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Letter of transmittal in report writing

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Letter of transmittal in report writing
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the name of the writer and the writer's title (or the name of the firm, if the report is by an outside consultant). • the date. Letter of Transmittal. A letter of transmittal is .

1347 Turing Boulevard
Apartment 256
Ottawa, Ontario
K1T 6M9

November 2, 1992


Dr. N. Wirth
English Department
Algonquin College
200 Lees Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 0C5

Dear Dr. Wirth:

Please accept the accompanying technical report, entitled "A Technical Description of a Bubble Memory Device", in partial fulfillment of the requirements for ENL1819 (Reporting Technical Information).

The report begins with a general overview of the structure of a computer's memory. A second section explaining the basic principles of bubble memory is followed by a detailed technical analysis of an experimental bubble memory built by the Cray Computer Corporation in 1986. The last part of the report describes the probable directions of future research in this field.

I would like to thank Mr. Francis Chen, of the Cray Computer Corporation, and Mr. Yukio Mishima, of the Japan Supercomputer Project, for the enormous assistance they gave me. Thanks are also due to Chantal Belanger for her fast and accurate word processing of very difficult material.

Since bubble memory is a controversial technology, I enjoyed researching this topic very much. I hope that you in turn enjoy reading my report.

Thank you very much for your help with this project.

Yours Truly,

Bill Shockley


Please accept the accompanying technical report, entitled "A The letter is a kind of 'cover letter,' written to the person who told you to write the.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

letter of transmittal in report writing

If someone mails you a complicated document such as a grant proposal or a report, it often arrives with a letter of transmittal. This is a simple, short letter explaining what the document is, and why you're getting a copy. An executive summary in a report or proposal condenses the document to a few paragraphs; a transmittal memo or letter puts the report in context. They're also used for mailing stock certificates after mergers.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

A letter of transmittal is a short letter accompanying another document. It tells you what the document is and why it arrived in your mailbox.

Using a Letter of Transmittal

Reports and proposals often come with an executive summary. This sums up the document in a few paragraphs so a busy executive can get the gist of the report. The message of a transmittal letter is much simpler: Here is a document. This is what it's about. This is why I sent it to you. You don't summarize the contents of the document, you just define what they are. You also provide contact information in case the recipient has questions.

If there are particular issues, such as a report that didn't reach the expected conclusions, you can mention them in the letter of transmittal. You don't have to go into a lot of detail, though – the transmittal memo should be concise. You can find transmittal templates online to help you write one up.

Mailing Stock Certificates

Transmittal letters play a big, sometimes controversial role in corporate mergers. When a merger goes through, the new company takes back old stock and reissues stock in the new firm. If investors own hard-copy stock certificates, the company attorneys mail out letters of transmittal asking the investors to sign the letter and send the certificates back. Even if there are no paper certificates, companies may ask shareholders to sign the transmittal memo before receiving payment for their shares in the old company.

What makes it controversial is that corporate attorneys sometimes put language into the letter banning the signer from suing. Stockholders who don't support a merger or buyout – they don't think the share price is good enough, for instance – sometimes sue the company. The letter says they either give up that right or they don't receive payment for their shares.

A 2014 court decision ruled against the corporation in one stockholder suit. The decision said stockholders were entitled to money for their shares so the corporation couldn't refuse to pay non-signers. Attorneys in the mergers and acquisitions field have developed approaches to get the same result while staying within the law.

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letter of transmittal in report writing

Memo of Transmittal

Follow memo format

Subject: Memo of Transmittal for ....


A MEMO (or letter) of transmittal acts to
  • officially announce the release of the report,
  • give the reader the background necessary to understand the report's importance, and
  • further establish the relationship between the writer and the reader.

Note: Use a letter of transmittal  if you are not a regular employee of the organization.

The transmittal document is the first document in the report package, so, for the reader, it is an important first glimpse of the report. It should be addressed to the individuals or groups to whom the report is addressed.

Memos or letters of transmittal are typically written in an informal style, even when the report itself is more formal. The most important functions of the transmittal document are to

  • release the report - give the date when the report was authorized, by whom it was authorized, and the general purpose of the report;
  • briefly summarize the conclusions and recommendations of the report;
  • credit other members of the project team for their work;
  • note special points of interest that the reader may especially need to know; and
  • specify any preceding event or document relating to the report (if applicable)

(center the page number at the bottom of the page; use a lower-case Roman numeral)

Learn how to write a transmittal letter. Write your transmittal letter today. Letters of transmittal provide the opportunity to remind a reader of a report title and.

Example of a Transmittal Letter

letter of transmittal in report writing

If resumes and applications have As a rule of thumb, letters of transmittal summarize the contents of office files, in the same way that cover letters summarize the entries on resumes. cover letters bulky business documents have letters of transmittal.

Similarly, a letter of transmittal—also known as a memo of transmittal or cover sheet is attached to the document set that it introduces. But whereas cover letters are optional, letters of transmittal are absolutely obligatory. Documents that are to be circulated around the office or workplace must be jacketed with letters If you are new to the office,learn the basics for this sheet with these sample letters

Transmittal for Collection Template

Accounting Transmittal Letter

Business Letter of Transmittal Example

Letter of Transmittal Engineering

What Are Letters of Transmittal?

In a given office setting, hundreds of business documents are transmitted each day; around the workplace itself, to and fro. Apart from labeling the documents for easy categorization, letters of transmittal enable senders to explain to recipients what the files are for and how they should accordingly be handled.You may also see proposal letters.

Letters of transmittal are thus formal documents that provide information about business documents in a single page.

What Are Letters of Transmittal For?

For efficient reference, letters of transmittal front all formal files.

  • Financial reports
  • Business proposals
  • Memorandums
  • Company policy
  • Business reports
  • Business releases
  • Project papers
  • Technical reports
  • Performance sheets
  • Contracts
  • Legal processes
  • Employment verifications (for format see Sample Letters of Employment Verification)
  • And all other documents circulated for businessAccordingly, letters of transmittal should contain the following:
    • document name,
    • sender’s information,
    • distribution date,
    • content summary,
    • recipient’s information, and
    • handling details.

    It could also classify the contents, if it is for public access or if it is confidential, and etc.

    In sum, the letter of transmittal should immediately serve to inform the document’s recipients on how it should be dealt with, as per office guidelines or the standard operating procedures. On the whole, it is a beneficial tool in the workplace that makes for the efficient and expedient processing of all business documents.

Built Transmittal Letter

Letter of Transmittal Appraisal in PDF

Construction Letter of Transmittal

Letter of Transmittal Proposal in Word

Cover Letter of Transmittal

How Are Letters of Transmittal Formatted?

As a formal document, it follows the format of a professional business letter.

  • In Times New Roman, or any other professional font face
  • With font size 12
  • A black text color
  • Printed on a letter or A4-sized bond paper
  • With 1-inch margins on all sides

Additionally, the contents follow this order:

  • name and address of recipient, aligned left;
  • greeting, aligned left;
  • the body of the letter, justified; and
  • signature of sender (optional), which is directly above the his/her name and contact details, aligned left.

Block paragraphs should be used in place of indents. At the end of every paragraph, press the “Enter” button twice.

Application Transmittal Letter

Suggested Transmittal Letter Draft

Order Transmittal Letter

Letters of Transmittal versus Letters of Reference

Although similarly an accompanying document, letters of reference support the larger set of files, whereas letters of transmittal summarize the contents. For reference, see Sample Letters of Reference.


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: 5 - Title and Letter of Transmittal Form

Download free letter of transmittal templates and samples HERE. the name of the individual or the agency which is requesting for the report.

letter of transmittal in report writing
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