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Thank you letter to boss for support free sample
September 10, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

So please, feel free to use the thank you notes to boss we collected for you. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support, and patience. Thank you for.

Forget the empty platitudes; your star employee is not a “godsend.” They are a person deserving of your not infrequent acknowledgment and worthy of appreciation and respect. When was the last time you thanked them — really thanked them?

In my line of work, I frequently communicate with CEOs and their executive assistants, and nowhere is the need for gratitude more clear.

After one CEO’s assistant had been particularly helpful, I replied to her email with a grateful, “I hope your company and your boss know and let you know how valuable and special you are.”

She emailed back, “You don’t know how much your email meant to me.” It made me wonder — when was the last time her boss had thanked her?

This happens frequently. For instance, a few years ago, I was trying to get in touch with one of the world’s most well-known CEOs about an article. His assistant had done a great and friendly job of gatekeeping. So when I wrote to her boss, I included this: “When I get to be rich, I’m going to hire someone like your assistant — to protect me from people like me. She was helpful, friendly, feisty vs. boring and yet guarded access to you like a loyal pit bull. If she doesn’t know how valuable she is to you, you are making a big managerial mistake and YOU should know better.”

A week later I called his assistant, and said, “I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m just following up on a letter and article I sent to your boss to see if he received it.”

His assistant replied warmly, “Of course I remember you Dr. Mark. About your letter and article. I sent him the article, but not your cover letter.”

I thought, “Uh, oh! I messed up.” Haltingly, I asked why.

She responded with the delight of someone who had just served an ace in a tennis match: “I didn’t send it to him, I read it to him over the phone.”

Needless to say, that assistant and I have remained friends ever since.

Yes, CEOs are under pressure from all sides and executives have all sorts of people pushing and pulling at them. But too often, they begin to view and treat their teams, and especially their assistants, as appliances. And a good assistant knows that the last thing their boss wants to hear from them is a personal complaint about anything. Those assistants are often paid well, and most of their bosses — especially the executives to which numbers, results, ROI and money means everything — believe that great payment and benefits should be enough.

What these executives fail to realize is that many of those assistants are sacrificing their personal lives, intimate relationships, even their children (because the executive is often their biggest child).

There will always be people who think that money and benefits and even just having a job should be thanks enough. There are also those that think they do a great job without anyone having to thank them. But study after study has shown that no one is immune from the motivating effects of acknowledgement and thanks. In fact, research by Adam Grant and Francesca Gino has shown that saying thank you not only results in reciprocal generosity — where the thanked person is more likely to help the thanker — but stimulates prosocial behavior in general. In other words, saying “thanks” increases the likelihood your employee will not only help you, but help someone else.

Here’s a case in point: at one national law firm, the Los Angeles office instilled the routine of Partners earnestly and specifically saying, “Thank you,” to staff and associates and even each other. Everyone in the firm began to work longer hours for less money — and burnout all but disappeared.

Whether it’s your executive assistant, the workhorse on your team, or — they exist! — a boss who always goes the extra mile for you, the hardest working people in your life almost certainly don’t hear “thank you” enough. Or when they do, it’s a too-brief “Tks!” via email.

So take action now. Give that person what I call a Power Thank You. This has three parts:

  1. Thank them for something they specifically did that was above the call of duty. For instance, “Joe, thanks for working over that three-day weekend to make our presentation deck perfect. Because of it, we won the client.”
  2. Acknowledge to them the effort (or personal sacrifice) that they made in doing the above. “I realize how important your family is to you, and that working on this cost you the time you’d planned to spend with your daughters. And yet you did it without griping or complaining. Your dedication motivated everyone else on the team to make the presentation excellent.”
  3. Tell them what it personally meant to you. “You know that, rightly or wrongly, we are very much judged on our results and you were largely responsible for helping me achieve one that will cause my next performance review to be ‘over the moon,’ just like yours is going to be. You’re the best!”

