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October 31, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 4 comments

May 27th of was our Anniversary of 20 years. been trying to put into words time and time again how I feel for you going on our 20th year together as husband and wife. A Letter to My Wife, Gwen - Our Anniversary.

Sample Letter #1


I don't think I express my appreciation to you often enough for having given me so many happy years, so I've decided to write this letter--an anniversary card just doesn't say enough. This way I can sit down and gather my thoughts together and present them to you with a small token of my love. I know you've always enjoyed Gilbert & Sullivan musical comedies, so I've purchased tickets for us to see "The Pirates of Penzance" on Saturday evening. I believe that's one we saw when we started dating so many years ago. We were always going to musicals and plays back then. I remember that "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was your favorite Shakespearean comedy. After we were married, though, our children started arriving quickly and our theater-going days diminished rapidly.

I don't think that either one of us minded too much, though, because our kids always seemed to provide enough entertainment of their own. How I admired your parenting skills through the years! I still don't know how you did everything so well, even from the beginning--our little ones certainly didn't come with a manual. I will always be grateful for the help you gave me, too, when I started to get a little heavy-handed with them. I benefited from your guidance and motherly skills almost as much as the children did. Now that they have all left the nest, we can be glad that none of them have any complaints about their childhood years--at least not yet! For the moment, anyway, we can wipe our brows in relief and turn our attention back to each other and our well-earned, newly regained freedom.

I want to assure you that the passing years have not diminished my love for you in the least. Instead, my love has only deepened with time because it always gives me more opportunities to appreciate how you successfully manage every new challenge that confronts us. Please don't ever concern yourself with a gray hair here or a wrinkle there, my Dear. Although you are as beautiful to me as ever, I also admire your inner beauty, which merely intensifies with the passing years.

I finally understand the meaning of all those songs that talk about endless love. I don't think they are just hyperbole or poetic expressions, after all. I believe now that a love that has endured this earthly test can never end. I swore to love you for time and all eternity and I will happily do that, my Love. I am so grateful that you continue to love me, too--despite my failures and shortcomings. Thank you for always being there and helping me to be all that I can be.

Happy Anniversary!

Sample Letter #2


As I was standing in the greeting card section of the grocery store a couple of days ago, I just couldn't find a card that could adequately express the love that I feel for you. After a year of marriage, I just can't believe how happy I have been. You make me feel like I can do anything--and with you by my side, I know that I can. They say that the first year of matrimony is the hardest and, if that's so, we really have an easy life ahead of us! Of course, things can't always be perfect, but they've been very, very good, and I'm so grateful to you for that.

Thank you for being so good to me and for being so loving, patient, and kind. You're as thoughtful today as you were on our first date. Do you remember how nervous we were around each other back then? Things got better as we got to know each other more. I'm thankful that you're so willing to listen to me and to share with me your feelings and dreams, even your concerns and your worries. I always heard how important open communication was in marriage, and now I wholeheartedly believe it.

I honestly can't think of how my life would be without you in it other than barren, bleak, cold, and meaningless. I know that as the years pass, the love that we share will continue to grow. I look forward to those years when we'll be raising our kids together, building a home, and fulfilling our dreams. Crazy as it may sound, I even look forward to growing old together. I once heard that men are like fine wine--they only improve with age. The thought of all the upcoming years spent by your side brings me a joy and a peace that I can hardly comprehend. I know that, no matter what, we'll stay together, through thick and thin. That's what real love and commitment is all about, and that's what I have for you.

Honey, I know how blessed I am, and I want you to know that I know it. So, instead of a card, I'm giving you the enclosed gift certificate for a weekend getaway at the Alaskan Getaway Inn. Just follow the map on the back. I think you'll forgive me for giving it to you a couple of days early. I'll be waiting in cabin 12. Don't be too long.

Yours always and forever!

