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Thanks for the kind words of appreciation
September 01, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Some of our families have been very kind to convey their appreciation to the We thank you and the community for your kind words and hope to continue to.

Take a moment and think about how many times you’ve said “thank you” today.

If you’re living in the United States or another English speaking country, you’ve probably said it more times than you can count.

“Thank you” has become such a common response that we often don’t notice when we’ve said it.

As a non-native speaker, you may be surprised by how much Americans say “thank you” for doing something that’s common courtesy, or expected because of your personal or professional relationship.

Here it’s polite to say “thanks” when someone does a small favor for you, shows you kindness, or helps you out, even if it’s expected.

Although thanking someone may seem simple, you want to make sure your sincere feelings are clear.

In this video, you’ll learn how to go beyond thank you and find out more ways to show appreciation and express gratitude in American English.

You’ll practice useful English expressions that will help you be more specific about what you’re thankful for.

You’ll also find out how to show sincere gratitude through your intonation.

And remember, it’s not just about the words!

Being grateful can actually improve your mood, your attitude, and even your life.

Let’s get started!

Difference Between Thanks, Appreciation, and Gratitude

First things first, let’s go over the language we use in order to talk about giving thanks.

Saying thank you describes the simple, clear act of using a phrase like “thanks,” “thank you,” “thanks so much,” or the other common expressions we’ll talk about in this video.

When we appreciate someone or something, we perform an action.

We recognize the value of something we received, the time someone spent with us, or their contribution to our lives.

Appreciation goes beyond words: it’s a deeper feeling that we experience.

When we show appreciation, we demonstrate these feelings through words or actions or both.

This usually involves saying a genuine thank you, either publicly or privately, and being clear and specific about what we appreciate.

Gratitude can be considered an attitude or an approach to living a good life.

The word “gratitude” describes the state of being grateful or thankful due to a consistent awareness of the positive aspects of your life.

For many people, gratitude is actually a practice, something you may choose to do on a daily basis.

In short, thanks are simply words, appreciation is an action, and gratitude is a practice. You can be thankful, appreciative, and grateful all at the same time!

Why Saying Thank You is Important

As I mentioned a moment ago, saying thank you more often and giving thanks as part of a daily gratitude practice can have an important impact on your personal well-being. (Check out this Psychology Today article for more information.)

For non-native English speakers, regularly saying thank you can also have a major impact on how people view you, and how they interpret your meaning and your message.

First of all, saying thank you shows good manners.

It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure that someone sees you as polite.

(For more tips about politeness, you can read these articles!)

Admit it – we’re more likely to remember when someone doesn’t say thank you after we’ve invested time and energy into helping them.

(You can probably think of a few examples right now!)

Besides sounding more polite, saying thank you indicates that you understand and respect that the other person offered you their time, energy, knowledge, or assistance.

Showing appreciation has an additional benefit: it enables us to connect with others.

When we sincerely appreciate how other people contribute to our lives, this creates a deeper shared bond between us.

In turn, this often leads to a stronger friendship, or a more supportive work relationship with more opportunities to work together and collaborate in the future.

Remember, the key word here is sincere.

When you’re being sincere, you truly mean what you say, your feelings are authentic, and your attitude is genuine, not fake.

We definitely know when people truly appreciate us!

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of saying “thank you,” let’s talk about how to genuinely show appreciation through both your words and your intonation.

Guidelines to Saying Thank You

When expressing gratitude in American English, there are four guidelines that you can follow in order to show sincere appreciation:

  1. Choose an appropriate expression to say thank you.
  2. Show appreciation through your intonation.
  3. Be specific about what you’re thanking the person for.
  4. Follow up with another appreciative phrase or compliment.

Simple, Classic Expressions to Say Thank You

Let’s start off with some simple, classic expressions you can use to say “thank you.”

If you’re in doubt about the best way to show your appreciation, don’t worry.

A simple “thanks” or “thank you” is always enough as long as it’s genuine.

For more variety, choose one of these common expressions:

  • Thank you.
  • Thanks.
  • Thank you so much.
  • Thanks so much.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks a ton.
  • Thanks a bunch.
  • Thanks a million.
  • All I can say is thanks.
  • All I can say is thank you.
  • I appreciate it.
  • I really appreciate it.

