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Sample cancellation letter to vendor

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Sample cancellation letter to vendor
April 26, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

This contract termination letter template is designed as a sample to be used in business settings for notification of a contract cancellation.

Service Cancellation Letter

Service Cancellation Letter

My name is [xxxx] and my account number is [yyyy]. I would like to cancel the [service name] which you are providing to me since [some date]. I believe that no notice period is required and that you may proceed with my request without hindrance. I'm happy to clear any outstanding balance pending on my account. If there's anything needed from my side, please contact me. I appreciate a reply confirming the cancellation of the service.

Service Cancellation Letter

I regret to inform you that I'm cancelling my service contract with you under the name of [xxxx]. I'm satisfied with your service and don't have any major complaints, but I simply won't be needing it anymore.
Please consider this letter as a formal cancellation notice. Kindly inform me if there's a need to fill a cancellation form or some other formality. Please revert back confirming the service cancellation. Provided below are my account number and other relevant information that you may need. Please contact me if you need any further assistance in this regards. Thank you very much for everything and good luck.

Service Cancellation Letter

Please be informed that I'm planning to discontinue the [water delivery] service provided by [Company X] by the end of the month due to following reasons:
1) Reason 1
2) Reason 2
3) Etc...
Enclosed with this letter are the account number, initial invoice, contract copy, and other relevant information to help process my request. Should you require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm expecting a formal confirmation from your side that the service has been cancelled as requested above.

Service Cancellation Letter

I hereby request from you to cancel the [service name] and close my account effective [some date]. I'm really disappointment from your service and find it inadequate. I would expect much better service from a company of your calibre.
[Describe what happened and how their service wasn't good]
I'm sorry that matters had to reach this far, but the responsibility falls on your part. I really hope someone in charge reads this and acts accordingly for the sake of other customers.
If there is anything that I need to do to complete the cancellation process, please inform me. If not, then I'm expecting a formal notice stating that service was successfully cancelled.

Service Cancellation Letter

Due to your terrible service and totally unprofessional conduct, I have no other choice but to request from you to immediately cancel the [service name] service and close my account. I'm truly frustrated and extremely disappointed. This is certainly not what your company promised when we agreed to pay for your services. Despite the repetitive complains, no improvement has been made. Please confirm the cancellation of the service in writing and refund our deposit as soon as possible.

You can maintain better relationships down the line if everything is explicit. A Notice of Contract Termination is a formal declaration from you to another party that.

Tender Cancellation Letter

sample cancellation letter to vendor

How to Write a Polite Yet Professional Cancellation Letter

Thinking about how to write a cancellation letter? Not finding the right words? Then read on.
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Cancellation letters, as their name suggests, are written to convey that you are canceling something that was supposed to take place. It could be about canceling a rental agreement, an appointment, a meeting or any other legal contract. Or it could be for canceling a subscription, an account, a reservation or an order placed - all require a letter of cancellation. Cancellation is like the ending of a contract. And to convey it to the concerned parties, you require to draft a letter of cancellation.
Tips on Writing a Cancellation Letter
What is a Letter of Cancellation?
Before we look at how to write a cancellation letter, let's understand the concept of cancellation. Now, your letter of cancellation might be intended at canceling a subscription; it may seem trivial but the procedure for canceling does require a letter conveying the same. A letter may have to be written with the purpose of canceling an already announced engagement. Though the subject in both the cases is cancellation, the two need to be dealt with in different ways. Thus you will see that the way a cancellation letter is drafted depends on what is to be canceled. A cancellation should be conveyed in the written form. Verbal communication is not the right way to do it. Here are the dos and don'ts for writing a letter of cancellation.
While Canceling a Purchase Order or a Subscription
In case of canceling your subscription or canceling an order placed, mention the stipulated period within which you want the cancellation procedure to be completed. You can choose to mention the reason for cancellation in case the ordered product or service does not meet your expectations. In case you had placed the order looking at an advertisement of the product, and if you have found that it does not meet the claims made in advertisements, you can mention this in the letter of cancellation. You can give other reasons (if any) for the cancellation if you wish to.
Order Cancellation Letter
Supplier Name and Address

Subject: Cancellation of order order id for item name

Dear Supplier name,

On date of order, I had placed an order for item ordered with your company. The product was delivered to me on date. I have found that the product is faulty. details of the fault I wish to cancel the order and request you to refund the amount paid (amount). I would appreciate if you could complete the procedure in 10 days. Please notify me about having accepted my request for cancellation.

