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Sorry note to boyfriend
May 02, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

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Even in agreement, there will be a time of disagreement, that's the reason for these messages. Learning to say sorry whether you think, you are right or wrong makes relationship bloom and grow, pick any of these short apology letters to say simple sorry to your man. Apologies matter Every time.

Letters of Apology to Boyfriend for Being Rude

When you need to apologize to him for being rude or mean, these apology love letters will be perfect to be sent to your boyfriend.

1. I'm Sorry, I Was Rude

I'm sorry for being rude to you dear, it was momentary and I regretted I said that to you. You remain the lover of my life and the one who makes my heart beats wildly. Please forgive me, Honey.

2. I'm Sorry I Hurt You Feelings

I have carried this heavy load in my heart because I love you so much, I know I did so many wrong things to you at once, I'm sorry, I did what you didn't want. I'm so sorry that I hurt your feeling. Pls, forgive your love.

3. I Feel Terribly Sorry

I feel so bad that you treat me as a stranger and I know that I caused that, but I'm sincerely sorry for what I did. Baby, I'm really sorry for causing this misunderstanding.

4. Please, Forgive Me, My Love

Baby, people quote that what makes a perfect relationship is in its imperfections, this is a flaw on my own side and a challenge on our part. Please forgive and forget my act, I'm deeply sorry dearie.

5. I'm So Sorry, Dear

We find strength in each other, we strengthen each other; I understand that there was a clash between us and I'm pleading my case before you. I'm so sorry, honey.

6. Honey bunny, I now know that what happened was a misconception, I shouldn't have reacted that way, it was a momentary action dear and I'm sorry, I didn't listen to you before judging. Forgive me pls.

7. I thought you took my weakness for granted, and it hurt my feelings but now I realized you have me in mind and wanted good things for me, I'm sorry I didn't trust you, I'm sorry I didn't listen to your words.

8. Discussing our misconception outside pained me, that I had no choice but to take that step, but I know it was stupid of me to assume such thing happened. Baby you are the one for me and I'm sorry I did that to you. Forgive my stupidity.

9. My rude remark to you was uncalled for, I was too sensitive to what he said about me. I'm sorry for talking to you like that, deep inside of me I regretted saying you were unreliable.

10. My thought was that you will find for me, that you will guide me against those people, I didn't know you didn't do a thing because of me, I didn't know you had me in mind, I'm sorry for counting you as unreliable type, please find a place in your heart to forgive me and remember that I love you.

I'm Sorry Letters to My Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Heart touching I'm Sorry Letters to My Boyfriend for Hurting Him.

11. For the past few days, I've been thinking if you still love, if you can forgive my nonchalant attitude. It is killing me already, not knowing what you feel and you not calling me is making go crazy. Pls forgive me and pick my call.

12. I sincerely don't think what I said yesterday was worth the try, I shouldn't have mentioned that you are stupid, it was uncalled for, it was unnecessary, I know I bruised your ego. I'm sorry for hurting you, love.

13. It was never my intention to hurt you, I never thought this will occur to us and I'm sorry it had to come from me, let it go baby and I promise it won't repeat itself. Forgive me!!!!

14. I heard that forgiving and forgetting is a rule in a relationship, I'm apologizing because I know you love me and you will forgive me. I'm sorry baby for hurting your feelings, I promise such won't happen again.

15. I know, I can be too immature in many cases, and I brought up this fight just because of insecurity. I'm sorry for being a scum and for depleting your love for me, I'm indeed sorry, forgive me, love.

16. I know right now, you feel wronged than angry at me, and I apologise for being rude and mean to you, I'm sorry honey, I promise I won't talk that way again, it won't ever happen again.

17. My Ignorance has given birth to this fight between on and the blame is on me, I took you for granted and I've realized I was wrong. I'm sorry honey for making you mad, I've been down since yesterday cos I know you are not happy, please forgive me and let happiness flow from you.

18. I never had the intention of lying to you, I didn't know he was gonna show up now. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, it's only you I love and I never meant to be rude, I thought you wouldn't listen and understand me, but I was wrong. I'm sorry and I love you for believing me.

19. I'm meant to be a source of strength to you, but I stressed you today because of my unruly behaviour. I'm so sorry for being mean to you, forgive my unloving act.

20. Truly, I did date him but that was before you came into my life, when I saw him with you, I thought you were heading to his nonsense but I judged wrong. I apologise dearie for believing in the worst, forgive me.

