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Thanks for lunch quotes
August 08, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Since the dawn of time, people have struggled with the right way to say thank you . From prehistoric grunts around a campfire (Urrrp good.

Magic might seem unreal, far off or make-believe. It may seem like something that requires some weird conjuring and stuff. Magic isn’t always found in activities like this.

Often times, its most potent forms can be found in the smallest gestures. A simple thank you for lunch note can perform the magic of brightening someone’s day and inspiring brilliant sparks of joy on their face.


Benefits of Thank You Notes

Thank you notes, though they may seem flimsy and irrelevant, can have effects comparable to the butterfly effect, which means they could have a greater reach than you realize.
Thank you notes, such as ‘thank you for lunch’ make a relationships stronger. It takes many weak points to make a strong bond, so what seems small may, over time, solidify a strong friendship.
In your place of work, with your colleagues, it is important to build positive relationships based on respect, since you do see them more than your actual family!
Here are some advantages and proven upsides to sending ‘thank you notes’ if you are still in doubt as to what something as simple as a thank you note can do.


01They strengthen bond
Humans respond positively to appreciation. Words of appreciation are important, even to the most hot-tempered person you can think of, it’s the way we’re wired. Sometimes, frustration stems from feeling under-appreciated.
Let’s imagine a scenario. As an employee, your boss leaves a heartfelt thank you note for you one day at work. However that day went, you probably felt tired and maybe stressed by the end of it.
Receiving a note like:
Hi Cindy, the company really noticed your effort these past few days, we wanted to recognize the work and let you know we appreciate your efforts. I personally see and respect the intelligence behind everything you do. You are amazing and the company is privileged to have you around. Thanks. Best regards. – Brian.
Your energy is restored and the next day you are motivated to do more. You know you are definitely on good terms with your boss and your connection to the organization is solidified.


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02It improves mood
A thank you note can brighten someone’s mood, even on the worst of their days. Being shown that you are appreciated is something that will turn any frown around.
The magic doesn’t only exist for those who are having a stressful day. Leaving a thank you note will make anyone’s day get better, even if it is already ‘perfect’.



03Will make you more likely to be appreciated in return
Often, we do not receive a thank you note, for our thank you note. But showing appreciation towards someone makes them want to, naturally, return the favor.
We all are a product of our environment and cultural backgrounds. There is no culture in the world that doesn’t recognize the significance of appreciation whether written, spoken or sent in the form of gifts. Since everyone is a product of their culture, we all respond positively to the dictates of this long-standing tradition.



04Makes you stand out
A thank you note makes you stand out since it is something a lot of people forget to do. Taking a few seconds out to articulate your thanks on paper is an uncommon gesture that will give someone a nice surprise.
Something as simple as, ‘thank you for lunch,’ to your boss after a presentation or conference. Imagine how you would stand out if you were mindful enough to show your gratitude after a busy day.
The recipient will appreciate the courtesy and consideration you’ve shown. The people that are truly set apart in this world are distinguished by the simplest of manners and habits.



To Your Manager for An Individual Business Lunch


01Thank you for lunch today, I cannot say how much I appreciate your time and company. The conversation was refreshing and I gained great perspective on our business.



02Having lunch with you was a great experience; from the meal to our conversation. I appreciated how easy it was to talk about so many different things, it made me realize what an awesome person you are.


03The lunch was quite unexpected; but it was a pleasant surprise. The conversation we had made me realize how priceless it is to work with a great mind like yours. Thank you.
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04I feel quite honored to have had lunch with you. It was amazing, thank you for the invitation. I was cheered by your unique sense of responsibility and care for us, as your employees. I have gained a whole new perspective of this company. Thank you.



05Thank you for taking the time to genuinely listen to me during lunch today. I appreciate your kindness. I must say, I hope to be able to return to that restaurant. It was delicious. Thank you very much, Sir.


06The promotion is something I’ve hoped for. You’ve made my dreams come true. Thank you very much for joining me for lunch and helping me to celebrate. Not many bosses would do that.



