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Statement of disagreement sample
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statement explaining why you disagree, and we will add your statement to your record. For example, your provider may believe your record is accurate and.

How to Write a Letter of Explanation to the IRS (with samples)

By Thelma Sample on Jan 4, 2019 in Taxes |

If you have received a written notice from the IRS requesting an adjustment to a recent tax return, requesting additional documentation for your return, or if the IRS sends notice that your payment is late, you need to know how to respond appropriately.  Keeping the lines of communication open is key to a successful resolution of nearly all tax issues.  While putting your response in writing might sound like a daunting task, it is very likely to be the best and most effective way to respond to the IRS.

There are several key things to remember when writing your letter of explanation to the IRS:

(Template available at the bottom)


1. Understand Why You Are Receiving the Notice

These notices or letters explain the reason for contact and give you instructions on how to handle the citation. If you have no reason to dispute the claim that has been made, then you won’t have to write a letter at all!

However, if response is required, learn more by using the notice or letter number provided and enter it on this page. Here you will be provided with more information and related FAQ. You will find this notice (CP) or letter (LTR) number either on the top or the bottom right-hand corner of your correspondence.

The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons:

  • A due balance.
  • A change in your refund amount.
  • Questions regarding your tax return.
  • To verify your identity.
  • Additional information is required.
  • A notification of processing delay.


2. Beware of Fake IRS Letters

Never trust a letter just because it says ‘IRS’. Many tax scammers will design a notice to exactly like it came from the IRS in order to steal your personal information. With a social security number they could even steal your identity. The IRS does not ask for personal information via email or social media, but even if you receive a letter, it is safer to get in touch for confirmation of its validity. Keep the letter or notice for future reference in case a second fake IRS letter is sent.

Here are some ways to tell if a notice from the IRS is fake news:

  • It appears to be issued from an address in Austin, Texas.
  • It is related to the Affordable Care Act and requests information regarding coverage from that year.
  • It lists the LTR number in the payment voucher as ‘105C’.
  • It requests a check made out to I.R.S. to be sent to the “Austin Processing Center” at a post office box.
  • It is several pages long which is atypical of IRS notices and letters.

It is easy to be caught off guard if you receive sudden mail, email, or phone calls telling you the IRS is looking into your taxes, but never give out personal information without taking several steps to verify the validity of the claim. Little can be done once scammers have your information or money, so take extra precaution, as you will not be penalized for being responsible.


3. How to Complete a Letter of Explanation to the IRS

Once you are certain that you’ll need to respond to your notification from the IRS, here is best way to ensure you’ve taken the necessary steps and precaution to complete the process.


  • Present your information in a straightforward and clear manner, addressing all questions raised by the IRS
  • Respond quickly and adhere to any deadlines in the correspondence from the IRS.  There are likely to be instructions to follow.  Follow them carefully.
  • Provide additional or supporting documents that are needed to support your perspective.  For example, if the IRS has noted that you did not include income in your return for a small contract position and you simply forgot to include the 1099 on your tax return, include a copy with the letter
  • If you think that the IRS letter is a mistake or contains erroneous information, outline your explanation clearly and concisely, with a tone of respect.  It is in your absolute best interest not to inflame the situation.
  • Include accurate contact information and personally sign your letter.
  • Get help if you need it.  It is wise to find reputable tax firms that can help you manage all communication with the IRS.  With 30 years of experience in this area, Success Tax Relief has helped thousands of customers all over the country with complicated communication with the IRS.

We have included a sample template below that you can use in response to a potential error that the IRS has raised.  Please note that you should insert as much unique information as possible into this template to communicate about your specific tax issue. This means if the issue raised by the IRS is not “failure to report income related to a small contract position,” you should rewrite this section to reflect what you’re being contacted about.

Also be aware that the address you insert under “Internal Revenue Service” should match the address on the correspondence you have received. Only include the field for “Tax Form” if a specific form was referenced in the correspondence you received.

If you’re not sure what to include in your response to the IRS, contact Success Tax Relief today and let us deal with the IRS!



