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Letters to break up with someone you love

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Letters to break up with someone you love
April 22, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

If you're thinking about writing a break up letter, here are some of the most important things to do, delivered straight from an expert in love and relationships! Breaking up with someone is very stressful, and it's normal that a.

There is no easy way to break up with someone, especially when you still have lingering feelings for them. But there will come a time in your life when you realize that enough is enough, and that you need to move on before things get worse.

When you can’t muster up the courage to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to you at one point in your life, the most elegant way to do so is to write them a letter stating everything you feel. Pour your heart and soul out into a letter that you won’t dare recite in case you burst into tears.

So for all of you out there who want to say in writing that you can’t be with someone anymore, these letters might help  

Goodbye to a Good Partner

There once was a time when you were everything I had desired. I would do anything for you. I would heaven and earth just to feel you love envelope me. And then everything else happened. I guess there will inevitably come a point in one’s life when love just won’t cut it. It’s not enough to keep two opposite people afloat. I guess what I’m trying to say is that things between us has changed so much that we’re no longer even a semblance of what we used to be. So now I have to say goodbye. Goodbye to a time when you were everything I ever wanted.

They say that having no reason to stay is a good enough reason to leave. I believe that wholeheartedly. What we had was great while it lasted. We had a good run. We made mistakes along the way and learned our lesson. But I think our time is up. We’re no longer getting anything out of each other, and I know you know that too. We’ve drifted so far apart that in the past couple of weeks you can hardly call what we have a relationship. This is the end for us, to save us the trouble of trying to rebuild something that was never meant to last.

I still love you. I know that’s the last thing you want to hear from me, but I have to be honest. They say that a person who truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is. But a person who wants the best for both will let go to save whatever it is you had. We had our good times. We had some of the most unforgettable moments. Let’s leave it at that. Let’s not allow that to turn into an angry whirlwind of hatred and despair. Let’s take this time to look back fondly on the times we had and be happy that it will always remain that way in our minds.

You’ve let go a long time ago, before either of us even realized it. It’s my turn to come to a realization that I’ve been holding on to something that won’t even keep me afloat. It’s time for us to go our separate ways because there’s nothing but sadness left for us here. You meant the world to me, and I will always cherish our times together. But our time is up, and it’s time to move on.

Saying goodbye is the most painful way to solve a problem, but it’s the only solution we have. We’ve outstayed our welcome in each other’s lives. It will be hard to move on from this. We might start to regret it after a while. But once that time has passed and we’re ready to face the music, we’ll know that what we’re doing is the only thing that makes sense. So goodbye, my lost love. You were everything to me, but we have nothing left for each other.

I’m sorry. That’s all I can say to you now. I’m sorry I hurt you, and I’m sorry I did what I did. This isn’t me asking to give us another shot. Instead, it’s me asking you to save yourself the trouble of staying with someone like me. You don’t deserve this train wreck I keep bringing in. You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy, someone who won’t complicate your life. You deserve to feel all that love has to offer, and not just a mangled visage of what love could feel like. You deserve someone better, and that someone isn’t me.

You were the most important person to me just a year ago, and I swear I would have traded everything in my life to keep you with me. But look at us now. We’re no longer the naïve youth of yesteryear. Our eyes are open, and our hearts and torn. We were good to each other, and love was there. But none of that was enough to face the hand we were dealt with. We could have had it all, but it all shattered when we learned that love would never be enough.

Goodbye to a Bad Partner

The worst thing you could ever do was listen to what I have been through and then put me through it again. I wish I had been smart enough to see the signs at the start. I wish I could take it all back and save a bit of my sanity while I still had the chance. You knew how I was, and yet you still chose to take advantage of my vulnerability. But they say that experience is the toughest teacher. So I have learned my lesson by being with you. I know I no longer deserve this.

Always remember that I didn’t lose you; you lost me. You will search for me in every person you feel like you could love and find only a semblance of what I could have been to you. I could have been the perfect partner to you. All you had to do was exert a tiny bit of effort to keep us afloat. And yet you couldn’t even do that. So here I am telling you that you will always see me. In the smile of someone you love, in the laughter of someone you adore. But all of that is a mere visage of the person you let down during the folly of your youth.

