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Objective for resume examples for high school student

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Objective for resume examples for high school student
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resume with no work experience college student 1. Include a summary statement. Resume objective statements, where you state exactly what career goals you wish to if you're a college graduate with specialized education, but even a high school This list includes, but is not limited, to references, writing samples, and.

High school resume templates provide a great resource for students. They help the students to present their talents, skills, and achievements to draw the attention of the hiring manager. They help to project the student’s extra-curricular activities and volunteer exposure. These resume samples are highly useful for students who have a little or no experience. To know more about high school resume and to find their varieties, one can search Google using Resume Templates, Student Resume Template, or College Resumes.

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High School Resume Template

Free Download

Impressive Resume For High School Graduate

This resume for high school graduation presents the student’s name, address, email id, objective, education, work experience details, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular involvement and leadership details, honors, and awards as well as volunteer experience details. You may also see Resume Objectives.

Resume For High School Student With No Experience

This resume for presents the candidate’s name, address, contact number, email id, education and experience details, achievements, volunteer exposure details, interests, and activities as well as computer skills. You may also see Free Resume Templates.

Resume Template For High School Student

This resume formats template for high school student presents the candidate’s name, address, contact number, skills and knowledge details like organization skills, capital markets, accounting and mathematics, and team building and achievement details.

Impressive High School Student Resume For College

This high school resume for college presents the candidate’s name, email id, contact number, address, education details, experience details, activities, and skills.

1. How To Write A High School Resume?

The high school resume should present the objective statement which highlights the student’s capabilities and should demonstrate these abilities. It should provide achievements, commendations, awards, and volunteer services which help to make the resume more worthy. It can also present sports participation, club participation, and any activity that can project student’s team-leading capabilities. You may also see Simple Resume Template.

One may mention the supervisor or other higher authority’s testimonials to make the resume more valuable. One can present trainee, apprentice, or temporary jobs that one has undertaken. One can write hobbies that are related to the job as well. The resume should be prepared in a professional manner to impress the hiring manager. You can also see Modern Resume Templates.

Job Resume Template For High School Student

This job resume for high school student presents the candidate’s name, address, email id, phone number, resume profile, education details, experience details, relevant high school studies, honors, awards, and memberships.

Impressive High School Internship Resume Template

High School Student Resume for Job

Sample High School Student Resume

2. What to Include in a High School Resume?

The high school resume should contain the full name of the candidate, his communication and permanent addresses, and contact information like phone number and email id. It should include the education details including the year of passing and marks percentage. It should highlight various activities, skill set details, work experience details, and leadership exposure as well. You can also see Entry Level Resume Templates.

The resume should contain career objective of the student, extra-curricular activities, and honors and awards which will help to make the creative resume more valuable. Students with no work experience should include details like interpersonal skills, achievements at school or college level, hobbies as well as interests which are relevant to the job.

High School Diploma Student Resume Template

Impressive High School Student Resume

High School Student Counselor Resume

3. Do’s and Don’ts of High School Resume

Some of the Do’s and Don’ts of the high school resumes are –

  1. They should be presented in a good format and readable font which make them more pleasant to read.
  2. They should contain keywords as much as possible to get the candidate shortlisted.
  3. The objective statement should be prepared in a professional way to catch the eyes of the hiring people.
  4. Using bullets can make the resume more readable and informative.
  5. Do not forget to review the resume or get it reviewed by others to check for spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  6. Do not use irrelevant email id which may give a bad impression.
  7. Do not lie on the resume.

There are enormous varieties of high school resume samples and templates are available on the internet and one can download them easily using Google. They are easily editable and one can use them with great ease. These samples are sure to help the students to build highly powerful resumes.

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3% of students in the US get enough scholarships to cover the full cost of college Myers Park High, Charlotte, NC Contact information; Resume objective/ career goal; Education/academic Scholarship Resume Samples—High School .

High School Student Resume: Sample & Writing Guide [20+ Examples]

objective for resume examples for high school student

A good objective statement will help improve your resume and increase your chances of getting a camp counsellor or other part-time jobs for high school students.

Top 12 High School Student Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

If you are looking to land a part-time job as a high school student, you will be able to attract the attention of many employers by making and submitting a compelling resume or CV, which starts with a powerful objective statement.

Starting your high school student resume with a good objective will make the resume attractive to the recruiter right from when they start reading it and this will increase the possibility that they will read every part of it, which again improves your chances of being selected for an interview.

