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February 11, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Hey there! Live Chat with a Doctor - FREE is using Chatroll. Chatroll is a free live chat service for website publishers of all sizes.

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See an online doctor in minutes, even at weekends, and get prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes sent straight to your pharmacy or inbox.

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email a doctor for free

It does not matter where, when, or who. Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. It may also happen to anyone, regardless of age and condition.

It is always best to be prepared. How you react to an emergency could be a matter of life and death.

If someone's heart stopped beating and they have to wait for an ambulance to arrive, chances are, it is already too late. Permanent brain damage can occur only after 4 minutes without oxygen. Death can also occur within 4-6 minutes[1].

This is why learning First Aid and Basic Life Support is super important. Being trained would give you the skills to assist and provide care for emergency patients before an ambulance arrives.

Anyone can become a certified First Aider. In Singapore, you can find various basic First Aid courses as well as occupational and more advanced courses. Some schools, community centres and offices also provide free basic training.

You might know that it is a very important skill to have. However, what does First Aid actually mean? What are the things that you should know? Read on to find out more!


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10 Best Online Doctor & Medical Services for 2019

email a doctor for free

Live Chat with a Doctor - FREE

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Guest8469 (Guest): Have a bad cough

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Guest8469 (Guest): Sorry this is the first time i am using it......I cough ,after visting my gp....Everything eas clear,after listening my lungs...But now again..A bit temperature,fatique

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Guest3668 (Guest): So I'm 13 and little bumps on my penis what do I do?

Oct 3, 10:36 AM

Guest8469 (Guest): Ok...I see it is best to go to my dr and being examined again.....

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jassy2016: Hi i need some advice please

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Guest8469 (Guest): But there is no dr here?

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jassy2016: Oh it says chat with a doctor

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Welcome to Live Chat with a Doctor - FREE!

Start your care NOW for FREE by choosing your problem: Sinus Infection. U.S. board certified doctors available on-demand. We will figure out your problem as you go about your day; Once we have an answer, we'll email or text.

Email Consultations in Healthcare

email a doctor for free

Online Doctor Consultation Services

Online doctor consultation are rapidly gaining popularity these days as more health insurers offer telemedicine services to help cut costs. Studies have shown that virtual care may effectively used to treat common problems such as flu, acne, deer tick bites, sinus and urinary tract infections. Video doctor consultations can save patients a lot in time and convenience. 

At $40-50 they typically cost approximately the same as a traditional doctor consultation co-pay, but can also be as inexpensive as a $10 per month subscription. Check out this list of telehealth consultation services below to find an online doctor consultation service that fits your family’s needs.

Want to find out more about telemedicine? Read our comprehensive telemedicine guide here.

Where To Go For A Online Doctor Consultation

CompaniesWhat They DoCostRemarks
  • Immediate access to doctors & therapists 24/7/365

  • Video or phone consultations

  • 11 minute response time

$45 per consultation or by monthly planCurrently #2 in market share, MDLIVE is looking to surpass Teladoc this year. Its investors include the Heritage Group – owned by 250 major hospitals in the US.


MDLIVE reviews from real users

  • 24/7 access to US board doctors

  • phone and online video consultations

  • 16 minute avg callback time
$38 per consultation + annual fee ($150 or less)Currently #1 in market share, Teladoc was late to providing video and is likely to slip off its #1 position this year.


Where does it hurt? Log on – The Doctor is in – MSN Money

Faster, Easier Doctor Visits

  • 24/7/365 on-demand video consultations

  • On web, mobile (iOS, Android), and kiosk
$49.95 per 10 min.American Well started off building telemedicine portals for hospitals, but their solution was expensive and complex (they licensed their video platform from Vidyo). They recently pivoted to providing their own online doctor service, copying TelaDoc and MDLIVE.

The Doctor Is Always In

  • Video consultations on iOS and Android devices

  • Available 4 am-11 pm PST

  • Service in 31 states currently
$40 per 15 min.Its founder and CEO is the son of Dr. Phil (talk show celebrity). Its investors include A-list big shots such as Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures.


Doctors on Demand – Virtual Doctor Visit Services

  • Premier Locum Medical Staffing both online and onsite

  • Physicians Owned and Led

  • Supported with VSee Telehealth Technology
Employer ContractedThe first physician owned and led online marketplace for telehealth and locum medical staffing.


This American Doc at APA 2017

video consultation for various services

set by individual providersDue to low activity, Helpouts is shutting down April 20, 2015. This service is currently free for providers since it is illegal for Google to charge a percentage fee for health consultations. For non-medical video consultations, Google charges 20% of the consultation fee.


