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Letters saying thank you
September 14, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 1 comment

My eyes were opened. Saying thank you well matters. Unless you don't care if donors stick around. So here is my advice for your great thank you letter.


May 18, 2019

I just want to thank you for the generosity you have displayed by granting me funds so I can adapt my vehicle.

Since my spinal cord injury it has been difficult adjusting to this new lifestyle. Being able to modify my vehicle gave me the opportunity to drive my car again. It has done so much for me. It allowed me to return to work but more importantly, it gave me the feeling of being able to live a normal life again. Words can’t express my gratitude.




April 16, 2019

We cannot thank you enough for your support. The generous donation was put towards an elevator that provides Ryan freedom of movement throughout our home.

Best wishes for the continued success and generosity of the Travis Roy Foundation. You make big positive impacts on the lives of people in need.




April 11, 2019

On July 22, 2018 when I was competing in Montana’s Big Sky State Games in a mountain bike event, I went over the handlebars of my bike, breaking my neck at the C6 and C7 level and sustained a substantial spinal cord injury leaving me a quadriplegic. I underwent surgery to stabilize my neck, spent ten days in intensive care and four months in rehab at Craig Hospital.

When I got out of the hospital and back to my old bed, I realized how uncomfortable it was and I was very concerned about getting pressure sores. With the Travis Roy Foundation Grant that I was awarded, I was able to purchase a Purple 3 mattress with an adjustable base. My Purple 3 mattress was built using technology specifically designed to prevent pressure sores and skin break down. The mattress is soft enough that I am finally able to get a comfortable night sleep and it is firm enough that I do not sink down and I am able to move around to reposition and transfer myself. The adjustable base is a great feature allowing me to raise and lower my head and feet into multiple positions which is nice for circulation and comfort. It is hard to put in words how much I appreciate the Travis Roy Foundation for their financial help and making my life so much better.



April 5, 2019


I received assistance from your foundation a year ago and I just would like to say how thankful I am of all your help. It’s because of you I’m on my feet standing tall again. I just would like to say thanks a million times and I will be forever grateful of your support!!!!! If there is anything else I can assist with please contact me as soon as time permits!!!!




March 18, 2019

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Chuck and I would like to thank you for your generous gift of a seat elevator for his new wheelchair.  This will greatly improve Chuck’s independence.

May God bless you richly,

Love, Chuck and Rene


I would like to take the time to thank you and the foundation for providing the funding help for a comfortable bed and making it possible to get rid of the two hospital beds and purchase one split king size bed that has an adjustable base and will perform just as well as an hospital bed would but will allow my spouse and myself to sleep together in comfort like any other couple.

I would like to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for their generosity for the grant for my son, Michael Adams. This grant enabled him to have hand controls put in his truck. When my son received the email approving the grant, we were elated and felt so blessed. This grant has given him the independence he needs to continue to be the son, dad, brother and wonderful person that he is. My son’s determination and positive outlook on this life changing event is amazing. We are humbled by the generosity of the foundation and how they have and continue to help SCI people. Words will never express the gratitude we feel for this amazing gift.

Thank you, Sandy Dunn

Within 2 weeks of my wife submitting a grant request to the Travis Roy Foundation for a ceiling lift we received notification that our grant was approved.  I was blown away with the generosity and speediness of the request.  The ceiling lift is the single most used piece of equipment every day.  We are so happy we have had the pleasure of meeting Travis 2 times in the past year and have been able to personally thank him.  He is such a kind and selfless person and we are so grateful.


Les Foster (C4/C5) injury August 6th, 2016

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Travis Roy Foundation for their generous grant of $3500 for a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed.  On July 3rd 2016 I broke my neck at the C6-C7 level which resulted in a spinal cord injury.  During the months of rehabilitation that followed, the importance of being vigilant for and preventing skin pressure wounds was emphasized over and over.  My Sleep Number bed plays an important role in accomplishing this task.  The bed equalizes the pressure on my skin along the sleep surface, I can adjust the firmness of the bed for activities such as dressing and I can lift the head of the bed to make activities like reading and watching TV much more comfortable.  Thank you again for making this possible and helping me toward achieving my goal of independent living

Michael Delisle

Please relay my thanks to the folks of the Travis Ropy Foundation for providing me with funds to purchase a Smartdrive for my wheelchair.  I am very grateful for this technology and it is, and will likely continue to be, a positive change in my life. I would not have had the opportunity to experience this assistance without the TRF funding.

After over 40 years as a wheelchair user, my wrists, elbows and shoulders are pretty well shot.  This transition from an active life to a more sedate existence has been difficult for me psychologically, however, this device allows me to continue to get out and about without further degrading my arms. It gives my arms a bit of a rest and that helps me regain and maintain a positive attitude!

I am very grateful for you financial assistance. Thank you again for helping me purchase this device.

David  Baggett

This gift has enabled us to modify our bathroom for our son Kiland. In 2013, Kiland suffered a serious spinal cord injury (level C6) in a diving accident. He is unable walk and has limited use of his hands. After his injury, access to our bathroom and the use of the shower was extremely difficult and frustrating for him. We took off the doors to our walk in shower, but he still had to transfer to a bench. Balancing on this bench wasn’t ideal and he couldn’t turn the knobs, so I would have to assist him with his showers. Now, at 18 years of age, he is wanting more independence and privacy. With the modification and roll in shower he is able to take a full shower without my help. He simply rolls his shower chair into the shower and relaxes in private. He can also use the sink with ease. 

The modification has been life changing for him. Kiland is so happy, that any family member who visits, he wants to show them his new bathroom. We cannot thank the Travis Roy Foundation enough for its support of Kiland. Our family will be forever grateful.
Kyra Holland

We want to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for the generosity the Travis Roy Foundation gave Christopher in allowing him to become more independent.  Christopher uses the elevator several times a day and it is a joy to see him utilize his bedroom, bathroom and “hang out space”.  The elevator Travis Roy Foundation helped purchase is bringing normalcy into Christopher’s life.

Thank you for your compassion and understanding and helping keep Christopher moving forward, focusing on getting stronger, independent and hopefully one day to walk again.

Christopher, Charles, and Belinda Cameron

I wanted to share my excitement upon opening the letter of grant approval I was floored and in shock. Through your generosity the ability to travel with my power chair which I need to become independent within my community as well as enjoying my outside hobbies with my family. This equipment will help to shape the way I live from this point on. I can’t thank you enough for the ability to live my life outside of my house to the fullest as well as the ability to be able to watch my children play sports. I am truly humbled I am looking forward to go fishing in the spring. Thank you again for your generosity I am truly humbled. If there is anything I can do to help going forward please let me know.

Marc Carignan

We would like to give you a huge thank you. The computer with Dragon software has made a huge difference in Mary’s daily life. She talks with and sees the grandkids every several days. Your organization makes lives better and may you continue your service for many years to come.