Sep 29, This example is an adequate representation of why it's best to use "I" statements when disagreeing with someone. It's just another subtle way to.

Sample Disagreement Letter

statement of disagreement sample

An appeal letter is something you write if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly in some way, and you want someone to reconsider a decision they made about you. There are various times you might need to write an appeal letter. Perhaps you believe you’ve been unfairly warned, demoted, laid off, or fired. Maybe you’ve been denied a raise when you believe you deserve one.

What to Include in an Appeal Letter

In an appeal letter, you state the situation or event, explain why you think it was wrong or unjust, and state what you hope the new outcome will be. The letter is your chance to share your side of the situation.

The goal of an appeal letter is to have a decision reconsidered, and hopefully overturned. If your letter is courteous and clear, this is possible. Read below for tips on how to write an effective appeal letter. Also read below for a template for an appeal letter and a sample appeal letter.

Tips for Writing an Appeal Letter

Know Where to Send Your Letter
Think carefully about whom to send your letter to. If you are trying to appeal a wrongful termination, send the letter directly to your employer. You don’t want your letter to have to pass through a number of hands—this will only delay a resolution to your issue.

Use Business Letter Format
It is an official letter, so be sure to use proper business letter format. If you send your appeal via email, the format is slightly different.

Use a Polite Tone
Try to avoid any anger or judgment in your writing. While you might be very upset about the issue, you don’t want to convey this feeling in your letter. Be confident and persuasive, but not aggressive. Consider asking a friend to read through the letter to make sure the tone is appropriate.

Admit Any Mistakes
If you did something wrong, acknowledge it. State specifically what you did wrong, and what you have learned from that experience.

State What You Would Like to Happen
In your letter, explicitly state what you hope will happen. Do you want the reader to reverse a decision he or she made? Do you want your employer to review a particular issue before making a decision? Be clear about what you want.

Stick to the Facts
Include any facts that help support your case. If there are policies that have been overlooked, state those policies. If you have documents that will help your case, include them. Avoid emotional pleas, and stick to actualities.

Keep it Brief
Keep your letter brief. Focus on the facts, stating what the situation is, why you think it is wrong, and what next steps you request.

Carefully Edit Your Letter
Because this is a professional letter, thoroughly proofread your letter before submitting it.

Follow Up
If you do not hear anything back in a week or so, follow up with the letter recipient with an email or second letter. If time is of the essence, follow up sooner.

Appeal Letter Format

Your Contact Information
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

Employer Contact Information
City, State Zip Code

First Paragraph
Introduce yourself, and explain that you are writing an appeal letter. State the particular decision or situation you are appealing.

Paragraph 2
State your side of the story. Were facts overlooked? If so, provide those facts. State whether or not you have attached any relevant documents.

Paragraph 3
State the outcome that you want (Do you want your employer to overturn a decision? Do you want something to be added to a decision?). Also state when you need an answer by, if there is a deadline.

Final Paragraph
Conclude with a courteous “thank you” for the person’s time. Include necessary contact information so they can follow up with you. If you are going to follow up, state how you will do so, and when.

Handwritten Signature (for a hard copy letter)

Template for an Appeal Letter

Download the Word Template

Sample Appeal Letter (Denied a Raise) (Text Version)

Below is a sample appeal letter that follows the format above. It is for an employee who has been denied a raise. Use this sample to help you write your appeal letter. Be sure to revise the sample to fit your particular situation.

Sample Appeal Letter (Text Version)

Franklin Rodriguez
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Leslie Lee
Acme Retail 
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to appeal your decision not to grant my annual pay raise, which we discussed last Tuesday at our annual review meeting.

As you stated in our meeting, you believed I had been late to work too many times this year to warrant a pay raise. According to my records (which I received from Human Resources), I have not been late more than two times this year. I have attached the Human Resources document marking my tardies.

In light of these facts, I request that you reconsider your decision about my pay raise.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and the attached document. I am happy to meet with you any time to discuss this further.