One day, I hope you look back at what we had and regret every single thing you did to let it end. You ruined us. It wasn’t just one big unforgivable thing you did. It was a bunch of tiny little cuts and barbs that dug deep until it strangled what we had. What was once a beautiful relationship devolved into something malformed and ugly. It crept its way into our lives and the lives of everyone we loved. We did this to each other, and we must suffer the consequences. But the best way to do this is by doing this apart so we can find ourselves again.

You didn’t love me. You never loved me. Maybe at some point you liked being with me, but whatever it was, it was never loved. I was good for your ego. I was good for keeping you company on cold, lonely nights. I was there to make you feel better about yourself. But none of that was love. Because no matter how bad or miserable or lonely a person may be, they wouldn’t completely destroy someone they loved.

Look at what we have done to each other. We used to be Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet. But like those star-crossed lovers, we were bound for the inevitable. We were never destined to have that happy ending. All the love we had for each other has been washed away with bitter tears and drowned out by the sound of our screams. Lies and deception are all that’s left of us, and there’s no turning back from this. We ruined us. And we now know that we’re better off apart.

It took me a while to realize that we’re not in this for the long haul. We can’t be with each other for longer than we have without breaking each other into tiny little pieces. I trusted you and I loved you. But each time I offered my heart to you, you kept breaking my heart into tiny little pieces as I cried and wished I had more to offer you. It’s maddening being with someone you love so much and yet not being able to get even the slightest bit of love in return. I can see right through you now. All the charms and romance, all the grand gestures. They mean nothing without love behind it. All I wanted was the warmth of your love, and all I got was the emptiness of your promises.

I’m leaving you. No, I don’t hate you. But I sure as hell don’t love you anymore. What I have is the opposite of love, which is not hate. It’s indifference. I no longer care about you or about us. It’s hard mustering up the energy to care when you know that the other person on the line has given up a long time ago.


A heart broken now is better than a heart that you’re still slowly shattering each day you’re together. If your relationship is no longer doing either of you any good, break it to them gently with a letter.

Breaking Up Message for Him or Her- Free Example and Writing Tips You deserve someone who feels differently and can give you the love that you need in.

This Breakup Letter Is Seriously Epic

letters to break up with someone you love

Sometimes, writing the perfect breakup letter can be a daunting task. It can seem impossible to find the right words to convey one’s emotions, especially when, finding the right words means the experience will be less damaging for both parties involved.

The wrong words, on the other hand, can be very hurtful, so take the time to find the right words to use in a breakup letter.


The dos and don’ts of writing the breakup letter


01Always stick to the truth, even if it is hard to hear or say.


02Don’t be too harsh with your words.


03Try to be clear and end the relationship fully.


04Try to avoid blame, even if there is some


Samples of a breakup letter


01Breakup letter to End a Long Distance Relationship
I need to express something, and while a letter felt like my only option due to our distance, I hope you know I am writing this with a sad heart. I would be lying if I said I had not hoped for our relationship to work out. When we met, I sincerely believed you were it.
Yet, over the past few months, I have come to realise that we have grown apart. The distance between us is like a barrier. We don’t see each other as often as I think we need to, for this relationship to last. I just need more.
That is why I am writing you this letter, I think it is time we put an end to the emotional stress of missing each other, but not always being able to see each other.
The fact that I could not be present at your [recent event] to support you, is part of what made me realize you also deserve more.
Take care and thank you for the memories.


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02Breakup letter to end a relationship with someone who cheated
I am sorry that time and communication has not helped to remove the image of you with someone else from my mind or heart. You cheated on me, instead of coming to me with whatever was making you feel unsatisfied.
In some ways, I can understand – I don’t completely blame you. But I cannot accept that you chose not to be honest with me.
I cannot see how we move past this – I have realized I can’t trust you.
I know you say you still love me. I still love you, but I don’t think that is enough without communication and trust.
I hope you take the time to reflect on why you chose to have an affair instead of working through it, before committing to someone else.
Please do not contact me, it will hurt too much, and it’s best if we both move on.
Take care.