your name, date and signature
While Canceling an Appointment or Meeting
There are instances when you are caught up in something because of which you are unable to make it to a meeting already scheduled or an appointment you had fixed. Now if you wish to cancel it, you need to write a cancellation letter for the same. In such a situation, you should express apology in your letter and your reason behind the cancellation. Be precise and ensure that you don't sound rude. Canceling an appointment or a meeting may appear as though you are disregarding someone else's time, it might disturb the other person's schedule. So state the reason, appear genuine, and be polite.
Appointment Cancellation Letter
Your/Your Company's Name and Address

Receiver's Name and Address

Dear Receiver's name,

Due to a medical emergency in my family, I will have to cancel my appointment with you. We were going to meet in your office on date and time. But I will not be able to make it this time. I would like to reschedule the appointment next week. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

your name, date and signature
While Canceling an Account
Is the letter for cancellation of a bank or credit card account any different? Not much but a little yes, because money transactions may be involved in an account cancellation procedure. If you want to cancel your account, request the concerned authorities to carry out the procedure within the notice period, tell them that they should no longer continue any activity with the account. Remember to transfer your funds from the account to some other active account. In case the cancellation procedure needs you to pay a certain fee, keep that much balance in the account to be canceled. Discontinue the ongoing transactions involving that account.
Account Cancellation Letter
Your Name and Address

Customer Service Bank or Company Name and Address

Subject: Request to close my account account number and details

Dear Executive's name,

This is to inform you that I wish to close my account with your company. I request you to make the cancellation effective within a notice period of 15 days. Please send me a written confirmation that my account has been closed. I would like to thank you in advance for considering my request.

your name, date and signature
Writing a cancellation letter has a dual benefit. One, it makes the communication more formal. Two, it helps you maintain a record of the communication between you and the concerned party. It serves as a written proof of your communication about the cancellation. The communication can be called complete only when the opposite party responds with a confirmation or acceptance in some form. Do not forget to ask the opposite party for a written confirmation of the cancellation.
Before closing the article, I would like to mention a few other important points you should remember while writing a cancellation letter.
  • Use a readable font.
  • End the letter by thanking the concerned authorities for considering your cancellation request.
  • If you are writing the letter on your company/organization's behalf, print it on the company letterhead.
  • Remember to sign the letter.
State your/your company's details on top, address it to the concerned company officials/individual(s) with their details following yours and end it with your name, date and signature.
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contract cancelation letter
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Call for bids template

Service Cancellation Letter

sample cancellation letter to vendor

A service termination letter is a letter written between two parties involved in a service provision agreement. Its objective is to nullify the service provision agreement in a formal and respectable manner. It carries legal weight and therefore due attention should be applied. Emphasis should be on the legality and any issues of legal relevance regarding contract termination letter.

Free Service Termination Letter Template


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Formality and professionalism should be observed and clear language should be used. Protocol should be adhered to and all-important details involving any aspect of the service termination should be addressed. The letter should not be abrasive and courtesy and etiquette should be observed. You may also see Termination Notices.

Cancellation Letter of a Service Contract. Sample letter. Cancellation letters to vendors. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, + letter samples.

Order Cancellation Letters to Supplier

sample cancellation letter to vendor

When you no longer need the services of a vendor, follow the terms of your original contract or agreement in canceling services. If you have a contract that stipulates a certain amount of notice, typically 30 days, honor that as well.

Format Your Letter

Format your letter on company letterhead and address it to the owner of the company or the sales representative who serves as your point of contact. Reference your account number, attach a copy of your original agreement and state your request at the beginning of the letter. For example, “Per the terms of our original contractual agreement (attached), I'm providing 30 days notice to terminate our vendor agreement (customer #11111). Services will no longer be required after June 1, 2015.”

Explain Your Rationale

Explain why you’re canceling your service. For example, “We’ve decided to take our marketing services in-house and will no longer require the services of a consulting company.”

If you’re canceling because you had a bad experience with the company, and you opt to bring the issue to their attention, do so professionally. For example, “Unfortunately, during the course of our working relationship, deliveries were consistently late and your service unreliable.”

Wrap Things Up

Request a final invoice or include a final payment in your cancellation letter. If there’s equipment to be returned or loose ends to wrap up, note them in your correspondence. For example, “The copy machine we rented from your company will be available for pick up any time after June 1.”

Part on Good Terms

If you had a good relationship with your vendor, conclude on good terms. For example, “We appreciate your consistent on-time service during the last several years and will be happy to serve as a reference for future clients.”

If your working relationship was less than ideal, a professional signoff is all that’s necessary. “Thank you for your prompt attention to this cancellation agreement. I look forward to receiving final paperwork finalizing our professional relationship.”

How Write Sample Letter Cancellation Business Contract Termination .. can be used for Subcontractor (labor & material) or Supplier (material only) proposals.

sample cancellation letter to vendor
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