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Sample of authorization letter for payment

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Sample of authorization letter for payment
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This wikiHow will show you how write a letter of authorization. A few examples of situations that may require an authorization letter include.

Employment Agreement in Letter Format (Long Form)

[Your Name, & Address here]


[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]


Dear [name],

Sub – Employment Agreement

We are pleased that you have accepted employment offer with [Company name] on the position of [state post]. Your [joining date] will be [date].

This letter confirms the terms & conditions of your employment.

1 Range of Work – As [post title], your responsibilities and obligations include [job profile]. The  employer may change your job profile at any time, depending on the company’s requirements. You will be notified of any such change in writing.

2. Amendment in Terms & Conditions – The terms and conditions of your employment offer may be changed from time to time, as the needs of the Employer necessitate. We will review your performance on annual basis, the time any salary changes are made in our organization.

3. Earnings – The Employer agrees to pay you a gross annual salary of $[amount], payable on [monthly/weekly/semi-monthly/bi-weekly basis].

4. Holidays – During the period of your employment, you are entitled to take vacation as per the company policies. Your holiday period should be approved by the employer.

5. Expenses – The Employer will pay you back according to its policies for all reasonable expenses incurred by you while performing for the Employer. For all such expenses, you are required to furnish the Employer bills and vouchers as and when required.

6. Services – You are expected to devote your whole time and capability to the business of the Employer. You shall serve the company using your best efforts to promote its interests.

7. Duties – You will perform all the duties given to you while in the employment, and deposit all money, securities and other valuables that belong to the Employer which you may receive for, from or on account of the Employer.

8. Rules and Regulations: You agree to be bound by and abide by all the rules and regulations or guidelines of the Company (including, but not limited to, any office procedural manuals and any privacy of information policies or procedures) which are in effect and are brought to your notice or of which you should be alert of. While a violation of any rules or regulations of the Employer may be reason for order up to and including discharge, an employee should be aware that safety of the confidential information of the Employer is very important and, so, any confidentiality breach of information policies or procedures will be reason for harsh discipline and/or termination of your employment for cause.

9. Non-Disclosure – You acknowledge that during your employment with the Employer, confidential information will be disclosed to you and, any unauthorized revelation of such information to any individual or party or for use other than for the Employer’s purposes could cause wide harm to the Employer. The confidential information of the Employer includes any and all trade secrets, private or secret information of the Employer (includes, but does not limit to)

(i) business and financial information of the Employer, (ii) business methods and practices, (iii) promotion strategies, and (iv) any such information the Employer may assign time to time as being Confidential. The confidential information does not include information available or falls into the public domain, unless such information falls into the public domain by revelation or other acts by you, or through your mistake.

You assume that during your employment or at any time afterward, unless you have written consent of the Employer, either directly or indirectly, use on your own behalf or on behalf of any other person, Company or, reveal to any other person, except for when required by your employment, any confidential information of the Employer, and you shall use your best actions to avert the illegal revelation or publication of such information. Additionally, you agree that you will not copy any confidential information including any course belonging to the Employer nor take away the same form the Company’s premises without the written authorization. You recognize and acknowledge that a violation of this condition may result in your employment termination and/or the initiation of legal proceedings against you.

10. Non-Competition: You agree that you will not, without the written consent of the Employer, at any time throughout your employment and for a period of  [non-competition period] following your employment termination however caused (whether the employment is terminated by you or the Employer and, whether with/without cause or in break of this Agreement), either separately or in joint venture as principal, representative, worker, shareholder (other than a shareholding listed on a United States/Canadian stock exchange, not exceeding 5% of the outstanding shares so listed) or, in any other way at all carry on be involved in or, be concerned or advise, loan money to, guarantee the debts or compulsions of or, authorize your name or any part thereof to be used or engaged by any person involved in or concerned with report of business facet  in which employee is involved inside [area the employee cannot compete].

You agree that the limitations set out above are logical and, applicable and all defenses to the strict implementation of this non-competition agreement by the Employer are relinquished by you.

11. Non-Solicitation of Clients: You agree that you will not, without the written consent of the Employer, during your employment with the Employer or for 2 years from your employment termination however caused (whether its terminated by you or the Employer and whether with or without cause or in break of this Agreement), either individually or your company, and either on your own behalf or, on behalf of any person competing or endeavoring to compete with the Employer, directly or indirectly solicit, or gain the custom of, canvass or obstruct anyone who is a patron of the Employer as at the date of your termination or, utilize your personal knowledge of or manipulate any such client for your own advantage or that of any rival of the Employer.