How to Make an Irresistible Objective for High School Student Resume

To write an irresistible objective statement for high school student resume or CV requires knowing what the employer holds important for the position.

When you know this, then you can use your objective to declare that you possess them for the employer to give you a chance to prove it at an interview.

Most jobs for high school students are part-time or seasonal and do not usually require experience.

However, you may need to have certain soft skills and abilities, such as the ability to learn fast, to be effective on most jobs for high school students.

You will find employers’ requirements for a given job position in the published job description.

Now, let’s see some examples of resume objective statements for high school student jobs that you can study and apply in creating your resume:

12 Samples of Objective Statements for High School Student Resume

1. A caring, patient, creative, empathetic, diligent, and hard working individual seeking the job of Camp Wise Babysitter with XYZ Inc. Coming with high energy and strong ability to communicate with children in providing effective supervision and care to children in camp who are not old enough to participate in organization’s camp activities.

2. An energetic, fast-learner, friendly, and hard-working high school student seeks to work with XYZ Union as a part-time Barista. Bringing exceptional ability to take and follow instructions to the letter, in addition to strong ability to lift heavy items and work while standing for extended period of time in effectively carrying out the responsibility of serving food and beverages to guests according to company service procedures and standards.

3. A high school student with pleasant personality and focus on guest satisfaction seeks the job of Busser at XYZ Burger Company where strong ability to work in a team environment and to go the extra mile in ensuring that tables are set promptly for the next party will be maximally put to use.

4. Bringing exceptional ability to use computer systems and phone in working as Call Center Representative at XYZ Resources. To apply excellent written and oral communication and listening and comprehension skills, as well as strong ability to remain objective and focused in spite of distractions, in providing outstanding support to company’s customers on phone, email, and on the social media.

5. An energetic, fun, and enthusiastic high school student desires the position of Day Camp Counsellor at XYZ Services. Coming with strong creativity, patience, and ability to communicate effectively with campers, parents, and other organization’s staff.

6. To obtain the job of Retail Car Wash Hourly Team Member at MountainT Inc. Bringing strong problem solving and interpersonal skills, and the ability to get things done quickly in providing accurate, pleasant, and efficient shopping assistance and check-out service that exceeds customer expectations and needs.

7. A talented high school student with strong ability to memorize weekly ad specials and product identification codes seeks to work at XYZ Stores as a Cashier; also brings good maths skills, sense of urgency, and accuracy, and the ability to apply computerized cash registry systems in providing friendly, accurate, and fast check out services to company customers.

8. A strong and energetic high school student with the ability to stand and walk for hours, and to lift items weighing up to 50 pounds, desires the job of Catering Server at XYZ Inc.; to assist in setting up, implementing, and cleaning-up functions following company culinary and hospitality standards.

9. A high school student with an eye for detail, love for food, a positive attitude to life, highly energetic, and a strong ability to learn fast seeks the job of a Dishwasher in a top-notch scratch kitchen where there is need to keep things bright and shinning.

10. A self-motivated, honest, and energetic dog lover desires the role of a Dog Handler at XYX LoveCare Inc. Bringing strong problem solving skills; the ability to stand for up to eight hours on a stretch, lift more than 40 pounds of items, and to remain calm in chaotic situations, to helping local families provide fantastic care to their dogs.

11. To work as a Fast Food Crew Member at XYZ QuickyFoods Inc. where excellent communication and personal skills, in addition to a pleasant attitude and manner will be utilized in serving guests with uttermost courteousness and efficiency.

12. A high school student with strong ability to handle cash, fuel multiple vehicles under pressure, and read and interpret documents, including procedure and operating manual, safety rules, and maintenance instructions seeks the job of Gas Station Attendant at XYZ Corporation, to ensure passengers’ vehicles are fuelled efficiently with dispensing propane, gasoline, and diesel as desired by customers.


If you are a high school student looking to land a part-time job that brings you extra income and helps you build some skills that may become important to your career in future, you need to present a compelling resume to prospective employers to improve your chances of being picked for the job.

Writing an effective resume starts with creating a great objective statement that shows the employer that you’ve got what is required for the job.

This post provides a collection of sample objective statements that you can study and use in creating a high school student resume.


