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Salary increase letter to boss

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Salary increase letter to boss
October 22, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Request for salary increment or pay rise letter can also be sent by employee asking for a raise in pay, see sample letter template. Salary Increase Email to Boss.

In an ideal world, your boss knows you deserve a raise and gives it to you without you having to request it. In the real world, however, things aren’t so simple. If you earn less than what your position is worth, you should write a letter requesting an increase, provided you’re able to justify it.

General Purpose of the Letter

In the opening paragraph, say that you have enjoyed working with the company and include your job title and length of employment. Then say you are writing to request a salary increase. Briefly touch on why you are making the request.


In the past year, the work environment has gotten much more demanding. I have consistently taken on new assignments and performed them above expectations.

Reason for the Request

State the reason for your request in the body paragraph. Common reasons include: Your boss promised you a raise at the end of your probationary period, your responsibilities have increased or you received a promotion. Less common, but still important reasons include: An increase in the cost of living where your job is located, you have not had a raise in a long time, your salary is below the average market value or your qualifications have improved. Depending on the situation, give your boss a chance to fulfill her promise to provide an increase before writing the letter. For example, after your probationary period, write the letter only if your boss fails to give you the promised raise within the specified time frame.


When I began in this position, I was told that I would receive a raise at the end of my probationary period. I was given an excellent review, and I would appreciate the increase that was promised to me.

Justification for the Request

The body paragraph should clearly express why you are worthy of the raise. If you took on more work, summarize your accomplishments. You might use bullet points to highlight them and include figures when possible. Keep your sentences straightforward and concise.

Example for when you are asking for an increase based on your work:

I restructured the accounting system, leading to the discovery of several unpaid invoices and a net increase in company revenue of $50,000.

Example for when you earn less than the market value for your position:

It has come to my attention that my position pays an average of $45,000 annually, which is $10,000 more than I’m currently earning.


  • When asking for an increase, don't mention what your co-workers are making. Instead, present the results of your research and tailor your request accordingly.

Requested Amount

In another paragraph, write the specific amount you are requesting. Apply tact to avoid sounding demanding.


Please consider my request for a 5 percent increase. I believe that amount will bring my current salary up to the industry average for my position.

Open to Negotiation

You want the result to be a win-win situation. Therefore, state your willingness to negotiate if the company cannot afford to pay you the requested amount. For example, your boss agrees you deserve a raise but says that the company cannot pay it right now. In this case, ask for a time frame, and then wait it out.


I understand that the business has experienced some challenges as of late. Accordingly, I would like to revisit this issue at the beginning of next quarter.

About the Author

Grace Ferguson has been writing professionally since 2009. With 10 years of experience in employee benefits and payroll administration, Ferguson has written extensively on topics relating to employment and finance. A research writer as well, she has been published in The Sage Encyclopedia and Mission Bell Media.

Are you looking for some effective pay raise letter samples that will help comes a time when one considers asking the boss for a raise or promotion. the time is right, you can take a step ahead and ask for a salary raise.

How To Ask For A Raise (With Email Template)

salary increase letter to boss

Subject Line: George Smith – Meeting Request

Hi Jane,

Now that the XYZ project is in the rear view and we’re all settling back into our regular routines, I wanted to drop you a line to ask if we can have a meeting to discuss my compensation.

As you know, I started at ABC Corp two years ago as an intern and came on board at a salary that was slightly low in the pay band, with the understanding that we would revisit my pay at review time. Since then, of course, we’ve all been too busy to think much about anything but hitting our deadlines.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to start my career with mentors like you and Jack, and to continue to learn in a company that’s growing so fast. Over the past two years, I’ve gladly assumed many hats, including lead on our latest project. In addition, I’ve always exceeded my own goals without missing a single deadline. I’ve also continued developing my skillset, taking classes in UX design.

My research indicates that a raise of 10% would be appropriate. I’d love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss in person.


George Smith
Junior Graphic Designer
ABC Corp
47 Paper Street, Suite 221
Lansing, Michigan 48864

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How to Ask Your Boss for a Salary Increase Successfully

salary increase letter to boss

Want to know how much of a salary increase you should ask for? Use ValueMyCV to find out.

How much are you really worth? If it’s more than you’re currently being paid, you’ve probably thought about how to ask your boss for a raise.

Talking money doesn’t come easy to many of us, but if you’re being underpaid and deserve a pay rise, you should pluck up the courage to ask for more. But don’t just go barging in through the boss’s door – take a look at our top tips that will make it difficult for them to say no:

How To Ask For A Payrise

  1. Do Your Research – Whether you’re looking for a modest increase or a large salary hike, do your research. Ask HR how your company calculates pay increases and use that as leverage, or take a look at jobs on Adzuna to see what other companies are offering for similar roles.
  2. Time it right – If you’ve just been given a pay rise in line with the rest of the company, you need to have a very good reason to ask for another one so soon. Biding your time for a couple of months could quite literally pay off, so pick your moment.
  3. Ask for a meeting – This isn’t the sort of conversation you can have over the watercooler on a Friday afternoon, and busy Monday mornings might not be great either. Ask to have a few minutes with your boss some time during the week when things are quieter and they’re more likely to have the time for you.
  4. Back up your claims – There’s no point saying you want a pay rise just because you think you deserve one – they’ll need to see proof that you’re worth it. Before you go in, jot down a few examples of how you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. Being able to produce some numbers and statistics to impress them will give your case more weight.
  5. Be realistic – Plucking some wild figure out of the air isn’t going to work – it’ll make you look greedy and uninformed. Make sure they know your expectations are reasonable given the industry average; that way your manager is more likely to take your case seriously.