A few months ago I contacted the Travis Roy foundation for grant. About a month ago I received a grant in the amount of $5000. Since then I have used the money to make modifications to my vehicle so I can drive myself and not have to depend on someone for a ride every day. I wanted to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude for the Travis Roy Foundation. As some of you know, the road I face as a quadriplegic is not going to be easy. There are many things that I am going to struggle with and some things that I will not be able to achieve, especially on my own. To me, getting back on the road was one of these things. Driving equipment, although helpful for someone in my shoes, is very expensive. The money I received from the Travis Roy Foundation made it possible for me to achieve this milestone. Two years ago when I was injured, besides renovations to my home so it’s more accessible, driving again was one of my biggest goals. Once again I just want to say thank you. Your generosity humbles me and alters my perception.

Garrett Buzzard

Hi my name is Tyrone Cook Sr. And would like to thank the foundation for their support and the grant I received for my hoyerlift. It is such a big help with transferring in and out of bed and my chair, it makes a big difference in my life.

Thank You.

I would like to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for its generous gift of $600 for much needed repairs for my conversion van. I live at home with my wife and two of my three children. I have been paralyzed from my chest down (T7 level) since August of 1991. Over the last 4 1/2 years I have not been able to teach part time which was a big part of paying my bills. This grant will help me get back to work.

Thanks, Bruce

Dear Travis Roy and Board Members,

Please excuse the tardiness of this thank you.  I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.  The $5000 grant that was put towards the purchase and installation of an elevator in my new home has provided me with so much freedom and independence and has made an enormous impact on my life.  The elevator allows me to access all levels of my home and to enter and exit into and out of my home through the garage with ease.  Words can not express my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance in providing me this privilege and giving me this liberty.  Your kindness and generosity will remain with me forever.

Thank you & God Bless You,  Mark Messina

I would like to thank you so much for the $1,000 granted to me for my ramp. Because of this great gift, my parents do not have to carry me inside the house. I feel more independent because of this great gift. People do not understand that everyday things such as going inside my house became an obstacle.

Thank you so much. – Anaiss (13 years old)

Dear Travis Roy Foundation, you have done a wonderful thing!, and I can’t thank you enough!I was surfing the web looking for help me and a friend. I really didn’t know what that was. My life was different after my injury. I needed something more meaningful, watching TV everyday wasn’t getting it. My son introduce me to the web, something called Webtv. I wanted something a little more advanced, so when I surfed and found the Travis Roy Foundation which help people with spinal cord injuries. The Travis Roy foundation has blessed me with a grant to have a computer and a naturally speaking dragon.

This has giving me more independence it has made a great impact in my life! I can communication with my family, close by, and long distance. It allows me to take care of my business, read, listen to CD’s, watch video’s, and social media it’s a huge blessing and I thank you for that, by the grace of God. Now I feel part of the world through the internet. Travis thank you very much! being confine to a wheelchair hasn’t stopped you!….Keep the great work up helping me, and others, may God continue to bless you and the people who are responsible for helping you with this foundation.

Thanks again Tonna!

May I say thank you Travis Roy Foundation for getting me a new roho cushion for my back up wheelchair. For the longest time I’ve been switching cushions between two chairs because the last cushion ripped beyond repair. One chair is powered and the other is a manual that I often switch back and forth due to going out or staying in. As expensive as these cushions are I did not know where or when I would be able to get one myself but you came to my rescue. Whew! What a difference it has been having two cushions again. I’m so thankful for the good you do not only for me but for many other people as well. So thank you again Travis Roy foundation you have truly made a difference here.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of those responsible for the financial assistance.  The van that I purchased back in April 2014 would probably still be sitting in my garage without your help,  It had a lift on it already but was not set up so I could drive it.  I needed power door openers, a power seat base, and hand controls to be able to drive it independently.

I picked up my van from having the additional modifications made on June 20.  What a change over the 1985 van that I had been driving!  I’ve owned and driven that van since it was new.  The van I bought in 2014 was a 2011 model with only 18,000 miles.  Oh what a difference a 26 year newer vehicle makes!!  Although the 1985 has been like one of the family.

 I know thank you just doesn’t seem like nearly enough!  My deepest heartfelt thanks for your assistance in helping me to keep my independence.


David B. Horsfall

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

I would like to thank you for the grant you have given me for my computer.  As you know, the complications that come with a spinal cord injury do not stop a few months after being injured; they are life long and new ones come and go.  Recently, over the past few months, I have been experiencing severe stomach pains and have not been comfortable enough to attend school nor have I been comfortable enough to enjoy the things that I like to do.

The computer that your Foundation as purchased for me will allow me to catch up on my high school work and allow me to move on to college where my computer will continue to help me to progress into my future with confidence.

Though my stomach pains are temporary (I hope), the love and understanding I feel when working at my computer will always be there and I thank you so much for what your foundation does for people with spinal cord injuries.  My accident was life changing and so is this computer (in a great way).  My hopes and dreams for a better than normal life and career, will now be easier to achieve.

Thank you


Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you so much for awarding me a grant to purchase a new laptop computer.  The grant is a tremendous help, and I am truly grateful for your support.

I just finished my first year of medical school at the University of Wisconsin.  It was a year full of challenges and triumphs, and I am convinced that medicine is my true calling.

Thank you to your organization for support students who have overcome spinal cord injuries.  I hope to serve as a mentor for students with disabilities who want to become doctors.   Again, Thank You.


Jeff Mahlum

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

 First of all I would like to thank [the] Lord for making Foundations like yours help people like me.  Thank you for granting me the grant to get my lift replaced.  It came just as it was getting worse and breaking more.   Now I can keep my independence, and keep trying to find work.

I’ve been all alone since my mom passed a few years ago and depend on no one. I’ve had it bad sense then, but with the blessing you gave me I can keep moving forward.  Again Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


Kenneth C.

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you so much for awarding me a grant for an iPod for my medical education.  This technology will be invaluable for studying purposes, and I am so grateful for this.  Your support truly means a lot.  I finished my first semester of medical school, and I started the second semester last week.  It has been going really well, and I am excited for gross anatomy this semester.  Again, thank you so much for your support!


Jeff Mahlum

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

I would like to thank Travis Roy Foundation for their generous gift that will allow me to continue leading an active and independent life. Spinal cord injury puts all sorts of limitations and challenges in people’s lives, and I am very grateful that with your help I will be able to overcome one of these challenges. Installation of hand controls in my car brought self sufficiency back into my life and will make my unlimited mobility possible.


Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you very much for the grant, [for] the computer and dragon software.  They are both going to be very helpful for school which I’m sure you know is more difficult.  My family and I have appreciated your support and help through out this.  Hope all is well.

Dan Waite

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you so much for your kindness. The computer will be very helpful to Kelly. You have made a difficult year that much better.

Thank you.

Mary Ann – Kelly Dwyer’s Mother

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you very much for the grant to pay for my platform lift. It has truly changed my life. I was not able to get out of my house by myself, and now I can get out anytime I need or want to.

Once again, thank you very much. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your organization. People with SCI are blessed to have you to help out in our time of great need.