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Examples of Resume Objectives

objective for resume examples for high school student

When you’re just starting out in the working world—before you’ve even graduated high school—it can be hard to know how to grab a prospective employer’s attention. Of course, you don’t have much work experience, and nobody expects you to. You can’t list long-held jobs on your resume—and for that matter, what do you have to put on your resume at all?

The key to landing a job as a teenager is making the most of what you do have, including your coursework, talents, awards, volunteer work, and other experience, and that starts with your job application. Here is how to make a resume for a high school student.

How to Create a High School Resume

1. Contact information

You should include your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number as the header of your resume. This is essential for the employer to contact you during the hiring process.

2. Career objective

Some people debate whether or not it is a good idea to include a career objective on a seasoned professional’s resume, but when you’re a teenager and at the very beginning of your working life, it can be helpful in giving an employer an idea of how this position fits in with your larger goals.

Be clear and concise and express how your aspirations tie in with this particular role. For example, if you are applying for a camp counselor position, you might write:

I am an aspiring educator with a creative streak and four years of experience in childcare. I’m reliable, mature, and eager to take on a challenging position at a summer camp to learn more about teaching and working with children.

3. Education

Add the name of your high school, your expected graduation date and current year (such as “junior, expected graduation: 2020”), and GPA. If your GPA is lower than a 3.0, leave it off your resume. (You should remove your high school GPA once you have matriculated at a college since your college education is more relevant to future employers at that point. Once you have been out of college and working for a year or two, you should omit your GPA entirely.)

4. Work experience

Include any relevant experience, including volunteer work. Offer details of what you do or did at the organization, highlighting an initiative or leadership functions involved with your work. For example, if you interned at a local newspaper, you should describe your day-to-day activities and any tasks you took on without being asked, such participating in pitch meetings and offering your own pitches.

5. Activities

Describe any activities that aren’t related to work, such as school clubs or organizations. Again, emphasize leadership; if you’re the president of your school’s community service club, for example, state your position and explain how you manage and run the club and the activities you perform. You might, for example, describe how you organized a food drive at your school.

6. Awards and honors

Awards help prospective employers see the value you will add to their business. Even if the award is unrelated to the job at hand, it demonstrates that you are a high achiever, suggesting that you learn quickly and go above and beyond what is expected of you. Honors might include school or state awards such as honor roll, as well as those granted by other agencies, such as a community service organization.

7. Relevant coursework

List any courses you have taken in and outside of school that are relevant to the job. You can omit courses that everyone is expected to take like Algebra; instead, focus on electives and high-level courses. For example, if you’re applying for a programming gig, include your computer science elective and AP Calculus.

8. Skills

Technical skills like computer languages and Photoshop expertise definitely belong in this section, but you should also include soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

High School Resume Examples and Templates


Current high school students

Source: Resume Companion

Source: template.net

Recent high school graduate

Source: Monster


Full name


City, State, Zip Code

Email Address

Phone Number



High School Name, Current Grade, Expected Graduation Year:

Work Experience

Position #1

Employer Name, Dates of Employment

• Responsibility #1

• Responsibility #2

Position #2, 

Employer Name, Dates of Employment

• Responsibility #1

• Responsibility #2


Position (if applicable)

Activity #1, Dates of Participation

• Responsibility #1

• Responsibility #2

Position (if applicable)

Activity #2, Dates of Participation

• Responsibility #1

• Responsibility #2


• Award #1, Date

• Award #2, Date


Course Name #1

Course Name #2

Course Name #3


• Skill #1

• Skill #2

• Skill #3

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

• Use action verbs and keywords.

High school-level jobs may get fewer applications than others, but that doesn’t mean organizations won’t use ATS to identify standout applications. Make sure you include keywords that are relevant to the position for which you’re applying, along with action-oriented verbs like “facilitated,” “implemented,” and “managed.”

• Always send a cover letter.

Even if a cover letter is optional, you should always include one with your application. Your cover letter can help you tell your story to a prospective employer, and if you want someone to take a chance on you as a high school student, you need to use every tool at your disposal.

• Have professional references ready.

You don’t need to include your references in your resume, but you should be prepared to list at least three references when you apply for a job. Remember that while there is often overlap in the people you might list as professional or personal references, you should only include people who can attest to your professional capabilities on a job application. 

That might mean a teacher, someone for whom you’ve worked, such as the parent of a babysitting charge, your contact at an organization where you’ve volunteered, or someone else who knows you in a professional capacity. Avoid including friends and peers, because it’s unlikely they can speak to your work capabilities.