The Most Important Don’t

  • Don’t give up – These tips are designed to make it difficult for your boss to say no, but there are all sorts of reasons you might not be successful this time around. Don’t sulk or start firing off moaning emails, simply thank them for having considered it and try again later. Never burn your bridges – even if you decide that without a pay rise it’s time to find a new job altogether, you’ll need to keep your boss sweet to get a good reference.

Asking For A Pay Rise In A Letter

Depending on your relationship with your boss, an email might be the best way to ask them for a pay rise, or at least lay down the groundwork.

Before you take the plunge it’s still worth answering the question we opened with – how much are you worth?

Upload your (updated!) CV into the ValueMyCVtool to get some idea of how much your skills are really worth to your employer, which is a great base for you to build your case for a raise.

Don’t just start talking about figures straight away – the key thing is to emphasise how your achievements and improved capabilities have contributed to the success of the business, and lay it on thick when telling them how much you enjoy working there. You want to keep their goodwill, even if they turn you down.

But where to start? Using the following letter sample as a guide will put you in with a good chance of getting the raise you so richly deserve – just remember that individual circumstances differ, so it’s important you customise the template to best reflect your own position or change how formal/casual the tone is.


Email Template: Ask For A Pay Rise

Subject Line: Request for salary appraisal. There’s no need to stress over what your email subject line should be – just like any email, a good subject line sums up the contents of the email and whether action is required. Something simple will do the trick.

Hi [manager’s name],

I have greatly enjoyed working here over the past ___ years, and as well as feeling I have learnt a lot from my time within the department, I also feel I have contributed a great deal to the ongoing success of the team and the company.

Over the past year alone I have [write about your own achievements here], and also have additional responsibilities such as [add these here, focusing on how they help the business]..

Given the added value I bring to the company, I no longer feel that the salary I am receiving reflects the contribution I am making to the department. I believe my current remuneration package is below what can generally be expected for someone in my position, and would request an increase of X% to bring my current salary into line with the industry average.

I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss this further, and kindly ask that we meet at a time most convenient for you. Once again I would like to express my sincere thanks for the support you have shown me and I look forward to continuing to serve the department and the wider company.

Kind regards,

Your Name Here

Don’t forget to upload your CV to ValueMyCV to find out how much you’re really worth to your boss.

Knowing your true value could be just the confidence boost you need to kick-start the negotiations, so be brave and hit send on that email – you’re worth every penny.

Know your Worth: Glassdoor's Know Your Worth™ salary estimator gives you a clear idea of the raise you should be asking for, by giving you an objective figure .

How to write a salary increase letter to ask your boss for a raise

salary increase letter to boss

Sample Application format for Increment in Monthly Salary

[These are sample Salary Increment Request Letter to the employer, manager, HR Manager, Admin Manager, Chairman, CEO, director or higher authority. Requesting increment is not easy but a good request letter can make it easy and simple. You can modify these formats as your requirement.]

Application for Increment in Monthly Salary


The HR Manager,

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Subject: Application for Increment in Monthly Salary

Respected Sir,

I have been working for your company for 2/3/5 years as (Job designation). Currently, I am getting (Amount of money) per month as my salary. But I am finding it very difficult to manage my household expenditures with this salary. (show your actual problem and situation). I am living in a rented house, the landlord has also increased the monthly rent of his property. My children are also studying in a school. I am also facing difficulty to fulfill their schooling expenses.

The prices of fuel and daily use commodities have also been increased.  The payment of utility bills is becoming another headache. So in such circumstances, it has become difficult for me to run my household affairs. That is why I am requesting your honor that my monthly salary should be increased as much as possible. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to survive on this job.

Yours Sincerely,


Job Designation…

Contact no…



Another format,

Sub: Request for monthly Salary Increment

Respected Sir,

I am (name). I have been working here for two/three years.  This organization has provided me good experience to learn. I am satisfied with the organization and the staff to whom I am working with. Sir, I am currently receiving a monthly income (Amount of money).  However, there has not been announced any increment in my salary yet. (show your actual problem and situation).

There is need of time to increase salary after six months considering the hike of dearness in Pakistan. I request you to please increase my salary. I will be thankful for this.

Your Sincerely,


Job Designation…

Contact no…


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Barbara Corcoran Explains How To Ask For A Raise

How To Ask Your Employer For A Raise (Sample Letter) employers can give their employees a raise as they see fit, even those on salary.

salary increase letter to boss
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