Thank you

Gary Shandera

Dear Sirs and Madams

I’m writing this note to express how grateful I’m for having receiving your charitable gift which is a new laptop computer. In fact, it is more than a computer that I got. It is the materialization of the love and care of the noble Travis Roy Foundation towards vulnerable people.

Happiness is an understatement!

Thanks so much!


Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

We are truly grateful for your commitment and dedication to helping family’s like ours who are adapting and living fully in the setting of a spinal cord injury. On October 27, 2012, we were stunned with the unimaginable, a football injury resulting in a catastrophic spinal cord injury to our son, Sterling Thomas. We found ourselves in need of your support and you came through for us.

With your grant of $2467, a shower chair has been purchased and delivered to Sterling. Thanks to you, Sterling is able to luxuriate in what most of us take for granted…a steamy, warm shower! Yes, Sterling is glad to have a shower chair which allows him to perform his personal care with greater independence and dignity.

Again, thank you, Travis Roy Foundation, so much for helping Sterling and our family to “Move Forward”.

Sterling Thomas and family

Thank you for awarding me this amazing grant for a computer. I am very excited to receive it in the next few weeks and be able to independently do school work. I am very excited that I will have some assistive technology to help me maneuver the computer so that I can be successful in completing my work. Having this computer will help me be one step closer in achieving my goal to becoming an accessibility and sustainability consultant in the design field. Thank you!

Kelley Gaddu

At this time around Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all the blessings we’ve received thru the year….. The greatest blessing was the grant given to my brother Karl Seitz, from your generous Foundation. He is loving the amazing computer he recently received. It will allow him to communicate with his doctors to keep them updated in his daily care. Most of all, it connects him to the bigger world and he will be able to feel productive and less isolated.

“We” thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are an angel sent from above to help others in need.

Julie Hello

I just broke down in tears, the happiest tears out of any of my daily tears over the past 6 months. Please extent mine, and my sister’s enormous gratitude to the foundation. I don’t even know what to say, I’m very taken back in relief, tears and overwhelmed that someone is going to help her. God Bless You and The Foundation – please let me them know that gratitude isn’t a big enough word, there are no words.

Kimberly Friedson

It’s 7p.m. CDT and I AM SPEECHLESS. God bless you and the Board and I may have understated just how much of a “blessing” this is. I have slept on a recliner since my accident and the last time I tried a mattress was when forced to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I laid down for perhaps an hour and had to sleep in the motel chair. THANK YOU so much and I should overcome this shock by tomorrow and will work on new estimates to keep the price at or under $700. I will be in touch with you before Thursday and thank you again. I thought the Board had voted by now and had given up hope.


OMNI Behavioral Health wishes to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for the generous grant to help install a wheelchair ramp for an individual we work with in the small rural town of Ithaca Nebraska. With the new ramp, which will be installed next week, he will be able to enjoy more activities with his family and regular trips to church and out to eat, and attend his regular doctor appointments in Omaha. In the next few weeks I am sure you will be hearing from his guardian and other family members also about the newly installed ramp. We appreciate the fact that there are organizations that are willing to support the disabled individuals in our nation to live their lives fully and completely to the best of their ability. Thank-you for allowing this to be accomplished in a timely manner.

Deborah Monfelt BFA, MFA, Extended Family Home Coordinator

We are sooooo appreciative of the grant to help us out with the ceiling lift. It is truly so much help for me when I am putting Bill in the bed at night, and getting him up in the morning. He weighs around 250 and even though we transfer on a slide board I am doing at least 60% of the work. The lift makes it so much easier.

Thank you and the Travis Roy family and Foundation. What a wonderful gift you are giving.

Love, Susie Gurley

Dear Travis Roy Foundation:

Thank you for the Grant for the Dell Computer. I just wanted to share with you what the grant will do for me and my future. First I would like to give you a little background on myself. I have been paralyzed from a swimming accident since June of 1990 and I have worked extremely hard to not let my paralysis dictate my life, or my dreams, for that matter. I have two children that I had after my accident. I have a daughter Britt she is 15 this upcoming April and my son Tyler is turning 12 Feb 13th. They are the reason I keep fighting the fight so to speak.

I have been successful at virtually everything I have set my mind to doing from raising my children to working countless hours at my previous corporate career with AT&T. I believe each and every one of us has what it takes to accomplish the dreams we have. I decided to go to school after being laid off during the rough economy. I had numerous setbacks that financially put me in a position that I was not sure if I could afford to go to college. I realized that I needed some help to get through the temporary issues. So I started researching and came across your foundation and it has truly been a blessing. I will be able to complete my education in a timely manner and continue to support my family. Thank you again for having such a wonderful foundation. If there is anything I can ever do in the future for the foundation please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Jason Lindahl

Many thanks to Travis Roy and to each of the trustees of this extraordinary foundation for your dedication to helping improve the lives of so many. I am a recent beneficiary of your kindness and generosity, having received a grant to purchase a standing frame, which will undoubtedly have profoundly positive effects on my physical and psychological health.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Rebecca Tripp

Hello Travis Roy Foundation, I want to thank you for everything your Foundation has done for me. I have the best computer set-up anybody could ask for. I get compliments from visitors walking by my room.

Thanks again.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Travis Roy Foundation for the generous grant awarded to me. Because of this grant I am on my way to a more independent life!

Thanks Again,
Ben Goss

To the Travis Roy Foundation

I cannot express how much we thank you for the money you have donated to the Jackson Family They have are the appointment for the wheelchair lift to be installed.

You have provided hope when there was none to find. Thank you to your staff, board members, and the Travis Roy Foundation for what you have done.

Sheila Matson (Marvin Jackson Family)

Dear Friends,

We write to express our appreciation and gratefulness on behalf of Ed and Carol Gregory. Ed is a quadriplegic cared for at home by his wife Carol since 2009. The Foundation approved the purchase of a $2100 shower chair in Dec 2011. The chair is a God-send and makes it immensely easier to bathe Ed and keep him clean. When told of your approval of the chair, he said, “You mean I can now get a shower?” Since sponge baths has been his lot for two years and more, he was elated, as was Carol. So thanks to your donors for opening their hearts and wallets to those who suffer and are in great need. Thanks to the Board for choosing Ed as a recipient of not-enough-funds to go around for the many requests from which you must choose. Thanks to your very helpful and efficient staff which interfaces with the public. God bless you all beautifully.
Hazel and Gary Bovard (friends of Ed and Carol)

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,

I am writing to you all at the Travis Roy Foundation to express my sincere and deepest appreciation for your help fixing my kitchen.

The difference you made in my daily life is so incredible and my life has become much easier. There really are no proper words except on the bottom of your stationery “Helping others move Forward”. I have to say that does say a lot and you all have given me a chance to move forward and be so much more independent.

I will forever be grateful and will send you photographs in a a few weeks.
Noel Cariere

To the Travis Roy Foundation!

