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Best sorry message ever
June 14, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 1 comment

Tips for I'm sorry messages for a girlfriend, boyfriend, for parents or friends - if you need to say I'm Ever since we started dating you have done everything I asked you to. You always wanted the best in the world for me.

Are you looking for cute messages to apologize to your boyfriend? Posts here will help you to do it beautifully and with a soul!
Heal emotional trauma and show that you love, appreciate and cherish your partner and your relationship. Demonstrate how you repent and realize your mistakes, be sweet, patient and romantic.

I Am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Send & Ask Forgiveness

Apologizes the one, who cherishes the relationship. Let your beloved man realize how much you love him and he will forgive you. Use the messages below.

  • I am sorry for what I’ve done, I trust in your prudence and wisdom.
  • Beloved, with you, I realized that in the relationship lie cannot even be in the name of good. I’m sorry, I feel bad without you.
  • I’m sorry that did not respond to your calls and SMS, I had a hard time in life, like dark clouds obscured the sun, but you helped me see the light again. Forgive me, I love you.
  • Forgive me if you were offended by my stupidity and naivety, you’re very dear to me and I do not want to lose you.
  • My heart is trembling with feelings for you, you are an amazing man, please, forgive me my mistakes.
  • Forgive me for my strong suspicion, you’re just so beautiful and nice that I have to ward off the crowd of your fans. But now I know that you love only me.
  • You are my heart and when I hurt you, I felt so miserable, please, forgive me, I’ll never do it again.
  • Do you know what is the worst thing I’ve ever done? When I hurt you and saw your tears. I know I do not deserve forgiveness, but know that I love you and I belong only to you.
  • I’m sorry that I’ve missed our date, darling, I have a good reason, and I promise to atone, I’ll prepare a delicious supper for you.
  • You are the best man in the world, you are patient and calm, forgive me that I play on your nerves so often.

  • Favorite, forgive me! Today I once again did not manage to arrive on time for an important meeting for us, but I promise that it was the last time! Kisses.
  • I’m sorry for that outburst of anger, emotions overwhelmed me. Thank you for your understanding, patience and unconditional love.
  • Dear, now we should make a choice: we can be either sad and angry or happy and calm. What is your answer?
  • Life is too short to stay offended for a long time. Let’s forget all the insults, I love you!
  • Your eyes are brighter than stars and your lips are sweeter than honey, my heart will be broken if I couldn’t kiss you again. Please, forgive me.
  • Dear, I’m ready to ask your forgiveness every day, if it will help you change your attitude towards me. You are very dear to me, let me prove it!
  • Dear, I’m sorry for yesterday! I did not want to doubt your love, you are a great man and I am proud to be your girlfriend.
  • To go our separate ways is not the exit for us, let’s try to save our love, we have a chance to be happy! Please, forgive me!
  • Our lives are connected and I will never forget you. Show your wisdom, forgive me!
  • I’m sorry that I thought you were flirting with the other girl. My eyes are blinded by love for you and I cannot think rationally when I am with you.

I’m Sorry Messages for Him From the Heart

  • Give me the last chance to make everything right. I’ll become the most caring girl for you!
  • I know that actions speak louder than words, but still, I am sending you my apologies. I was wrong and I hope that my mistake won’t destroy everything that we’ve built for so many years.
  • A relationship is dull without quarrels, but I promise that I’ll make our life brighter not via quarreling, but with the help of sweet words and romantic surprises!
  • I love you more than life, forgive me if I haven’t told you this earlier.
  • I am tired of our senseless fights, I love you, let’s live peacefully and happily.
  • Beloved, my tears dried and I have no more strength to cry, I beg you to forgive me, I was wrong.
  • Listen, do you hear that? Every beat of my heart whispers: “I’m sorry.” I love you infinitely.
  • Dear, I did not want to be rude with you! From today, I will be a very tender woman with you!
  • Forgiveness is a gift, which is worthy not everyone. I hope that I deserve your forgiveness and there will be no resentment in our relationship. I love you.
  • Please, accept my apology, I miss you terribly and need you in my life.