07I enjoyed every bit of lunch today. I was just reminiscing on how enlightening our conversation was, and I enjoyed finding out about your hobbies. Thanks again.


08The lunch made me feel quite recognized and valued. Thank you very much


Thank You Note for Team Lunch to Boss


09Thank you for taking the team out for lunch. It was a great bonding time for all of us, so refreshing! Thank you very much



10The lunch at (the name of the restaurant) was just amazing. Thank you for taking the time to hang out with the members of the team. It was really nice getting to know you too.


11Who could have ever believed it wouldn’t just be another regular lunch today? Thank you very much for surprising us with an amazing meal! It really cheered everybody up.


12Thanks a lot for lunch. It made us feel that we were a core part of the company and that beyond salaries, we still mattered. Thanks for your leadership and openness to the team.


13Lunch was amazing, for many of us! The food was manna-like with some productivity-boosting conversation. We sincerely thank you for the private room at the restaurant, everyone felt recognize and happy about the time we had off together. Thank you



Thank You Note for Birthday Lunch to Co- workers/Friends


14Thanks for taking me out to lunch today. I needed a boost, and appreciate you seeing that. Thanks.



15You literally made my day shine. Thanks a lot, guys, for showing me the love. The lunch was fabulous.


16A day without you all seems unimaginable. Thank you for making my birthday what it was, a day to remember. I appreciate the heavenly lunch at (the name of the restaurant)
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17I walked into the office and I was totally astonished at what you guys had planned for me. I am so grateful, thanks for the [anniversary] lunch. You guys are simply just the best.



18This birthday was more than just another birthday with you guys around. I feel so emotional as I write this.
Thank you for the lunch, it made the day so bright, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary work day. I felt loved and on my birthday, that’s pretty awesome. Thanks a lot, everyone.


19Today was a really awesome, spontaneous decision that I think we should try and do more often. Having lunch with you was a great way to refresh my mood and get me ready to get back to work! Thanks for making me laugh.


20Birthdays might be like ordinary days if there weren’t amazing people like you! Guys, thanks for making an effort to make me feel special and for the lunch, mates.



21I feel lucky to have loving people like you guys in my life; any time spent with you is definitely a great time. Thanks, for lunch.


Thank You for Lunch Note to Professor, Teacher or Mentor


22I feel honored that you had me over for lunch. Thanks for enlightening me as always with your dynamic thoughts.



23Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit and have lunch with me. I had been having a hard time deciding what to do next but talking with you helped. I appreciate your guidance.


24Thanks for the lunch [Title]. It was really nice getting to know you outside the classroom. If your busy schedule would allow, I would love to continue our conversation on [subject] sometime.


25Any time with you [title] is always eye-opening. I do not take that for granted. Thanks for the lunch and the stimulating conversation.


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26Thanks for the lunch, though it was more than just food. Your amazing perspectives about (a topic discussed) were really insightful. Thank you.


Thank You For A Wonderful Lunch quotes - 1. Dear God I know that I'm not perfect, I know sometimes I forget to pray, I know I have questioned my faith, I know I.

Thank you for lunch with thank-you note examples

thanks for lunch quotes


Thank you for lunch with thank-you note examples

Thank you for lunch! Lunch is an awesome opportunity to stay in touch with others, make new friends, take a break with a co-worker, celebrate a birthday, and meet with business contacts. Example thank-you notes for lunch are included at the end of this post.

Does every lunch situation require a thank you note? Not always. In the situations below where I recommend not writing a thank-you note, you absolutely can still send a thank-you note if you want to. These are the guidelines I follow. You should do what you feel is right for you and your situation.

The casual lunch with a friend: NO

My friend Alice and I take turns buying each other lunch almost every week. We are not writing thank you notes to each other for this each week. That would be too many and they would lose their meaning since we are having lunch together weekly. For the casual lunch with a friend a thank you note is not needed when one person treats the other. However, if you feel inclined to do so, you can still send a thank you note!