Thank you for the grant to help me be able to get my new wheelchair! Ya’ll are a life saver….
Thanks so much,
Teresa A. Myer

Dear Travis Roy and Foundation,

I would like to thank you for your kind and generous grants I applied for in 2011. Your grants allow me to live as independently as I can. My new computer is running and my environmental control unit in my apartment is just great. Also the grant for my new wheelchair necessities has allowed me to get rid of my broken and unrepairable wheelchair.

Thanks again,

Brian Kandal

To the Trustees of the Travis Roy Foundation and staff:

As we all gather for Christmas and the New Year with family and friends, I will be reflecting on all that brings meaning and joy to my life. I will be thinking of all the new friends that I have made through my new life’s journey. I want you to know that I am so proud and grateful to the Travis Roy Foundation for the great gift to help me continue my new life. This door opener will allow me to get in and out of my house by myself, and let me have more freedom then before. The Travis Roy Foundation has gone above and beyond by helping people get back to a better level of life.

At this time of the year, we have been taught that it’s “better to give then to receive”. I have always been a giver, but this is one gift that I’m very happy to receive. This just goes to show me about how my life has touched so many others. It is true; I am having “A WONDERFUL LIFE” through good times and bad! Your donation shows me that I must be here to make a difference on my life or influence someone else’s life. Even through a tragedy, you must keep your head up, because you don’t known how you may affect others.

Again, Thank You, and I will keep you in my prayers.


May you all have many more. Please keep up the great work!

Dale H. Steuer

Dear Travis Roy Foundation,
Thank you for the grant of 5,000.00 for van modifications. You have gave me the gift of independence of a life time. I have been able to volunteer in my community, work and have a social life. And for that, I thank you!
Recently, I volunteered for the city cleanup sweep. I wore a shirt that said, “We matter We contribute”. I think it’s important to show awareness of the disability community. I hope it inspires people to realize.. if she can contribute in a wheelchair, I can too!
It’s only possible for me to help others, because you helped me!

God Bless you, Have a Merry x-mas & Happy New Year!
Toni Martin

I know I have expressed in previous e-mails for the graciousness of this grant and how it would allow me to pay it forward and hopefully as the bills shows I spent this money frugally.

I can’t imagine how many applications come in each month and what an arduous task that must be for the Board of Directors to make difficult decisions on disbursements.

Sometimes in life, things happen too fast. Every day we face interruptions, delays, changes, and challenges; when we are feeling overwhelmed, one simple concept that can get us through the most stressful of times is gratitude! It’s the gratitude that comes from the Travis Roy foundation that give others the wherewithal and fortitude to carry on. I believe Travis and his foundation have truly epitomized the word” SELFLESSNESS”

Dan Iagatta III

I heard about Travis Roy long before my brother Daniel Iagatta’s c4 injury in 2004 and I certainly didn’t know, at the time, that it would impact us in a positive way.

He is 48 years old. He has been driving for 5 or 6 years now and when he received his new chair he wasn’t able to do as much and he wasn’t getting around as much. I would love to thank the Travis Roy Foundation, on behalf of myself and Dan’s family, for retrofitting his new chair to his van in order to gain his independence back.

As a master plumber of 23 years, paramedic,pt firefighter , he has given so much to the community and now the community has given him so much in return. Thanks to this foundation he can continue to deliver meals to the homebound for “Meals on wheels”, teach religious education for Saint Mary’s in Foxboro and most recently he just landed a teaching job! Thank you again for giving him back his freedom. 🙂
Marilyn Iagatta Kristenson

You have made our day, month and year. What a wonderful surprise it was to get your note. We are trying to save more money to do the full conversion and appreciate the year of time to reach that goal. Hopefully we will reach it sooner than later – this grant really helps us get on our way! I look forward to sending pictures of me in the van with my three little girls. I will keep you posted. Please extend my deepest gratitude to all in your organization and to the trustees. I wish you all could be here today to feel the joy we are feeling. Words do not do my feelings justice. THANK YOU! Your grant has not only changed today, but many days in the future.

Truly, Sam Russell

Thank you so much for negotiating this and sorry if it was any hassle. I have had the wheels now for 4 months and without them I would not have had the independence I enjoy now. Not to mention they are kind of fun. I can wheel for miles and it is a breeze!

Travis Roy did a talk at the prep school I attended, Brooks School, when I was there around 2003 or 2004. I never thought years later that I myself would face his challenges and I remember him to this day. In this light, the grant the Foundation has awarded me is even more special. I am both touched and extremely grateful that there are people out there who understand my needs and are willing to help out! I will send you all a photo of me with my wheels in the near future.


Daniela Schirmer

I would like to thank you for helping realize my dream. You played such a huge role in this entire process. Thanks to you I have obtained a huge degree of independence. I appreciate all of your time, energy, and effort that you have invested in order for me to obtain my dream computer.
God bless you and your family,

Eli Alvarado

I received my new ultralightwieght wheelchair today and I just can’t thank you enough for allowing me to keep my independence. Its been along time since a smile that big has been on my face, and thanks to you I can keep up with the best of them. As I stroll down the road I enjoy my freedom, and the outside world and now I have the wheelchair to do it all in style. You are no doubt my angel, and as far as I know I can’t thank you enough for how grateful I am that there was someone like me out there to understand my situation. So again a lifetime of thank you’s, and god bless. Sincerely, David Curtin

To Everyone at Travis Roy,
I would like to say thank you for the funding that you provided which allowed me to get the lift for my pick-up truck so I can take my power wheelchair outside of the 4 walls of my home. Your generosity means so much to me and has given me new hope. I can now go places I hadn’t been able to in years – including my appointments!

You’ve made my life so much easier and joyful. I would never have been able to afford this on my own.

God Bless you All. Thanks Again,
Carl Clark

Thank you for helping others move forward!!!

Travis Roy Foundation,
Thank you so much for getting me the funds for the head mouse. I am still learning to use it but it is giving me something to do with my time! Living at a nursing home is hard, but this helps make it better.

Mark Hosking

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Travis Roy (Foundation) for allowing me to keep my independence by helping me purchase an ultralight wheelchair. I can honestly say what would I have done without a caring Foundation like the TRF. I got the call from Brenda on Monday and all I could do was cry happy tears when I received the message that I got my grant. Never give up the battle for those that are suffering from a spinal cord injury, I know I haven’t. Thanx again. David

To all at Travis Roy,

I recently received funding from the Travis Roy Foundation to pay for modifications to my van to make it wheelchair accessible. The van came out great! I’m happy with it. The new conversion done by HDS of GA, has a 9″ cut in the floor, making my driving from a power chair easy, comfortable, and safe.

Special thanks to the Travis Roy Foundation for understanding the issue of independence and assisting people that can then help themselves and others.
I am forwarding some pictures of the van. Investing in people with disabilities returns us to productivity. We are all in this together.

Bart Brophy

Mr. Roy,

There are no words to say thank you for your wonderful gift of independence, as I am sure you are aware, how important that is in daily living. You and the Foundation are inspirational to all of us who live this challenging life. Also, I would like you to know how wonderful Mrs. Taylor and the Morse’s are – you chose well, and I am so blessed for getting the opportunity to get to know them. I hope that if you are ever on the Cape, that I have a chance to meet you and thank you in person.