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Five Examples of Good Student Resumes A Self-Help Quiz for High School Students . Job objective: Weekend/After School Job as Stockroom Helper.

High School Student Resume Sample

objective for resume examples for high school student

1. Express your Relevant Traits and Abilities in the Career Objective

Every great resume needs a hook. Job seekers have a variety of options when it comes to how to start a resume, but for students, a career objective is often the most effective.

A career objective is NOT a statement telling the employer what you want

Unfortunately, there is a huge misconception surrounding the use of career objectives. Despite what some may say, a career objective is NOT a statement telling the employer what you want from the company. Instead, the goal of an objective is to explain what you bring to the table and how you can help the company meet its goals.

For high schoolers and college students applying for an internship, a career objective should showcase their character traits, relevant skills, and abilities. Here’s how the high school student formats his:

Hard-working student (3.8/4.0 GPA) who is driven and can meet strict deadlines. Seeking to apply my strategic analytical skills to the reporter/research internship at your newspaper. Possess proven writing and research abilities that will aid your company in achieving milestones.

Career objectives can be quite flexible as job applicants are free to order the content how they see fit. Check out how the college student resume words its objective:

Energetic and passionate college student working towards a BS in Marketing at the University of Georgia. Aiming to use my knowledge of advertising, PR, product development, and my consumer research skills to satisfy the marketing internship at your company.

As the two samples above demonstrate, a strong career objective gives companies a glimpse of what you can bring to the table, thereby hooking them in to read more.

Short, persuasive, and concise, the Career Objective is a classic way to start a powerful resume. Make sure you get it right with our helpful career objective writing guide.

2. A Well-Written Education Section is Essential

Normally, education sections land near the bottom of resumes with very few details. For experienced professionals, this section of the resume is not as significant as the applicant’s professional experience. However, for student resumes that lack professional experience, the education section is a major point of emphasis.

Student resumes should focus on these key points of their education:

  • GPA: Including your hard-earned GPA tells the manager that you can be trusted to produce quality work on a deadline. It’s important to note that job seekers should only include their GPA if it is a 3.o or above.
  • Relevant Coursework: Listing your courses will give the employer a better idea of the knowledge and expertise you possess. Remember to only list classes relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Honors & Awards: Adding any awards you received in school will show the HR manager that others recognize your hard work and accomplishments. 
  • Extracurricular Activities: Including activities like clubs and sports demonstrates additional skills (leadership & communication) that you might have.

Remember that the education section is the cornerstone of a student resume. Since you will likely have little or no professional experience, feel free to fill your education section with a wealth of information.

3. Exchange Professional Experience for a Major Achievements Section

Including a Major Achievements section will help you expand on the highlights of your educational experience.

The hardest part about writing a high school resume or a college student resume is simply trying to fill up the page. Most students hit a wall when it comes to the professional experience section because they simply don’t have relevant work experience. Luckily there is an easy way around this obstacle.

Students can substitute the professional experience section for a “Major Achievements” or “Major Projects” field. Including one of these categories will help you expand on the highlights of your educational experience.

What can I include?

Students can elaborate on just about anything in these sections. Yet, it’s best to stick to topics that are relevant to the internship and that will help the employer understand how you will perform at their company. In general, high school students tend to focus on their club participation while college students often incorporate major class projects.

What is the format of a Major Achievements section?

As far as the formatting goes for this field, it’s best to think of it like a professional experience section. The name of the club or project should be used as the header with explanatory bullet points underneath. Feel free to include dates if the project was done under a time constraint. Check out how the high school student resume is formatted:

Major Achievements
Heritage High Newspaper
Reporter | Sept 2017 – Present

  • Covered the Boys Varsity Basketball Team during their run at the state championship, resulting in a major boost to school spirit and a 20% increase in ticket sales
  • Pitched and researched 3-4 stories per issue that were informative and stimulating for both the student body and faculty

If you want to take this section a bit further, it’s always nice to include accomplishments on your resume like the candidate above. Numbers help employers to illustrate and measure your skills.

While the Major Achievements and Major Projects sections are just extensions of your education, they can help your resume by giving off an impression that you are an experienced candidate.

Once you’ve perfected your internship resume, pair it with a strong internship cover letter to complete your application.

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Spanish Teacher Resume Objective Sample responsible for teaching a secondary language to students either in middle school, high school or college.

objective for resume examples for high school student
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