12. Non-Solicitation of Employees: You agree that you will not, without the written consent of the Employer, during your employment or for a period of 2 years from the date of your termination

however caused (whether its terminated by you or the Employer and whether with or without cause or in break of this Agreement), either individually or your company, and either on your own behalf or, on behalf of any person competing or endeavoring to compete with the Employer, directly or indirectly solicit for employment, or to keep as an independent contractor or representative, any person who is an employee of the Employer as of the date of your employment termination or, was an employee of the Employer at any time during the period of 2 years earlier to your employment termination.

You further agree that should you be approached by anyone who is or, has been an employee of the Employer during the period of 2 years, you will not propose to nor employ or keep as an independent service provider or agent any such person for a period of 2 years after your employment termination.

13. Agreement to Modification of Restrictive Covenants: While the restrictions in sections 9, 10, 11 and 12 are considered as reasonable in all circumstances by you and the Employer, it is hereby agreed that if any one or more of such limitations shall be judged to be annulled as going ahead of what is reasonable in all circumstances for the safety of the interests of the Employer, but would be applicable if part of the wording thereof were reduced or the period thereof reduced or the extent of activities covered thereby reduced in range, the said decrease shall be deemed to apply with such alterations as may be compulsory to make them applicable and efficient and, any such amendment shall not thereby affect the legality of any other restraint mentioned in this Agreement.

14. Ownership of Intellectual Property: If during your employment period, you at any time, whether performing your usual duties or other duties assigned to you (including unusual working hours), either alone or in combination with any other person generate or expand any intellectual property (including a piece of work in which copyright applies or may apply) you shall immediately reveal same to the Employer. You also agree that all such intellectual property and the patent and other intellectual property rights will be owned by the Employer.

You hereby relinquish unreservedly and irreversibly all of your moral rights and other similar rights (including the ones under law) regarding any work (that includes works which may come into existence after the date hereof) in which exclusive rights may exist, formed by you during your employment in each jurisdiction all over the world, to the extent that such rights may be relinquished in each particular jurisdiction. This waiver extends to all acts of the Employer and their descendants, assigns and licensees and the third persons acts done with the Employer’s authority and their descendants and assigns.

15. Termination for Cause: The Employer may terminate your employment agreement and, your employment at any time for reason without notice and without any compensation, either for earnings or damages of any kind.

16. Termination on Notice: The employment can be terminated either by you or the Employer at any time upon giving [notice duration] written notice to the other party. Despite the previous, the Employer may terminate the employment immediately upon paying to you for [notice duration] in lieu of such notice.

17. Fairness and Reasonableness: You and the Employer confirm that the termination notice or payment in lieu of termination notice clauses mentioned in paragraph 16 are fair and reasonable and, agree that upon termination of this agreement by the Employer in conformity with paragraphs 15 or 16  or, upon any this agreement termination by you, you will have no action, reason of action, claim or demand against the Employer or, any other person as an outcome of such termination.

18. Return of Property: Upon employment termination, you will deliver to the Employer all documents, money or other materials belonging to the Employer or, for which the Employer is answerable to others which are in your custody or charge.

19. Provisions which Operate Following Termination: Despite your employment termination for any reason whatsoever (whether it is terminated by your or the Employer, and whether with or without cause or, in violation of this agreement), the conditions of paragraphs 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 18 of this agreement and any other conditions of this agreement essential to give efficiency thereto will continue in full power and effect after such termination.

20. Deductions: All payments under this agreement are subject to all proper legal deductions.

21. Entire Agreement: This employment agreement comprises the whole agreement between Employer and you in respect to your employment, and cancels and replaces any previous understandings and agreements between the Employer. There are no representations, contracts, forms, conditions, activities or security agreements, express, indirect or legal, between you and the Employer other than as particularly described in this employment  agreement.

22. Severability: If any condition of this employment agreement is determined to be unacceptable or unenforceable in part or whole, such invalidity will add only to such condition or part of this Agreement and, the remaining part of such condition and all other conditions of this employment agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

23. Additional Assurances: You shall perform and deliver, from time to time, all such additional documents and instruments (that includes conveyance instruments and waivers of moral rights) and, do all acts and things as the Employer may, reasonably require to efficiently carry out or better prove or perfect the full objective and meaning of this employment Agreement.