If the person you’re thanking looks shocked or even a little misty-eyed, don’t be surprised. It just means that your gratitude has been a tad overdue.

As my boss, I think that you deserve an extra note of thanks for all of your ongoing leadership and support. Thank you also for writing a glowing letter of recommendation for me. You support your colleagues, you are a true inspiration. work environment, new courtesies such as free gourmet coffee in the break room.

How to Give a Meaningful “Thank You”

thank you letter to boss for support free sample

Don’t get mad at what I’m about to write. Promise?

OK. Here goes…

Political TV ads are valuable and educational.

Wait! Come back! I can explain.

The election is over, Republicans now have the largest House majority in nearly a century and we can all return to a world free of political ads.

Well, almost. Hear me out first.

Yes, political ads are often negative and even a bit slimy — although sometimes the commercials are wickedly clever (watch the “spelling bee” ad).

But look beyond the overblown rhetoric, and you’ll find a career lesson. A political ad is an exercise in brevity as candidates need to leave their mark in 30 seconds.

Yep, even a quick message can have a lasting impression. That’s why these three thank-you notes say a lot with a little.

1. How to thank an employee who took you under his/her wing

Hi _____,

Thank you for all your help the past few weeks [at my internship/as I adjusted to the new job]. It was great to have someone who could answer questions and introduce me to people. I [reference a specific moment in which the person helped you; for instance, “would have been lost in that first meeting when we had to update the team on our progress. You were a huge help there.”]

Thanks again!

– You

Note: It takes 30 seconds to make someone’s day. You also strengthen the relationship with the person who mentored you. 


2. How to thank someone for a referral that led to a new job

Hi _____,

Thank you so much for [referring my name/passing my name] for the [job title] position at [company]. This week, I found out I landed the job!

I am excited to start at [company] and forever grateful you helped to make it happen. If I can return the favor in any way, please ask.

Have a great day,

– You

Note: As a practical matter, the person should know if his/her networking helped you with the job. Plus, you should always thank people who play a pivotal role in your career. It’s common courtesy and a fundamental of networking (like these six words).


3. How to thank someone for a referral that led to a business deal

Hi _____,

Thank you so much for [referring my name/passing my name] to [name of person] at [company where you landed a deal]. This week, I found out our company secured the [business/contract/deal].

I am thrilled to work with [name of the company] and forever grateful you helped to make it happen. If I can return the favor in any way, please ask.

Have a great day,

– You

Note: The person should know if his/her networking led you to a successful venture. So take 30 seconds and give a recap. You know how people say “It’s better to give than receive”? I guarantee the person who assisted you will feel great for days — even though you picked up the business for your own company.


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FREE Sample Thank-you Letters

thank you letter to boss for support free sample

In hard times if you have someone who has got your back and has given you unconditional support then you feel the need to thank them for what all they have done. If you are confused about how to go about thanking someone who has given you support so many times then this Volunteer Thank You Letter template comes to your rescue. It is hard to put word to feelings so this template does the hard work for you, not only this; it gives you various options to choose from so you can get your gratitude across that person. Also this template works in numerous formats, example PDF, PSD, Word and others.

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A week later I called his assistant, and said, “I don't know if you remember me, but I'm just following up on a letter and article I sent to your boss.

24+ Sample Thank You Letter Templates to Boss – PDF, DOC, Apple Pages

thank you letter to boss for support free sample

Memorable Ways to Thank Your Boss 

It’s a myth about bosses that they’re bad. Few bosses are incredibly kind and help you succeed in life. Moreover they mentor you not only in your work, but in your life as well. So, if you have a boss like that, you would definitely love to thank him with all your heart. What would you do? Would you try to charm him with some gifts? Or will you cook some food that he absolutely loves to eat? Or you will help him with the presentation he is not getting time to make? No matter what you choose to do, the first thing is your intention. If you intend to give back something, you should do it in such a way that stands out and makes your boss feel top of the world.

