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Simple sales letter
September 13, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 4 comments

How much is one good sales letter or powerfully written web site worth to your business? Suppose you could sit down, write a simple letter or email to your.

The free sample letters provided here can be easily customized for situations where it may be appropriate to send a sales letter. Simply click the image of the document that best meets your needs. It will prompt you to save the PDF file to your computer. After that, you can open the file, edit, save changes, and print. See this guide to PDF documents if you need help working with this type of file.

Announcing a New Product or Service

When your company is introducing a new product or service, it is a good idea to send a sales letter to targeted prospects. This can be an effective way to spread the word about your new offering and generate interest among potential buyers.

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This type of letter should:

  • Address how the new product or service will address a particular customer need
  • Provide a brief overview of the features and benefits
  • Express an interest in discussing the offering further
  • Specify a call-to-action request (such as calling to learn more or visiting a specific website)
  • Provide contact information

It is prudent to send a letter before you make phone calls to pitch the product or schedule face-to-face meetings. This way, prospective buyers will have a frame of reference for what it is that you're hoping to sell - and may already be in the right frame of mind to learn more. If you're lucky, the letter might be so appealing that people who are really interested might be proactive in calling you first!

Promoting a Special Offer

You don't have to wait to have a completely new product or service before you send out a sales letter. It's also advisable to communicate with customers and prospects in writing about any special offers you may have.

This type of letter should:

  • Emphasize the limited time nature of the special offer
  • Give the "big picture" benefit of the special offer (significant savings, availability to only a select group, promotional bonus, etc.)
  • Clarify specific potential savings associated with the offer
  • Express a sense of urgency
  • Link making a purchase decision to fulfilling a need while also saving money or getting something extra
  • Multiple options for making an immediate purchase decision

Sending this kind of letter is a great way to provide a concrete incentive to buy within a specified timeframe. Here again, it's a best practice to send a sales letter in advance of making phone calls to potential buyers to pitch the special offer.

Introducing a New Account Representative

In situations where clients have personal relationships with their sales representatives, it's advisable to send a letter of introduction when the person assigned to their account changes. This type of letter should come from the new representative as it represents the first step toward establishing positive rapport.

This type of letter should:

  • Express that the new representative is enthusiastic about establishing a relationship with the client
  • Present the perspective that the representative looks at the situation as an "opportunity" rather than as an assignment
  • Reassure the customer that the new person is concerned with meeting client needs, not just making sales
  • Stay focused on what the representative can do for the client (as opposed to asking the client to help the representative in his or her new role)
  • Express interest in meeting with the customer in person without insisting on doing so
  • Offer alternatives for direct communication (such as a phone call or online video chat)
  • Set an expectation that the new representative will reach out to the customer within a fairly short time frame
  • Encourage the customer to reach out with any questions in the meantime
  • Provide the new representative's contact information
  • Enclose the business car of the new sales representative

This is an example of how sales letters can be used as an effective customer relationship management strategy.

Part of an Overall Sales Strategy

Sending out sales letters is only one part of an overall sales strategy, but it's an important one. When you have a series of great sales letters that you can easily customize for the various situations, you'll have a head start on the process of communicating with customers - an important first step toward maximizing sales success!

Learn how to write a Sales letter for business if you are an English learner, including essential points, useful phrases and an example letter.

How to Write a Sales Letter That Becomes a Cash Machine

simple sales letter

Part of being a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur and selling your expertise online is being able to craft effective marketing which persuades prospects to try your product or service.

And while there are many ways your marketing messages can take form (take, for example, webinars that you can easily build inside Kajabi), sometimes there’s no better replacement in communicating your message than a tried and true sales letter.

While Kajabi has designed easy options to allow for both live and evergreen webinars, sometimes there’s no better replacement in communicating your message than a tried and true sales letter.

It’s a staple of any online information-driven business and gives your visitors a chance to get your entire sales message without having to wait for a webinar to start or get distracted while watching it.

A sales letter remains the fastest and easiest way to test your offer, messaging, and produce revenue for your business. And inside Kajabi you simply need to click on the “Sales Page Pipeline” to have an entire templated page pre-built for you. It automatically creates both your sales letter and checkout pages.

Then it’s up to you to choose how to customize the design, what features to add or remove, and what sort of messaging to include.

