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Anniversary letters to girlfriend
December 20, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 4 comments

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Short love letter for girlfriend Or for boyfriend
This is the best collection of love letters for your girlfriend and some really sweet love letters for boyfriend.

You never can’t tell how fun your love life will increase with the sending of love letters to your lover.
This short love letters were written to boost your relationship, so scroll to your desired short letter and send it to Your sweetheart.

Short Love Letters for Him
Sweet Love Letter for Her

1. Hello baby,
I hope you are doing great today. This is an opportunity for me to appreciate you on this special day.
You have done so much for me that I can’t tell. I have been loving you since we met like I can’t explain.
Even when people acknowledge the power of words, saying the right and sweet ones all the time still doesn’t explain the gladness your love makes me feel inside.
Your love makes me feel on top of the world at every point in time. You are the motivation I need everyday.
If there are more appreciating words, other than ‘thank you’, I’d be saying it to you everyday because you lighten up my world when it was covered with darkness.

2. Seconds turns to minute, minutes to hour. From hours to day then to weeks. All in close successions.
You make time fly when you are around. I keep wishing to let you know what a wonder you have been to my world, but you know that words isn’t my friend.
You have been the best for me in all times and in all things. You are an Angel who is more than a friend and a lover.
You made my dreams come true when you gave me your tantalizing love that can’t be found on earth.
You deserve the best of me and I am promising to love you today, tomorrow and a day after it.
I will love you forever because you have been my happiness.

3. I will love you till the end because you have been the reason for my constant strive to reach great heights.
On a platter of golds and diamonds, your love brought happiness and peace of mind to me.
I keep wondering how much love is left in your heart because everything you do, leaves me in admirations.
This relationship is going to work. I am devoting my time and energy to ensure that.
I can’t afford to lose this good life you have given to me. I now believe that meeting you was more than a miracle.
Be rest assured that I will be here with you till eternity. My love for you won’t reduce nor be forgotten.
I will be your best friend and your lover. Only you will my love be channelled to, for you are my Queen. I love you sweety.

4. This is so sweet to be true. It is so amazing to mess with. I can’t thank you enough for your untold love.
My heart is buried in the ocean of love for you. The more I try to set it lose, the more I love you much more.
Its very hard not falling in love with someone so charming and adorable like you.
I know I am in the prison of your love. And the only food my heart asks for, is your undivided attention and your uncontested love.
You have opened my heart to love, which has never happened. I’ve never felt my heart betray me. Falling for you shows that you are special among the crowd.
I know we will be perfect together. I am hoping for a wonderful future where we will share everything including our lives. I love you.

5. Your love is a gang up with nature against my heart. How come you are the only one who commands my feelings and I can’t seem to break lose.
Every moment you step in, my heart races with joy of having to be with you one more time.
How come only seeing you gives me comfort and happiness. I can’t really answer why you are the one I think of at the lonely hours.
Why can’t I just spend a whole day not wishing to see you.
You act like you designed my world because it has never been this beautiful from inception.
I can’t really tell what my body wants, but I perfectly know that my heart belongs to you and it won’t stop till we are officially together till the end.
You are my sweetheart.

6. I knew I was in love with you when my heart began giving in to many palpitations with just a single thought of you.
With your love, my world has changed in everything.
There is now a new path, and I can’t walk on it without you.
There is no doubt that I am into you because not only do people say that to me, but my heart also agrees to it.
Watching you from a far spot never really showed how amazing you are.
Being close to you right now made me realize that I really struck a goldmine.
You are really special. The thought of a future with you makes my heart skip a beat and push my body into anxiousness. I can’t wait for that day you will be mine forever and I will never contest with anyone to win your love. You are mine forever baby.

7. The impact of your love cannot be listed in just a book because they are too many.
Only the sound of your cute voice when talking to me, sends chills down my spine and makes me seem like I’m dreaming.
I can’t just believe you are mine because it still seems like a dream.
I never believed that i would end up with someone so special and awesome, someone who takes my breathe away.
I thought, I would find anyone who will be with me in future, but I found more than I searched for.
I found a pack of awesomeness. You are more than my dreams. I am so happy to finally have what so many people pray and wish for, I’m so happy to have a perfect better half. I love you baby.