I'm  Sorry Quotes to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Most touching I'm  Sorry Quotes to Boyfriend for Hurting Him.

21. All I can think of saying is I'm sorry, cos I was wrong this morning. How could I be so stupid to think you were double dating, I. Sorry I said that it was just a spur of the moment and now I regretted I said those words to you. Can you please find a place in your heart and forgive me.

22. I was brought up with the sentence, men will always be cruel, and that was my thought about you even though I love you. I'm sorry I assumed the worst and I'm greatly sorrowful that I accused you of doing such, pls let it go for the sake of love.

23. I wish I could rewind to yesterday, so I can undo my wrong, it was sincerely uncalled for and I'm sorry I reacted that way. Baby you know I love you, that was what led to me getting angry that she was close to you, I'm sorry for being rude to you and your sister.

24. How I wish I could word my apology, I am sorry for embarrassing you for what you didn't do at that. Please, my dear, forgo my childish act and look at me, talk to me. I promise I would do no such thing again.

25. In fact, I was stupid and childish today, I can't believe I screamed and poured water on you. I was destabilized after hearing her out, not knowing that she was lying, I've learnt my lesson and such won't happen again, I will never hold stranger's words over yours.

26. I do not her visiting you again, I acted rudely because I felt insecure, to me, you were too cosy to be just friends. All I can think of saying is, I'm sorry for being too blunt and rude, will you please forgive your lady.

27. What!!! Today was a bad day, cos instead of me acting cool after I saw you guys, I loosed it and caused a drama, I can attest that it was embarrassing. Baby forgive me, I didn't know you already texted me that you were back, I'm sorry.

28. I'm sorry, I hurt you and your friends, I thought she came to see you, and I got jealous, it was just an act of you love, I didn't mean to embarrass you. Can you please, forgive me and at least reply me.

29. I did wrong, I was wrong, I shouldn't have screamed, I shouldn't have shouted at you. I'm sorry I did all those, it was due to anger and I have vowed to always check it. I'm sorry boo.

30. Baby, please talk to me at least, I sincerely apologise for acting rude to you, you didn't tell me she was your sister, so I assumed a lot. The deed has been done now but it won't repeat itself again. I'm sorry for the silly assumption and funny accusation, forgive me, sweetheart.

Written By Olabisi Ajagbe.

So let's send an apologizing message to your beloved boyfriend and ask for forgiveness to bring his smile back. Here we provide some sorry messages for.

I Am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Apology Quotes for Him

sorry note to boyfriend

I am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Looking for ways to apologize to him? Sweet handwritten notes, Facebook posts, cute tweets, hugs, greeting cards, texts and romantic pins on Pinterest will bring a smile back on his face. Look into his eyes when you say sorry before you bring on the mushy banter. Of course, none of this will help if you are apologizing for something nasty – like lies, cheating, heartbreak or betrayal. Fixing a broken relationship isn’t easy but don’t give up. Write a long letter and tell him why he shouldn’t break up with you. Open up your heart and give him reasons to take you back. Show him how his girlfriend is withering in regret for the mistakes she’s made. Apologies aren’t easy but always remember that the written word makes it a whole lot easier to say ‘Please forgive me’.


1) My lies may have been the dark clouds, but your forgiveness will be the silver lining. I am sorry.


2) Ever since we started dating you have done everything I asked you to. As one last favor, please forgive me so that I can start doing everything that you want me to. I am sorry.


3) I have a hot temper but it isn’t hotter than you. Please forgive me.


4) I am sorry for going through your Facebook, emails and all the texts on your cell phone. But jealousy and possessiveness put me in a very nasty zone. In my defense, what can I do if I have the most handsome guy as my boyfriend – how do you expect this jealousy to ever end? xoxo


5) I am sorry that I bombarded you with my angry outburst. From now on I promise to think about our relationship first. I am sorry.

6) If you can’t see the tears in my eyes, I plead you to feel the pain in my heart. I am sorry.


7) Since you are such a handsome, hot and sexy gentleman, forgiving me is something you surely can. I am sorry.


8) Ironic it is, that your love so kind, was blemished by my selfish mind. Ironic it is, that your love so selfless, had to face all this mess. Ironic it is, that my regret and heartbreak – is now coming across as fake.


9) I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.


10) I am so sorry for doubting my boyfriend for cheating on me. But the problem is that he is hotter than fire and sweeter than honey. When other girls swoon over him I am swamped with jealousy. But now I promise that extremely possessive, I will never be.