Sample Letter #3


I was remembering our courtship and how we would look into each other's eyes and talk about growing old together. Of course, we had no idea what that meant, but we knew we had our whole lives before us. Now, here we are, (not old yet!) twenty years later, still in love, still happy, still looking toward the horizon, wanting to walk the journey of life together. Do I say it often enough?--I love you! Thank you for loving me back and being my beautiful and wonderful companion for the last twenty years. That's 240 months, or 7,300 days, or 175,200 hours, or 10,512,000 minutes--every moment a treasure.

What can I give you to express my love? What gift could I possibly give you that would sum up the years of love that you've given me? A sapphire ring--that is what I have decided on. I know that gem has always been your favorite. It is precious like our love.

And we've had fun, haven't we? Remember when the kids were young and we were so broke that we could only take a vacation in a tent? Mostly, we just fought off mosquitoes, you tried to make pancakes over a fire, and I got us all lost on a trail. I laugh every time I think about it. And remember our first trip to Disneyland? We had saved for an entire year. The car broke down in Las Vegas (I think it was 120 degrees outside). We tried to stay cool by toweling off with water and drinking sodas, but three hundred and fifty bucks later and we were on our way again. It ended up being my favorite vacation. We shared so much--both good times and hard times--but we've faced everything together.

I started listing the reasons I love you, but it was becoming a tome. Let me just say that I never worry about your reaction to adversity. When I fall apart, you stand firm like a rock. You have always been faithful to me (how many people can say that today?). I've heard that it is better to be trusted than to be loved. I trust you--you have always been loyal to me. I love you for your smile and sense of humor. At the end of a hard day, I have always looked forward to seeing your happy face. Even your eyes seem to smile--those happy creases at the corners. I love you for your love of books and for instilling into our children an appreciation of good literature. I think you can discuss any subject with intelligence. I love you for putting our marriage and our family first. It seems that you regard no sacrifice as too much. Thank you for loving me.

The years have made you beautiful. I know that we both have been chagrined when we discovered a new gray hair or wrinkle. But to me you will always seem young, vibrant, and desirable beyond expression. Twenty years ago, I had no idea that I would marry a woman that would become more and more lovely as time passed. And that is the way of our love: it grows more beautiful with each passing day. We have been through so much together, I know we can weather the years ahead. We are one; we are united with a bond that can never be broken.

I know that the great poets have struggled to pen words that adequately describe this kind of love. In the end they discover they fall woefully short. And so do I. Please accept this poor attempt as my expression of undying love and devotion. Thank you for being all that you are.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! I love you!

Sample Letter #4


You are the love of my life.

Our marriage has always been my greatest source of peace and happiness. Spending time with you is all that I want, because that's when I feel the most contented. I love you, and I want to thank you for the many wonderful years we've spent together.

I hope these flowers will bring a smile to your face and make our special day even brighter for you. I remember the first time I brought you flowers. We hadn't known each other very long, and I wasn't sure how you'd react to receiving a gift from me. You don't know how happy I felt when you threw your arms around me and gave me a hug!

You've always been open and honest about your feelings--that is something I've always cherished about you. There's something else I love about you. When life has overwhelmed me, your reassuring voice and words of wisdom have helped to get me through. You know how to encourage me, raise my spirits, and never fail to make me feel good.

Remember when we had been dating only a short while and I invited you to one of my basketball games?--the game I lost single-handedly? I was trying so hard to impress you that I took my eyes off the ball and ended up knocking over the other team's water table. The game didn't improve as I injured fans with my wild passes and shot a record twelve air balls. I was sure that our relationship was doomed, but every time I looked over at you, you were smiling that big beautiful smile of yours and cheering me on. Our marriage has been full of similar, uplifting experiences. No matter what whirlwinds surround me, I can always count on your support. You've always been an example of selfless love.

With each passing year, our love has grown, and you just become more beautiful to me. On our wedding day, I promised to love you forever. That promise is sacred to me--the easiest promise I've ever had or wanted to keep. I reaffirm my promise to always love you.

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. Thank you for always being there!