8. Being with you still seems to me like a fairly tale. Will there be a happy ever after, I bet there will be, because ever since you came into my life, my world has been filled with happiness.
I know it will continue this way as long as I have you to my self.
I am anxious about the future i’ll be sharing with you because I know it will be perfect just like you.
Why won’t I fall in love with you when you are smart, beautiful and amazing.
Why won’t I pray to spend the rest of my life with you when you are loving, caring and above all, understanding.
With you in my life, I am complete. with your presence in my world, my life is perfect.
Let’s show the world how sweet, being in love can be sweety.

9. Falling I’m love with you had been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done, because the passing of each day with you seems like seconds.
I can’t forget to remember the amazing and sweet memories we had together, they remind me of more mind blowing moments awaiting us in the future.
I keep falling in love you everyday when the morning sun comes out, down to the evening, when the sun goes off.
You make me feel so so lucky to have you. To the very last,
I appreciate the wonderful things you did for me in the name of love. I’m in love with you and I don’t think anything can make me stop loving you.

Short Love Letter 2

10. You gave me all the happiness In the world when you said ‘Yes, I do’.
You made me the better person you address me as today. I can’t give you anything valuable enough to cover for all your sweetness in my life.
I’d go broke if I aim to buy things that is worth the love you have given to me. It is the most expensive gift I’ve ever received.
To show you my appreciation, I am offering myself, my heart and my soul. I will lose myself, just to love you sincerely. I will walk through every bump and rough road in life, just to make sure we have an amazing future together as one.
Words can’t explain anymore, gifts can’t determine its depth, only your heart can feel what’s inside of my heart and know that I love you very much, more than you can imagine.
I am confident to say I am in love with an angel.

11. I Pray To Be With You
The life I wish for, that’s what you give to me.
All my dreams you bring to reality.
All through my whole life, I pray to be with you forever.
I will keep my eyes open all night because I don’t wish to miss you.
No star can shine brighter than you.

12. I thank God everyday
I spend everyday in bliss, I handle the day’s task with happiness.
I also thank God for giving me you.
You’re the most wonderful destination I have ever embarked on.
You’re the perfect definition of goodness that have spiced up my life.

13. The light I walk with
I can’t thank you enough for being my shooting stars that makes my dream come true. For being the light I walk with through life’s darkest path and for being my courage in all battle life presents to me. I love you my baby.
When I’m with you I’m, high up on the clouds.
Happiness is all that’s on my mind as I spend the day.
The best moments of my life are the ones with you.

14. We will have a beautiful forever
I can’t help my love for you. It grows faster than a virus.
You might not be mine now but I hope that in the near future, we will have a beautiful forever together.
I can’t get enough of you because I miss you every single second you’re off my sight.
I wish to spend all the moments of my life with you.

15. The puzzle that completes me
I will give you all the happiness in the world if I can.
I will feed you with all of my love everyday. You are just the missing part of the puzzle that completes me.
My love is always for you because I can’t love anyone else.
I will give you all within my control. I will give you my last breath if I have to.

16. You make up for everything
You know you’re my angel, my heartbeat. You make up for everything life deprives me because you’re a diamond.
I love you from the start but I fell in love with you over again. Your softness melts my heart. Your smile gives me confidence. My love is forever yours my darling.

17. Thank you
I get lost in my thoughts, day dreaming about how wonderful you have been to me.
Thanks for being special in every moment we spent. Thanks for being my boo.
You have been a darling in every little way, everything you do gladdens my heart.
I now Goto bed with a smile and wake up with joy in my heart. I love you baby.

18. I don’t need the world
I love you with all of me. All my love is for you alone.
You do to me, only my heart desire. You know all my world needs. If you are with me, I don’t need the world.
I dreamt of an Angel but my dream came true when you showed up into my life.
I had no idea that angels go around without their wings but their love and care is indisputably visible. I love you my angel.

19. One thing that changed me
Sometimes I ponder why I received such unmerited favour.
I can’t compare myself to the love I get from you everyday.
You gave me one thing that changed my life forever.
You are special to my heart, special to my world, special to everything that relates to me.
You give me good vibes baby. I forgot all my worries by just starring into your eyes. I’m in love with you special.

20. I will forever love you
Your impact to my life during my difficulties is undeniably the best impact in my life. The courage and motivation is unprecedented. I will forever love you because nobody can replace you.
I knew I was in love when It felt good, holding your hands. I enjoyed those moments I place my body next to yours.
Each time I see your face, I know the feeling all over me, its a feeling of love. You rock.