  • I dream to fall asleep and wake up in your arms, please, do not deprive me of the happiness and forgive me.
  • I know that sometimes I am far from ideal, and my behavior upsets you, I am sorry for the pain I caused.
  • Honey, let this quarrel will be the worst thing for us, in the future, we will only understand and love each other. I do not want to lose you and I love you madly.
  • Please, do not close your heart to me, I hope for your forgiveness, my love!
  • My favorite, I always wanted to give you a sea of joy, but not an ocean of sadness. Forgive me if I did not meet your expectations, I will try to be the best for you! I love you.
  • My love, all the unpleasant things that I told you yesterday, I said not on purpose. I’m sorry, I’ll never hurt you again.
  • I may not be the girl of which you have dreamt, but I will do everything to make you the happiest man. I love you, forgive me.
  • I know that sometimes I can be nasty and stubborn, but you always forgive me and love me unconditionally. Please, forgive me!
  • You are a special person for me, who changed my world completely. Let’s look for a compromise and not to disappoint each other. I am sorry if I hurt you.
  • Dear, when you left me, I realized that I cannot live without you. Please, forgive me and come back.

  • I feel guilty because your beautiful smile faded, I will do everything to hear you laugh again! I love you, do not be offended.
  • Dear, love for you has deeply rooted in my heart, so I am always worried when you take offense at me. Please, forgive me.
  • You are very important to me, I am ready to write a million messages about how I’m sorry, if would you forgive me. I am crazy in love with you.
  • Dear, I know that trust is similar to a crystal statuette – it is very difficult to maintain and is very easy to break. Please do not be mad at me!
  • I hate myself because I hurt the most honest, sweet and caring man I’ve ever known! If you can, please, forgive me, I really need you in my life.
  • I behaved like a child, I am ashamed of my behavior, please, forgive me.
  • Your love is my inspiration, please, do not deprive me of the pleasure to be with you. I apologize and I hope for your understanding.
  • These days are empty and cold without you, I never wanted to offend you, and I am truly sorry if I hurt you. I’m sorry, I love you.
  • You are always number one for me, our quarrels only harden us, forgive your little girl and let’s live happily together!
  • My favorite, without you the whole world is tedious, we are the two halves of the whole. Can you forgive me for the last time?

  • I’m sorry if I offended you in word or deed, my heart misses you and I am very lonely. I love you very much.
  • Please, forgive me, and remain a faithful beloved, loyal friend and lover for me.
  • Today it is raining and the sky is crying with me, do not ruin our relationship, be sensible, I love you and you are all that I have.
  • I’m just learning how to be a wise and understanding woman, please do not judge me harshly, I will be better for you. I’m sorry for everything.
  • Love is not only about joy and happiness, love is about tortures, sadness, and misunderstanding, but together we will endure everything.
  • Dear, I cannot glue the pieces of your heart, but if you give me one more chance, I promise I will heal it with my infinite love and warmth.
  • When you came into my life, you filled it with a sense and when you left me, there was an emptiness in my heart. Please, come back to me and forgive me.
  • I do not expect you to forgive me immediately, I’ll give you the time and I hope that one day you’ll let me explain everything. I love you.
  • Darling, I cannot promise that there will be no more fights, but I can promise that I will try to be a better person for you every day.
  • My favorite, the sun does not warm me and the whole world for me does not mean anything, if you are not with me. Please, forgive me.

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I am so sorry for all the stupid things I have said and done. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met, and the best girlfriend any guy could want. You are .

Please Forgive Me. (This Relationship Is Worth Saving!)

best sorry message ever

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend: There is no one who is perfect; everyone is bound to make mistakes. There are so many obstacles in a relationship, and the only way out is through communication.

A relationship might have some misunderstanding, arguments or even fights. When you know there is a mistake you should always find a way to apologize.