A co-worker buys your lunch: NO, unless the coworker is the boss

What a nice gesture! This could be unexpected or planned. Perhaps, the co-worker is taking you to lunch to thank you for something you helped them with. This type of lunch falls into the casual category and a thank you note is not needed (unless you want to!).

Sometimes, my boss will take my entire team to lunch. The company is picking up the tab. He had to organize it and take time for lunch with the team. So I recommend thanking the boss for the team lunch.

If your boss takes only to lunch then please read: Writing your boss a thank you note for lunch which covers the when, why, and how to thank the boss. And a few tips too!

Lunch with a mentor: YES

The first time you have lunch with a mentor, I recommend writing them a thank you note. This will let the person know you sincerely appreciate the help and advice they are giving you. It will also help emphasize the importance of your relationship with them. They took time out of their day to meet with you!

Dan Miller’s step 47 to have lunch with a millionaire: YES

Dan Miller’s book 48 Days to the Work You Loveincludes one step do on each of the 48 days. Step 47 is to have lunch with a millionaire. While you are picking up the tab for the lunch, you should still thank the person for their time and advice with a follow-up note.

Birthday lunch: Yes

Birthdays are special. Following up with a thank-you note is a wonderful way to recognize the celebration of your birthday. If you feel your relationship with whoever took you out is too casual for a handwritten thank-you note, then I recommend a thank-you email.

Lunch Treat: Yes

Did someone surprise you by taking you out for lunch? Did this treat make your day? Respond by sending the person a thank-you note. It may surprise them!

Thank you for lunch thank-you note examples:

Thank you for taking me to lunch at [restaurant name]. I am grateful for our friendship and had fun at lunch. It was a nice treat for me and it made my day.

I was very surprised that you took me to lunch! I enjoy helping you at work and didn’t expect this. I appreciate the recognition and I liked getting to know you a bit better during lunch.

Thank you for agreeing to have lunch with me. I am grateful for the advice you gave me around [mentoring topic]. I was also able to relate to your story about how you get started with [mentoring topic].

I learned a great deal about [mentoring topic] at lunch last week. I appreciate the time you took out of your day to meet with me. I’ve already begun to take action on your advice. I will send you a follow up in a couple of weeks describing the results I’ve seen.

Thank you for the lunch treat! [Restaurant name] is one of my favorites. I had a nice time catching up with you as well. We should do this more often.

I love our birthday lunch tradition! Thank you for taking me to [restaurant name] for my birthday lunch this year.

Thanks for lunch! I had a wonderful time chatting. I was excited to learn that we both love [shared interest]. I will treat you to lunch next time and we can continue our discussion.

Thanks for treating me to lunch. That was a welcome surprise as you know my budget is tight lately and I love going out to eat. I had a nice time and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank you for the lunch. I enjoyed hearing about what has been going on in your life lately. We should catch up more often. Let’s plan to have lunch at least once a month going forward.

Thank you for the birthday lunch. I look forward to it each year. I was surprised that you took me to [restaurant name]! It’s so fancy! I loved every minute of it and the bacon wrapped scallops were great.

What do you typically write thank-you notes for lunch?

your perfect for me
Love letter for him saying goodbye
email cover letter for resume
Delivery date confirmation letter
charity request letter
Political campaign letter sample
congratulatory speech for anniversary
Thank you note to teacher for recommendation

How to write a thank-you note

thanks for lunch quotes

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Thanking someone for a business lunch is common courtesy and good business. How you go about it, and when you thank someone, determines how effective your thanks will be. One successful former CEO thanks everyone who attends her business lunches – even when she picks up the bill. Smart!

Good Example of Effective Thanks

Julia Stewart, the longtime CEO of Dine Equity, the parent group of Appleby's and IHOP, is meticulous about when and how she thanks partners in a business lunch. She always thanks everyone, regardless of who paid for the lunch. She thanks attendees for their company, for giving up valuable time, and for the information and strategies they may have shared. The question of who picked up the check is almost immaterial.