Thank you so much for everything you have done for Grace and our family. Thank you so much for your generosity, kindness, and awesomeness. We will cherish your kindness for now and forever. Words cannot express our gratitude!

With Love,
The Meek Family

My name is Christopher Miller and I would like to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for the grant of $1400 for a new computer, printer and portable hand controls for a car. I don’t know how I could have got this without the foundation. I would like to thank all at the Travis Roy Foundation for what they have done for me. Thank You and god bless the Travis Roy Foundation.

-Christopher Miller

Post spinal cord injury my “life” has changed. Maneuvering around home is always a formidable task. My wife constantly picks-up after our two daughters (ages 5 & 9), but it is like shoveling during a snow storm…….minimal results. My girls fill the house with love and joy, but continually litter the floor with books, toys, shoes. All of which make wheelchair mobility rough. Fortunately, we are now able to utilize our downstairs (family room, toy room, kitchen) due to a newly constructed ramp. I can now roll around my property far more efficient. This foundation provided me the ability to acheive further independence, without their aid and support this could not have happened. Thanks for all your much needed support.

Thank You,
Eric Shairs

To the Travis Roy Foundation:

I would like to offer my sincerest thank you for the funding that you provided that allowed me to purchase an Easystand Evolv Standing Frame.

Throughout my life I have always made my health and physical fitness a top priority. Since my skiing injury and associated quadriplegia I have realized even more so how extremely important it is to take care of my body. I regularly go to physical therapy to work on my strength and conditioning, eat a healthy balanced diet, and maintain an active lifestyle. This was all great in maintaining what strength I did have in a wheelchair, but did little to challenge my body in an upright position. The only way I could do this was with the purchase of a standing frame, something that was financially far outside my budget.

This is where your foundation was so helpful. By providing me the funding to purchase a standing frame you have given me the perfect piece of equipment to help challenge my body and build fitness in ways that I could have never done before. My balance has improved, I feel lightheaded less often, and the psychological feeling of being tall again is so incredible it’s hard to explain.

Thank you! Thank you, for providing me with a piece of equipment that makes me healthier. And, thank you for being an organization that helps people challenged by this disability.

Sincerely, Michael Chasse

Board of Travis Roy Foundation,

Thank you so much for the grant for my bathroom. We moved in a few weeks ago. What a treat to have this wonderful bathroom that I can use. You have helped me so much and given me even more independence. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. But again thank you for helping me and other people in my position.


Christopher Chaput

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy you just made our family!!

What a blessing! I am ecstatic!!
God bless you all!

Thank you so much,
Kristy Adcock

I just wanted to say “Thank you”! We are so grateful that you and your staff chose us for this grant. When we started this project, we did it on a wing and a prayer! We hope the enclosed pictures do the job justice. Thanks again, to each of you who helped my dream come true!


Malcolm, Dione, & Roy Broadwater and Debbie Bettner

I greatly appreciate your response, in helping me acquire my Truck Lift. It takes people that care to make things happen! Ones that can see past the chair and sees a person with a need and purpose. Having the independence will truly enhance my life. With a helping hand you made my life’s journey possible. I could not have done it without you and for that I Thank You!

Thank You and God Bless,

Don Porter

On behalf of my brother George King (Geo) and his family, we wish to sincerely thank you for the Travis Roy Foundation grant. It really means a lot to our family and George at such a difficult time. We feel honored; and plan someday to help others like Travis and the Foundation have helped George.

Geo King & Family

Recently my son was given one of your grants for a ceiling lift. We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the gift. It has made life a whole lot easier for myself and Kevin, my son, he has been able to sit on the couch with the family and is able to get out of the wheelchair for a little while and feel like a “normal” person. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Tara Taglianetti-Chambers

Dear Travis Roy Foundation-

Thank you so very much for the grant that my husband and I received! We were so surprised to be awarded that money! The pocket door that was installed has made all the difference for my husband to be able to get in and out of the bathroom with ease in his wheelchair. We are so thankful that there are foundations around like yours that help individuals who really need it. We can’t thank you enough!

Lots of love,
Ryan and Maggie Stevenson

We would like to take the time to thank you once again for the great donation to my daughter. She loves the computer and wheelchair ramp. It has made all our lives much better. Thanks once again to the great people you are.

Mark Culpepper / father

Thank you so much for granting me the funds for the truck lift that I requested. This is a huge deal to me; I would never have afforded this without your help. My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This will improve life tremendously for my wife, son, and I. Thank You.

Eric, Teresa, and Shawn Williamson

Hello There!

I just wanted to send a Ginormous THANK YOU to all of you at the Travis Roy Foundation. The $7000 grant you awarded us to have a Tas Lift seat installed in our truck has been a HUGE blessing for our whole family immediately. It’s so nice to be able to get out and about without having to coordinate with any friends/family/neighbors who are hopefully available to help my wife get me in and out of the truck! Last night my wife & I were actually able to go out on a ‘date night’ to the movies “on our own” and had a WONDERFUL time. It’s impossible to explain how much this meant to us. Our three daughters are excited too because Daddy will never miss another school play or dance recital again. So once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Mark Hall

Dear Travis Roy Foundation:

Cory and I would like to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for its generous gift to enable us to have the floors on the main level of our home modified. The floors are beautiful and Corey has no trouble getting around on the main floor now. Words cannot express our gratitude for this grant money. Please extend our thanks to the other members of this foundation. Without foundations such as the Travis Roy Foundation, people in Cory’s situation would not have the opportunities to make such necessary changes or improve quality of life and independent mobility.

God Bless you all and thank you with all our heart.

Tina & Cory Ferguson

Dear Board Members:

Please find enclosed a picture of my beautiful new computer as well as myself! I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful it is to run my small business with these. With such high functioning equipment my life has greatly changed. Not having to worry if I can receive a fax where of my computer will crash again, is priceless.

Living life with a severe disability is truly hard… but please know that you have given something to me that makes it A LOT better! I will never take it for granted nor will I forget what you’ve done for me.

Thank you.
Marci Boone

To the Board Members of the Travis Roy Foundation:

I want to thank you very much for accepting/choosing me to receive a Koran from the foundation. My bathroom looks great and works great for me and my home health aides. It is hard to put into words how grateful I am. Please let Travis know what a wonderful foundation he has.

Thanks again! God Bless you all!

What should you say in a thank-you note? A study in Psychological Science showed that writing a thank you letter both improves the giver's happiness and put.

How to Send a Job-Winning Interview Thank-You Note

letters saying thank you

Dear Deborah, 

Thanks to you, Michael and his sister, Janet, celebrated Michael's 9th birthday with cake and balloons in a safe and loving place. They are no longer scared and love having their very own rooms.

Thank you for your recent generous gift of $100 to Children's Residential Services of Greater Boston. Your willingness to help displaced children in our community weather the crises in their lives makes all the difference for children just like Michael and Janet.

