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Letter of granting permission sample
September 10, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Jun 12, SAMPLE PERMISSION LETTER I grant XXXXXX permission to conduct his/her research at our organization. If you have any questions or.

People with school-age children are usually familiar with letters of permission requested by a school so their child can go on a school trip. Other requests for letters of permission arise in common, everyday situations including:

? A parent giving permission for a babysitter or caregiver to authorize medical treatment for a child
? A parent granting permission for a child to travel overseas with a relative or, in some circumstances, with a divorced parent who does not have custody
? A business or individual asking for permission to use copyrighted or trademarked material

Unless the person receiving the letter of permission asks for a specific format or language, the choice of wording is up to the person writing the letter. There are a few tips that will help to make a letter of permission more effective.

Address the Letter

Address the letter by using the full name of the person, company or agency with whom the person getting permission will be dealing. When this information is unknown, address the letter: ?To whom it may concern.?

Identify the Purpose of the Letter

Begin the letter by explaining the specific purpose for which permission is granted. For example, if a parent is giving a babysitter permission to authorize medical care for a child, the letter should begin by identifying the writer as the child?s parent and state that its purpose is to give the babysitter authorization to obtain medical treatment. The precise permission language will come later in the letter.

Give the Permission

It is important to be clear and unequivocal in the wording of the permission section of the letter. One method of accomplishing this is to use the full names of the person giving permission and the person to whom permission is given. If the letter gives permission for the care, medical treatment or other activity in which a child is involved, the full name and age of the child should be included.

The following sample wording might work for some situations: ?I (insert full name) give permission and consent to (full name of person to whom permission is given) to (identify the activity including the name of a child if appropriate).? A person should alter the wording to suit the type of permission given.

Sign and Date the Letter of Permission

Laws differ from state to state as to the formalities of signing letters of permission. Some states require that the letter be notarized or witnessed while just a signature and the date will suffice.

More On This Topic

Date ______ (date of writing letter). To, ______ ______. Subject: Permission Granted. Dear Mr.

Grant Permission to Use or Publish Materials

letter of granting permission sample

Our copyright permissions sample letter, below, is one example of such a letter. You can review and modify it to meet your needs when obtaining permission to use copyright-protected materials.

This article also sets out how to contact a copyright owner to obtain permission to use their copyright-protected work and what to ask for. If copyright permissions is part of your regular job duties, then our new eTutorial, Obtaining Permission: The Copyright Permissions Request, is for you.

How To Contact a Copyright Owner for Permission

Your library or organization may have a copyright policy or guidelines that sets out a corporate permissions procedure. It may even include a standard permissions letter template. If that’s the case, ensure you comply with your organization’s procedures and requirements.

If your organization doesn’t provide such guidelines, the steps outlined below will assist you in obtaining copyright permissions. You may even create a customized procedure and template that could be the basis of a copyright corporate policy or procedure for your library or organization.

1. Determine if You Need Permission

  • Do you need permission to use an illustration or photograph on your website or in presentation slides?
  • Are you making multiple copies of an article for use in a seminar?
  • Are you posting a video clip on your blog?

These are just some of the many situations in which you may be seeking copyright permission directly from a copyright owner.

Check your country’s copyright law to determine whether your particular use requires permission or if there’s an exception in the law for it.

2. Identify Who the Copyright Holder Is

Your first step is to identify the copyright holder of the copyright-protected work you wish to use. Sometimes it’s immediately obvious, as the work may include a copyright notice with their contact information. There may even be a link to contact the copyright owner.

Other times identifying a copyright owner requires more research. If you locate an image you wish to use through Google Images, there may be copyright and contact information attached to it. Some images that you find through an online search or on platforms such as Pinterest have a link to the source website where you can locate contact details.