11) I crave to see the smile on your face. I crave to be in your arms, my favorite place. I know, what I did was totally wrong. But please forgive me baby, it’s been too long. I am sorry.


12) I am shouting out my apology in front of all my friends and family by posting SORRY all over my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now you know how sorry I really am.


13) I am sorry for acting crazy the other day. I swear it wasn’t me… blame my hormonal changes and mood swings for irritating you in every possible way.


14) My fickle mind may have made the mistake of lying to you, but my heart and soul are forever committed to loving you. I am sorry.


15) I get really annoyed when pretty girls try to flirt with you. Since I am your girlfriend I can’t help but feel blue. But I promise that next time I won’t lose my cool, when girls see you and drool. I am sorry.

16) I know you want to breakup, I know you are tired of me. But I will not relent until, my love you finally see. I know you want to be apart, I know you are sick of the fights. But I won’t rest until, I make everything right. xoxo


17) I have cried, till my tears have tried. I have sobbed, till my head has throbbed. I have wailed, until my voice has failed. I have been heartbroken, since we haven’t spoken. I have been saying sorry, baby please… accept my apology.


18) Before I even ask for forgiveness, I want you to hug me and place your hand on my heart so that you can feel it beating for you. You will hear the words ‘I Am Sorry’ with every beat.


19) Breaking up with you is something that I never imagined even in my wildest dreams. But you are adamant on splitting up, it seems. I don’t expect you to take me back but I beg you to give this mess some time. Let me win your heart again to show you that I am yours and you are mine. I am sorry.


20) Forgiveness is a part and parcel of being in a relationship as sexy as ours. Please accept my apology and put an end to these painful hours. I am sorry.

21) I am repenting for my mistakes, and crying out in pain. But if you don’t forgive me, everything will be in vain. I am sorry.


22) I remember, you once said that you would do anything for me. All I am asking today from you is to accept my apology. I made a mistake but I promise I didn’t mean to, there is no one else I love but you. I am sorry.


23) I never intended to hurt you but it seems like destiny intended to make you feel that I did. Please forgive me for causing you pain and all my actions that we insipid. Sorry.


24) I know I hurt your ego when I spoke in rudely and showered you with insults. But I will do everything to make this mess less difficult. I plead you to just sit down with me and listen to my apology. I am sure that once you see how remorseful I am, you will hug me tightly. I am sorry.


25) I hurt you with my actions. And you are hurting me back by not forgiving me. So doesn’t that mean we are even by now? xoxo

26) Take me back in your arms, hold me close tightly. Feel my heavy breath, as I tender my apology. Hold my hands, nervous and sweaty. Look into my eyes as I say sorry. Give me a hug, give me a kiss. Let’s again embrace, our love’s bliss.


27) I am sorry I was so berating, but I never meant to hurt your feelings. I inadvertently made a few mistakes along the way, but love is all I have had for you from the very start.


28) Saying that I will never fight with you again would be a false promise. But I assure you that I will never make you sad by being so remiss. Please forgive me and accept my apology, you mean more to me than anything else, baby. I am sorry.


29) I know I have not been the girlfriend that you deserve but I promise you that I’ll never stop trying. I’m sorry baby, please forgive me.


30) I am sorry, and I am waiting to rest my head on your strong shoulders again. I am sorry, and I am waiting to be hugged by your caring arms again. I am sorry, and I am waiting to be loved by your beautiful soul again. I am sorry… I just want you to make me smile again.

31) I feel bad, for making you sad. I feel guilty, for making you feel iffy. I am sorry baby, please forgive me.


32) I was slightly drunk when I said all those nasty words. I am sorry, but my judgment was totally blurred. I hope you can forgive my nonsensical outburst, I never meant to show you my worst. I am sorry.


33) I look ugly when I cry and howl in pain. Now it is in your hands to forgive me and make me look pretty again. I am sorry.


34) I never meant to be indifferent, I never meant to be aloof. I’m sorry you feel that we are drifting apart, my love for you is the biggest proof.


35) No matter what, you will always be my number one. Can you please forgive me for me for what I have done? I am sorry.

36) If you can’t get yourself to give me another chance, at least share with me one last dance. Hold me by my waist, sway away with me. Feel my heart’s pain, feel my soul’s agony. I want to say sorry for what I have done, and remind you that you are my only one.