Sample Letter #5


Happy Anniversary, my Love! I can remember standing at the altar with you ten years ago, staring into your blue eyes, and thinking that I could never love anyone as much as you. That feeling has only deepened with time. When I gaze into your eyes now, I realize that my love for you is boundless; it has increased exponentially on a daily basis since we said our vows. We have truly been blessed to have found each other.

As I reflect on our lives together, my mind is flooded with happy memories of times we've spent together. Although I realize there have been some tough times, those have only served to make our relationship stronger, and I'm so thankful for that--that we didn't let those difficult times tear us apart.

The last ten years have been wonderful! Do you remember skinny-dipping on the roof of that hotel in Hawaii on our honeymoon? Or learning to scuba dive on that cruise to the Caribbean? We have seen some amazing places together. I hope that we continue to travel together and see the world. Do you remember when our daughter was born? I thought my heart would burst with love as I watched you hold her for the first time, tears of joy in your eyes.

Time passes. Your strawberry blonde hair is flecked with gray, but so is mine, and you are as beautiful to me as you ever were. I love you for more than your curly hair and blue eyes. I love you for your generosity to others, for your empathy to those around you. I love you for the way you always encourage me to follow my dreams and try new things. I love you for the love that you show me on a daily basis, both in word and in deed. I love you for being the woman that you are.

Even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing. I know without a doubt that our love for each other will continue to grow through the years, and we will be laughing and reminiscing 50 years from now.

But to celebrate our tenth anniversary now, I have a surprise for you. You know how we love to travel and how we go to a Broadway show every year. This year, I thought I'd combine both and take us to New York City for a long weekend. I've bought tickets to your favorite musical--"The Phantom of the Opera." I can't wait to get away with you and start making happy memories for the next ten years!

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A romantic love letter to your wife is the best way to showcase your feelings and display your emotions of love Love Letter to My Wife on Our First Anniversary.

What to Write in an Anniversary Card to Your Wife

anniversary letters for wife

When it’s hard to believe in anything, it seems silly to believe in fate. It’s a fanciful concept built on hope, acquiescence, or desperation. Yet, I can find no other reason we ever met, no other reason we’re still together. You didn’t mean or want to end up in the place we met. I didn’t ever intend to be in the room either. Even then, it probably shouldn’t have been. Your life was taking you in so many different emotional directions. I was lost. We were as likely to wander away from each other as we were to end up as we are now. And yet, as ridiculous as it sounds, I knew the very moment I saw you that we would be together forever or I would end up as unhappy as I thought I deserved to be.

It still amazes me, the weird road we traveled in those early years and how we managed to navigate it to the point we actually had a life together. If not for love–and it can be nothing but that–our relationship should have ended when I moved hundreds of miles away and to a place I hated. I left you, a woman I no doubt loved, and moved to a place I hated. I worked a job I hated. Nothing was right except those long Friday nights I spent driving up I-55 through the darkness and the moment I fell in bed with you. Those were the times I felt right, felt whole. Careening at breakneck speed through midnight, through 2am, through the bugs and dirt of I-70, and finally into the only place that made me happy. If I didn’t believe in love before that, I was sold then. It didn’t matter I had to leave less than 48 hours later every time. I’d still do it today if I had to.

Most women would’ve left me for pulling out a ring in the middle of a dive bar and proposing marriage. Most women wouldn’t have waited for two years after I popped the question to get married. Most women wouldn’t have put up with everything you’ve endured with me. It’s been clear for so many years that you are not only unlike other women, you’re unlike most people.

No, you’re not perfect. You lose your mind when your hungry, you occasionally go unwound in ways I don’t understand, and you don’t like steak or pork chops. These things notwithstanding, I can’t imagine myself traveling this admittedly odd path with anyone else. Even in your imperfections, I find beauty. Your passion, your patience, and your endurance are hard to fully comprehend. You’ve taken those traits and used them to become the mother that every child wants.

