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Sample letter of recognition for volunteers

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Sample letter of recognition for volunteers
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Volunteer Thank You Letters – 13+ Free Sample, Example Format Download! Free Volunteer Thank You Letter Appreciation. free volunteer thank you letter.

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold. They share their time and talents without any compensation, so it's crucial to acknowledge their contributions and let them know they are valued. Thanking them can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal, so it's worth taking the time to find just the right words to show your appreciation.

Examples of Written Thank You Notes

Sending volunteers written thank you notes gives them something they can hang on to and read again, especially during times when they begin feeling a bit drained. Your notes can become a constant source of encouragement that gives them the lift they need to continue donating their time and efforts. The following examples will give you an idea of how to word your own notes.

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To a Volunteer That Works Directly With the Less Fortunate

Dear Marc,

The compassion you show to the people we serve is an inspiration for us all. I've noticed how you treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter what the situation is. We both know how stressful it can be for the people who find themselves in need of the services we provide, and your words and actions go a long way toward helping them keep their dignity. I just want you to know that your work hasn't gone unnoticed.

Thank you for all that you do.

To a Literacy Volunteer

Dear Sherry,

I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job I think you're doing with the children you work with. They really respond to you, and that's probably due to how patient you are with them. I can hear their reading skills improving and their confidence growing with each session, even with the ones that struggle the most. You have such a wonderful ability to meet each child at her ability level and work up from there. The children are so lucky to have you as a tutor, and so are we.

Thank you so much!

To a Volunteer That Sorts and Organizes Donations

Dear Reilly,

Thank you for helping sort and organize all the donations we have received these past few weeks. I know it has been a lot of work, but you've done a wonderful job keeping the inflow and outflow running smoothly. You're such an important part of our organization, and I hope you know that.

Thank you!

Examples of Saying Thank You Directly

Whether you're talking to a volunteer one-on-one or holding an appreciation event, speaking from your heart is the best way to let your volunteers know that you recognize what they do for you and your cause. It's important to include details so your thank you sounds as sincere as you mean it to be. Tailor what you say to an individual volunteer's role so it's more personal.

To a Volunteer That Works the Phones

Sheila, thank you so much for the wonderful job you do handling calls. I've heard from contributors and other volunteers how friendly, helpful, and professional you are, and that really inspires confidence in our organization. We're so lucky to have you.

To a School Volunteer

Mrs. Draper, thank you so much for volunteering to direct the school Christmas play. The show was wonderful, and the children really loved working with you. I know it was a lot of work, but I don't think anyone could have done a better job. We're so happy you shared your talents with us.

To a Volunteer Meal Provider

Carter, I really need to thank you for your meal donations to the families in our program. You're doing more than just filling their bellies. You're showing them that people do care, and that gives them hope. Sometimes hope is just what people need to try to change their lives.

Composing Your Thank You

You can reword one of the examples above if it seems like a good fit for one of your volunteers, but it's really not difficult to find the right words to thank a volunteer. All you really need to do is clear your mind for a moment and give yourself a few minutes to think.

  1. Think about what your volunteer does for you or your organization.
  2. Focus on the areas where he or she really shines.
  3. Jot down some notes so you don't forget anything.
  4. Write out a rough draft, and make changes until it reads just the way you want it to.
  5. When the note is perfect, transfer it into a thank you card.
  6. If you prefer to talk with the volunteer and say thanks, you can use the note as practice for what you want to say.

When to Express Your Gratitude

It's always a good time to thank a volunteer, but there are times when it's especially appropriate.

  • For a one-time volunteer event, thank the volunteers in person near the close of the event.
  • Send a thank you card within one week of the event so your gratitude doesn't seem "stale."
  • For volunteers that work with you on an ongoing basis, thank them whenever it seems appropriate, like when they come up with great ideas, complete a project, or go above and beyond your expectations.
  • It's especially appropriate to have some words prepared for a volunteer appreciation event, like a luncheon or dinner, as well as any time you present a volunteer with gift to show your appreciation.

Let Volunteers Know You Care

Always keep in mind that volunteers are not the same as employees. They can choose to stay or walk away at any time without any real loss to themselves, and that's one reason why it's so important to show your appreciation. They are critical to the success of any organization, so make sure you take time out of your day to thank them, and remind them of how special they really are!

Sample Volunteer Thank-You Letter. [date]. [name]. [address]. Dear [Mr./Ms./Dr.] [ name]. Thank you so much for participating in the Alexandria High School 5k.

How to Word a Volunteer Appreciation Certificate

sample letter of recognition for volunteers

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

To our courageous and dedicated volunteers,

Thank you.