24. Governing Laws: This employment agreement is governed by and understood by in accordance with the laws of [name of the State].

25. Independent Legal Advice: You hereby agree that you have been advised by the Employer that you should get legal advice independently related to the terms of this employment agreement. You authenticate that you have either acquired such counsel or elected not to do so and, that you fully understand the terms and conditions described in this agreement, and agree to be bound by them.

26. Copy of Agreement: You acknowledge the receipt of a copy of this employment agreement signed by the Employer.

If you agree with the above mentioned, sign both copies of this letter in the presence of a witness and, return one to the Employer.



[Company name]


Per: __________________________________

I have read, understand and hereby willingly accept the terms of employment outlined above.


Date: __________________________________


…………………………………………..                  ………………………………………….

Witness                                                                        [Employee Name]

Download Sample Employment Agreement In Letter Format Long Form Letter In Word Format

Top Sample Letters Terms:

Sample Letter of Authorization. Send a letter of authorization to indicate that you are authorizing something or someone on a particular matter. As is the case with .

8+ Sample Credit Card Authorization Letters

sample of authorization letter for payment

Authorizing with someone claim your salary, backpay or other transaction that involves money. You can use these format and give it to your bearer including your 2 valid IDs as their references.

Last Updated: July 30, 2019



November 8, 1995
Mr. Julius H. Eduardo
Accounting Head
Golden Hand Corp.
Valle Verde, Pasig City


Dear Mr. Eduardo,

I am writing to inform your company that I am authorizing the bearer of this letter named, Claire L. Dumpid to claim my back pay. Because I will be unable to get it in person due to the fact that I must stay in our province for a while.

Ms. Dumpid will provide her 2 valid IDs for identification and on my behalf please allow her to sign any documents required for the transaction.

I hope for your consideration regarding this matter. Thank you very much and more power.

Sincerely yours,
Arvin M. Mandawi





I am writing to inform your company that I am authorizing the bearer of this letter named, [NAME OF YOUR BEARER] to claim my back pay. Because I will be unable to get it in person due to the fact that [REASON].

[NAME OF YOUR BEARER] will provide her 2 valid IDs for identification and on my behalf please allow her to sign any documents required for the transaction.

I hope for your consideration regarding this matter. Thank you very much and more power.

Sincerely yours,


Download the files below

WORD FORMAT:   .doc & .docx

Note: You can use this sample if you are located only in the Philippines country. Do not copy the exact date, person, location and other details above. Remember that this is just a guide to you for creating your authorization letters.

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Authorization Letter Sample

sample of authorization letter for payment

Authorization Letter Sample

Authorization letters are used to grant permission to someone to act on your behalf in official matters. Here are some samples that can guide you in writing such a letter.
In cases where it is impossible for a person to be present to either take decisions regarding important legal or official matters or collect documents, it is possible to grant the authority to another person by means of an authorization letter. The authority letter has to be extremely precise and should leave absolutely no room for ambiguity. This is to prevent any instances of a misunderstanding.

There are several occasions in which an authorization letter becomes extremely important. These include situations in which you need to authorize medical or legal representation, or grant permission to someone to act on your behalf. Looking up an authorization letter sample can help you understand how such a letter should be drafted. But there are some dos and don'ts that you need to keep in mind, which are listed below.

Tips to Remember
  • The letter should be very clear about who is being entrusted with the authority to work on your behalf. Highlight their name if possible.
  • The reason for which the authority is being granted to the concerned person should be stated clearly.
  • Always ensure that you mention the date on which the letter is issued to the holder.
  • Brevity is key. It is essential that important details are not missed out. A lengthy letter can often be tedious to read.
  • If applicable, include information about the period of validity of the letter.
  • Always check the letter for any spelling or grammatical errors.
Sample Authorization Letter for Passport

Annabeth Johnson
1204 A, Elm Street
732, Drake Bay
Tucson, AZ - 85705

Jan 23, 2013

Sub: Authorization letter for Voyages Travel Agency.

To Whomsoever it May Concern

I, Annabeth Johnson authorize Voyages Travel Agency and their agents/appointed personnel to transport legal documents that are required to obtain a passport for myself.

I hereby grant permission to Voyages Travel Agency to act as my agent and give them the right to fulfill necessary obligations on my behalf in the process. I also grant them the authority to receive the passport.

I understand that Voyages Travel Agency will be in no way responsible for any delay caused in the course of processing and shipping.