37) My heart knows you would never cheat on me, but possessiveness got the better of me. I am sorry.


38) I apologize and promise that I won’t be extremely possessiveness from now on. But this doesn’t mean that if another girl tries to flirt with you, she won’t get pawned. I am sorry.


39) My apology to you is like a selfie – brutally honest and straight in your face. Please forgive me and stop being angry… I miss the real you.


40) I don’t expect thing to become normal straight away. But until that happens, I will keep trying every single day. I am sorry.

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I am sorry messages for him (boyfriend or husband)

sorry note to boyfriend

1) I want to make things better. At its best, our marriage is the greatest in the whole world, and I am willing to do what it takes to work through this rough patch. Please help me, honey, and forgive me for all of my irritating habits. I'm sorry, and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

2) I think I've taken you for granted over the years. Now that we've been apart for a few weeks, I've realized how my life is incomplete without you. I've learned my lesson; please come back. I'm sorry!

3) I shouldn't have gone to the races, especially after all that is going on. I'm sorry, and I promise not to be so inconsiderate ever again. Please forgive me.

4) Today I've decided to stop blaming you for all our problems, because I've realized that I've not been taking enough responsibility. I'm sorry, and I want to put an end to all the fights and arguments.

5) I know I've been far from a true gentleman. But today I'm taking the first step to being the man of your dreams by writing this apology. I'm sorry for not spending enough time with you. To begin to make it up, I've planned a romantic evening for the both of us.

Dear {Recipient},. Perhaps the letter isn't the best way to go about this, but I really don't know if I can face you after what I've done. Maybe that makes me a.

The Perfect Apology Letter To A Boyfriend

sorry note to boyfriend

Home › Your Apologies: Apology Letter to a Boyfriend

The Perfect Apology Letter To A Boyfriend

Writing an apology letter to your boyfriend can be difficult. You're not sure where to start or what to say.

Get tips and guidelines, then get inspired by the sample letters below and learn how to apologize to your boyfriend. They're all written by others who brought pen to paper in order show their boyfriends how sorry they are.


Saying sorry to your boyfriend can be hard because there's so much on the line.

It doesn't matter how you hurt him, if you were caught lying or cheating, were mean, feeling insecure or were rude, you need to acknowledge the hurt and take full responsibility.

While some choose to give an apology gift to their boyfriend, it should still include some sort of apology message if you're asking for forgiveness.

When intimate relationships are involved, feelings of regret can sometimes be overwhelming.

How to write an apology letter to a boyfriend

1. Start your letter by validating his feelings and acknowledging his hurt.

2. Tell him how sorry you are and how important it is for you to fix things.

3. Be honest. Tell him how important he is in your life.

4. Take full responsibility and ask him for forgiveness.

5. Promise that it won't happen again and find a way to prove it.

A Sorry Letter To You Boyfriend & Your Emotions

In the sample letters above, we can see some of the passion and devotion found in traditional love letters. That's because when it comes to boyfriends, relationships and saying sorry, emotions come into play

The key is in not allowing your emotions to overrun your apology and make it less effective. If you're apologizing to your boyfriend with a letter, saying sorry and apologizing has to be the main focus.

Need more help? Learn what needs to be included in a heartfelt apology.

While others have chosen to go with gifts and ideas found on our romantic apologies page, others simply choose to write a sincere apology letter to their boyfriends.

Learn other creative ways to say sorry and apologize.



Apology Letters to Boyfriends Written By Others

Get inspired by how these writers said sorry to their boyfriends. Or, post your own online apology.

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Regret, Guilt and I'm Sorry 
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I Will Never Give Up On Us, I'm Sorry 
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Letter to Kyvone, I'm sorry 
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Apology Letter to Dylan 
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Not Another Throw Around Apology 
Kelvin, Where to start? I honestly have no clue. This is the hardest and toughest apology I've ever had to think of because I was just so awful too …

I'm sorry for the way I handled my hurt feelings 
Dear Tommy, Not a day goes by that I don't regret waiting too long to tell you that my feelings were hurt, only for them to come out in an awkward mess …

From Thumper, Please Forgive Me. 
Babe, if I never wronged you I would still find a reason to apologize. But this time I can't even believe myself. You have been nothing but wonderful …

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So let's send an apologizing message to your beloved boyfriend and ask for forgiveness to bring his smile back. Here we provide some sorry messages for.

sorry note to boyfriend
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