Use Intonation That Expresses Your Appreciation

When saying thank you, be sure to use intonation that expresses your appreciation.

Your tone of voice is key to making sure the other person understands you’re being sincere.

Showing enthusiasm through your intonation helps people understand you mean what you say.

Without the appropriate intonation, your “thank you” can sound flat or even sarcastic.

To show appreciation through your intonation, you’ll use consistent rises throughout your speech, as well as a normal rise and fall to signal you’re done talking.

You can put extra stress or emphasis on the words that express these feelings of gratitude, such as “thanks,” “thank,” “appreciate,” “thankful,” and “grateful.”

Listen to the video and pay attention to how I emphasize the words in bold:

  • Thank you.
  • I appreciate it.
  • I’m so grateful.
  • We’re so thankful.

If you choose an expression that intensifies your feelings, put extra emphasis on that word by holding the stressed vowel sound.

Once again, listen to the video and pay attention to how I hold the intensifier:

  • I really appreciate it.
  • Thanks a million.
  • Thanks so much.

The right intonation will help you sound even more sincere, whereas more flat intonation will make you sound bored or even annoyed.

When you feel truly grateful, you want to show it through your tone of voice!

Watch the video to hear me compare the difference between sincere and flat intonation on these examples:

  • Thank you.
  • Thanks.
  • Thanks a million.
  • I really appreciate it.

Intonation matters just as much as the words.

Fun Ways to Say Thank You

Besides the classic expressions that we just discussed, there are several fun expressions we can use to say “thank you” in more informal situations.

Native English speakers recognize these phrases as expressions of gratitude, especially when you use the right intonation.

Listen to how I express enthusiasm and sincere gratitude when saying these expressions and then practice along with me:

  • You’re the best!
  • You rock!
  • Props to…Anna/my advisor.
  • I’d love to give a shout out to… my brother/Sarah.
  • Shout out to… my sister/my friends.
  • Hats off to you.
  • You saved my life.
  • You saved my day.
  • You made my day.
  • You’re a lifesaver.
  • I owe you.
  • I owe you one.
  • I owe you big time.
  • I’ll pay you back.
  • I’ll get you back.

The last few expressions show that you’re thankful for the other person’s help and indicate that you’ll be sure to help them out if they ever need it in a similar situation.

Vary Your Vocabulary When Saying Thank You

When thanking the same person for a number of things, be sure to vary your vocabulary.

We don’t usually say “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Instead, we may say something like, “Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate it. You’re the best.”
Or, “Thank you so much. I owe you one. You rock.”

Using a few different expressions to say thank you repeatedly will help you sound more natural!

Be Specific About What You Are Thankful For

When we thank someone, we want to make sure the person understands exactly why we’re saying it.

You strengthen your expression of thanks by being specific about what you’re grateful for.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to be specific: simply use the word “for.”

You can say:

  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thanks for coming to my party.
  • Thank you for responding so quickly.
  • Thanks for the coffee.

If you use the verb “appreciate,” you want to follow it with a noun or pronoun instead:

  • I really appreciate it.
  • I appreciate you.
  • I appreciate your help.
  • I appreciate your time.
  • I appreciate your advice.
  • I really appreciate your suggestions.

Once again, intonation matters.

Consider how you can express how grateful you feel through your tone of voice.

Expressing Gratitude

Similarly, when we express gratitude for another person or for the blessings in our lives, we need to be specific.

As I mentioned, gratitude is a practice and it helps to name what we’re grateful for.

Here are a few ways you can express gratitude:

  • I’m grateful for your time.
  • I’m thankful for your friendship.
  • I’m truly grateful that you believed in this project.
  • I feel blessed to have such great coworkers.

Saying Thank You in Specific Situations

In American English, we have quite a few expressions of gratitude that are more commonly used in certain situations.

You can start off with “thanks” or “thank you” in all of these expressions.