The love letter to girlfriend long distance relationship word template is a beautifully created love letter Love Letter to Girlfriend for Anniversary Word File .

Beautiful Happy One Month Anniversary Letter for Girlfriend

anniversary letters to girlfriend

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11+ Love Letter to Girlfriend – DOC, PDF

anniversary letters to girlfriend

Beautiful anniversary phrases

Every day brings many memories, but there are so special days that bring us the best memories we have, the happiest and most accomplished, that is why when an anniversary is celebrated, it is perfect to share cute anniversary phrases.

An unforgettable day, full of romanticism and happiness is what is waiting for you and for the love of your life. Start with the celebration by sharing a beautiful happy anniversary message which contains the best of your feelings.

Do not wait longer and send your congratulations through some romantic and original anniversary phrases. You can use any of the ones you will find right away.

Send cute happy anniversary wishes:

– “Honey, what happiness that today we fulfill another year of relationship. I adore you and I hope you like all the surprises I’ve prepared. “
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “12 months more together is reason for pride, happiness and a reason more than enough to celebrate big. Congratulations darling!”
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “It’s our anniversary, my love and I’m happy because our love is growing. You’re my worship!”
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “Congratulations for our anniversary, sweetheart. Let’s have a beautiful day and let’s continue together all our lives. “
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “Happy Anniversary, my life. I thank you for these 365 beautiful days in which you have taught me how beautiful love is. “
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “My heaven, one more year with you is a gift from God, I love you and every day I will take care of you and give you my best.”
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “Honey, there are no words to describe how happy I am for the arrival of our anniversary. Congratulations!”
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

– “What an immense joy I feel today that we’ve been together one more year. You are my greatest blessing.”
Category: Happy anniversary wishes

Download sweet happy anniversary quotes for Her:

– “I dedicate this greeting to you with all my love. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, let’s celebrate many more years. “
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

– “A beautiful feeling was born between us a year ago and a great emotion overwhelms me because today we will celebrate this important event. Happy Anniversary!”
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

– “Our love fulfills one more year; we have gone through good and bad times, but we have always been united and that will never change. I love you!”
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

– “Congratulations on our anniversary, thank you for making me so happy and for all you do to please my heart.”
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

– “A beautiful love story started a year ago and I would choose you again if it were possible because you are my soul mate. Congratulations!”
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

– “It’s our anniversary and I want us to have an unforgettable day in which happiness fills our hearts.”
Category: Anniversary quotes for Girlfriend

This will be just one more of the many anniversaries that will wait for you and your partner, express your most beautiful feelings through the beautiful anniversary phrases for the love of your life that we have brought you.

Visit us so you can always have on hand the most innovative greeting phrases to share on social networks.

The best free anniversary text messages

There are innumerable reasons we have to celebrate; in fact life itself should be a party, so in those special dates, we must dedicate the most beautiful Happy Anniversary words. You can do this through social medias.

Your anniversary is a very important date in which good wishes should abound and of course the cutest anniversary messages. Do not worry because here you will find the best ones.

Get ready to make this party one of the most memorable moments for your partner, surprise him with a beautiful gift, with a very original celebration and with the romantic happy anniversary messages that we bring to you.

Download free anniversary text messages:

– “I love you with all my soul and it seems incredible that it has been a year since we decided to be together. Congratulations!”
Category: Anniversary text messages

– “You are the great love of my life and I thank heaven for having you one more year with me. Happy Anniversary!”
Category: Anniversary text messages

– “Today is not any day, no! It’s our anniversary and we’re going to celebrate in a way we’ll always remember. “
Category: Anniversary text messages

– “This will be one of the most beautiful days of our existence because we will celebrate our anniversary. Congratulations!”
Category: Anniversary text messages

– “I love you so much my life that I cannot even describe it with words, but with facts I will show it to you every day. Congratulations!”
Category: Anniversary text messages

– “Your love is mine and my love is yours, so it will always be because we were born to love each other. Congratulations on our anniversary honey! “
Category: Anniversary text messages

Cute happy anniversary my love phrases:

– “A day like this we started the most beautiful relationship of all. Thousands of congratulations for our anniversary. “
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “A walk, a gift and to close: a romantic dinner, that is what awaits us on this day. Happy Anniversary!. Congratulations!”
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “There is no such great love as this and proof of this is that today we are celebrating one more year together. Happy Anniversary darling. “
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “You are very special to me and I love you with all my soul. Happy Anniversary! May it be many more years that we are together and in love. “
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “At your side life is totally beautiful; Thank you for giving me the most incredible 12 months of my entire existence. Happy Anniversary!”
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “Sweetheart, thousands of congratulations for our anniversary; May we remember forever this day and that this beautiful feeling accompanies us until the end of our days.”
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “Thank you for giving me another year to your side, you are and will forever be the most important person in my life. Happy Anniversary!”
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

– “My life, congratulations for our anniversary. You are the most beautiful gift that God has given me and I will always take care of you. “
Category: Happy anniversary phrases

A beautiful text containing the most wonderful anniversary congratulations for your partner is a very special gift, one that can awake great joys in his heart.

Do not forget to frequent our page; here we wait for you with more cute congratulation messages for all occasions.

First anniversary letter for my girlfriend

Celebrating your first anniversary is a unique moment that you and your girlfriend will remember forever with joy, that is why you must make the preparations to show her your love and make her feel very happy.

There is so much you can do to make this an unforgettable day for your girlfriend, but what cannot forget is to share some beautiful and romantic words with her through a love letter in which you express your deepest feelings for her.

On this occasion we offer you two examples of love letters you can send to your girlfriend on your first anniversary, so choose the one that suits you most, give it a personal touch and dedicate it to her with all your love.

Example 1 of a first anniversary letter for a girlfriend:

For: The princess of my heart.
From: Your sweetheart.

My beautiful girl, today we celebrate our anniversary and as it is the first one of many we will celebrate, I want it to be extremely special, which is why I want to express my deepest and most sincere feelings through this love letter to you.

I perfectly remember the first time I saw you because I was extremely impressed with your beauty, your sweetness that is evident through your beautiful eyes and your smile full of mischief and shyness at the same time, which made my heart fall completely in love with you.

All the time we have shared together has been like a dream that has come true; I want to thank you because I have been able to feel your love on these 365 days and you have made me feel the happiest man in the whole world.

I want to make a very special promise to you, I want to tell you that my heart belongs completely to you and that it will be yours today, tomorrow and for ever, and I also want to promise you that my efforts will be focused on making you happy because I want our love to last forever.

I wish you a happy anniversary and remember that I love you with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul.

All my love has been, is and will always be for you.

(Your name here)

Example 2 of a first anniversary letter for a girlfriend:

For: The most beautiful girl in this world.
From: The love of your life.

My beautiful princess, you cannot imagine how happy I woke up this morning because I have been waiting the arrival of our anniversary for a long time, the day on which our beautiful love story celebrates its first year of existence.

Blessed be the beautiful day in which you and I found each other on the whim of fate because as of that moment… the purest, most sincere and great love that the whole world has seen was born in our hearts to last for all eternity.

I never imagined there could exist a woman with such a striking beauty and such an amazing intelligence and, as if it were not enough, had a heart full of such beautiful feelings, so I could not help but fall in love with you forever.

I want to wish you a happy anniversary and I promise that I will dedicate every day of my life to you to make you happy and to love you.
With all my love,

(Place your name here)

Your girl will fall for you even more when she receives any of these love letters, so do not forget to dedicate any of them to her and to come back to our website for more romantic love texts. We will be waiting for you!

Nice first anniversary letter for my girlfriend

To celebrate the first year with your girlfriend is very beautiful. It is a sign that the two of you love each other too much so you are very happy with your relationship.

If you meet a year of dating with your girl, let her know how important she is for you and how happy you feel for every day that you spend with her. Do you want to tell your girlfriend how important she is for you?

In this article we present two examples of notes to your girlfriend for the first anniversary. Post some of these notes on your Facebook wall or your Twitter and express how good you feel about having her love.

Example 3 of a first anniversary letter for my girlfriend:

From: Jorge
To: Rosario

My beautiful princess:

I am sending you this note because today is a very important date for us both, I feel like it was yesterday when you agreed to be my girlfriend.

There are so many things I want to say and do not know where to start so I let my feelings to say what they must say.