03Breakup letter explaining your life goals are just too different.
We are at that stage in our lives where, I believe, it is important we start looking at our partner’s goals and aspirations, and their plans to achieve them.
We have been together for a while now and I have clearly highlighted what I want in life.
When I look at your goals and motivation to achieve them, I realize that we are, unfortunately, headed in different directions. I think if you look at what we each want, you too will see they’re different.
I wish I could say that love is enough of a reason to move on, regardless of this, but I don’t want to end up not loving you, because I resent these differences.
I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. I hope you see it is for the best.


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04Breakup letter for when you just don’t want to commit
It is extremely important that I get this off my chest. Over the past few months, I have really been struggling to keep up with this relationship and I think it is beginning to take a toll on me.
It’s literally not you, I think you are great and if I were in a place where I wanted to have a partner, I think we would be amazing.
But, if we’re going to be honest, you don’t want me to stick around if I know I don’t want to be in this relationship. I think you deserve more than that.
I think it is time we ended this.
I am sorry if this is a surprise. I’m sorry that I have let you down and I hope someday you accept my apology. I just can’t continue in this relationship when, ultimately, it will only hurt us both.
Take care.



05Breakup letter for when you don’t mix well with their family
People say when you are in a relationship with a person, you are in a relationship with their family and friends too. I believe this to be true, and sadly, I must tell you I feel like I just don’t fit with your family.
When we are with them, I seem to feel left-out. It may just be me, but honestly, I feel like they don’t want to accept me, because they don’t like me. I know we are different, but I thought the fact that we all loved you, would be enough to make it work.
I love you so much, but I cannot ask you to choose between me and your entire family. I also hope you respect I am not actually asking you too either, because I want to be with someone where, no matter what, I don’t feel alone.
We don’t have that and at this point, I think we’ve been together long enough that if it were going to happen, it would have.
I think you are amazing, and I am so sorry this can not work out between us.


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06Breakup letter: When the spark has left the relationship
My dearest,
Writing this letter seems to be the most heart-breaking thing I have ever had to do. This moment is one I had never thought would come. So, imagine my surprise.
We not only love each other, but we have a partnership unlike any I’ve experienced. We have endured and experienced many incredible things and I have so much respect for you and everything you are. Honestly, when I think of moving on without you, I can’t picture it yet.
I just know for both our sakes, I must.
Passion, like respect, is a vital part of a relationship. Our companion-like love is not going to sustain us.
I am truly sorry for making this seem like a selfish decision. Please remember, I once sparked a passion in you, that has long since dimmed, too. This is for both of us.




The most important thing when writing a breakup letter is writing from the heart and letting the other party know how you truly feel and why you are honestly ending the relationship.

It is one of the hardest decisions to make, it means there is a lot of changes ahead, and frankly it is heart-breaking. Make sure you write a breakup letter that is both considerate, and final.


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18 Free Breakup Letter Examples

letters to break up with someone you love

Recovering from a break up is hard if you keep re-living the past and if it has left you as a wreck, sobbing your way through life because you can’t seem to forget how and who you were before you got screwed over by this particular someone.

You’ve been through conversations with your friends and they probably told you the same things over and over about how good it was that he has let you go because he was no good anyway. But that doesn’t seem to make you feel better. You read all the self-help books in the world and you even went home to your parents to cry on your mother’s lap about how messed up your love life is.

There’s only one thing all these advises have in common. It’s the fact that they show you that you first need to love yourself in order to be able to first get over the break-up and then to start dating again.

It might take you a year, maybe two. But it can also take you a few weeks to get over someone. It doesn’t mean this person meant more or less to you than it would to someone who takes years to get over someone. It just depends on how well you are at letting go and how fast you understand that you need to do everything to give love to yourself first in order to move on.

The most important thing is to surround yourself first with people you feel comfortable with and with people who truly love you. This can be your best friend, your brother, your parents,..

It’s not easy to be alone in the first stages of going through a break-up. This means it’s okay to surround yourself with other people first and soak in the genuine love they give you for who you really are.