Thanks to you, we have provided 250 children just this year with a place to live, learn, and feel safe.

Your donation will help purchase new computers for our kids over the next six months. The children are eager for the new computers so that they can do their homework and communicate with friends and family.

The computers are part of our Excellence in Service Campaign that will make our home even nicer for Michael, Janet, and their new friends. You and other people like you have brought us closer to our goal of $50,000 for that campaign.

We would love to give you a tour so you can meet some of the 15 staff and 50 children who are now with us. We love to show off our comfy home, and the kids enjoy meeting visitors. One or two might even show you what they can do with their new computers.

Janet Teebs, our development director, is always available to set up a visit for you or to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call her at 520-446-0912, or email her at janetteebs@CRS.com.

We would love to keep you in the loop with our emails and newsletter. You can sign up for those at our site, www.crc.org.

Again, thank you for all you do for our kids. You are a part of their lives too.


Malcolm Wexter
Executive Director

P.S. We depend on volunteers to help us. If you would like to share your time, just let Janet know, and she will ask our volunteer coordinator to get in touch. We have frequent introductions to our work for volunteers. We would be delighted to see you there.

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How to write a thank-you note

letters saying thank you

(Originally published last year)

It’s the end of the year. You’ve done everything to make the most of these last few weeks.

Now you have lots of thank you letters to write. But you’re feeling stuck. Where do you start?

Here’s my quick how-to.

First, a confession: I used to write rote, boring, perfunctory thank you letters.

And I didn’t much like writing them.

Plus, with an appeal, you feel like you have a goal. Thanks are an after-thought, right?

Wrong. So. Wrong.

Then I read posts by my friends Pamela Grow and Lisa Sargent. My eyes were opened.

Saying thank you well matters. Unless you don’t care if donors stick around.

So here is my advice for your great thank you letter.

Personalize the salutation

Nothing says, “We love you for your money” like a “Dear Friend” thank you letter. Don’t do it.

First paragraph: One great line

Just like your appeal letter, the first line of your thank you does some heavy lifting. Make it sing.

On behalf of…” is coma-inducing. Don’t do that either.

Instead, imagine your favorite person in the world.

Imagine they’ve just given you the greatest gift – the thing you’d never dare ask for. Hang on to that feeling of love and gratitude. That’s what needs to fill this line.

Make it short. And make it all about the donor, not your organization.

Stuck? Try “You’re amazing!” or “You’re my hero!

Flatter away. Gush.

Trust me, no one hates being told they’re wonderful.

Second paragraph: Look at what you’ve done!

Tell your donor exactly what their generosity accomplishes.

Hint: this is never “meeting our annual fund goals”. Connect their generosity to the beneficiary.

Because of your generous gift, a family will have a real Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Make the connection without inserting your organization.

Nothing in this letter is about how great you are.

Third paragraph: Stay connected

Use this to suggest ways they can learn more, call for a tour, reach you or another real person via phone or email. (And do I have to say that they’d better be able to reach that person?)

Fourth paragraph: Say it again

Restate your gratitude. Tell them again why they’re important.

Have a human sign the letter

Make it someone as high up in the organization as possible. Or sometimes, the person the donor has a connection to.

Sign it for real. Add a note – even if the note is only “thank you very much!”.

Don’t make the IRS the star of the letter

Stick that boring but necessary language at the bottom of the letter. No one wants to read it – they just want it there.


More good stuff on saying thank you:
Thank you letters for you to swipe

How hopeFound says ‘Thank You’ (And how they can help you say thank you too)



Photo thanks to Ryan McGuire at Gratisography.

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Sample thank-you letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your thank-you letter today.

Here’s How to Write a Great Thank You Letter

letters saying thank you

Do you go out of your way to say ‘thank you for your purchase’ to your customers?


I mean, why would you? What’s in it for you?

Well, what if I told you that by simply saying thanks to your customer, you can completely change the way your brand is perceived.

This is good ol' fashion customer service 101.

The most basic ‘thank you for your purchase’ note goes a long way in delighting your customer - and delighting your customer means that they'll remember you.

When I talk about saying thanks, I don’t mean via email, either. Anyone can queue up the stock standard ‘thanks for your order’ email.

But it’s true authenticity in a handwritten note that makes your customer feel truly loved.

It might be for a customer, or a friend, a business partner. If there’s a reason to show kindness, take it and show thanks.

In this article you’ll see how to write a thank you note to your customers, as well as:

  • Why you should never use the word ‘business’
  • How heartfelt customer appreciation can change the way you do business
  • Why the ‘hand’ in handwritten is the most important part of a thank you note

Saying thanks requires so little effort and returns so much. In fact, it's so easy to do that you can print it on the inside of a mailer box:

Are you an ecommerce brand that wants to use custom packaging to say 'Thanks'? Check out Packhelp's range of bespoke ecommerce packaging.

Christmas is the best time of year to start thanking your customers. If you want to find out how else your brand can leave a lasting impression these Holidays, read the article 23 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales This Year [Read Now]

Now let's take a look at the difference a simple thank you note can make for your brand:

Why should I write a thank you note?

‘Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy’
Jacques Maritain

In business, just like in life, we occasionally rely on the help of others in the pursuit of success and happiness. Without the help an input of others, business would be a lot harder than it already is.

If you’re a small brand that’s selling online, those ‘others’ that you rely on are your customers.

You wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if it weren’t for the input and support of your customers - no matter how many or how few there are.

When your customer feel like they’re making a difference to what you do, they feel empowered.

They invest more in your brand on an emotional level because they see the difference they make.

Sure, this is great for the customer, but what’s in it for you?

When your customer is more invested in your brand, they like you more. And when they like your brand, they’re more likely to buy from you again.

Below you can see how basic this system actually is.


Things like using sustainable packaging like bio polymailers is a great way to surprise your customer and makes it easier for them to like you more.

The small gesture of a ‘thank you for your purchase’ note is a bit of a shock, your customer doesn’t expect it. This will certainly blow your customer away and give them more of an emotional investment in your brand. 

Gratitude makes your customer feel important

Nowadays when you purchase something online, you pay for your product and then you get it. End of transaction.

So uncommon is an act of genuine gratitude, that when it happens, it builds a relationship.

The relationship between you and your customer.

The act of sending a personalised thank you note is a way to build this relationship. It’s a more traditional old-fashioned way of genuine, heartfelt sincerity.

It doesn’t matter where you sell your products online, either. If you’re selling on a marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, it’s actually more important to send a note.


Because when people buy from marketplaces like this, they don’t remember your name.

They remember the name of the marketplace. ‘I got this on Etsy, it was discounted on Amazon’.

For example:

No mention of the brand name, no reference to the seller or the store name. Etsy takes all the credit.

This same problem happens when we talk about many modern services. Take, for example, Netflix.

"I watched Netflix last night", no mention of what watched.

This diminishes the effect of one of the most potent forms of marketing - Word of mouth marketing.

But by writing a handwritten note for your marketplace purchases, you literally put your brand name in the hand of your customer.

