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Thanks for donation quotes
October 01, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Five tips for writing a donation thank-you letter. 1. It could be as simple as including an inspirational quote that's relevant to your fundraiser or.

Thank you for your donation message examples: 

Notes: In the examples below, replace the words in [brackets] with words that make sense for your situation. The examples are only the center part of the note. To see a complete thank-you note with all 5 parts, look at the cheat sheet or download the free guide. 

You may also want to read the thank you for the money note examples for more inspiration if the donation was a personal, monetary gift.

#1 Thank you for donating to help cover the cost of my cat’s unexpected surgery. [Cat’s Name] feels like part of the family. I am happy to report that she did very well and the tumor has been removed. She is expected to make a full recovery!

#2 We are very grateful for your contribution to the [Description/Name] Scholarship fund. This scholarship is awarded to students that meet our criteria for [Goal of Scholarship]. Your generous donation will help two students with their first year of college tuition.

#3 I am grateful to receive your old car! I was in a bind when the transmission dropped out of my car. I will be able to get to and from work now. As you know, I am struggling to make ends meet, and this car is a true blessing.

#4 I appreciate the financial donation you’ve made to my political campaign. Your contribution will help us reach more potential voters. I am grateful for your support.

#5 Thank you for helping me with my mounting medical expenses. The recovery from the accident has been long and expensive. Because of your donation, I should be able to have all the bills paid by the end of this year!

#6 This year has been interesting! The dogs I rescued are recovering and finally putting on some weight. Thank you for providing the dog food for them. I hope to be able to find quality homes for them soon.

#7 We were surprised when Aunt [Name] passed away unexpectedly. She was a lovely lady, and unfortunately, she was living paycheck to paycheck. We are grateful that you were able to cover the funeral expenses.

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#8 My sisters and I are thankful for your support during the various fundraisers for our church mission trip. The small donations for Wednesday night dinners at church add up to a lot over the months. And we thank you for the check you mailed. The mission trip was wonderful, and we will tell you all about it the next time we see you.

#9 Thank you for donating your leftover paint to our center. We were able to give every room a fresh coat. The kids are enjoying the bright colors! We appreciate you that you thought of us!

#10 I feel very blessed by your generosity. Paying my first and last month’s rent at the new apartment was very kind of you. I am excited to be close enough to walk to my job and will be working on paying off my debts and building savings. Thank you for helping me to get this apartment without incurring more debt.

What's your favorite way to thank someone for a donation?

Write a great donation thank you letter for donations of money, time or clothes. Sample donation thank you letters for fundraising activities.

40 Small Notes to Say a Big “Thank You for Your Donation”

thanks for donation quotes

Donation Thank You Letters

If someone has donated to you, your organization, non-profit, or business, sending out donation thank you letters can help show your gratitude and encourage future donations from your current benefactors.

Whenever you write a thank you note to someone who has given a donation it is important that you be specific. Many times the same generous people may have donated to several different places. You want to make sure that they know which organization you are from and how it has helped in your efforts.

Even small donations that greatly help you in your efforts should be recognized. Small donations may not make as large of an impact on things as bigger donations but they can add up and be very helpful.

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Customer Thank You Letters

Donation Thank You Letters Samples

A Teacher Thanks a Parent

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Thank you very much for your donation to the pie auction. With all of the beautiful pies that were collected we were able to raise the money for the school field trip. Now the children are going to be able to go to the museum and lean more about science.

We appreciate your help and look forward to more of your pies in the future.

Mrs. Diane Morton

The teacher in question had asked for parents to donate pies to the pie auction. Mrs. Miller had stepped up to the plate and baked one of her delicious cherry pies. In hopes that Mrs. Miller would yet again help in the future Mrs. Diane Morton wrote a thoughtful note to show her appreciation.

Notice in the note she was encouraging and grateful about the children's’ ability to now learn more. She pointed out a fact that both herself and the parent would be happy about and allowed Mrs. Miller to see that she was a part of the overall success of the pie auction.