So while we’ll take care of the technology side, here are 6 tips to help you take care of the content side.

6 Tips To Improve Your Sales Letters

#1: The Rule Of One

“The Rule Of One” has become a popular phrase in the copywriting world. In the book “Great Leads”, authors Michael Masterson and John Forde provide a lengthy analysis of how many of the most successful sales letters of all time contained this “rule of one”.

This rule simply advises marketers to create their sales letters, emails, webinars, etc, built around a single concept. One big idea. One big problem, promise, and solution. Or as close to that as possible.

For example, say you were selling business coaching...

A normal sales letter in this niche might cover every imaginable problem which business coaching could solve. Which again, can work just fine. But it can also lead to watering down and diluting the message.

A more advanced sales letter would focus on a single big problem which business coaching can alleviate, like increasing sales and profits.  

The entire letter is then built around the big idea of how your business coaching helps with this specific issue. Your promises, guarantees, and proof elements are all aligned with this one idea. 

Just like a magnifying glass can create fire when focused, a sales letters persuasiveness can have the same effect when built around the “rule of one”.

Before you begin writing, here are a few helpful questions to guide you:

  • What is the #1 biggest problem you solve for this prospect?
  • What’s the single solution you offer?
  • What proof do you have to support that single solution?
  • What one big promise can you make this prospect if they try your solution?

By focusing on your one big idea, your writing not only becomes easier, but your messaging becomes much more clear for your reader. And clarity is the hallmark of a great sales letter.

#2: Attention Capturing Headline

Your headline accounts for 80% of the success of your promotion. Most of your time should be spent in brainstorming different ideas and polishing the ones you think may work best.

The main job of your headline is to stop your reader, get their attention, and lead them to your next line. When coming up with your headline for your sales letter, here are 3 things to consider…

  1. How aware is my prospect of the problem which you solve? The more aware they are, the more direct your headline can be.
  2. What promise can you make in your headline that would get the attention of this market?
  3. How can you create a bridge from your prospect to your product, and not from your product to your prospect? You always want to start with your prospect. 

While there are countless formulas and angles to create your headline, often times the most effective types either fall into the categories of self-interest, curiosity, or a blend of the two.

Let’s imagine we’re selling an online mini-course which helps people have more energy. Here are a few examples of how you could use each one of these types of headlines…

Self Interest: This kind of headline is benefit or promise driven. 

“How To Feel Young Again”

“Say Goodbye To Low Energy Levels”

“This Training Will Help You Tap Into Your Body’s Natural Energy Supply”

Curiosity: This kind of headline draws your reader in.

“The Weird Energy Secret Of Hollywood’s Elite”

“Is Coffee Draining Your Energy? How Much Is Too Much? Doctors Weigh In...”

“What Not To Eat If You Want High Energy Levels Throughout The Day”

By using either one of these headlines, you’ll have the best chance of getting the attention of your prospect and getting them to read the rest of your messaging. Remember, your headline has one job. To stop your prospect and get them to read the next sentence.

It all starts with a compelling headline. 

#3: Use Proof To Create Belief

One of the biggest roadblocks your prospects face when reading your message is the fact that most of them just won’t believe you. They’ve seen too much hype, empty promises, or flat out lies and have grown weary of claims without proof.

So whatever you do...find ways to prove what you’re saying!

Anytime you make a claim you want to connect some piece of proof to it.

Here’s a list of different kinds of proof you can use:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Screenshots
  • Guarantees
  • Specifics
  • Before and after
  • Admitting fault
  • Certifications
  • Examples of specialization

These are just a few ideas out of many.

The main takeaway here is that anytime you make a claim about what your online course or digital product can do, you back it up in some way with some form of proof. 

In all of your marketing you’re constantly overcoming two basics objections:

“Yeah right.” (they don’t believe you)

“So what.” (they’re not seeing why it matters to them)

The more powerfully you can address and overcome these silent objections, the more persuasive and successful your sales letter will be.

#4: Write To One Person

When writing a sales letter or any form of persuasive communication, one of the most common mistakes digital marketers make is not identifying their exact prospect. Or they use a group of people instead of someone specific. 

While we touched on this in our “rule of one” up above, it’s important to restate that not only should you do your best to focus your letter around a single idea or problem, but you should also write it to a single person.

