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Free sample nomination letters
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Personal and Professional Letter Samples and Templates. letter of recommendation templates you can download and print for free. We have tips on writing.

I would like to nominate {Name} for the Customer Service Award for {his/her} work over the last {amount of time} implementing the new customer feedback survey. {His/her} enthusiasm and dedication to providing quality service to our {clients/customers/students} has really helped our online reviews and the word-of-mouth about our organization.

I have never seen {Name} at the job without a huge smile on {his/her} face and a cheerful greeting for everyone who walked in. I have seen {him/her} patiently and graciously take abuse without ever reflecting it back on {his/her} customer or coworkers. There is a dedication to professionalism and kindness that sets {Name} above the rest, and it shows up in the thoroughness of {his/her} work as well. {Specific example}.

{Name} has also done an exceptional job introducing the new customer feedback survey on a broad scale. Already, based on the trends and patterns from the data {he/she} has acquired from {number} surveyed, the company has increased {positive qualities} and saved {amount of money and/or time}.

{Name} is an indispensable member of our team and the best customer service representative I have ever met. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Download this letter of recommendation — free!

Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open the .DOC file format.

Index of letter of recommendation templates

Nominations are now being accepted for the Staff Community Service Award! See below for how Sample Nomination Letter. ** This is a.

Employee Recognition Letter Samples

free sample nomination letters

Downloading the form

You must have Adobe Reader downloaded in order to view and edit the form. You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.

Right click on the link to the form and save it to your computer. Then open Adobe Reader and use Adobe Reader to open the form. Once open, you should be able to edit and save any changes that you make.

Nomination writing tips

Make sure to read the eligibility criteria for the honour or award carefully. You need to clearly explain and include evidence of why you think your nominee deserves to be recognized.

Show how they:

  • impact other individuals or their community
  • encourage and represent good citizenship
  • touch and enrich the lives of others
  • display ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication
  • devote themselves to volunteering
  • earn the respect of their peers and are role models in their field
  • are innovative and creative

Use specific and concrete examples to show how your nominee is outstanding and a deserving candidate for the honour or award.

You must show how and where they have made a difference.

Your nomination should not be:

  • an extended resume
  • a list of educational achievements or transcripts
  • a list of appointments, awards or posts
  • a job description showing what the person has been hired to do

See some examples of nominations.

Testimonial writing tips

Testimonials help to paint a complete picture of the nominee.

The testimonials should:

  • be written by people who can speak to the nominee’s achievement and/or contribution from first-hand experience
  • be current and for the specific honour or award
  • provide examples from different perspectives

They can be written by anybody, not just an influential or high-profile person.

Testimonials should not be a simple statement that the writer supports the nomination. They must include more information about the nominee’s achievement.

See some examples of testimonials.

Nomination examples

Here are some well-written excerpts of past nominations.

He organized the Student Activist Association to reach out to other newcomer students and his desire was to give an opportunity to newcomer students to experience community engagement in Canada to gain their self-esteem and confidence. I was impressed by his altruism in promoting social justice issues in a broader level and engage many newcomer students who are marginalized in the school. I consider this initiative as a tangible step where he created a framework and a forum for marginalized students to get involved and it has a lasting impact. This is very important since our school is home to a diverse student population.”

This nominee took the initiative to do something to help his community. He identified a need and started something from nothing, leaving a lasting impact on his peers, school and community.

Her roots run deep as a newcomer who fled Honduras after her husband’s disappearance, torture and murder. From this tumultuous beginning as a refugee in Canada, she has made a commitment to ease the transition for newcomers to Canada. Her 21-year tenure at the health centre has afforded much success in welcoming, supporting, advocating, and mentoring new arrivals to Canada. She spearheaded the Multicultural Health Department at the health centre, when there was no avenue for newcomers to access primary care. Her department provided cultural interpretation services and peer support to newcomers from several countries looking to settle in her area. Over the years, her work has contributed to the successful transition of thousands of families and individuals.”

This nominee touched and enriched the lives of newcomers. Her initiatives had lasting results and impacted thousands of people in her community.

She has subtly and effectively altered the face of Canadian literary culture over a period of 59 years. First, she was a potent force in fostering the study of Canadian literature in high school and university courses during the late 50s and early 60s, before it was regarded an acceptable field for serious study. Second, in 1975, she co-founded an academic journal which established Canadian criticism of Canadian children’s authors, helping this fledging field develop. Third, she has changed how we read early Canadian women writers – especially L.M. Montgomery, who is now seen, thanks to [the nominee’s] work, as a powerful international influence. Finally, she has served as a role model and mentor for several generations of Canadian women who aspired to professional careers. There is no question that she has made a huge difference in many aspects of what now constitutes Canadian “literary history”, as well as in broader aspects of Canadian culture. She has always been Ontario based, but her work ranged far beyond.”