Here are some examples:

  • Thank you for coming. This is used to appreciate that someone attended your party, performance, or meeting.
  • Thank you for writing. Thank you for calling. These are used to thank someone for reaching out to you via email or by phone.
  • Thanks for checking in. This is used to thank someone for following up if they knew the other person was feeling bad or stressed or sick.
  • Thank you for letting me know. This is often used after you’ve received good or bad news.
  • Thanks for getting back to me. This is used when someone responds to your inquiry or request.
  • Thank you for the gift. This is used after receiving a present or donation.
  • Thanks for the invitation. Thanks for the invite. These expressions are used to show appreciation for being included, even if you can’t attend.
  • Thank you for the kind words. This is usually used after receiving a compliment.
  • Thanks for the support. This is often used to show appreciation when someone shows you compassion when you’re feeling sad, discouraged, upset or emotional. It can also be used to thank someone for having confidence in your ability to achieve something.
  • Thanks for taking the time to [do something]. This is used to show appreciation for a busy person’s time.

Follow Up With Another Appreciative Phrase

As we talked about a moment ago, in order to emphasize your appreciation, you want to repeat or reiterate your gratitude without saying thank you several times in a row.

Instead, follow up with one of these expressions in order to show that the other person’s action, time, or gift truly matters to you:

  • You didn’t have to do this.
  • You didn’t need to do that.
  • You are so thoughtful.
  • You’re so generous.
  • You’re so sweet.
  • I’m so touched.
  • That means so much.
  • That means so much to me.
  • That means a lot.
  • You’ve gone above and beyond.
  • What would I do without you?
  • I couldn’t have done it without you.
  • That’s so nice of you.
  • You’re too kind.
  • You’re amazing.

As usual, pay attention to your intonation.

Lengthening and holding key words can help you express how you feel.

Showing Deeper Appreciation

If words just don’t seem like enough to express the extent of your gratitude, these expressions demonstrate a deep appreciation for the person and their actions.

Be sure to only use these expressions for situations that truly merit your most sincere regards.

Your intonation will be very respectful and deliberate in order to emphasize how much you mean what you’re saying.

  • I don’t even have the words to thank you.
  • I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • I’m eternally grateful.
  • I can’t thank you enough.
  • I’ll never forget your kindness.
  • I don’t think I can ever repay you.
  • You have my deepest thanks.
  • You have my most sincere appreciation.
  • You have my deepest gratitude.
  • You have my utmost respect.

Your Turn

As you can see, there are many, many different ways to show appreciation and express gratitude beyond the words “thank you,” even though that’s a great start.

Now that you’ve learned all about saying thanks, you want to practice these expressions so that they start to feel more natural for you.

Choose three or four expressions that you can see yourself using, and practice saying them with the right intonation.

For a little extra practice, leave a comment below showing appreciation for anything you’d like.

Ready to communicate more effectively in conversations? Learn communication skills that enable you to connect with other people and engage in natural conversations and professional discussions. Get started here.

This article was originally published in November 2016, and was updated in September 2019.


Categories Express Yourself Using Essential Conversation Skills

In fact, there are several ways to express your gratitude! In this article, we will look at Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for coming here.

Thank-You Notes and Appreciation Messages for a Boss

thanks for the kind words of appreciation

Common Words of Appreciation

You don't have to give a big speech or write a long thank you letter to let someone know you appreciate them. Sometimes short is sweet.

  • Thanks.
  • Thank you.
  • I am indebted to you.
  • Dinner was delicious.
  • I appreciate you.
  • You are an inspiration.
  • I am grateful.
  • You are a blessing.
  • You are a true friend.
  • You're so great.
  • This is great.
  • You light up my life.
  • My sincere thanks.
  • You're the best.
  • You make me happy.
  • You've been very helpful.

Words of Appreciation for Gifts

People always appreciate it when you take the time to thank them for a gift, especially if they didn't get to see you open it, as with wedding gifts.

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • You are one of the most generous people I know.
  • Are there no limits to your generosity?
  • You are so thoughtful and generous in your gift giving.
  • Thank you for the delightful gift.
  • You must have read my mind because your gift is exactly what I wanted.
  • You picked the perfect gift for me.
  • Thanks for being so thoughtful.
  • Your gift means a lot to me.
  • If you could see my face right now, you'd see a look of gratitude.
  • Thank you for showering me with gifts for the baby.
  • You made my birthday a special day.
  • I am grateful for you and your generosity.
  • Thanks for thinking of me; you made my day.