Also notice that she does not ask for anything in the note but she does imply that she is excited about further donations. Only do this if you know that the person plans on making future donations.

Thank You for Your Donation

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

We are extremely grateful for the gift that you have given to our organization Boaters for Babies. The sale price of your boat has enabled us to make a whole new room equipped with special needs equipment that has been badly needed.

One of the babies needed a special room off to the side because of her sensitivity to light and sound and your donation has made it possible for us to make the room soundproof for when she is trying to get some much needed rest.

We thank you greatly for your kindness.

Joanna Gray
Boaters for Babies

Making sure that you are very specific is important. You want the person to remember the charity that they have given to. Usually with such big donations the person giving the donation will remember but this is not always the case.

As you can see Joanna Gray made sure to write the organization name in the note as well as below her name. It is also recommended that you put contact information below your name in case the person wants to make yet another donation because of your thankful and grateful attitude.

Thank You for Donating Your Time


Thank you so much for helping out with the lemonade stand the Friday and bringing all of the lemons! The girls had a great time getting everything together and were able to make $23 in just one day.

The girls plan on using their money towards a trip to the zoo and said that they would make sure to bring back something for you because of all of your help.

The girls and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you so much for everything.


As you can see, this note is a little less formal because they are friends. Even though it is a friend when you send donation thank you letters the people in your life will see that you are truly thankful for the efforts that they put in.

Writing a Donation Note Can Be Tricky

As you can see there are many different instances that you may need to give a thank you note for donations, and there are many different way to phrase your donation notes.

Make sure that you pay attention to whether or not the situation should be formal or informal. This is very important as you will be showing the proper respect and will get a better response.

Submit your donation thank you letter...

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Thank you for the Donation Note Examples

thanks for donation quotes


Letter of Appreciation After Fundraising

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Donors are found all over the world and it is because of them that a person or a foundation gets to help those in need. There are various charity organizations as well as events which hold out auctions for gathering charity donations. There must be a way of showing appreciation to all sorts of donors out there. We cannot obviously pay them back their money but we can always show them their deserved appreciation by sending a thank you letter. Yes, appreciation letter can be written to influential individuals as well as companies who have helped you or someone you know in collecting money for those in need. Check out the easy steps which you can write a perfect appreciation message for those who have donated.


Show respect

You must show your respect to the individual or the company who has granted a donation. All you have to do is write the name of your donor with a “Mister” or “Miss”. You can also address the CEO of the company by simply writing CEO if you are unaware of the name. 

Language must be subtle

You need to remember how this appreciation message is a formal letter and needs to be considered a powerful medium of communication. You must keep your language humble and peaceful and keep the letter short. There is no need to make it a long and detailed appreciation message since it is being addressed to professional individual. 

Look at how your donation can turn out and change a family’s life with an Autism kid in the family.

Be grateful

Gratitude is the perfect method of saying thank you if someone has helped you in any aspect of life. You need to show the donor how much you appreciate his donations. You can also tell him how his donation is going to be used in a better cause. Be humble and grateful because you need to show that you appreciate his efforts with all your heart. 

Another thing would be to mention how the great amount of money donated by this individual is going to bring a change in the world of those in need. 

End politely

You cannot say a simple goodbye or greeting at the end of this appreciation letter. All you have to do is thank your recipient one last time and sign at the bottom of your letter. It is best if the letter is hand-written but it can also be printed as it is being sent to a professional. 



Dear bob

I have just received the generous $500 donation from your company to Pine Hills Orphanage for the poor. It honestly means the world to us and the world to the people we serve. We are happy that now we can continue serving more kids by providing them with food and shelter they deserve. 

We are so lucky to have a generous donor like you. We can’t be thankful enough for investing money in our organization. We will update you about all the special events and the public dinners throughout the year. 

Thank you again for your investment. We respect everything you do. 



