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Outline of letters
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This howto explains how to create text in one color outlined by another color to make it more visible. This is useful when adding text on images since it makes the.


Outline any text in Adobe Photoshop to make it stand out. The best part is, it’s quick to do and easy to learn even if you’re a Photoshop beginner. And this is just one of the many type effects you can learn in Photoshop.

But be subtle. Subtlety is important because you can create beautiful effects with just the right font combinationThe 10 Best Photoshop Typefaces to Use in Creative CloudThe 10 Best Photoshop Typefaces to Use in Creative CloudTypefaces can make a huge impact when used correctly. Here are the best Photoshop typefaces you get with Creative Cloud.Read More, otherwise outlined text can look overdone.

How to Outline Text in Photoshop

This method uses Layer Styles to create the stroke. It also allows the type layer to remain editable. You can also use the steps below to add a stroke to any other object on your canvas apart from type.

  1. Select the Type tool (Horizontal or Vertical) and create your text.
  2. Right-click on Type Layer and choose Blending Options from the menu. Or go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke.
  3. In the Layer Style dialog box, opt for Stroke under the list of styles on the left.
  4. The options under the Stroke style give you complete control over the appearance of the outline. Set the size or width to the desired amount by using either the slider or enter your own value.
  5. Choose a Position for the stroke. The right position changes the appearance when text is combined with other layer elements. There are three choices.
    • Inside.The stroke will be placed inside the edges of the selection.
    • Center. The stroke will appear 10 pixels inside and out of the selection.
    • Outside. The stroke will run along the outside edge of the selection.
  6. Use the Blend Mode to control how the colored stroke will interact with the colors or layers under the stroke. For instance, if you place the text over a colorful image.
  7. Use the Opacity slider to set the degree of transparency for the stroke.
  8. Strokes can be filled with solid-color lines, colorful gradients, as well as patterned borders. Click on the color tile to open the color picker. Choose your color. Click OK.

Here’s the end result:

If it looks bland, don’t worry. You can create more colorful text effects. Experiment for interesting results. For instance, the screenshot below shows a patterned stroke.

How Does Your First Outlined Text Look?

There are many ways to outline a text, but a basic stroke is simple enough. You can always combine the text with the Layer Styles to add effects. This method is also flexible as you can copy-paste any other text to replace the one you were working on. The Layer style stays intact and the image will update with the new text you just pasted.

Now, let’s move on from text to shapes with the Custom Shape Tool in PhotoshopHow to Use the Custom Shape Tool in Adobe PhotoshopHow to Use the Custom Shape Tool in Adobe PhotoshopOur step-by-step guide to using the Custom Shape Tool in Adobe Photoshop, a versatile tool that's often overlooked.Read More. Make sure you review our handy list of Photoshop keyboard shortcutsAdobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts 101Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts 101Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will save you hours of time.Read More, too.

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How to Remove Shadows From PhotosAdobe Photoshop CC 2018: 9 Great New Features

You can use the fill and outline tools in PowerPoint to make the text look exactly the way you The button looks like the letter "A" being outlined with a pencil.

Free Outline fonts

outline of letters


Newer method for Photoshop CC here   

(JUST ADDED: See the bottom of this tutorial for a PSD and a layerstyle that works in Photoshop CS6 and CC)

Step 1

Start with a blank layer and some text, this will work for shapes too.


Step 2

Right click/Cmd click on the layer name in the layers pallette. Select rasterize layer. Ctrl/Cmd click on the layer thumbnail to select the type.

Step 3


Create a new blank layer.

Edit>stroke. I added a 6 pixel stroke here. Make the location center.

Click ok.

Ctrl/Cmd click on the layer thumbnail to select the new stroke.

Step 4

In the layer palette, turn off the bottom layer, you should see the outline now.
Using the gradient tool: foreground to background linear – Black to white. apply a gradient to the selection.


Step 5

Now apply the stroke again, this time 1 Pixel and set to outside.


Step 6


To make the gradient look like metal, use our favorate curves trick.

Image>adjust>curves, use a similar curve to what is shown here.

Step 7

Now display the bottom layer again and fill with a color or a gradient to get this result.


Step 8

For a little extra depth apply a layer style to the outline, use a dropshadow.


Step 9

Here is the result.


Step 10

Another variation is to hide the fill and just use the outline with a dropshadow.


Step 11

Here is yet another variation. This is just the previous image inverted. Ctrl/Cmd+I Note for this to work, you must flatten the image first.


Step 12

Here is another variation. Play around with this effect and have fun.

See you in a week with another new tutorial.

Download the PSD

Beveled outline text with a Layer style

(Photoshop CS-CC)

Here is a newer versions of the effect that I have created with a layer style


Download the layer style here



Also see the tutorial on creating a metal wire text effect as shown here


CS6 Superguide

All the CS6 information and more is available as a PDF magazine called the CS6 Superguide. If you’re on our list, you will receive it free by email as soon as it’s available. If not, sign up now and get the CS6 Superguide for free. Or click the image below.

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Below is a standard outline for cover letters that you can follow for a first draft. We encourage you to get your cover letter critiqued by a counselor or Career Services Ambassador.

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First paragraph (Purpose):
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Second paragraph (Background and Qualifications):
Refer the employer to an enclosed resume. If you have had related experience or specialized training, elaborate on the details that would be of special interest to the employer.  Be as specific as you can about your qualifications and skills.  Provide examples on how you obtained/honed these skills. Your goal here is to match your skills to the employer's needs. Explain how you would fit into the position and the organization. This paragraph can get lengthy; break it into two paragraphs to make it more readable.

Third paragraph (Request for Action):
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Outline Text Generator Logo Text Add Symbol. Outline. Font, Click to Select Font Carolingia Details and Download - William Boyd - Decorative. Text Size.

Outline text in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial

outline of letters

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  • Like the title says, is there a way to add an outline to the vinyl letters that are in the game? I've tried creating my own letters but those ended up looking rubbish .

    outline of letters
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