Words of Appreciation for Help & Support

For someone who has been there for you or encouraged you a message of gratitude is very much appreciated.

  • How can we ever thank you enough for all you've done? We're forever grateful.
  • You helped me right when I needed help most.
  • If anyone deserves thanks, it's you.
  • I really appreciate your support in this endeavor.
  • You have been extremely supportive through this difficult time. I could not have gotten through it without you.
  • We must thank you for your support at this time.
  • I want to thank you for all the support and concern.
  • That was very kind of you. How can I ever repay you?
  • Your support has made me a stronger person and I will forever be grateful.
  • You're my best friend.
  • Thank you for always being there for me.
  • Taking the time to help me was a very nice thing for you to do. Thanks so much.
  • Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to be kind.
  • You are the most beautiful and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I'm so lucky!

Appreciation in the Workplace

To help keep things positive in the workplace a few words of thanks or support can go a long way to making employees feel appreciated.

  • You are a great employee and a positive force around the office.
  • I want to acknowledge everyone's extra effort.
  • You did an excellent job on that report.
  • I want to thank you publicly for your hard work and dedication.
  • Your attitude and work level suits us here, so keep up the good work!
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.
  • You have been a valuable member of our team.
  • Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my potential here.
  • Your commitment to this project is second to none.
  • I appreciate you supporting me at the meeting.
  • You have a winner's attitude.
  • Thank you for sharing your vision.
  • Your commitment to excellence has inspired others.
  • We appreciate your innovative thinking.
  • Your attention to detail puts you at the top.
  • Thank you for taking the initiative and getting it done.

If you want to add to these examples of words of appreciation to craft a longer thank you, you can read more Words of Appreciation offering quotes and thoughtful messages.

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thanks for the kind words of appreciation

Looking for Words of Appreciation for Mentor? Need some words of appreciation to express your gratitude towards your mentor.  Look no further!

Today we are going to look at words of appreciation for mentor


Words of Appreciation for Mentor

1. Thank you for helping me find my purpose in life, you are the best mentor ever.

2. I continue to find benefit from your mentorship. Thank you for teaching me to be the best in life.

3. When I joined this organization, I was very green, I faced many challenges. Since you stepped in, you have greatly mentored me. Thank you for showing me the ropes to overcome my challenges

4. I will always be thankful to you. Thanks for guiding me on the right path. Thanks for being a good mentor.

5. I had given up in life; you showed me the right path. Now I am on the right track. Thank you so much.

6. I admire and appreciate your leadership; you are a great leader. Thank you for the time you have invested in nurturing my leadership skills.

7. Thank you for teaching me how to believe in myself. Now I able to face any challenge

8. You are a wonderful mentor, everything one could look for in a mentor, a leader, boss, teacher and friend.

9. Thank you for being a great role model, you have taught me how to mentor other people. You are a great mentor.

10. You inspire me. Thank you for your guidance and leadership.

Words of Appreciation to a Mentor

11. I will always appreciate everything you have taught me. Thank you for being an exemplary and visionary mentor.

12. I am so grateful you took me under your wings; I am who I am because of your guidance and kindness. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor.

13. It will be difficult to count how you have assisted me in my career. The ways are countless. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

14. Thank you for being my eye opener. You have made me see many opportunities. My life has been transformed because of you. Thank you for your guidance.

15. If it was not you, I would not be where I am today. Thank you for holing my hands and teaching me the ropes.

16. Thank you for showing me how to stand on my feet and face any challenge. I count myself lucky having a mentor like you.

17. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. Now I can stand on my own.

Thank You Mentor Quotes

How can I ever express, my thanks for your mentorship. You have been a blessing and mentor to my life. Thank you mentor

I am really blessed to have you in my life as my mentor. Thank you for mentoring me to become who I am today.

Your character and actions speak louder than words. I really appreciate your mentorship. you are the best mentor.

Every day I have worked for you, I have learned something new from you. You have taught me a lot of things in business. Thanks for being a great mentor.

Thank you for giving me a strong foundation in this business. It will really help me when starting my own business.

Thank you for guiding me and giving me the correct information. Thank you for mentoring me.

