deadline
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