Don’t be the cause of tears to the love of your life. Start your relationship on a good footing. When you own your mistake and apologize, it shows you are really sorry for your actions.

Today we are going to look at heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend and I am sorry quotes for girlfriend.


Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

I am not that perfect, but my heart will always beat for you, I am sorry my dear girlfriend.

It was not my intention to make you feel lonely, please forgive me. I am the same person who loves you dearly.

My love, I don’t want to rush you, take your time, I’ll wait for your answer, I am sorry for what I said. Please forgive me.

Since the day I hurt you, I have been having sleepless nights. Please find peace in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry. I love you.

You are the love of my life; I will never leave you as you are the treasure of my heart. Don’t worry my love; I will wait for you to answer. I am sorry my love, please forgive me.

I’d rather spend a second with you than a lifetime with another. Darling, I am sorry for my wrongs, please forgive me.

I thought I was strong, never to live on lies, until this disease got into me. Apologies for lying to you, forgive me my love.

This pain is hurting me, I don’t want to see you his sad, I am sorry my dear girlfriend.

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I Am Sorry Quotes for Girlfriend

It was not my intention to embarrass you at the party; I thought I was just saying on a light note, apologies my love.

Love is never smooth, it has got many phases, I pray we pass this stage and have a long lasting life together. I’m sorry darling.

I’d rather be with you than with someone else, you are the only beat in my heart, and will only love you. I am sorry my dear girlfriend. Please forgive me.

I would be like an angel if I am given the change to love again, I am sorry my love.

I’d rather be alone that with someone else whom I don’t love. Darling, I am sorry for my wrong.

Forgive me for my bad behavior, I promise to be good, my love.

I yearn for your love every day. I don’t want us to part ways for you are the queen of my heart. I’m sorry.

Sorry Quotes for Her from the Heart

I come with a bruised heart and I depress my ego, I am at my lowest point and feel sad for not having you close to my heart. I apologize unconditionally my love, I am really sorry for my actions. I love you babe.

I wanted to make you happy, I never thought my statement would hurt you, I am sorry my love, please forgive me.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I am sorry for being jealous. I can’t imagine a life without you. I am afraid of losing you.

I can’t just imagine how we ended up here, all along I have wanted us to be together forever and now we are falling apart. I am sorry my love.

I don’t want us to continue with this silence. I sincerely apologize, please forgive me. I love you.

I must have been overwhelmed by work, it was not intentional that I forgot our anniversary celebration, every day that I am with you feels like the first day we met, I am sorry. Please forgive me my love.

I am sorry, I overlooked everything thinking I was making you happy, but my happiness lies within you.

I am not trying to take advantage of the situation, but I want to you to know I love you so much, please forgive me. I am so sorry.

I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

I believe in love, and I know I have found my love; you are all I need in my life. Please accept my apology, I am sorry my sweetheart.

I never thought I would feel this way, my heart is so empty without you, I took everything for granted, but now I know you are my happiness. I promise, I will never repeat the same mistake, you are my world. I am sorry honey.

I have done all you had asked me to, I know it was my mistake, I am suffering deep inside, please my love, break the silence. I want you to know I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart and I love you dearly.

I am not just saying this to make you happy, I am saying I sorry because our relationship is more important than anything else in my life, I love you, and I am really sorry my love.

This sadness is stealing my happiness, joy and everything I have always believed in. My love, I am sorry for letting you down. I want to make up for everything I did. I love you.

I cannot get past your heart unless you find a place for me, please forgive me. I am so sorry my love.

I can’t believe I am the one driving you away, while I have been fighting for us to be together, please forgive me for my mistakes. I am sorry.

I am not trying to defend myself, I acknowledge my wrongs and I want to make them right with you. I can’t fall in love with someone else as you still have my heart. I am sorry babe.