When we had kids, I thought it could drive us to opposite sides of the bed. I thought it might suck the air from our passion for our lives and make us dull. Instead, parenthood as only made me love you more–so much more that I sometimes feel giddy.

Ten years ago, I couldn’t comprehend ten years. I couldn’t imagine being past my mid-30s, a father of two kids, and in an odd job that tonight finds me listening to the street noise of Lima, Peru thousands of miles away from you. At this hour ten years ago, I was sitting in a bar and trying to figure out if I was cut out for marriage. Twenty-four hours later, I was married to you and the happiest man I knew. I’ve remained that way from that day until now.

I don’t know what will happen in the next ten years. I don’t know if life will continue to deal us such a great hand every time. I don’t know if things can stay so perfect. I only know this:

I wouldn’t believe in love if it weren’t for you.

June 3, 2000

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1-Year Wedding Anniversary Messages and Quotes

anniversary letters for wife

Anniversary letters. They can either be a cheap, cop-out card that you throw together at 7 AM the morning of your anniversary- or- if done the right way, an anniversary letter can be a powerful way to bring your wife to tears, making her feel cherished and desired. A letter with the right message can be a memento that she’ll want to save for years to come. I strongly believe that written notes and proclamations are far too rare, and we can all inspire someone by taking the time and intention to write a handwritten letter.

I sell first anniversary gifts for a living. On a daily basis, I get to interact with romantic husbands who are pulling out all the stops to make sure their first anniversary is perfect.

When I started in this business, I was amazed at the number of men would ask me what to write in their anniversary letter. Ben from Vancouver, Canada wrote to me:

Anna, I can’t wait to see the look in my wife’s eyes when I give her this gift. She loves unique jewelry. I’m not sure about the notecard though. Can you write the message for her, or should I?

Some men even go so far as to email me their anniversary letter, asking me for feedback. After reading dozens of uninspired anniversary letters, I’ve discovered an unfortunate reality: most men yearn to express their love in words, but they don’t know a thing about writing a love letter. They are madly-in-love, and they want to communicate this passion in words, but they don’t quite know a way to do this in a way that isn’t cheesy, and sounds true to their personality and voice.The pressure of putting intense emotions into written words can bring feelings of uncertainty, nervousness and inadequacy.

The good news is, I’ve developed a 3-step recipe to writing the perfect anniversary love letter, one that even the most poetically-challenged man can follow. Take my advice and you’ll learn to satisfy your wife with a handwritten letter that is so impressive, she’ll be talking about it for weeks after your wedding anniversary has passed.

The Anniversary Letter: A 3-Step Recipe

We’ll use Mark and Jenny as an example, showing step-by-step how Mark can write the perfect love letter to her. The two met at a 2012 New Years Eve party. He approached her, cocktails in hand, and spilled a drink on her red sequined mini dress, a moment she’ll never forget. To make it up to her, he offered her and her roommate a ride home, but not without asking her for her number. A year later, they were engaged to be married and with a few of their friends and closest family members, they planned an intimate wedding affair at their local church.

Step 1: Evoke the past

To woo your wife like Casanova, take her on an emotional journey to a personal moment you shared in your early years, a moment that may appear insignificant to an outsider. When reminding her of an early page in your love story, be sure to describe in your anniversary letter how you felt and what you were thinking at that moment. Those two elements are key.

Jenny, I remember that New Years party as though it happened yesterday. You had this really sexy dress on and all I could think about is how you were definitely out of my league. By some miracle, you didn’t slap me across the face after I spilled your Cosmopolitan on your dress. You were busy laughing as I used my Homer Simpson tie to clean it off. I didn’t get to kiss you that night, but that remains my lucky tie.

Step 2: Remind her that you desire her

Every woman wants to be reminded of the moment she was the unattainable pearl, and you, the sailor. Reawaken her passion by reminding her that you desire her. Do this by mentioning one of her traits or quirks in the anniversary card or letter, and describe the feeling that it evokes in you.