Here’s a helpful tip which you may want to try before shrugging it off. Before you write your next ad, email, or especially sales letter, print out a picture of the person who would represent your ideal avatar and put it next to your computer. You’ll be amazed at how much this impacts your writing.

Give this person a name and maybe write down a little bit about them on the printed picture. As you do this you’ll naturally find your writing to be much more tight, focused, and targeted towards this specific prospect.

Have you ever read something which immediately made you think “this is for me!”?

That’s the response you’re looking for. When you can do that, sales will increase and your business will grow because the right people will resonate with your marketing.

So write to one person, not a group of people.

#5: Risk Reversal

Whenever possible you want to provide some sort of risk reversal for your prospect. In any selling situation, one side of the party is being asked to assume more risk than the other. That’s just how it goes.

When the business owner puts that risk on the side of the prospect, conversions can suffer. Unless you’ve got brilliant, A-level copy, an irresistible offer, and your prospects already know, like, and trust you...you’ll be in for a bit of an upward climb.

So whenever possible you want to find ways to assume the risk, or “reverse” the risk to help nudge your prospect to buy.

You can do that by offering some sort of no questions asked, money back guarantee. You can also do it by offering a 7 or 14-day trial where the customer's card won’t be billed till that date.

Whatever type of risk reversal works best for your business and situation is what you want to do.  

By incorporating just this one element (and by clearly calling attention to it) you’ll see conversions increase and more people respond favorably to your offer.

#6: Clear Call To Action

Your sales letter has one purpose...to make a sale!

We’ve come across plenty of terrific sales letters where the marketer did an amazing job and followed all of the guidelines listed above. But when it came time to actually ask the reader to take an action, they completely flopped.

Either it was too small, only listed once, or drew zero attention to itself.

If your reader has made it past your headline and into the majority of your copy, your next step is making your call to action as clear and easy to see as possible.

 You also don’t have to wait until the very end to include it.

You can include a call to action buttons as soon as you feel the reader would know enough information in order to want to click. Often times you should place one right after you introduce your offer, then adding one in from them on after every few paragraphs.

Your call to action should be so clear to see that if you stood a few steps back from your computer it would easily stand out.

Use clear, urgency driven language on your call to action buttons as well. Such as:

“Yes! I’m Ready For My 14-Day Trial!”

“Click Here To Try This Limited Offer Risk-Free”

Make it easy for them not only to see the next step but to take the next step as well.

Even just this simple tweak can help increase your conversions. 

Sales Letter Summary

If you run an online business you almost certainly need some form of a sales letter. These promotional pieces are your marketing assets which work for you 24/7/365 in turning prospects into customers and building your business.

As you write your first one or make tweaks to your existing page, remember the following guidelines… 

  1. The Rule Of One
  2. Attention Capturing Headline
  3. Use Proof To Create Belief
  4. Write To One Person
  5. Risk Reversal
  6. Clear Call To Action

Unsure Of What To Sell?

And If you’re still in the “idea stage” and are unsure what you’d even teach online, we’ve recently put together a brand new, completely free, 3-part video training series which takes you from idea to your first mini-course.

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Create online courses, establish membership sites, and sell other digital products. We offer tons of marketing tools to help you spread the word about your products and earn more revenue.

Of course, launching a business represents a huge commitment. We understand that.

To help ease you into the process of creating a Knowledge Commerce business of your own, we offer a 14-day free trial.

Get unfettered access to our tools, templates, and other assets so you can fully explore what Kajabi has to offer.

Are you ready to become your own boss? Now’s the time.

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7 Tips for Writing Dynamic Sales Letters

simple sales letter

Sent out any sales letters/emails lately? Sales letters can be extremely powerful; marketing studies show that sales letters outperform other direct mail formats such as brochures and postcards. But before you get to see how effective sales letters are, you have to write one. Here’s how to write a sales letter that will wow your readers and persuade them to buy your product or service.

See the sample sales letter to customers of the fictional GreenClean company at the bottom of this article for an example of exactly how this template works and then use it to craft your own winning sales letter.