You increase your chances of your brand name being remembered by your satisfied customer. Throw in some custom tissue paper or custom tape to add a little class, and you increase the chances of your customer saying 'Oh I get this from Fred's online store!'

Keep reading to see how your customer’s happiness is the main driver in your sales...


Why not put your branding onto your packaging and use the space to say thanks? 

Click here to start designing

Not sure where to start in the work of custom packaging? Read the article: Why your brand needs to use custom packaging with a logo [Read now]

Customer appreciation = your success

Here’s you: ‘Handwriting notes is a waste of time, I’m too busy with other stuff’.

Here’s me: ‘Handwritten notes are a better investment than PPC advertising’.

Wait, what?

Ask yourself this question:

What percentage of your marketing efforts are focussed on getting people who have never heard of you, to buy from you?

I’m guessing that percentage is going to be quite high.

And that’s fine, that’s pretty normal. Traditionally, we think of marketing as getting more sales by driving traffic to your website.

More sales from new customers.

But what about more sales from previous customers?

Which brings us to the next question:

How much energy do you spend getting people to buy from you for a second time?

Noticed how I said energy, not time or money?

That's because you’re 6 times more likely to win a new customer than to retain an old one.

That means there's so little time or money investing in retaining a customer compared to getting a new one.

Think about that for a second. 6 times harder.

So, by including thank you notes for customers, you’re making it even easier for your old customers to buy from you again.

You’re making your customer feel great about the decision they made.

Ultimately, increased happiness leads to a higher lifetime spend with your brand. That means that in their lifetime, they will stay loyal to your brand and spend more money with you.

Your customer is less likely to go and try other brands because they’re happy with you and your products.

What’s more, a happy customer that has a high lifetime spend is more likely to become a brand advocate.

A brand advocate is someone who spreads your name amongst their trusted friends because they simply love your brand.

All this, from spending less than a minute to write a note.

Here’s a thank you for your purchase note that a customer of velocitybikeco.com received:

Short, simple, to the point - and most importantly, it’s honest.

Are you still thinking it’s a waste of time?

Well, let’s take a look at just a few of the other benefits of saying thank you for your order:

  • Higher customer engagement
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased loyalty
  • More word-of-mouth marketing

So what’s the main thing to take away from all this?

Everything good happens when you stop and thank your customer for their purchase.

Let’s take a little look at how and why these things happen:

Higher customer engagement

When your customer is engaged with your brand, it means that they’re following you and paying attention to what you do.

This is obviously a good thing, as it means that your customer genuinely likes you. A customer who liked your brand is a satisfied customer.

Customer engagement comes in many forms. Here, you can see Buffer to support and engage users on Twitter.

Because there is trust between Buffer and it’s customers, they don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to the company.

Greater customer satisfaction

Remember how you felt when your favourite aunt sent you that birthday card? What about when your doctor sent you a birthday card, too.

It made you feel special, important and valued.

You then went made a phone call to your aunt or went back to that doctor the next time you got sick.  

So by doing something similar with your customers, you’re reinforcing the idea that your customer made the right decision to buy from you.

Increased loyalty

It’s obvious that loyal customers are a good thing. It means that they’re not going to go and buy from another brand because they value your brand so highly.

It means that they’ll keep coming back to you.

A loyal customer is also likely to spend more money with you in a single transaction.

This is valuable, as it’s harder to make a first-time buyer spend a lot in their first transaction.

More word-of-mouth marketing

As mentioned earlier, a loyal customer is more likely to become a brand advocate and tell their friends how happy they are with your product.

That may happen through a word of mouth mention. It may also happen through a social media share.

Today, a happy customer that’s using social media is a powerful powerful asset to you.

So by now, the benefits of a simple thank you note should be evident.

No matter what you sell or where you sell it, a thank you note can do a lot at empowering your customers.

So now that you know why they’re important, let’s take a look at how to write a ‘thank you for your purchase’ note.

How to be genuine when saying ‘thank you for your purchase’.

There is one golden rule you need to know before writing your note.

Don’t say ‘Thank you for your order’ or ‘Thank you for your business’.

Yes, these are business thank you notes, but you don't want to be seen as a 'business'.

By labelling touch-points with your customer with words like ‘order’, ‘patronage’ or ‘business’, you devalue the transaction. You make your customer feel like just another number in your finance books.

Have a think, what other phrases sound a little too ‘business-ey’?

  • Thank you for shopping with us
  • Thank you for your business
  • Thanks for your order

These just sound bad. Using phrases like this don’t make your customer feel warm and welcome. It makes them feel like you’re just glad they’ve finally paid you.

Avoid thank you for your order by using something like:

  • Your support is invaluable
  • Thanks so much for shopping with us
  • Choosing us means a lot to us
  • Thank you very much for supporting us

The main takeaway here is this:

Business means a transaction. Support means a relationship.

Here are a few other things to remember when writing your thank you note:


  • Send the physical note in the customer’s purchase - not afterwards
  • Be genuine when you’re showing appreciation.
  • Use the same tone of voice that’s used in your branding
  • Use the most appropriate stationery. Not a torn-off piece of paper, or an overly fancy letterhead.


  • Don’t talk about things that aren’t relevant
  • Don’t try and sell more products
  • Don’t be negative, cynical or doubting
  • Use different coloured pens - blue or black

The thank-you note is about your customer, not you. Focus on being sincere and honest. Don’t think ‘more sales’.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of your thank you note, let’s get stuck into writing one!

How to write a thank-you note

For some people, writing is hard. Whether it’s a lengthy letter or a simple ‘don’t forget to feed the cat’ note, writing can be tricky.

Which is exactly why you’re now going to see a step by step guide to using the perfect elements in your thank you letter.

By the time you’re done here, you’ll be able to create your own template and modify it for each and every customer.

1. Introduction

You only get one first impression, so start off on the right foot by you know, using your customers’ name.

  • Hey Mike,
  • Dear Mike,
  • Dear Mike
  • Mike,

2. The ‘Thank you’ part

Get straight down to business. You’re writing to say thanks, so say thanks straight away.

  • Thanks a lot for shopping with us. It really means a lot that you decided to support us, I’d love to hear your feedback.
  • You could have gone with one of our competitors, so I’m writing to say thanks for giving us a chance
  • I just wanted to send you a quick little something to say thanks. So, thanks for your order, and for picking us.

3. Personalise it a little

You can really push your sincerity home by offering a little personalisation, something specifically for that one buyer. Be honest, don’t be weird.

  • <name of product> is one of my personal favourites. I think you’ll love it and I’d love to hear what you yourself think about it.
  • I was packing your order and noticed your postal address in Dublin. I studied there as a kid and have nothing but great memories of that part of the world.

The most important part here is that you’re honest. If there’s nothing you can personally relate to, don’t make something up just for the sake of a few extra letters.

4. Wrap it up

Close off your thank you note in a casual manner.

  • Thanks once again
  • All the best
  • Thanks, heaps

Don’t forget though that each part of your thank you note needs to be written for specifically who you’re sending it to.

