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Sample thank you letter for reviewing resume

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Sample thank you letter for reviewing resume
February 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

As with any thank you in life, a thank you letter can go a long way, but people have Here is a sample thank you letter that you could revise to fit your needs.

An employee "thank you for applying" email lets job applicants know that their application has been received, and may also set up their expectations for what's next and when they should expect responses. They can also be used to passively screen applicants.

Thank You for Applying Email Example:

[Applicant Name],

Thanks for taking the time to apply for our position. We appreciate your interest in [company name].

We're currently in the process of taking applications for this position. We will begin taking interviews [time frame i.e. in the next two weeks]. If you are selected to continue to the interview process, our human resources department will be in contact with you by [date, or estimated date].

Thank you,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

That's the basic email. You might want to try out Betterteam's screening email as an alternative. It acknowledges that the application has been received, but it also gets the ball rolling on the hiring process.

The idea is to send applicants 5 questions that take about 20 minutes to answer. This will automatically filter out unmotivated applicants because they won't even bother answering. Furthermore, you'll be able to pick out the good candidates quickly because they've all answered the same questions, making responses easy to compare.

Our sample email includes 5 generic questions that you can use, although we recommend that you tailor them to the particular job as much as possible.

Application Screening Email Example:

[Applicant Name],

Thank you for taking the time to apply for our [title] position. Below is a small test we would like you to tackle which should take no more than 20 minutes. This will help us to understand the way you work and also give us some insight into your skills.

  1. Why did you decide to apply for this job?
  2. What, in your opinion, is the most important task for this job? Why?
  3. List the steps you would normally take to do this task correctly.
  4. What would you do to make your work stand out from the rest?
  5. Can you give me some examples of how you've done this job in the past, and the results you've gotten? Any numbers would be great.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]


How do you respond to a job application email?

You thank the applicant for applying in an email that also contains a few screening questions to judge the applicant's level of interest.

See our Thank You for Applying email template.

How do you acknowledge receipt for a job application?

Also known as an application acknowledgment email, a "thank you for applying" email is a courteous way to thank candidates for their application and can provide further details about interview dates and times.

See a Thank You for Applying email template.

Should I use a thank you for applying auto response?

Yes, we think so. An acknowledgment gives applicants a good impression of your company. It can also save you from having to follow up with emails asking when applicants can expect to hear back, and checking to see if you received their resume.

See a Thank You for Applying email template.

Should my company use the thank you for applying email for screening?

We recommend that any company should use a screening email, with one caveat. You'll want to write a really solid job posting that gets potential applicants excited about the job.

See an example of an Application Screening Email.

How do you end a thank you email?

You can choose to provide details about the interview process and when the candidate can expect to hear from HR, should they pass the screening stage. Alternately, just sign off with your name.

Find an interview confirmation email here.

Thank You for Applying Email Template

Download this free thank you for applying email. Instant download, no email required.

Download EmailInstant download. No email required.

Application Screening Email

Download our application screening email. Instant download, no email required.

Download EmailInstant download. No email required.

We've got you covered with formal, sincere, and professional thank you notes, as well as thank you letters for after phone, group, and second.

Acknowledge the Receipt of a Resume

sample thank you letter for reviewing resume

When applying for internships or jobs, you will need at least two documents: a resume and a cover letter. These documents are used to determine whether or not you will be selected for an interview, and employers spend only 6 to 7 seconds reviewing your resume! It's important to write the best resume possible to stand out to recruiters.


A resume shows your qualification for the position by providing a brief summary of your education and relevant experience. 

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a commonly requested business letter to accompany your resume. It states your relevant experience and summarizes your top strengths and accomplishments.

Your cover letter also addresses why you are a good fit for the position and organization. Effective cover letters are tailored for the particular position and organization to which you are applying. Taking the time to personalize your cover letter demonstrates to the employer enthusiasm and interest in their position and helps you stand out as a candidate. 

If you would like to apply for jobs and internships in Handshake, you must upload a copy of your resume (Documents tab of your profile).

You are encouraged to utilize our drop-in hours to get feedback on your resume BEFORE you upload it to Handshake.

An application letter is used to apply for an open position within an organization. It includes pertinent details about your qualifications and requests an interview. 

This type of letter is used to contact an employer where no known opening exists in order to express an interest in the organization and request an opportunity to interview for an appropriate position. 

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How to Effectively Say “Thank You for Your Consideration”

sample thank you letter for reviewing resume

Rita Lau
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Hilda Lee
Acme Retail
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee,

Thank you for sharing your professional expertise with me during our discussion today. I consider you to be one of my role models in our field, and I am more than grateful for the time you spent reviewing my career objectives and recommending strategies for achieving them.

I especially appreciate your offer to connect me to others in your network. I plan on following up with the contacts you emailed me right away. I have also begun to reach out to local professionals using the online networking resources you recommended to accelerate my job search.

Any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome. I'll let you know how my career search progresses.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Best regards,

Rita Lau

Writing the perfect interview thank you email or letter can be time consuming, Choose a professional, high-quality paper stock to write on, and make sure you post it not to mention the time spent reviewing your resume and coordinating the.

8 Brilliant Cover Letter Closing Paragraph & Conclusion Examples

sample thank you letter for reviewing resume

Use this application acknowledgement email template to inform job candidates you received their application for one of your open roles.

Prompt communication during all hiring stages is the foundation of a positive candidate experience. A “thank you for your application” email lets candidates know that their resume didn’t get lost and signals that you have an organized hiring process.

In your email:

  • Thank candidates for taking the time to apply for a role at your company.
  • Remind them of the exact job they applied for.
  • Mention the status of their application and next steps (e.g. “The hiring manager/ recruiting team is currently reviewing all applications.”)
  • If possible, give candidates a timeframe of when to expect hearing back from you.


Email subject line: Thank you for your application / Your application at [Company_name]

Hi [Candidate_Name] / Dear [Candidate_Name],

Thank you for applying to the [Job_title] position at [Company_name].

I’d like to inform you that we received your [application/resume/portfolio.] Our hiring team is currently reviewing all applications and we are planning to schedule interviews [mention timeframe, e.g. in the next two weeks.] If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive [e.g. a call/email] from our one of our recruiters to schedule [e.g. a phone interview.] In any case, we will keep you posted on the status of your application.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to apply to this role at [Company_name.]

Best regards,

[Your name]

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Let's discuss how to write an impactful thank you note that sets you apart. Professional etiquette is still extremely important in any effective job search. . We also offer a really sweet, free and comprehensive resume review.

sample thank you letter for reviewing resume
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