Do things you like and that make you feel comfortable. I remember going through a break-up, I first bought all the books that were on my wish list for a very long time. I made dinner the way I wanted and had a massage. I started meditation and yoga and I became a more enlightened, better version of the person I truly was. Things that made me feel comfortable in the stage of being completely broken, has turned me into an even better and stronger person than I ever was to begin with because I let go of heartbreak by loving myself.

Focusing on my career wasn’t only something I really had to do in order to survive. It was also some sort of escape because I wasn’t really feeling like I meant something to this world. In some way, I felt suppressed and neglected for who I truly was and I never had a change to develop my own future apart from someone else’s opinion about it. I had to take my own chances, pave my own road, make my own choices. Accomplishing this was a huge step forward as it showed me that I was a lot more independent than I thought. It showed me that I can survive on my own and that I don’t need anyone.

Not needing anyone doesn’t mean you don’t want anyone. It simply means that you won’t settle for less than you deserve anymore.

Did you ever make a list about what you look for in someone else? I think at one point, we all did this, right? It’s also important to make a list of all the things you have to give to someone else.

We all have these great features. Like, I’m a funny person, I’m loving and I’m tough. I care a lot about other people and I don’t mind being vulnerable because in some way, this is also my strength.

There are probably a few more things I can list about myself and it feels good to be aware of all the great things you can offer to someone else. And instead of making lists about what you want in a man, but actually not knowing your own worth, I would advise you to make that list of why someone else would love you. This allows you to grow your self-worth and makes you attract love because you are constantly giving it to yourself in this way. And you let go of the search leaves you sometimes blind for what’s right in front of you. Which is your amazing, true self.

Let go of love, let go of the hurt and focus on how great you are rather than what you did wrong or why you have been rejected or let down.

Take care of yourself. This pain you feel won’t last forever.



If you're having trouble figuring out how to start your breakup letter, here a relationship, even a relationship with someone you love deeply.

Break up letter: The biggest Do’s and Don’ts!

letters to break up with someone you love

Each one of us desires to have a lovely life, to be loved and to love. But this doesn’t come easily and sometimes we face the reality that loving someone very much can hurt you too much. Anyone who has had a long distance relationship can tell you that trust is very important to any relationship. You don’t have to worry about his/her whereabouts each day you go to bed or each day you wake up. Having trust and maintaining it is not that easy.

I once had a friend who had to break up because she could no longer trust his fiancé simply because their geographical location was too wide and many times making up for each other was not that easy. She felt enough is enough and wanted to break up but didn’t know where to start from or even what to tell her lover. Breaking up can be a difficult situation and someone has to feel and face rejection and pain associated with it. The truth is you just have to be real and true to yourself no matter what others may say or feel. We have helped you design that breakup letter to ease the pain you already have.

Sample Break Up Letter Templates

Break up letter templates for Boyfriend



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Best Break up Declaration Letter Example


Sad Break Up Letter Samples


Break up Letter with Sad Wording


Sample Break Up Letters To Girlfriend


Emotional Break up Letter Sample


Reasons and situations where you may require a Breakup Letter

When your relationship will not be long-term

It is good to be true to yourself if you feel that you have dated for a while and your relationship will one day end, ending it will be the best thing. Your time is too precious to be wasted on a relationship that will not benefit you in future.

When you have been hurt emotionally or physically.

Staying in an abusive relationship will worsen the already existing wounds, saying good bye can the best thing to make up a new love life.

When someone else is on your mind.

Never cheat, this may not only hurt your partner but it may also make you regret why you did it. Terminating it and moving on is the best way to move on.

When you have cheated or you have been cheated on

When trust is gone finding it back is rare if you had a cheated relationship let her/him go, good things are always ahead and at least you have learn from your mistakes.

When you are not happy

The main thing for having a good relationship apart from building trust is happiness if you are not happy just quit. You may have ups and downs but sharing laughter and the great time together always make it worthy to hold together.

You don’t have to struggle to write that breakup letter and move on, we have made it easy to wipe those tears and go on to the next level. Our sample breakup letters will guide you in making that breakup not only successful but also worth remembering.

Behold the most epic f*ck-you breakup letter ever. And then a woman comes along and tries to love him, encourage his dreams, invite an unceremonious breakup based on his own inability to get close to someone who.

letters to break up with someone you love
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