Not each one of your customers is named Mike.


Also, ensure that what you’re sending is relevant to the reason you’re sending it to.

The above examples aren’t going to work if you’re thanking someone for recommending you to their friend.

Still not confident to write a thank you note yourself?

Look at the following examples to see how a ‘thank you for your business’ note can be written.

Customer thank you note example

So now you know the different elements that come together for a genuine thanks for your order note, it’s time to see how to write a thank you note yourself. Feel free to use these following examples to create your own thank you for purchasing template for whatever purposes you need.

There's one thing you need to remember - they are examples. Each example will have to be customised for your own brand, product and message.

Thank you for your purchase template for customers:

‘Hey Steve

 I’m Tom, the co-founder of Barbarian belts. I’m sending you a little note just to say thanks. The Viking belt and buckle you bought are some of my personal favourites.

Try them out and let me know your thoughts. I’m very interested to know how you find them.

Remember that you can swap them over, no questions asked, if you’re not happy.

Thanks, mate


Business style thank you note example:

‘Dear Pete

After talking with you for the last few weeks about our merger problem, I’m feeling a lot more comfortable. Thank you so much for your support, insight and direction.

I’m personally excited for a future working alongside Transparent Inc. and I can assure you that the rest of us are, too.

Our competition won’t know what’s hit them.


Thank you for shopping with us template:

“Hey Sally

It’s not often we get people who make a first purchase as big as you just have. That’s why I’m writing you this note, firstly to say thank you (thank you very much!) and secondly to get your feedback.

Our new range of Angel foundation brushes are growing in popularity, but I’d still love to know what you think.

To sweeten the deal here’s an extra 15% off your next purchase - Just use WELOVEYOUSALLY at the checkout.

Once again, thanks, and please tell us your thoughts!


Thank you for your order example:

“Hey Sebastian

I’ve seen your name come up quite a few times in recent months, so I thought I’d take the time to personally thank you.

Judging by your purchases, you have a killer taste in fashion. I guess you won’t need me to tell you how good our new Winter range looks with a well-cut jacket.

Thanks once again, I’m just an email away whenever you need me!


PS - Your name looks Spanish - Muchos Gracias!"

Thank you for your support example:

"Hey Michael

The other day, you bought a few little accessories from us. I just thought I’d take a moment to say thanks.

In our industry, it’s obvious that there’s a lot of competition. It’s loyal customers like you that keep us at the top of the industry.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Thank you for your ongoing support template:

"Hi George

I’ve noticed that every few weeks you’re placing an order with us.

Thank you.

It means a lot that you constantly keep coming back to us. We’d love any feedback on how to make you even happier.

On a side note, I can assure you that the packs you’ve been buying from us are some of our most popular even - thanks to your efforts!

All the best


Now you know how to write a thank you note for a wide range of situations!

Remember that you need to customise each and every one specific for your situation, but these should help you out if you’re stuck.

But writing a thank you note doesn’t end there - let’s take a look at how to continue the customer appreciation.

There’s more to customer appreciation than a thank you note

The whole point of writing a thank you note is to make your customer feel as special and as important as they actually are.

And if you’re already sending these notes, you may be already benefiting from an increase in customer loyalty.

But combine a ‘thank you for your order note’ with a few other customer appreciation techniques, and you’ll see your brand’s popularity skyrocket.

So, how else can you make your customer feel well and truly appreciated?

Be Charitable

Pair up with a charity and donate to them. Either a certain percentage of each sale or hold an annual drive to raise funds for them.


By aligning your brand with a charity whose message resonates with your customers, you improve the way your brand is perceived.

Is there something that all your customer have in common? Find a charity that’s relatable to that, and work with them.

If your customer knew that their purchase would help this little guy from N.E.A.D.S become someone’s helper, would they be more likely to buy from you?

I think they would.

Which charities do we like?

A free gift

Every now and then, pick a random past customer. Send them a small gift pack full of freebies.


Your customer has a sense of winning something. Plus it reactivates them and can get you some fantastic social media content!

Encourage more loyalty

One very overlooked metric of selling online is lifetime value.

By creating and implementing a loyalty program, you encourage your customers to increase their lifetime value. Loyalty programs are often cheap to implement but have a very large ROI in the long run.

Give a treat

Selling cookie jars? Surprise your customer with a pack of cookies.

Selling teapots? Surprise your customer with a pack of tea.

See where I’m going here? Surprise your customer by including a free little treat, something that compliments what they bought from you.


If your products come at a tiered level, considering giving out the occasional free upgrade. Does your ‘Model S’ have more bells and whistles than your ‘Model X’?

Give one lucky buyer a free upgrade to the top-shelf version.

Gift cards

From time to time, throw a gift card into a random package. It may be a gift card for your own store, it may be a gift card for Amazon or eBay (since everyone has an account there).

By giving your customer the sense of winning, you’ll help build that rapport with them.

Show the difference

If you’re regularly asking your customers for feedback (and you should be), show them that they’re making a difference.

If you’ve changed the way you operate because of customer feedback, show that to your fans.

Even if a customer didn’t suggest the change, you’ll be saying ‘Hey, I listen to you and because one of you said this, I fixed it’.

Thank you notes and branding

Every brand knows the importance of good quality branding.

You spend a lot of time building your image, your tone of voice, visuals, everything like that.

But when writing your ‘thank you for your purchase’ note, it’s important that you don’t let your branding take over.

While it may be tempting to pull out a bit of paper with the fanciest letterhead and logo on the top, that might not be your best option.

Considering using just a stock standard piece of notepaper. By going the ‘branded’ route, you increase your chances of coming off as a bit of a salesman.

If you really want to push your branding home, throw in a few branded stickers - everyone loves stickers and can find somewhere for them.

4 more tips for writing a thank you for your order note:

1 - Your handwriting is great

Yeah, sure, your handwriting is bad. Everyone’s handwriting is bad.

But that’s where the charm is. If you plan on printing your notes, well then don’t both.The trust is built on your non-perfect handwriting. Go with it!

2 - Keep it short and to the point

You’re writing a thank you note, not a novel. Keep it short and get straight to the point and you’ll keep your reader engaged. Think between 30 and 60 words.

3 - Yes, this will take time

Thank you notes are an investment in your time. If you get hundreds of sales a day, writing for each one may be a bit much. But the point is, that you spend some time each day writing something personal for a select few customers.

This investment will come back with a return in many areas.

4 - You’re not selling anymore

By this point, your customer has already bought from you. It’s your job to now enhance their trust with you by being an open, relatable person.

Don’t spend this time promoting new products or upselling products.  

Summing up

Making your customer happy is a relatively simple process once they’ve bought from you.

But delighting them takes a little more effort. That effort pays off in the form of a bigger lifetime spend and more advocates of your brand.

Therefore it’s safe to say that investing in ‘thank you for your purchase’ notes, as well as customer satisfaction goes a long way in helping your brands’ image.

Do you send out thank you notes to your customers? How do you show customer appreciation?

Let us know in the comments!

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