If you’re seeking permission to use an article, you may need to contact:

  • The source magazine, book or website publisher
  • A copyright collective such as the Copyright Clearance Center in the U.S. or Access Copyright in Canada.
  • A representative of the copyright owner such as a literary agent, lawyer or heirs

3. Contact the Copyright Owner

How should you contact the copyright owner?

It depends on the information you have about them. There are a variety of ways to obtain permission to use third-party content. You could …

  • Telephone them (then follow-up with a written permission letter)
  • Email or mail a permissions request letter, including the details of your proposed use of the content

However you obtain the copyright permission, it’s best to have a written document as evidence of the permission obtained. A copyright permissions sample letter is below.

What Your Copyright Permissions Letter Should Look Like

There are no standard forms or exact wording to use in your copyright permissions request letter. There are, however, a number of items your request should address. At a minimum, considering including the following items in your copyright permissions request letter:

  • A description of who you are
  • An accurate yet brief identification of the copyright-protected material in question
  • How you’ll use the content
  • Where you’ll use the content (e.g., in a seminar, book, course materials or online)
  • For how long you’ll use the content

Whether you offer payment for that use is your choice. The rights holder, of course, may ask for payment for use of their work whether you offer payment or not.

If you’re sending the permissions request by regular mail, include two copies of the copyright permissions letter and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for the convenience of the rights holder. If the request is by email, ask them to print the email, sign it and return it to you (scanning the signed copy is generally fine).

Copyright Permissions Sample Letter

Below is a simple copyright permissions sample letter. Use it as your starting point or template, and adjust the wording so it best fits your situation.

Dear Content Owner:

We understand that you are the copyright holder of an article titled “The Mountains of North America,” originally published in Great Parks Journal on pages 16–28 in the Fall 2018 issue.

ABC Corporation would like to include the above-mentioned article in a research report undertaken by our employees, which will be distributed for free in print to the 1,000 members of the Mountain Association in California. The report will also be posted on our corporate intranet. Proper acknowledgement will be included with the reproduction of the article.

If you agree to provide us with permission, please sign both copies of this permission letter and return one copy to us by email (a scanned version is fine) or regular mail.

We appreciate your consideration of our permissions request.


David Denson

David Denson, Permissions Officer

By signing below, I warrant that I have the right to grant the permission requested in this letter, and that I provide you with that permission.



Other Copyright Permissions Sample Letters

The above letter is one sample of a copyright permissions letter. By undertaking an internet search, you’ll discover many different kinds of sample permission request letters. Review these letters and use them as inspiration for writing your own standard copyright permissions letter.

Many universities and libraries provide samples of copyright permissions letters on their websites; for instance:

  • This is a sample of a short, specific copyright permissions letter from Dartmouth College Library.
  • Western University provides sample text for a copyright permission request.
  • Columbia University Libraries provides a number of model letters.

Dealing with copyright issues on a regular basis? The Copyright Leadership Certificate program teaches you how to deal with day-to-day copyright issues, including analyzing situations where permission is required and how to obtain that permission.

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Copyright, Fair Use, & Author Rights: Sample Permission letters

letter of granting permission sample

Rajeev Sharma,
NIFT, Gandhinagar.

Date: 18th March 2017

Ashok Kumar,
Cultural Club,
NIFT, Gandhinagar

Subject: Permission Granted

Dear Mr.Kumar,

Concerning your letter dated 10th March 2017, I at this moment grant you the authorization to organize a dance party for college students of NIFT, Gandhinagar in honor of the final year students graduating from college this April. I am filled with delight to know about the bonding you have with your seniors, and it gives me immense pleasure that you want to bid them with a memorable farewell.

You have the cultural club funds at your disposal to pay for the DJ and decorations. The venue should be the central lawn of the college. Be sure to take permission from the municipal corporation to use loudspeakers and send me a copy of the same. The party should not go on past midnight. Notify the hostel warden of the same so that she can extend the time limit of the hostel on that particular day. Make sure to maintain the decorum because, in the case of any hooliganism, you will be held responsible.