These thanks always come within 48 hours; often, they arrive the next day. You don't want the other person wondering whether you will follow up or not.

Email? Or Handwritten Note?

Before the world went digital, authorities on business etiquette recommended handwritten Thank You notes sent via first-class mail. When a quick response was necessary, the alternatives were overnight mail or courier.

Now, Julia Stewart and nearly all contemporary executives send an email in all instances. Quite often, a handwritten note will follow – especially, if the other person contributed a useful strategy, factual knowledge or paid for the meal – but first, the quick-response email.

Don't Overthink It

If you've read early 20th advice from Emily Post, you'll notice how detailed and specific the instructions are: which closing inscriptions are okay in specific circumstances. For example, the closing inscription for a personal letter "Faithfully Yours" was recommended for a male letter writer. Others, such as "Warmly Yours," were denounced as "unspeakable."

A century later, we're less formal and less judgmental. In most cases, you'll thank someone for a business lunch in the same tone you'd speak with them if you were sitting across from each other. If it's a pre-existing personal relationship, you could write something like this:

"Hey, Jeff - Was great to see you again. Thanks for the baked scallops at Legal Sea Food, and for the useful discussion about the Smith account. Good and welcome advice!



If it's purely a business relationship, you'll probably be a little less casual, but not formal:

Dear Jim,

It was a pleasure to spend time with you today. Thanks for a delicious meal, and for your good advice on the Smith account. I appreciate it.



In both cases, though, the tone is relatively informal and is written the way you'd speak with the recipient in person or over the phone. In her day, Emily Post was the etiquette expert, but that level of formality has passed.

Go Long? Or, Go Short?

Another difference between letter writing in the early 20th century and now is the volume of correspondence we receive. It's a lot and the volume continues to rise. In 2019, it's estimated that the average business executive will receive more than 120 emails each day. If each email averages 100 words, that's 12,000 words a day. If the average email is 50 words, that's 6,000 words a day.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Resist rambling on, even if you think your words are fascinating or a source of great wisdom. They may be, but they take too much time. The two email examples above are less than 30 words. For most Thank You letters, that's about right. Never write more than 100 words.

Follow-Up With Postal Mail

You may want to follow up an email with a personal, handwritten note. Sending an appropriate note doesn't require a lengthy or complex protocol. It's not what you say – but that you took the time to buy stationery and then penned a warm note and mailed it.

In general, handwritten notes should be a follow-up, not the original communication. The most important thing when responding with a Thank You note is to email it quickly. Then, if you think a handwritten note is appropriate, follow up with a penned note the same week.

About the Author

I am a retired Registered Investment Advisor with 12 years experience as head of an investment management firm. I also have a Ph.D. in English and have written more than 4,000 articles for regional and national publications.

Thank You Messages for Dinner Party, Free Thank you notes for dinner party, dinner thank you note samples.

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thanks for lunch quotes


25 Thank-note examples to thank boss for team lunch

Below are 25 thank you note examples will help inspire you to write your boss a thank-you note for taking your team to lunch!

For more information on the when and why to thank your boss for lunch check out this post (there are tips too!).

If your lunch was with only the boss check out these examples.

How to use the examples:

Items in brackets, such as [restaurant name] should be replaced with the actual restaurant name or whatever is indicated within the bracket.

The examples include only the body of the thank-you note. When writing your thank-you note, you will need to include an opening and closing.

I encourage you to customize them as appropriate so that they sound like they come from you!

Team lunch thank-you note examples:

Thanks for taking the team out to lunch. Spending time together outside of the office helps us to bond as a team. It was a nice opportunity to get to know the newer people better.

Wow! Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] was great. It feels awesome to work at a place that has the budget for an expensive meal. And the dessert was awesome too. This is a great team! I’m so proud of what this team has been able to accomplish.

I had a great time at [restaurant name] with the team. Thank you for taking us out. It is a nice memory for our team and helped us get to know each other better.