Thank You Note to Mentor

You are a true leader; your words have been an encouragement to me. You have been so supportive. I will forever be grateful.

You have always been supportive and shown me the right path in life. Thank you for being a good mentor.

Your qualities are a great inspiration to my life. Thank you for being my mentor.

I am so lucky to work with someone who is my mentor and inspiration. You inspire me every day. Thank you for your mentorship.

Your guidance and leadership skills have taught me a lot of things in life. Thank you for mentoring me.

If it were your guidance and support, I don’t know where I would be right now. I appreciate your mentorship.

Thank you message to mentor

Find thank you message to mentor

I hope one day I will repay your goodness. You have been a great mentor and will always be thankful. Thank you so much.

You have not only been a mentor to my life, I have also learned how to mentor others. Thank you.

Before met you, I was lost. I have given up life; I never imagined the tables would turn. You have been a good mentor. Thank you for guiding me, I am happy to have made it in life.

Thank you for opening up my mind. Everywhere I look I am able to spot opportunities. Thank you for mentoring me.

My life will never be the same, thanks to your guidance and support. I will forever the thankful for your mentorship.

Thank You Message for Mentor

You are an amazing leader, friend, teacher and boss. You are everything in one package. You are the best mentor in the whole universe. Thank you for grooming me to become one of the best professionals in our industry.

Working with you has been a blessing to my life.  Not only are you my boss and leader. You are also my mentor. I will always appreciate your support and guidance.

I have lost count of your advice and support. Thank you so much for mentoring me. I will always follow your advice.

Thank you for teaching me when to spot an opportunity and how to make the right decision. I am very fortunate to have you as my guide.

I am so blessed to learn from you. Your life skills and wisdom is just superb. Thank you for being my mentor.

You are a true treasure. I am very grateful for your mentorship.

Mentor Appreciation Quotes

You have showed me the steps of success, and how to be more effective in everything I do. Thank you for mentoring me.

I cannot find the perfect words to thank you. You have been the pillar of my life, my mentor and inspiration. Thank you.

My career is heading to the right directions. Thanks to you. Thank you so much for your mentorship.

I have learned from you the importance of patience, tolerance, making the right decisions and trust in business. Thank you for being an amazing mentor.

You have taught me even the simple things in life really matter. I have learned to appreciate life. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Thanking a Mentor

The knowledge and guidance you have imparted to me has been the road map to my success. Thank you for your guidance.

When I came to you, I knew nothing. Now I am able to stand on my own and even guide others. Thank you for mentorship.

Thank you for not giving up on me, even when I was not interested. I can now stand on my own.

You are a true blessing; you came into my life when I needed the motivation and inspiration most. You have seen me through many challenges. Thanks for your mentorship.

When I thought I could not make it, you saw what others could not see. Thank you for motivating and inspiring me.

I can’t put a price on what you did to me, your guidance and inspiration is priceless. Thank you for being a great mentor.

Your mentorship is an invaluable gift; I pray one day I will also be an inspiration to someone. Thank you for your mentorship.

If you find these messages, wishes, quotes & Poems useful and lovely, kindly share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Thanks You for Doing so.

Find little ways to incorporate gratitude in your life, and you'll be much than words, and doing something nice will show you're grateful more.

105 Appreciation Quotes Celebrating Success, Life and Love

thanks for the kind words of appreciation

" I wish to thank all involved with mother's burial.  Everything went off without a problem - you are the best.....You could not have been kinder."

" Tom and staff - Thank you so very much for your time and effort spent with my parents and our family.  Your results are always exemplary.  You all are a true gift to this community."

"I want to thank all of you for everything you have done to provide your services to myself and family during our time of need.  Everything was planned and executed perfectly.  We couldn't have asked for more.  The drive by the [home we shared for forty-one years] was especially comforting.  Your thoughtfulness was truly appreciated.  Thank you also for the Continuing Care series [booklets] and am looking forward to book two.  Thank you for contacting people for me; making it easier for me so I could concentrate on other things.  Each day is a challenge but also a blessing, and with God's help and yours, we will get through this time.....thank you"

" Our family would like to thank you and your staff for your services over the last couple months....when we began discussing funeral arrangements {our father} was confident that Tom Burger's Funeral Home was the place to go.  I am so glad that he pointed us in the right direction during his lifetime.....Our initial meeting to arrange the plans was a difficult experience for me personally as we knew my father had limited time left.  However, Doug and my father chatted about everything, including their culinary skills and my father's desire to have a toast at the grave.  I learned a lot about my father's final wishes that day.  Once my father had passed, we met with Jim and were again provided with excellent service.  After the meeting {we} were are ease with the process and left without any need for additional questions......and the ability to put all the pictures together to create such a perfect brochure in such a sort period of time was amazing.  The kindness and compassion that you and your staff provided to our family will be forever remembered."