Google Helpouts Review

Google Helpouts Shutting Down

Concierge Medicine for Everyone

  • Unlimited 24/7 live phone, video, chat consultations

  • Actionable health checklists, news, & tips personalized by a doctor

  • Priority answers to health questions
$99/monthHealthTap, best known for its vast online database of health questions answered by real doctors, is now grabbing a spot in the concierge healthcare space with its new Prime service offering with unlimited 24/7 virtual doctor visits


HealthTap Taps Doctors for Video Doctor House Visits

HealthTap Offers Uber-like Service for Seeing a Doctor – Forbes

  • Unlimited 24/7 live phone, video, chat consultations

  • iOS & Android mobile app

  • Available in 44 states
$49/visit or co-pay if not fully covered by health planLiveHealth Online powered by AmericanWell / Vidyo has been picked up by health insurer WellPoint / Anthem. First piloted in 2013 in California and Ohio. WellPoint / Anthem began a mass rollout to several states in 2014 including Minnesota, Virginia, Kentucky, Maine…and most recently, Massachusetts.


WellPoint Offers Video Visits in 44 States

Targeting Urgent Care with Video Doctor Visits

Stronger Hospitals – Better Lives
  • On-call remote specialists solutions

  • 24/7/365 call center – 15 minute response time

  • videoconferencing endpoints

  • technology & infrastructure setup
variesThis is of the oldest telemedicine services around and has done over 100K calls. It just raised $32M from Warburg Pincus in Jan, 2014.

Where The Doctor Is Always In

  • phone and email consultations

  • 24/7/365 availability

  • Guaranteed callback in 1-3 hours
starts at $5.95 per month + $9.95 per consultationAcquired by TelaDoc in Sept 2013, Consult A Doctor didn’t try to offer video until it was too late, and they were forced to sell.
  • scheduled phone and video consultations

  • on-demand phone and email consultations

  • 23 minute avg callback time

  • home lab panels

employer providedAn older telehealth company that was started in 2007, AmeriDoc was happily acquired by TelaDoc this year as Teladoc continues to find ways to hold onto it’s #1 market share position

Online Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Diagnosis & treatment plan in 30 minutes

  • 24/7 online clinic

  • Follow-up phone call available
$40 per consultation or insurance co-payOne of the most beautifully designed user experiences for online consultation and diagnosis, they are part of Health Partners.

phone triage answering service for doctors

$69 per month per providerThey started out doing what VSee is doing,and have pivoted off video. Their new model makes a lot of sense, and they are backed by A-list investors such as the Founder’s Fund and PracticeFusion’s CEO Ryan Howard

First of its kind second opinion

  • direct access to U.S. medical specialists

  • video and phone consultations

  • specialist consultation in 3 days

$3000 per case2nd.MD has taken a different slant on virtual care by using video consults to quickly get patients a specialist consultation that might otherwise take weeks or months to schedule.

  • scheduled or on-demand virtual consultations 24/7

  • board-certified ER physicians

  • 6 minute avg wait time

employer contractedArizona-based e-health service of Stat Health Services Inc, Stat Doctors uses the WebRTC-based AddLive video chat service on its new mobile app.
  • Video consultations

  • 7am-10pm, 7 days/week

  • Wait time 30 min. or less

$49.95 per consultMeMD was founded in 2010 by John Schufeldt,
the former CEO of NextCare, a nationwide urgent care chain. A virtual care portal and patient recruitment service, it has associations with Doctors Express and Urgent Care Integrated Network (UCIN)–also Schufeldt-related companies.

Online Doctor Consultations

  • video conference, phone, and email consultations

$9.99/mo + $40 per diagnostic consult + $15.00 enrollment feeLaunched in 2010, InteractiveMD is the telehealth service arm of the iCan Group, a family of companies delivering healthcare solutions, including health insurance and medical bill auditing. Telehealth services are a part of their insurance and lifestyle benefits.
  • real-time video consultations

  • Available M-Th 8-8, F 8-5, Sa 8-noon

  • 2 min. response time

  • iPhone, iPad, Android app

starts at $8.95 per month per individualOne of many online doctor consultation services that are beginning to dot the healthcare landscape. See below for additional companies
  • 24/7/365 radiology & teleradiology services & interpretation

  • Consults by top USA radiology experts

  • 15 min. turnaround for ER cases

competitive, volume-based ratesUSARAD is a physician-owned, Joint Commission-accredited radiology services company which created the award-winning “Radiology-on-Demand®” platform
  • 24/7/365 access to US specialist doctors

  • Email, phone, & video consults

  • 1 hour to 24 hour turnaround time

$49+, membership plans available for individuals, families, and employersSimilar to 2ndMD, SecondOpinions provides second opinion consultations in all areas of medicine, including radiology to connect “patients around the globe with some of the world’s best doctors.”

News interviews

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American Well


More Telemedicine Services

MyidealDoctor– Your direct link to a physician 24/7
NowClinic– Health care online, at any time –
talk to a healthcare provider through video, chat, phone and mobile devices
Sherpaa– (New York) Smarter healthcare for your business
Retrace Health– (Minnesota) nurse visits in your home or by video
Forefront TeleCare– providing behavioral health services via proprietary telemedicine
CareSimple– 24/7 healthcare by phone and web — at home, work, or on the go.

Interested to start a telemedicine practice, consult our Telehealth Expert for more info

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email a doctor for free
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