Thanking you,

Annabeth Johnson

Sample of Authorization Letter for Medical Records

Annabeth Johnson
1204 A, Elm Street
732, Drake Bay
Tucson, AZ - 85705

Jan 20, 2013

Dr. Melissa Payson
St. Teresa Hospital
334, Forsyth Road
Tucson, AZ - 85702

Sub: Release of Medical Records for Annabeth Johnson

Dear Dr. Payson,

Please release my medical records and other information related to the ACL tear treatment which I underwent under your medical supervision from Dec 12, 2012 to Jan 10, 2013, to Dr. Derreck Smith. The records will be used to assist further in my medical care. Please mail the records to:

Dr. Derreck Smith
Grace Hospital
1581, Lake Boulevard
Tucson, AZ - 85714

Thanking you,

Annabeth Johnson

Sample of Authority Letter for Bank

Annabeth Johnson
1204 A, Elm Street
732, Drake Bay
Tucson, AZ - 85705

Jan 13, 2013

The Manager
544, Reagan Boulevard
Tucson, AZ - 85712

Sub: Authority letter for Melinda Johnson

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

I, the undersigned, have been a customer of your bank since 2010, and have opened a savings account and a recurring deposit with you in that period. The details of these accounts are enclosed with this letter.

I hereby authorize Melinda Johnson, my sister, to act in all matters necessary with regards to both the accounts. I ensure you of my full consent with regards to this authorization. I am enclosing duplicates of my account statement of the past two months and proof of identity for confirmation of my relationship with Melinda Johnson.

In case you need to contact me for any clarification or verification, please send me an email at [email protected], which is the verified email linked to both the accounts I hold with you.

Thanking you,

Annabeth Johnson

While providing someone else the right to act on your behalf or receive important documents, it is important to ensure that the authority letter being provided is flawless. These samples will help you write a letter that will be clear and concise.

Each payment will conform to Canadian Payments Association rules. We have attached a specimen cheque marked “VOID” to this payor authorization (the.

Authorization to Debit Account Template

sample of authorization letter for payment

It is not only minors and subordinates who often require permission. More often than not, you will require someone to confirm your rank and status in writing so you can be qualified for certain things—to enter into a legally binding contract, to apply for a job, to acquire (or spend) a certain amount of money, to act with the authority of someone else. An authorization letter is what you ask a representative to do all these things on your behalf. And sometimes it is up to you to draft such a letter.

To help you with this task, here are some free Letter Templates for just this type of document. These are some of the handiest examples available for free online, and you can use them as reference or guidelines.

Employment Authorization Letter Sample

Bank Authorization Letter Template

Payment Authorization Letter Template

Authorization Request Letter Template

Credit Card Authorization Letter Template

When Are Authorization Letters Needed?

You will often need to draft this document to authorize someone else—a partner or subordinate—to act on your behalf. These free samples address all of these specific situations among others:

  • You will need to write a Bank Authorization Letter (template provided) to authorize a family member to open a bank account in your name.
  • You will also need some form of authorization to allow your bank account to be charged for certain purchases you make using a credit card. (See Payment Authorization and Credit Card Authorization Letter Template.)
  • A Medical Authorization Letter (template provided) can apply differently. If you have health insurance, the health care provider will often request an authorization from your insurance company to go ahead with medical services. In the sample provided, a medical authorization letter is used to authorize someone to act as guardian of a minor child and make decisions in case of an emergency and the child’s parents are unable to be reached.
  • Similar to this, the Travel Authorization Letter will serve as proof that someone is allowed to go on a trip alone, without supervision.

There will also be various “authorized to collect” letters that allow someone to collect a document for you.

As you can see from these examples, an authorization letter is more a matter of writing a Legal Letter Templatethan a Marketing Letter Template, so you usually do not have to outline your reasoning for why you have chosen a person to be authorized. It only states that you do.

Medical Authorization Letter Template

Authorization Letter by Organization

Authorization Letter to Collect Certificate

Related Letters

If you are on the receiving end of an authorization letter, you might have to request (also in writing) for the document. Refer to the Authorization Request Letter Template on this list to get you started.

A different slant to requesting authorization occurs in situations where you yourself have to draft a letter and merely have it signed by an authority. In this case, you’ll want to find a good Notarized Letter Template.

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the general rule in is that an employee who resigns must receive all wages due no later than regular payday for pay period which sample authorization letter to.

sample of authorization letter for payment
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