" On behalf of the [entire] family, I want to thank you for the beautiful memorial service for my sister....; and all the support it took to make her service so comforting to all who loved her.  Your attention to detail allowed us the freedom to grieve her passing, knowing we did not have to worry about anything else: we knew it was being taken care of.  From our family to the Burger Funeral Home family, we extend our deepest gratitude and love to you all."

"We just wanted to thank you so much for all you and your staff did to make mom's passing so much easier.  You took care of everything and it was beautiful - just how she wanted it.  You all are special people to do what you do."

"Yes, "it has been almost 1 year since the death of my loved one", as your recent note said, along with the 4th book in the Continuing Care Series.  I do not have adequate words to tell you what comfort those books have brought me.  Thank you for sending them.  I share them when I can, and I read them over and over to help me on this journey."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful way you treated me and my family.  My [loved one] looked beautiful, and I was so pleased.  I will surely recommend your services to anyone who asks.  God bless you and thank you again."

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you all did to help me with honoring [our loved one].  I've had a lot of wonderful comments on how it was set up and how beautiful it was.  Thank you again."

"I wanted to let you know the service, video and flowers were beautiful and all the staff were very nice..."

"We can't begin to thank you enough for the compassion and guidance for [our family].  Many have come up to me and expressed how nicely done the service was..... how fitting the video and music were, and beautiful flowers."

"Your never ending way of helping us through this difficult time will never be forgotten - we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful service; you are all special"

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful way you handled Dad's calling hours and service.  You made a sad and difficult time easier for us.  Your kindness and compassion is so appreciated.  Thank you and God bless."

"Thank you so much for all you did for {the} service.  It was beautiful...."

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us; it will never be forgotten.  My Dad's service was just beautiful...."

"Words cannot express our thanks for all the help and services you all implemented on our behalf during our time of grief ... Doug's personal touch went a long way towards making us feel comforted...."

 " Thank you for making such a difficult time a bit easier.  You all do a top notch job at what you do!"

"....I cannot thank you all enough for your guidance and support through such difficult times.  I don't know what I would have done without you!  Your hard work is so very important and very much appreciated.  God bless you."

"...How can I begin to thank you for walking this journey with me......you (Doug) were so kind and loving to her and gave her peace that you would be there to take care of her at the end.....you showed such love, respect and dignity as you took her away.....you took care of all the little details with such class...."

" We can't thank you enough for the care and attention to detail you provided for us in our time of need and sorrow.  Meeting initially {on the weekend} to preplan....and meeting on the holiday...such comfort and relief.  We fully trusted everything would be taken care of, and it was.  The respect and genuine concern given to the family was so extremely appreciated.  In the future, when we have a need, we will certainly call on your funeral home again."

" I want to thank you for sending me the booklet "The Pain of Grief."  I can't tell you how many times I have read it already and how much it has helped me.  I've already...shared it with others.......the booklets are so helpful.  I only wish I'd had one for my past losses."

I greatly appreciate what you did for me!  Thank you so much for the grave stake and flag for my father's grave."

"Thank you for your words of sympathy, your voice of concern, your gesture of caring, and the love you offer."

"We couldn't have asked for a better service.  I am so glad that you all are a part of my "family" too.  {We} are blessed many times over."

"Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you gave me.... This has been a very stressful time, and you helped relieve some of that stress .... Thank you for being so flexible...it worked out perfectly.  Thank you again for your support and kindness during one of the worst times of my life...."

"Words cannot express our appreciation for all that was done recently for {us}.  Your professionalism and graciousness were outstanding, and we will never forget."