Every day I spent with you have been the most wonderful of my life, in your arms I feel very happy and just being with you make me feel that I am full.

I love kissing your lips because I feel as we were getting immersed into a beautiful sea of love.

By your side I have learned to recognize true love, you are my motivation to be a better person and I would give the best of me to see you happy. I cannot imagine my life without your great love; you are the woman I always dreamed of.

I love you with all my strength because you are the light that illuminates my path.

Congratulations on the first anniversary of our love.

Example 4 of a first anniversary letter for my girlfriend:

From: Diego
To: Viviana

My beloved Viviana:

I send this note because my heart is full of joy as today we are fulfilling our first year together. You are the greatest blessing that the Lord has given to me; on this wonderful day I want to remember how much I love you.

When we met for the first time, I experienced a beautiful feeling in my heart, no words to explain that warm feeling I felt in the chest and from that moment I fell in love surrendered at your feet.

In your tender gaze it’s reflected the great love you have for me and I can see the purity of your heart.

I feel I am very blessed to have your love, today we celebrate our first year together and I can tell you that I was never so happy.

You are the woman of my life and I will never tire of give you my love.

The love I have is bigger than you know and I know that as time passes it grows more and more. This relationship had a very beautiful start so I will not allow it to end up. I love you with all my soul.

These examples of notes for my love for the first anniversary express much love, your girl will really like that you send some to her.

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Love anniversary cards for her 1,2,3: Original images courtesy of “Cuteimages”/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net,Modified by onetip.net .

Image courtesy of “photostock” / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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What sweet anniversary message do you say to the girl of your dreams on your anniversary? Our experts share their advice on what to write in an anniversary.

Short Love Letters for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

anniversary letters to girlfriend

Love is the best feeling and only luckiest people find a true one.

Loving someone is always a pleasure and undoubtedly a feeling that cannot be expressed easily. In today’s world, cell phones have decreased the trend of writing love letters. But I think, nothing could be a better way of telling your love than these letters.

This article is purely for the lovers, who want some classical styles for expressing their feelings. I have written 25 short love letters, which can be used to send your emotions for your Girlfriend.

Well, enjoy the letters and choose the one that is suitable for your darling

Short Love Letters for the Girlfriend

  1. My Dear Girl,

You entered in my life and enlightened it with your love, kindness, and care. Your unconditional love made me realize the meanings of true love. Your shy nature does not allow the opening to me, but I know you do care about me a lot. Undoubtedly, you are a gem.

I love you, my world.


Your Darling….

  1. For my life…

In today’s age, writing a love letter may look silly, but I love to express my feelings for you through my handwriting… It is an eternal pleasure and I just can’t tell you how happy I’m feeling while writing it to you….

You are the person I’ve ever met in the world. Your bright eyes tell me everything about your purity and innocence. Your kindness and sweetness describe your noble nature.

My dear…

I just want to tell you are my forever love and I cannot live without you.


Your true lover….

  1. For my sweetheart,

I never believed in a true love until I met you…I never believed in woman’s respect until I see your nobility… You made me realize that every woman is respectful… You made me understand the meanings of unconditional love.

Today, with this letter, I just want to admit that you completely changed my life…

Love you!


Your lover…

Short Emotional Love Letters for Her

  1. My dear love…

While I’m ready to write you this letter, I am thinking of the time, when you were not a part of my life… They were extremely aimless days…there were no joys and happiness… I was spending my life as an unwanted load…

But, you came into my life and you changed everything…You told me the real meanings of life and your love lightened up my days like the sun does in the mornings… I am thankful to you for being the best happening to me…


The one who loves you madly

  1. My dear,

To explain my love for you is quite a difficult thing… Even I have never understood the deepness of my love for you. All that I have you and I just want to tell you that you are the forever queen of my heart.

I love you!


Your teddy

  1. My sweetheart,

All the words will fail to express the deepness of my love for you. I have an endless sea of love and care for you and I am telling you that you are only mine…you are only my treasure and I love you more than my life…

Always be with me, please!


The guy, who is only yours

  1. My little treasure,

My lovely feelings for you are demanding to write a letter to you. They want you to be at every moment. They want you to be in me… I love you and will always love you with a core of my heart… You are my world…


Your sweetheart!