I hope you enjoy your party and it is a success.

Yours Sincerely,
Rajeev Sharma.

I am requesting permission to reprint [a portion of] the following work: Otherwise, your permission confirms that you hold the right to grant this permission.

Guidelines : Granting Permission

letter of granting permission sample

There will be an instance in your life where you will be required to come up with a request letter. The situation in which you are required to make the letter templates may vary, but if you want to look professional then that means you must come up with one that is polished.

Free Permission Request Letter Template


File Format

    Free Download

    Free Request Letter For Work Permission


    File Format

      Free Download

      Free Request Letter to Principal for Permission


      File Format

        Free Download

        Permission to Access Records Request Letter



        Permission to Request for Recommendation for Transcript Letter



        Permission to Request for Leave Letter



        And that is the main reason as to why everyone must learn the proper format and the tone of making an official request letter. So if you plan on creating a request letter format which allows you to properly ask for permission to use someone else’s property, facilities, or even to avail another’s services, then this article will help guide you.

        Permission for Holiday Absence Request Letter



        Permission to Request for Academic Reference Letter



        Sample Permission Request Letter



        Steps for Making a Permission Request Letter

        Before you make the letter, you must know that there are certain things that you’ll need to do as well as things that you have to learn so that your it contains everything that it needs. You may also see Letter Format Templates.

        So the following are steps that will allow you to create a  permission request letter:

        1. Identify Who You’re Making It For

        You won’t be able to make a a request if you have no idea about the person of whom you should be asking from. The only way to know who you should be communicating with is if you put in the time and effort to contact the right people to help you. For example, let’s say that you’re writing a formal request letter to a company because you’re trying to ask permission to avail a particular service. Seeing as you don’t know who you should address the letter to, you always have the option to contact the company and ask one of the secretaries or information support to help you figure it out. Although this will take some time and effort, it’s best that you do it to ensure that you’ll be asking the right person.

        2. Learn the Format for a Business Letter

        If you want to make the letter look as professional request letter  as possible, then you’ll need to learn how to create it with a business letter format. Whether you’re sending the permission request letter via email or hard copy won’t matter as both benefit from you having followed the proper format.

        If you don’t know how to structure the letter, then here are a couple of pointers:

        1. Make sure that you place your name, title, and your address at the top left corner of the letter
        2. Place the date right underneath them
        3. Write down the name, address, and title of the person whom you’re addressing the permission request letter to
        4. Be sure that you’re addressing the person properly. Start the letter off with either “Dear Mr.” or “Dear Mrs.”
        5. Make sure that your request letter format has a 1 inch margin on all sides as well as single spacing. Don’t intend and just use a double space in between each paragraph
        6. Use a font that makes it easy for the reader to go through your letter. Good examples of which would be Arial or the standard Times New Roman
        7. End the letter with “Sincerely” and leave at least 4 lines so that you can manually input your name into the letter

        3. Remember to Use a Proper Greeting When Writing Your Letter

        Now that we’re on the topic of actually writing your permission request letter, the first thing that you need to take note of is the kind of greeting that it should have. The recipient of the letter should be greeted and addressed properly as this alone can show that you’re someone who respects those you would be making requests from. The most common form of a proper greeting would usually start with “Dear” followed by either “Mr.” or “Ms.” and the recipient’s last name. If you aren’t really sure of the recipient’s gender, then you can always go with “Dear” followed by the recipients complete name. You may also see Free Request Letter Templates.

        Remember that you should never only use someone’s first name as that will just be considered as rude. Always use either the last name or the person’s complete name.