"Again my thanks to you girls and your efficiency.  So much appreciated the Navy laminated piece to go inside the flag case...blessings to you.."

"Thank you for everything - concerning my mother's passing and calling hours.  Everyone we dealt with was compassionate and nice.  I appreciate you letting {us} rearrange your home and {letting us} add our personal touches"

"Thank you all so very much for all the comfort and support you provided me and my family for {the} funeral and preparations.  I know I had special requests, but you all handled them with grace and kindness & thoroughness. The committal service at the cemetery with the Military Honor Guard was especially memorable.  In appreciation for all that was done..."

"Thank you all so much for the guidance and support you offered our family over the 4 weeks prior to {the} funeral.  The level of patience and empathy displayed by your staff greatly touched my heart."

"Thank you for taking care of my friend....I appreciate your help more than you know....your kindness at this sad time meant alot....

"....your compassion and professionalism is truly outstanding.  Thank you!"

“I am truly so grateful for all you have done, during the hardest time I have ever known.”

“Thank you very much for helping us get through this difficult time.”

“Thank you for your compassion and efficiency in caring …..You took care of one of the most daunting tasks at the hardest of times for my wife and I.  We can’t thank you enough….from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to Burger Funeral Home for always caring for our family”

“Again, thank you!  Your support was just what we needed to get through – and your staff is amazing!”

“Words cannot express our sincere appreciation for your extraordinary assistance in coordinating the funeral.  It was a beautiful send-off, and we would have been lost without you!  Thank you for all your hard work and kind words.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent attention to every detail surrounding Mom’s funeral.  You all were very kind, respectful, and professional. You made us feel comfortable and able to concentrate on the issues at hand….we appreciated the time you gave us to discuss options presented to us for arrangements….we appreciated all the time and guidance you gave us.  Your kind words helped us through the tough days …. thank you for the attention to every detail on funeral day.  There were many, many tears that day, but the day flowed as we hoped, thanks to your great skill…. May every family be treated with such great care as you and your staff have given to us.”

“I could have never done this without you.  I want to thank everyone with all my heart.”

“We want to thank you all for your help… Doug, I know you take care of families 24-7, but you never made us feel that.  We were treated as if we were the only ones …….”

“Thank you for helping us through the funeral process.  We had no idea where to begin, and you walked us through each part.  We appreciate the compassion you showed our family at this difficult time.  Hopefully we will not need your services anytime soon, but if we do, I know we will be in good hands.”

“We were expecting a nice funeral, but not all the extra special care and attention to detail you showed to my mother and our family…..thank you for all you did, and for the time you spent answering questions….”

“…I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a very difficult time in my life so much easier.”

“Just want to thank you for the beautiful job you did.  We were very pleased.  Everything was nicely displayed – couldn’t ask for more….many thanks!”

“You folks are the best!  (We) want to extend our sincere gratitude for all you folks did….from the preparation years ago for her burial to whence you took her body away and returned to make her bed, leaving the beautiful poem “May I Go.”  It was not easy to let her go, however we were all reassured that mom was in the best professional, funeral home hands….”

“Thank you so much for everything you did for the Services for my mom…you guys are truly the best…”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion that you showed our family at the time of our dad’s death.  You made a difficult time less stressful.  We truly appreciate your service.”

“When they asked what funeral home to contact, there was no hesitation – you have a reputation for professional yet personal services.  You and your staff exceeded that expectation.  When we stopped at the office, the staff could not be more accommodating.”

“Thank you Tom, Doug, Jim and Team for everything you did to celebrate my Dad’s life.”

“…You walked us through each step of the decision making, both personal and legal, performing much of the leg work thus lifting the burden off our shoulders.  Thank you for your patience with the many revisions…and extras you graced us with…..In a job that by its very nature is filled with sorrow and tears, each one of you bring a peace, joy, smile and comfort to those of us blessed by the service you provide.”

“The generosity and kindness you’ve shown our family has been such a blessing.  We cannot thank you enough.”

“…Your whole team is quite an asset to the community.  My thanks…for going above and beyond the call of duty to get and give information we needed…”

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It will be good and sweet if you say thank you to someone for a I sincerely thank you for the kind words in appreciation of my efforts.

thanks for the kind words of appreciation
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