How to Write a Sales Letter

The headline of the sales letter needs to get the reader’s attention. Its job is to make the reader want to know more (and actually read the rest). The secret? Make sure the headline makes a specific promise that relates to your prospects’ needs or interests. If, for instance, you offer domestic cleaning services, don’t use a headline such as “Want Cleaning Services?” in your letter. Instead use something such as, “Your Whole House Sparkling Clean – We Do It for You so You Don’t Have to!”

As the headline is so important, brainstorm several and pick the best. Place the headline before the salutation in your letter.

O Is for Offer

Now we’re into the body of the sales letter. You need to tell your prospective customers what you’re offering them first. The trick is that you have to make them want your product or service. So think like a prospective customer or client when you’re writing this section of your letter and answer the question “What’s in it for me?” In other words, what are the benefits to the customer of making this purchase?

For instance, “For less than $150 you can have your entire home clean and sparkling, without enduring the nasty stink of chemical cleaners.” There's a clear customer benefit!

Don’t be afraid to expand on the benefits of your product or service. People who are interested will read the details. (You can bet that I would have a lot more to say about the benefits of having a home professionally cleaned if I was writing this sample sales letter!) Use bullet points or arrows where appropriate to make your sales letter easier to read.

And remember that the letter does not have to be limited to a single page. You can send out an eight page sales letter if you want. (What’s the best length? That will depend on your target market and your product or service. Many businesses that use sales letters find that longer ones are more effective. If this is your first, it's probably best not to go over three pages.)

P Is for Proof

Another thing you need to do in the body of the sales letter is assure your readers that they will be satisfied with their purchase. Testimonials (statements of satisfaction from past customers) are an excellent way of doing this. (See 10 Ways to Grow Positive Word of Mouth.) Or offer your reader a “fail-safe” such as a money-back guarantee or entice them with a free trial offer.

P Is for Persuade to Action

The most important thing that you need to do in the body of your sales letter, of course, is persuade the reader to act. First, be sure you come right out and say what you want the reader of your letter to do, whether it’s to call you or come into your store. Second, make it easy for your customer to act. Set a deadline for the expiration of your offer, throw in a free gift, or, if it’s appropriate, make a moral plea.

P Is for P.S. (Postscript)

You’ve asked your reader once. Hopefully he’s thinking about it. Add a P.S. to your sales letter to light a fire under your customer and get him to actright now. Use a carrot such as throwing in an additional bonus (such as, “If you act right now, you’ll also receive….), or a stick, such as reminding the customer that quantities are limited, or that the price will only be as stated in the offer for a certain period of time (set a date).

Sample Sales Letter to Customers

GreenClean Gets Your House Sparkling Clean and Helps the Environment
**Your Business Logo Here**

Sandra Smith
555 Weston Way
FLA, 33505

For as little as $150 you can have your entire home clean and sparkling, without enduring the nasty odor of chemical cleaners. We care about the environment and use only state-of-the-art green cleaning methods to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to any harmful or allergy-causing cleaning products. You'll love what we do because:

  • All our cleaning products are completely non-toxic - safe for children and pets!
  • We leave surfaces clean, sparkling and hygienic.
  • Our staff are bonded and fully insured. 
  • We offer senior discounts to those aged 65 and over.

Satisfaction is guaranteed - if you are not happy with the service we promise to make it right. As one of our customers says; "GreenClean does a top notch cleaning job for a reasonable price."

Another of our customers says, "I can't believe they get things so clean and sparkling without the use of toxic chemical cleaners!"

Call us at 250-342-8923 or email us at info@greenclean.com for a free estimate. Get your house cleaned and do your part to help the environment!

James Hallom
GreenClean Inc.

P.S.  We are offering a 10% discount for first time users of our service until the end of the year.

Looking for more ways to reach your customers? See also:

Examples of sales letters are a good reference point for anyone who the product in simple language, and how it is unique to your product.

Sales Letters for English Learners

simple sales letter

Even in this digital age, a sales letter can convert prospects into customers if you know how to write one. Learning this skill will help you reach a variety of people. Writing sales letters doesn't have to be limited to direct mail, though. You can write a sales letter for your website, your Email leads and other marketing communications too. Let's begin. 

First, Identify Your Target Audience

You have to know exactly who your target audience is before you write your sales letter. Make a list of your leads and who these people are to get to know your potential customer. If you don't know who you're selling to, you don't know how to sell to them. Understand who's buying your product, who you're sending your sales letter to and gear your sales letter directly to them.