Thank you for your courage and your conviction, for leaving behind all that is familiar and comfortable to serve others. Thank you for your compassion and your awareness, for seeing the need and responding. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge to help improve lives and build the capacity of those who have not had the same good fortune of opportunity and education – but thank you also for knowing that the experiences you will live and the people you will encounter will teach you more than you could have imagine.  Thank you for your patience, respect and perseverance, change is never easy. But most of all thank you for your kindness, care and love and for being the inspiration the world needs.

CMMB volunteers Brittany and Robin giving much-needed supplies to people impacted by Hurricane Matthew

CMMB was founded in 1912 by a volunteerwho in turn, worked hard to recruit others volunteers. Thus at our core, CMMB volunteers continue to live out our rich heritage in solidarity with the poor. And for me, our 637 volunteers serving around the world are the best expression of who we are. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I am thankful for your acts of selflessness and kindness each day and for the love and care that you express to those who surround you.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I too was once a ‘full time’ volunteer. I joined the Peace Corps in 1977 and was posted to Ghana. I remember those early days as times of amazing discovery and service. Yet I also remember experiencing a myriad of frustrations and, at times, a deep loneliness. It was especially poignant around family holidays when I could imagine those I love gathering together to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. I remember being frustrated by not fully understanding the cultural cues or having difficulty accepting some values which ran counter to my own. Yet the more I practiced a spirit of thankfulness, the more I learned to love what I was doing and the people in my community. Volunteering isn’t easy but it really highlights what Gandhi said, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

Laura Kyriss, labor and delivery nurse, with a mother and her newborn baby in Kenya.

At this time of Thanksgiving in the USA, I want to express my deep appreciation and thankfulness to all of our volunteers around the world. You are a wonderful community living out your passion and helping to create a world in which every human life is valued and health and human dignity are shared by all. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you live out your calling of service.

On behalf of the CMMB community,  thank you.

In gratitude,

Bruce Wilkinson, CEO & President

Interested in joining our courageous team of volunteers? Look here for opportunities!

Support our volunteers!

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Certificate Of Appreciation For Volunteers

sample letter of recognition for volunteers

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Mr. Mendel:

On behalf of the City Theater Group, I want to express our great appreciation for your efforts and those of your staff in making available the Harstone Recreation Center for our productions during our own building renovations.

I know your generosity in making the center available to us was not without personal expense to your own organization. The utility bills increased because of our rehearsal and production time, as well as the expense of janitorial work.

As a very small token of our appreciation, we are enclosing 10 lifetime complimentary memberships for distribution to your senior executives or anyone within your organization especially involved in arranging our temporary use of the building.

In addition to enjoying the theater’s productions, we hope you also gain personal satisfaction not only in helping to minimize our own renovation difficulties but in providing a way for the entire citizenship to continue to enjoy the arts. Thank you. We trust the community will remember over the years your generosity of spirit.


Hope Cosco

City Theater Group

Thank-You Letter for Volunteering / Donating Time

Dear Ray:

I know you have expended a great deal of personal effort in serving on the various top committees and task force of the International Business Committee of the Chamber of Commerce during the past six years.

To thank you adequately is impossible. You spent long after-business hours on various projects, sacrificing your personal time for the greater good of our citizenry. You took great care to see that members followed protocol in each situation and that no other board members felt slighted by the decisions made. Finally, we appreciate your invaluable business expertise and personal communication skills that brought pivotal contacts into our network for mutual benefit.

I do hope you have gained some inner satisfaction in knowing through your efforts you have made the city a better place to live and work.

Thank you sincerely for all the wholehearted assistance.


Mayor Robertson

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Sample Letter of Appreciation to Volunteer Worker

sample letter of recognition for volunteers


Mr. Floyd Zamaira

#29-S12, Royd Main Street

London, UK 5462

Date: 15-10-2013

Sub: Appreciation Letter for being Volunteer

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Dream Home & Foundation for Unprivileged Children, I would like to appreciate your effort and support as volunteer in our NGO. Your relentless effort and regular teaching of the students of our NGO without any compensation is a matter of appreciation and we completely feel honored to have you with our NGO.

As you know we had started the NGO 4 years back with very little manpower. We have been engaged in charitable activities that could give us satisfaction as human beings. But, keeping in mind about the present economic situation, it is pretty difficult to run the foundation due to lack of financial support. Your full time support in teaching the kids has helped our NGO a lot. They are very happy to have you as their mentor and studying hard to score high in the coming examinations. Apart from this, your financial support for purchasing books, copies, pens and pencils is also appreciated. We completely appreciate your help and expect that you will continue to give us support on this noble cause.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Sorcha Sherry


Dream Home & Foundation for Unprivileged Children

Ph: +044 21452 256

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You can Download Volunteer-letter-sample-new-letter-appreciation-template- lovely-volunteer-certificate-photos-of-volunteer-letter-sample x px or full.

sample letter of recognition for volunteers
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