What I still love about you is your generous smile. Whenever I see it, it makes me want to protect you and hold you close.

Step 3: Allude to your future

After reflecting upon your cherished past, allude to your future together to instigate excitement for the years that will follow. In your anniversary letter, mention a general hope or plan for the future and let her imagination do the rest.

Remember our honeymoon? You insisted on Disney World even though I really wanted to take you to Barcelona. How could I say no to you? We promised we’d travel to Europe sometime. To honor that promise, I’ve started looking into European cruises to take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Tell me where you want to go, and we’ll make it happen.

To our first year together.

Love, Mark

Throw in a Quote

An eloquent way to turn a simple note into a memorable letter, is to include an anniversary quote. Be sure to hand-write the quote, and make sure it’s tailored to your loved one! Head on over to one of our other articles for extensive quote lists:

Share your Anniversary Letter with the World!

Follow this recipe and you’re guaranteed to hit the three elements that pull at a woman’s heartstrings: the sentimental past, your strong desire for her, and the bright future you have together. Anniversary letters don’t have to be so intimidating! If you want to share your anniversary love letter with the world, please email me at [email protected] with a copy of what you wrote, and I will happily post it on this blog so you can share your work with others!

Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, your wife wants to hear how much she means to you. Find tips on happy anniversary messages to your wife here!.

Happy Anniversary! (Thanks For Always Being There!)

anniversary letters for wife

16. When I’m by your side I feel so at ease and it makes me think I’m the luckiest person in the world. Happy anniversary!

17. I’m starting to feel shaky and sleepy now. And it’s all because of no one but you. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face―especially on those days that I’m feeling down. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my beloved!

18. I've felt no despair since the day we met. This first anniversary shows how strong our marriage was this past year and I hope the coming years will be blissful for both of us. Congratulations, my sweetie!

19. I just can’t imagine how I feel each time we’re together. It’s as if my heart is moving up out of me into the blue sky freckled with stars. I’m so excited I found you. You're the hero of my heart. Congratulations on our anniversary, love!

20. You’re so adorable, brilliant, amazing, reliable, and loving. I have no doubt when I say I’ve seen all of these traits in you. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my love!

21. The first day we met, you were full of adoration and I looked at you amazingly. Thank you for always putting my needs and happiness above yours. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my Romeo!

22. I can’t eat, drink, or sleep without you by my side. It’s been great staying together with you. Thank you for making my every moment in the world full of fun and happiness. May the many years to come bring us beautiful memories! Congratulations and happy 1st-year anniversary, my Juliet!

23. This anniversary reminds me of the beautiful memories of the first time we met. My heart burns absolutely for you. Let me reassure you again that with every second you’re by my side, I feel so much in love with you. Congrats!

24. With every year we’ve shared together, I only fall head over heels in love with you. Thank you for always looking at me lovingly and delightfully. Congratulations, my honey!

25. With the feelings of love, respect, affection, and admiration that you’ve shown to me this past year, I only love loving you more than anything one could ever think of. Happy one year anniversary!

26. Wow, our marriage is one year old today! I'm so excited to see us overcame all the difficulties that came our way since the day I said: “yes I do”. It takes a lot of patience to be a happy couple. I hope we can sustain the love and patience which has brought this happy married life as we walk this journey together. Happy anniversary!

27. There’s truly no one in the world I could give my love to except you. You mean all to me. Congratulations on our first year marriage anniversary!

28. With every year we’ve stayed together, I’m full of joy just because we’re moving together through life successfully. Happy anniversary!

29. Our marriage makes me a better person in countless ways―and I’ll remain so as long as you still remain my sweetie. I can’t wait to see what the anniversary gift would look like today. Congrats!

30. I’m incredibly proud of the way we’ve navigated all the ups and downs in our married life―and I can go on and on to say that the achievements so far is because of no one else but you.

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Need a sample of 1st Anniversary Love Letter? of happy anniversary letters to boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife that you can send on your first anniversary.

anniversary letters for wife
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