  1. My charming girl,

You have given me a reason to live, I wake up every morning smiling because of you, you challenged my sad and lonely life and turned it into the happiest one, I am grateful and I am really lucky to have you in my life…

Thank you so much for everything

From, Your guy

Short Love Letters for Her That Can Make Her Cry

  1. Dear,

With this love letter, I just want to make a promise that I will love you forever, protect you from all evils, trust you in all situations, and will support you when there will be nobody with you.



  1. My love,

I want to wake up with you, eat, and drink with you and Enjoy every moment you. You are my darling and I love you more than myself. I just can’t live without you, my dear. Please, come and change my house in the home with your love and care.

Love you a lot!


  1. My dear,

Roses are beautiful, but for me, you are the most beautiful person in the world. Your heart is so pure and attracts me to love you more and more. Not only that, but you are the noblest lady I’ve ever seen in my life. You are made to be loved and I love you a lot.

Stay blessed


Your true lover

Short Seductive Love Letters for Her

  1. For my girl,

I love you…

I love you for being my sweetheart…

I love you for completing me…

I love you for caring about me…

I love you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me…

I love you and I just love you…


Your man!

  1. My darling,

Our strong bond needs to explanations of love and care, we have for each other. But today, I just want to tell you that you are the most precious gem of the world and I am lucky to have you.

Love you!


Your faithful man!

  1. My world…

You entered my heart slowly, quietly, and passionately…

Your love spread through me and now running in me….

Only God knows the reason behind your nobility and perfect love…

I only know that I love you!


The one who loves you unconditionally!

  1. For the love of my life,

Wherever I see, I see you… Whatever I do, your thoughts are in my mind. Wherever I go, I feel you with me…My heart beats calling your name and all of the breaths run for you.

I love you!


The one you know!

Short Romantic Love Letters for Her

  1. My dear,

When I first met you, I thanked God for introducing with such a beautiful heart. Today, I want to thank God for giving your love to me and building the ever-best relationship with the girl who is a real angel.

Love you…Mwah!


A mad lover of yours

  1. My love,

I am writing this letter to let you know that you have become the most important person in my life. You have become the reason for happiness, pleasure, and my living. You are my real asset.

I love you… Many hugs and kisses for you!


Your Mike

  1. My cutie pie,

Loving you has become the most important part of my life because you are the reason behind my heartbeats and breathing. You are the reason behind my every success.

Through the letter, I just want to tell you that I will always be with you.


  1. For my sugary girl,

People may love someone for the looks and body. People may like someone for their wealth and money. I love you for your innocent heart and purity. My love for you will grow till the last breath of mine.

I will never let you down and I promise to stand with you at every moment.


Short I Love You Letters for From Heart

  1. My sweet love,

I fall in love with you at the moment I saw you. You introduced me to the love at first sight and I promise to love you till the end of my life.

All that I want is to be with me forever…in the world as well as in the heaven…

Love you!

  1. My darling,

It is a bit difficult for me to express my feeling for you because; till the date, I have not come to know the deepness of my love for you. Every day I feel to love you more than yesterday.

You are the one whose love is the most precious for me. Love you!


Your man!

  1. For my future wife,

The day I met you, I decided to tie a long-lasting knot with you. Your beauty, innocence, kindness, purity, and lovely care endorsed my decision every day.

And today, I want to ask you a question. Will you change my house into a home as you changed my life into happiness and success?

Waiting for your response, my dear!


  1. Dear,

I could write hundreds and millions of words for you. Books wouldn’t be sufficient for expressing my feelings of love for you.

But today, through these words, I just want to tell you that I am the most fortunate person because; I have got your love. I am the luckiest because; you chose me between millions of guys.

I promise I will never let you down and my love for you will always make you proud.

I love you!

  1. For my real gem,

You are my world. You are my gem. You are my wealth. Your love has made me the richest person in the world. I live for you and you are in me.

At last, I will die without you!

  1. My dear pumpkin,

I am writing this letter from thousand miles away. I am sitting near the border and its 3 a.m. I am missing you badly and praying for your health and prosperity.

My dear, you live in my heart and my love for you is continuously growing. Please, be always with me as you are the only reason behind my strength and success.

I love you my life…I love you!!!


Your protector

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Letters still remain the most admirable charming form of love. There is no need to wait for your anniversary, her Birthday or the Valentine Day to say how.

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