        4. Introduce Yourself to the Recipient

        If you’re going to ask someone for permission, then that person will want to know who you are before he or she can even decide. Make a brief introduction of yourself, such as your job/position or affiliated organization so that the recipient will have an idea as to who you are. When making your introduction, make sure that it’s only a sentence or two as you wouldn’t want to make it too long to the point where it becomes inconvenient to your reader. Just give him or her enough information about yourself about yourself. You may also see Business Letter Templates

        Remember that the person you’re asking from isn’t exactly required to accept your request, he or she can easily turn it down. Which is why a proper introduction is a sign of good manners and that you’ve put effort into actually making the letter. While to most that may not seem like such a big deal, it’s actually very helpful as a proper introduction may just influence the recipient’s decision to a positive direction. You may also see Reference Letter Templates.

        5. State What You’re Asking Permission For

        One you’re done introducing yourself, the next part is to actually write down what it is that you’re asking for. When doing this, you must make sure that you’re asking in a polite manner so that there’s a higher chance that your request will be approved. Also, you’ll need to be a little detailed as to what it is that you’re asking for. If you already know what it is that you’re asking permission for, then write it down in the letter. you may also see Introduction Letter Templates.

        You should also include other important details such as the date or time in which you would like to have whatever you’re asking for.

        6. Don’t Go Overboard With the Details

        Remember that you should go into this without being too detailed as to what you’re asking for. Just state what you want, when you want it, and how you would like to get it all in a polite manner and that should be good enough to get the reader to consider your request. Be sure that you’re clear on what it is that you’re asking for and that everything can fit in a few sentences or at least just one page. You may also see Simple Request Letter Templates.

        7. State Why the Request Is Important

        This is especially important if what you’re asking for permission is from someone who holds a high position. You need to be able to convince the recipient to approve your request and that’s only going to happen if you state why he or she should do so. By proving how important it is, you’re creating a sense of urgency which will make the recipient decide as to whether not you should get what you’re asking for. To help you with this, try to support your claims of the requests’s importance by providing supporting evidence as well as a statement as to how it can benefit both you and the recipient. You may also see Information Request Letter Templates.

        8. Show Your Willingness to Assist

        If you want to make the recipient learn just how important it is that you get your request approved, then one of the best ways to do that is if you tell that person that you’re willing to assist him or her with anything. Even the simplest of statements such as “if you would like more information, then you may always contact me with the number I’ve provided” can show that you’re willing to work together and that you’re willing to be as helpful as you can.

        9. Close the Letter in a Polite Manner

        Now that you’ve pointed out what it is you wanted to ask and just how important it is that you get your request approved, the last step is for you to close the letter as politely as possible. What you will want to do is thank the recipient for the time that he or she has invested into reading your request letter and that you’re hoping to hear from him or her back. Then end with a proper salutation such as “Sincerely.” You may also see Certification Request Letter Templates.

        10. Proofread Your Letter

        Before you send it to the recipient, you have to make sure that you’ve polished it to the point where there aren’t any mistakes pertaining to grammar, spelling, or even the information about your request. Which is the reason as to why you’ll have to proofread your letter before you send it as this shows that you’ve put a lot of though and effort into actually making it. Never send a letter that you haven’t proofread as even one mistake will make it look unprofessional and that could diminish your chance of having your request approved letter.

        Permission Request Letter in PDF Format



        Sample Copyright Permission Request Letter



        Go through your request letter at least two or three more times so that you can immediately spot and fix any mistakes that you may have missed. Once that’s all done, then you may proceed to send the letter to the person who should receive it. You may also see Request Letter Templates for Leave.

        Sample Permission Request Letter for Faculty



        Request for Letter of Permission



        Letter of Permission Request Form



        If you would like to learn about the other types of letter formats that you can make, then you always have the option to go through our site. It has all the articles you need that contain information which could help you in certain situations. Just make sure that you thoroughly go through whatever you have gathered to guarantee that you are able to use them all effectively.

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        I would like your permission to include the following material with this publication: Please indicate your consent by signing the enclosed copy of this letter and Permission granted for the use of the material as described above: (This letter was modified from a sample created by the IUPUI Copyright Management Center .

        letter of granting permission sample
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