This nominee has achieved excellence in her field of work and made noticeable changes to the Canadian literary landscape. She has broken barriers, became a role model and mentor, and enriched the lives of many generations of Canadian and international writers.

Testimonial examples

Here are some excerpts of past testimonials written about the same nominee.

I was quite impressed by her maturity and dedication at the tender age of eleven. She is now 17, still visits us on a regular basis and has [organized] numerous fundraising events for the CNIB on behalf of our daughter.” parent

I have never, in 36 years of teaching, encountered a young person so prepared to immediately assume a leadership role when a need arises.” teacher

She has truly inspired me to become more involved in the community, reach out to those who are not as privileged as ourselves, and share our talents with those around us in order to make a positive change in our community and our world. I am merely one of the many lives that she has influenced throughout her daily life.” fellow student and friend

Submit online

You can submit your nomination form for an honour or award online.

At this time, the Hilary M. Weston Scholarship, Champion of Diversity Award and David C. Onley Award must be submitted by mail only.

Before you submit, make sure you:

  • have filled out the nomination form correctly
  • include all necessary supporting documents in the form

Are you ready to submit?

Submit nomination

Submit by mail

You can submit your nomination form for an honour or award by mail.

You can fill the form out on your device and then print it, or you can print it and complete by hand.

Before you submit, make sure you:

  • have filled out the nomination form correctly
  • include all necessary supporting documents in the form
  • send all items together (submissions sent in parts will not be accepted)
  • submit your package with no staples, printed single-sided and on 8.5" x 11" paper (letter size)

Do not send originals of important or official documents.

Are you ready to submit?

Send your form and supporting documents to:

Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
400 University Avenue, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2R9

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Staff Community Service Award

free sample nomination letters

Sample Nomination Essay


My nominee brings strong assets to his/her role and our group is incredibly fortunate to have him/her as our administrator.

First, s/he is dedicated and hardworking. S/he is extremely organized and focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage routine activities both efficiently and effectively. S/he brings a positive high energy and a personal touch. When I began my term as chair, s/he had developed processes and procedures over the years for managing our department that thoroughly impressed me. This brings consistency, as department chairs rotate, and helps each of us to start our term running, rather than scrambling to orient ourselves.

S/he brings true professional attributes to Ross and genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. S/he strives to integrate both an understanding of the big picture strategy and goals (for the school, for the department), as well as attention to details. Many times over the last few years, I have approached him/her on a non-standard matter with only a vague idea in my mind of what we needed or wanted to do. S/he took the initiative to figure out what the area needed with minimal guidance from me, and then delivered on the task as well. S/he also always goes above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing excellence. For example, in supporting our department retreat, s/he collaborated with the departmental committee as a team member and found creative ways to support the vision of the event with regards to the venue. The event received rave reviews by all and helped build the culture of our department.

My nominee easily develops and fosters relationships with faculty, doctoral students, and our guests. S/he actively participates in meetings and events; his/her participation enables his/her to understand the departments’ implicit needs and initiate ideas to support our efforts. S/he is terrific in welcoming our new faculty members and doctoral students, helping them adjust to the Ross School and Ann Arbor more generally. Likewise, our guest speakers and recruiting candidates encounter high quality facilitation of travel and accommodation, a welcoming personal hello, and we get rave reviews from them.

I highly recommend my nominee for a Ross Staff Recognition Award. S/he is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true inspiration.


This employee truly deserves recognition for his/her work over the past year. S/he has tackled the largest project our department has seen with a confident, graceful determination. S/he was eager to manage a mammoth project and quickly set about educating him/her-self about all aspects of the project – above and beyond what his/her job scope required. S/he has unquestionably become the 'go-to' person for anything regarding this project due to this effort. His/her knowledge of the project is well past comprehensive – s/he knows the information intimately. This mastering of the project and everything related to it has been a huge asset to the team as we muddle our way through. The employee has been able to explain things clearly for the team – even as s/he is learning it – and has kept the project moving forward.

Though s/he makes it look effortless, this employee has spent countless hours learning the project inside and out. Despite the huge personal investment s/he has made in the project, s/he is always quick to give credit where credit is due. Whenever s/he is called out for his/her amazing work on the project, s/he makes it clear that it is a group effort, never wanting to take all the credit. Speaking even more to his/her team spirit, s/he is always collaborative – never wanting to step on toes or make decisions alone. S/he understands the collaborative nature of the project and works to make sure that people feel included and have a say, while still staying firm and on-track.