5 Thank You Gifts to Give Back for Large Donations

Million dollars in pocket and being extravagant with resources is the crystal clear picture of adrift, futile lifestyle. We have two hands, earn by one and serve with the other one. Even a minor act of kindness can make a major difference in someone’s life. Be generous, gift and appreciate those who donate small or large for humanity.

1. Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

“Chocoholics” can found almost at every doorstep. There must be a massive number of chocolate lovers rather the number of chocolates produced. Barnett’s chocolate cookies are a great treat for ones who love chocolates. The box has twelve appetizing chocolate cookies each one wrapped with festive ribbons. The cookies are dipped into premium dark chocolates with delightful toppings. These chocolate cookies are Kosher NON-DAIRY certified by the CRC.

2.  Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Angel

Woodworks are adored by many of the people. The wooden carvings have their own class. This product is another masterpiece of hand-carved, willow tree sculpture. The divine angle is chiseled and painted by Susan Lordi artist. The sculpture is conveying and expressing through her very humble body gesture. Willow tree is an embodiment of love and peace. Willow tree’s meaning is very well portrayed through the angel carrying a wire made thank you message in her hands.

3. Tea Tasting Assortment Petite Box

Akin to coffee addiction, tea is another beverage which has made innumerable people to chase it madly and widely. Not a single person on the face of this globe is unfamiliar with tea. Therefore, the quality and fragrance of tea matters the most if you have to gift someone. This tea tasting assortment comes with ten disparate flavors. The package has pyramid, hand-made infusers to let the tea leaves unfurl their aroma in hot water.

4.  Decorative Desert Angel Tealight Candle Holder

Candle holders are equally as important as the candles themselves. Place this polyresin, angel candle holder on your tabletop and enjoy the tealight dinner. The atmosphere with this candle holder will captivate people’s attention. The coarse texture of the statue makes it imperishable and hard-wearing. The sand-like appearance of this statue angel will be praised by anyone whom you gift.

5. Wooden Book-Shaped Storage Box with Drawers

Boxes are the best source to secure your small essentials that are left untreated on shelves. These Bella Book Box can be treated to place books or your other belongings as well. The colors of the boxes are very vibrant with precise printing on them. The vintage styled box has three drawers and all drawers are easy to open. The multivariate box is made with wood and is available in fourteen different colors. Most admired colors of this wooden box are the vintage blue, Celtic red, Paris white, and peacock sky blue.

No one has ever become poor by distributing largesse to humankind. We make our livelihood by what we get, but we make our life by giving what we get. Let us not ignore the significance of gifting those who donate amply.

For more creative thank you card ideas please visit Thank-You-Template.com.

Pleas for donations go out every day for different reasons. It's important to write a note to say thank you for your donation to the people who.

Smarter Fundraising Starts Here

thanks for donation quotes

You can express gratitude to donors via emails, phone calls, and newsletters, but if you really want to show them how grateful you are and how much their financial support has given hope and a fulfilling future to those who need humanitarian assistance, why not consider a personalized handwritten thank-you letter to express your sincerest gratitude for their generosity?

Reasons for Sending a Thank-You Letter

Sending donors a thoughtful thank-you letter can strengthen the relationship you have with them, and it can secure your chances of receiving more charitable donations the next time you solicit their support.

Whenever you receive a donation for your fundraising campaigns, remember to send a thank-you letter to the donor as soon as possible. Their generous act makes it easier for you and your organization to provide social services to those who are living in the most vulnerable communities and who need humanitarian assistance.

Just as you would welcome a donation from someone, donors would also feel appreciated to receive a sincere thank-you letter acknowledging their financial contributions.

Here’s a guide on how to write a letter to help you express gratitude to a generous person who has donated money, food, and any other relief materials to support the humanitarian services of people like you.

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Write a great donation thank you letter for donations of money, time or clothes. Sample donation thank you letters for fundraising activities.

thanks for donation quotes
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