In this article, we will give you some ideas to impress your boss. No, it’s not to butter your boss to be likeable rather it’s a genuine gratefulness which you feel for your boss. If you have any idea about getting something back from him and you think thanking him for that reason is mandatory, drop the idea right now. Only if you have genuine thankfulness the following creative ways will help you succeed. The idea is to make him feel like million dollars.

Let’s get started.

Send a thank you note

This is a great way to say thank you if you don’t want to say to your boss directly. Simply wait till your he leaves. Take a piece of paper and make an arrangement for a cover. Write a genuine thank you note. You can write like –

You made a real difference in the way I work and live my life. I know I can’t thank you enough by saying anything. But I’m deeply grateful for your contribution in my career and in life. Thank you!

With gratitude,

(Your name)

This simple gesture will create a havoc impact. When he will come next day and read this, think how he will feel? he will feel like top of the world and at the same time you will feel excellent.

Take more responsibility

If you feel shy about sending thank you note, you can do something else too. You can take some of his work which he is struggling with and can help him complete the task on time. But make sure while doing extra work for him, your own work shouldn’t be hampered. Trying to help your boss is okay, but not before you finish your task. First, finish off your project or work. Then if you get time, simply go to your boss and say – “Hey, I have done with my work. I have some free time. Can I do something to ease up your day?” It’s great to do this kind of work. But make sure that you are not taken for granted. It shouldn’t be like that that as you said it once, your boss will keep on pressurizing you to do the extra work all the time in future as well. It has a lot to do with the character of your boss. If he is one of those who are taskmasters, you should avoid this tactic as it may backfire and after you do this, every day you need to sit at office till night to finish off your work and extra work of your boss. If you feel grateful for the contribution of him in your life, there’s other ways you can thank him too.

Find out what your boss is passionate about and do something about it

If he is fond of books, you can take one of the best books of the year and gift it to your boss. But make sure what sort of book it is. So, know the choice of your boss. If he likes literary fiction, you can’t present him crime thrillers. To keep things safe, if you don’t know what he like, buy a business book of your domain and you can present the book to your boss. Inside, on the top of the first blank page, write a thank you note for your boss. There’s a downside to it as well. If he is someone who is very honest and firm about his character, he may perceive it as a bribe. So make sure that you don’t slack in your work. You’re sending your boss book and in office you’re wasting time. Don’t do that. As we have already mentioned in the beginning, it’s all about the intention. If you really feel that you are grateful, then only say thank you in different ways. Don’t expect any reward for saying thank you to him. Do it because you want to, not because you have something to achieve through it. And you can prove it by being ethical at work even after saying thank you.

Help one person

Image source: pixabay.com

This is a great concept. Instead of saying thank you to your boss, you can do something else. To pass on the contribution to your boss, help one in need. And when s/he says thank you, ask her/him to do the same.

It’s a great way to spread goodness. It’s a goodness cycle. Imagine about your work place. What if everyone helps someone in need? It would become a great place. So, just go out and help someone else and ask him to do the same. If everyone follows it, the whole work environment would be something that people will love to come in every day instead of whining or bitching.

Do this favour to him. Help someone in need instead of saying thank you.

Arrange a small meeting to say thank you to your boss

You don’t need to do something drastic. You can arrange a meeting where people will share only who they are thankful to in office. It’s a different concept. Arrange a meeting after work hours so the work is not hampered by any way. Ask your team members to join in and discuss about this with him.

Then invite everyone to come on dais and express their gratitude to the person (in office) to whom they feel most grateful. And when your turn comes, you can talk about him. This is a great way to create an environment where helpfulness will be openly celebrated.

By arranging this sort of meeting, you’re not only able to say thank you to him, rather you’re able to create opportunities for your colleagues and peers to say thank you to people (in office) they’re most grateful for.