You are my life, and I took our love for granted until today, you are all I can think of, you are everything that I have ever dreamed of, I can’t comprehend losing you. Please forgive me, I am sorry sweetheart.

Darling, my love for you will always be the same, it will never change. Give me a second chance to prove it. I am sorry, my darling.

General FAQ

How to say sorry to your girlfriend?

When saying sorry to your girlfriend, there are a few things that she would like to hear from you. Know your mistake, do it in person, say sorry, acknowledge her feelings, answer any query she has and ask for forgiveness.

How do you apologize to someone you love?

Take responsibility, Apologize immediately, Acknowledge they are upset and ask for forgiveness.

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Romantic apology message for her

best sorry message ever

by Karli Haverda

I'm writing this message cause I feel really bad, thinking about the way I hurt you makes me really sad.

I'm sorry for all the hurt I've caused you and I regret the things I've done. I've lost the 1 girl I've ever loved and it was cause of the things I've done.

Baby I feel so bad right now, cause I tore your world apart, and now all I can think about is how I broke your heart.

These tears that run down my cheek are filled with sadness and hurt, because I loved you so much and now I know that it will never work :( I messed up and now I see that you mean the absolute world to me.

I know sorry's not enough because I'm such a screw up.. But for whatever its worth I wanted to say, that you cross my mind every single day...

The thought of you makes me smile, and I know our love was real, so I'm writing you this letter so that you know how I truly feel.

What I really want to say is that I'm sorry, I know that you didn't deserve to be hurt like that, and I know that you will find someone who will love you and treat you right, they will make you happy and that person won't hurt you like I did.

So I'm sooo SORRY for everything I've done, so all i have to say is that I love you and I'm so sooo sorry hun. :(

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I Am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Send & Ask Forgiveness Do you know what is the worst thing I've ever done? You are the best man in the world, you are patient and calm, forgive me that I play on your nerves so often.

"I am Sorry" Messages

best sorry message ever

I’m sorry messages are needed to be expressed when you’ve made an error and need to apologize. By expressing your apology, it usually has a positive effect on both parties. The recipient knows you feel bad, and you can clear your conscience by saying the right thing. It prevents bad blood from festering.

Good I’m Sorry Messages for all Occasions

Can you ever forgive me?

How can I begin to say I’m sorry? Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you.

Please give me another chance.

I hate fighting, and I’m sorry for my part of this one! Please forgive me.

Hope you consider trying to forgive me.

I hurt you, but I didn’t mean to… Please forgive me!

I’m Sorry Messages for Husband

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for hurting you, and if you have it in your heart to forgive me, I want us to start anew.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for hurting your feelings.

I may not be perfect, but my apology is close

Wow, did I ever mess up. Please accept my apologies.

I sometimes say things I don’t mean, please forgive me.

I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings – I take back my words! Hope you’ll forgive me!

I wish I could turn back time and make things right. Please accept my humble apology.

I would hate for our friendship to be lost. Please forgive me.

I’m really, really, really sorry.

I’m sorry, I hope that you can forgive me.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t.

I’ll never forgive myself…but I’m hoping you will.

I wouldn’t have made a mistake with my mouth shut.

I’m Sorry Messages for Friends

I’m sincerely sorry.

So sorry, please forgive me.

It was all my fault, please accept my apology.

I’m soooooooooooo sorry. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry. I’ll never forgive myself… but I’m hoping you will.

My bad.

I’m very, very, very sorry.

I’m wrong – you’re right


Check out the “I’m Sorry” show.

Apology Messages

Please accept this gift in place of the words I said. I’m truly sorry.

Please forgive my foolishness.

We may not have it altogether but together we have it all! Please lets start over.

Will this gift lets  me out of the doghouse? I’m sorry. Let’s make up.

Wish I could turn back the time and make things right… Please forgive me!

— Mike O’Halloran

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We have composed the best 50 cute apology messages to a lover and we have which I left behind ever since we met, please my love don't look at it this way.

best sorry message ever
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