Through this incredibly stressful time, s/he can still be heard laughing often. S/he always tries to stay upbeat, look for positive outcomes or compromises in difficult circumstances, and focus on the good. This employee has been amazing to watch in action this year. S/he has tackled every challenge that came his/her way and has helped everyone around him/her do the same.

Example Nomination Form (Volunteer Now). An example nomination form, as used by Volunteer Now. Attachment, Size. Nomination triochitarristicodiroma.com KB, KB.

Sample Nomination Essay

free sample nomination letters

The various award nomination form templates we have to offer are extremely efficient and prevent wastage of your time. You can add the name and details of the nominee you wish to choose, reason behind why you are selecting that specific nominee and other relevant information. You may also see Award Letter Template From best websites nomination templates to best teacher, best student, best employee and other nomination templates, there is something here for every person’s or organisation’s requirements. The Award Templates are available in PDF, Word or Excel formats and come in a variety of colours, backgrounds and patterns. Just select, edit and print the one of your choice.

Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form Word Format

ncat.edu Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form template is a simple word format, which you can easily fill up the nominee’s name and department, nominator’s name and department, and nominator’s signature and date. It also includes options to describe justification for such an award in the area of teamwork, commitment, leadership and customer service.

Free Download

Service Above Self Award Nomination Form PDF Download

rotary.org Service Above Self Award Nomination Form template in PDF format describes how to nominate a candidate, the criteria and eligibility. In this same form, you will provide the details of the nominee – name, member ID and number of years of Rotary membership, and activities, etc. You also have to provide the nominator’s details.

Free Download

Free Employee Nomination Form Word Format

Free Employee Nomination Form is campus enterprises employee nomination form. Besides providing the details of the nominee and the nominator, you will be providing reasons that justify the nomination. It also includes mentioning the key traits, characteristics and qualities of the nominee in the field of leadership, commitment and teamwork.

Free Download

Award Nomination Form PDF Format Download

tms.org Award Nomination Form PDF Format is honors and professional recognition program. In this form template, you will provide the award title along with the details of the nominee and the nominator. It shows directions of awards selection process, validity, criteria and eligibility to nominate someone. It also provides step-by-step directions of filling up the nomination form.

Free Download

The Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form PDF Free Download


Free Download

Secretarial Award Nomination Form PDF Format


Free Download

Michael Spence Award Nomination Form


Free Download

Education Award Nomination Form PDF Download


Free Download

Free Athena Award Nomination Form PDF


Free Download

Daisy Award Nomination Form Template Download


Free Download

PDF Ruby Award Nomination Form Free Download


Free Download

Individual and Joint Nomination Form Template


Free Download

> What are the Top Uses of Award Nomination Form Templates?

Several award nomination form templates available free online in MSWord, PDF and Excel formats. By downloading and using such templates, you can edit, add the name and all the details of the nominee you want to see win an award. You can also add the characteristics, achievements, activities and reasons why your nominee deserves the award. You can use these awards templates for all types such as best employee, best student, best cadet, best teacher, best scout, best performer etc and so on. Any organization can avail these templates in various backgrounds, styles, patterns and colours, download and print ready.

Who all can use Award Nomination Form Templates?

Award nominee form templates required by anybody who runs an organization or any type of organization such as business, sports clubs, community service group, schools, universities, industrial corporations and many such are available. There are various ranges of ready to use, easy and quick to compose and print award nominee form available in word, PDF and excel formats. These award nominee forms are extraordinarily professional to look at, carefully designed, very beautiful and have efficient outlook. They are easy and simple to add, edit, modify according to your requirements and download and you can print them without going through any struggles.

What are the Benefits of using Award Nomination Form Templates?

Award certificates are the greatest motivators that any organization can give to anybody as recognition. That is kind of showing respect and confirming the approval of having a job well done in any form of work field. Such certificates appeal to bring out the inspiration from a person. Nevertheless, creating documents to nominate somebody is not an easy task. Therefore, award nominee forms that are available online come very handy in such situations. Since they are available in PDF, Excel and MSWord formats, it is easy to add, edit and modify according to your need. They include all the criteria, qualifications, achievements required to nominate a person. With award nomination form easily available for download, edit and print ready, it takes faster to fill the details of a nominee after going through the guidelines and process that come as instructions in such templates. Such templates save your time and help in selecting the most qualified nominee as the award winner. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

Sample Contract Award Letter; Sample Letter of Award Nomination; Sample Letter of Award to Subcontractor; Sample Employee Recognition Award Letter.

free sample nomination letters
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