Do ordinary things well

You always don’t need to do extraordinary things to say thank you. Rather you can keep on doing the fundamentals so well that your boss becomes happy. You’re thinking of saying ‘thank you’ to him. But rather than saying ‘thank you’, why not simply do what he taught you well, day in and day out? Becoming something more than you were is also a present to your boss. If you can simply do your work, improve your knowledge about what you do and create an impact on the things that matter, your boss will not only be happier, but he will feel grateful for having such an employee like you.

Work on the fundamentals and keep things simple. We assure you that he will be impressed.

Emulate the success principle your boss taught you

Why you feel so thankful to your boss? Is it because he has taught you something that’s incredible? Is it because he practices something that you love to practice? Or is it something you that makes you feel worthwhile again? The reason you’re feeling thankful can also be the effect.

Simply find out what you like about him and emulate that quality. Practice it whenever you find the opportunity. Don’t worry about the result in the beginning. You may fail initially. Adjust your sail and then try again. Practising what your boss taught you is a great way to say thank you. It doesn’t need words or verbal appreciation. Simply emulate and practice and you don’t need to say a word to your boss.

Cook for your boss

Image source: pixabay.com

Let’s say that you’re a very good cook and you can cook varied delicious foods. So, you can think to offer your expertise to say thank you to your boss. Simple arrange a lunch with your team members or invite your team members including your boss at your place and you can cook lunch or dinner. And you can personally say to your boss that his contribution made a great impact in your life.

Even if you’re not a great cook, you can cook one part of the meal and can order the rest and invite your boss and your team members in lunch or dinner.

Saying thank you is often a matter of being creative. If you say thank you while serving delicious food, nothing can match it.

Solve a problem for your boss

Your boss is always solving problems. Some are big, some are petty. You can take time and find out what bothers your boss more. And then take action to solve that problem. Simply take a piece of paper and write down the problem your boss is facing in bold letters. Now brainstorm and find out ways and make a list of things to do. Start doing one thing at a time. And see whether it’s helping your boss or not. If not, go to next and do something else.

For example, let’s say your boss is not able to manage his emails with ease. You can gift him book/s on efficient management of email or you can talk about software/app which eases up email issues. Now, finding a problem which your boss is not able to handle can often backfire. Make sure that your boss is open to new ideas and won’t take your help as something else.

Simply take permission from your boss before presenting your idea to your boss. If he allows you to share your ideas with him, then only share and take initiative. Before doing anything, you need to know who he is as a person. If you’re new in the office, take some time to figure out before doing something like this.

Talk good about your boss behind his back

Most people spread rumours this way. They talk about people behind their back. They gossip about what people did wrong. You can use this simple process to pay back for the contribution your boss had in your life. Simply make a point to talk about him when anyone talks about him. Say something like – “Yes, he is terrific. I learned a lot from him.” But make it genuine. It shouldn’t be something that you do when you try to butter someone. If you do it for some time, your boss will get to know about it and he will feel good internally.

You want to say thank you to your boss because first you want to express your gratitude to him and at the same time you want your boss to feel happy. If you create reputation behind his back, then both of your purposes will be achieved and everything will fall in place without much effort.

The above are the ways you can say ‘thank you’ to your boss. But there are thousands more, even millions. You just need to be creative. You can use one of the above ideas and implement and see how it works. If it doesn’t work, go to next and try out. Or simply jot down new ideas when you have them and say ‘thank you.’ You can use the same not to thank your boss only, but you can say ‘thank you’ to anyone who you think made your life better. And once you begin to say ‘thank you’, life will pause in front of you and will offer you more opportunities to say ‘thank you.’ Make it a habit. Say thank you, not only in words, but also through using different ideas. And you will see your professional life will transform before your eyes.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to Write Personal & Professional Thank You Notes!

In this guide, we explain exactly how to craft your own for any situation, offer a variety of free thank you letter templates, and even provide.

thank you letter to boss for support free sample
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