Know Your Customer by Name

Take the time to address your customers by name on the outside of the envelope and in your sales letter as well. A letter that reads, "Dear Mrs. Johnson," says a lot more to your lead than one that reads, "Dear Potential Customer" or "Dear Sir/Madam."

Write a Powerful, Engaging Headline

A well-written headline sets the stage for an effective sales letter. You can make it stand out by centering it, making the font large, bold, or in a bright color. Just make sure you choose the right words to grab your customer's attention right from the start. A 100 point headline in bold, red font still has to be written well, or your potential customer will stop reading.

Craft an Intriguing Introduction

The introduction should NOT be bland or pedestrian. It is usually where you make or break the chance of a sale, so make it count. Your intro may ask a question. It may pose a problem scenario, and then you provide the solution. Just make sure your introduction doesn't give the customer an easy way out. For example, if you're using a question as an introduction, make sure the customer can't simply answer with a, "no." If you ask a yes or no question, you can easily lose your customer because they don't have the problem you've posed in your question.

They stop reading, and your letter goes in the trash can.

Elaborate You Sales Message Using Subheads

Write your sales letter's subheads so that they help break up the text of your letter into sections. You don't want to drone on for three pages filling the paper with word after word. Use subheads, to sum up each section, invite the reader into that section and, most importantly, keep them reading your sales letter all the way to the end.

You Should Constantly Be Connecting With the Customer

Connect with your potential customer as often as you can by using a personal, friendly tone. Use this same tone throughout your sales letter. Identify with the customer's problem and provide them with the solution. By writing the letter as if the customer is your friend, your sales letter makes more of an impact than a letter that feels like a stuffy company trying to get a customer to buy something.

Pose a Problem, BUT ALWAYS Give the Solution

How will customers know they need your product if they don't even know they have a problem you can fix? Write your sales letter from the customer's point of view. Even if someone is a master seamstress and you're selling a glue that hems clothes in minutes, make every customer feel they can't live without your product. In this example, you have the opportunity to reach people who rip their pocket or need a quick hem without having a lot of time to fix the problem. Your product helps them do just that, no matter what their sewing experience level.

Just using a little of your special glue helps get them on their way.

State the Features and Benefits...Again and Again

You've posed the problem and given the customer the solution. Don't stop now. Keep stating the benefits and features of your product. If you don't keep the momentum going now, your sales letter will lose steam and not help move your customer to the end of the sales letter. Why is your product better? How will it directly help the customer?

Use Bullet Points for Easy Comprehension 

When stating facts about your product, features, benefits, etc., it can be easy to get caught in a trap of using sentence after sentence as an explanation. Go back to the old, "Keep It Simple Stupid," philosophy. Use bullet points instead of long, boring sentences. Bullets also help break up the page visually, which also makes your sales letter more inviting to your customers.

Customer Testimonials Are Very Persuasive

If you have customer testimonials, they can be a great sales tool. They make you and your product credible while helping your customers state exactly what it is they like about your product. Use testimonials sparingly and shorten them up. Some of the most powerful testimonials are the shortest in length. If a testimonial is too long, trim it because you don't want to lose your prospect in a long, drawn-out testimonial.

Offer an Incentive to Help Close the Sale

A free trial, no risk-obligation or a special gift are just some of the incentives you can use to generate interest in your product. Using an incentive gives your sales letter more mileage with the customer because you're offering them something just for that select group of people receiving your letter.

Make Good Use of Your Call to Action

Your call to action tells customers what you want them to do. Call now! Hurry before this offer ends! This offer is not available in stores. Get a free upgrade just for calling. Use your call to action to direct customers to the next move, getting them one step closer to the sale.

Don't Forget to Add a P.S.

A P.S. is a golden nugget you should use in your sales letter. You can use the P.S. for important information you want to save until the very end, remind people that an offer will end on a certain date or use it to reveal other pertinent information you want to leave people with as a final thought. Many times, people who may be skimming your sales letter will read the P.S. If it's strong and persuasive enough, they may decide to read the entire letter when they might not otherwise.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How To Build Your Sales Letter (No Writing Required)

Essential Sales Letter #1: Gary Halbert's Desperate Nerd From Ohio . is more attention-grabbing than a simple statement of benefits.

simple sales letter
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