The team lunch this week was amazing. Thank you for taking us out and getting to know us better and giving us a chance to get to know you. I was happy to learn that your family has two [animal type]!

I really like this team! I look forward to the weekly team lunch every week. Thanks for ordering in from [restaurant name] this week. It really hit the spot and I like trying new food.

It was very thought provoking and should help us improve our productivity. Thank you for arranging the private room at [restaurant name] as it allowed us to easily hear whatever one was saying.

Celebrating the promotions on the team last week was fun. I like being on a team that recognizes accomplishments! Thanks for taking all of us out. Hopefully, we will have a reason to do it again soon.

Lunch was awesome yesterday! The food and time spent with the team were both amazing. I enjoyed interacting with you and the others. Thank you!

My stomach is still sore from laughing so much at lunch yesterday. Thank you for uniting the team with your humorous stories. This was a lunch we will never forget.

I was very surprised that you took us to [fancy restaurant name] for lunch. The environment made it feel like more than just another team lunch. Thank you for recognizing our efforts on making the sales deal with [customer name].

What an amazing lunch yesterday. Thank you for taking us to [restaurant name]. I like going there for team lunches as we can hear everyone at the table talking.

Thanks for the welcome lunch at [restaurant name]. I had a nice time and enjoyed getting to know the rest of the team better. I was able to connect with [new coworker] as we watch some of the same TV programs. I feel like I made a friend because of the lunch as so far we’ve been too busy to socialize much in the office.

The team lunch was fun yesterday. I am thankful that we were all able to make it and that went to [restaurant name] which is one of my favorite restaurants. I appreciate the company picking up the tab too! It feels good to be recognized for our hard work.

I enjoyed bonding with the team. I liked getting to know each other better by hearing everyone’s answers to your atypical icebreaker questions. You are very creative! Thanks again for lunch!

A team enjoying lunch

I suggest we have team lunches more often! I had a great time with the team yesterday. [Coworker] is very funny outside of the office. Thanks for taking us out!

Thank you for the team lunch. Discussing [book name] with the team at lunch was a wonderful idea. I got more out of the book by hearing what others have learned from it.

I enjoyed the team lunch last week. Asking everyone to share their most memorable moment while working on [fun project name] was fun and gave us a chance to hear from everyone. Thank you for treating us to lunch at [restaurant name].

Having a team lunch on the picnic tables was a creative way to have a team lunch with no cost to the company. Thank you for organizing it and encouraging everyone to bring their own lunch from home. The variety of lunch items was amazing and gave us a lot to talk about other than work. It turns out I am not the only food snob in the group!

Thank you for the two-hour team lunch! I am glad you arranged it when the whole team could go and no one needed to feel rushed. The lunch helped to build my camaraderie with the others. I was excited to learn that [coworker name] volunteers at the humane society.

I had a great time at the team lunch. Thanks for treating us to [restaurant name]. Getting away from the office was a nice break. Time well spent on team bonding.

Thank you for arranging the team lunch. Free lunch on the company is an enjoyable treat. I liked visiting with you and the others and getting to know everyone better.

Thanks for the team lunch on [day of week]. I really enjoyed the [dish name]. It was delicious! I am grateful to have been introduced to [restaurant name] and spending time with the team was nice too.

Food can bring people together like nothing else. Thank you for taking the team out. I had a nice time visiting with other team members and look forward to the next team lunch.

Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] felt extra special! I’m proud of our team for winning the teamwork award this quarter. Thank you for recognizing our accomplishment with an awesome lunch.

Having lunch with the other team was fun. I liked being able to get to know more people in the department. Thanks for making the lunch possible and for covering the cost as well. What a treat for all of us!

Last week’s lunch was the best team lunch so far! [name] is very funny and keeps the conversation going. I am thankful that our company allows for quarterly team lunches. Maybe next time we can go to [restaurant name].


I hope you found these examples helpful! 

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thanks for lunch quotes
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