Franklin Rodriguez (signature hard copy letter)

Franklin Rodriguez

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Write a Disagreement Letter

statement of disagreement sample

Sample Letter #1


I have received the school's notice requiring students to attend school on Saturday to compensate for days missed earlier this winter due to inclement weather. I understand that the school administration must ensure that the students attend a given number of school days and that Saturdays may be the only option between this late date and the end of the school year. However, two days notice prior to the make-up day is unsatisfactory, particularly when this weekend is a three-day holiday weekend.

I suggest you review your decision and either pick another Saturday or extend the school year one day. Our family, along with many others, has travel plans and our children will not attend this Saturday. It would be a pity if decisions such as this were to threaten the parents' support of the school. I feel sure that after the administration is aware of parents' concerns, they will reconsider this decision.

Sample Letter #2


I have received a notice that all access to my storefront will be cut off during the resurfacing of a small section of sidewalk half a block away, scheduled for May 12. Though this obstruction is only for a day, I operate on a small profit margin and cannot afford to close down in the middle of the week. In consideration of the fact that the sidewalk repair is taking place over 100 feet from my door, I request that access be granted. Safety should not be a problem, as no large machinery will be used and the area under repair has been effectively cordoned off for more than one week already. Please instruct the repair crew to open and mark a safe path from the curb to my storefront during the repairs. I feel certain that this is a solution that all of us in the Downtown Business Alliance will be happy with.

Sample Letter #3


I was deeply concerned to hear you say at last night's board meeting that you had spoken to all of your co-workers about the situation, and that all were in agreement with your point of view. May I point out that I, and several others you spoke to, do not agree with you at all. I do not pretend to speak for anyone else, but I think it would be much better to continue with the current accounting system than to make major changes halfway through the year.

Your proposals may work, and they are no doubt worth investigating, but I feel there is no need to rush into changes that will increase our workload and may give rise to misunderstandings.

Sample Letter #4


At my daughter's last orthodontic appointment, 6 months after her first visit, she was told that her course of treatment has now been completed, and that she should simply wear her appliance as a retainer until her next appointment, which would not be scheduled for another six months.

The contract I signed stated clearly that her program of treatment would last for 18 months and would include the use of a twin block appliance. This is what I have been paying for and continue to pay for. It appears that an error has been made. Either she does not need the additional treatment which was originally outlined, in which case I should not have to pay for it, or she does need it, and has some months more of treatment to undergo.

Please review her records and let me know what the situation is, and whether our contract is still in force.

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ALL ABOUT THE NOTICE OF DISAGREEMENT For any disabled veteran seeking VA For example, if the rating decision denied claims for PTSD, a low back State that you want a Statement of the Case so that you may appeal to the BVA.

Everything You Need to Know About the Notice of Disagreement ("NOD")

statement of disagreement sample

After considering an appeal and determining that Appeals is the place for you, you may request an appeal by filing a written protest. Complete your protest and mail it to the IRS address on the letter that explains your appeal rights. Don’t send your protest directly to the Office of Appeals; this will only delay the process and may prevent Appeals from considering your case.

Before sending your case to Appeals, the IRS Examination or Collection office that made a tax assessment or initiated collection action will consider your protest and attempt to resolve the disputed tax issues. If that office can’t resolve these issues, they will forward your case to Appeals for consideration.

When you come to Appeals, you may represent yourself or have a professional represent you. Your representative must be:

  • An attorney
  • A certified public accountant, or
  • An enrolled agent authorized to practice before the IRS

See Publication 947, Practice before IRS and the Power of Attorney (PDF), for information regarding other individuals who may serve as representatives. If you want your representative to talk to us without you, you must provide us with  a copy of a completed power of attorney Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (PDF).

File a Protest

We require a formal written protest to request an Appeals conference, unless you qualify under the Small Case Request procedures discussed below.  For information on filing a formal written protest or a Small Case Request, refer to Publication 5, Your Appeal Rights and How To Prepare a Protest If You Don’t Agree (PDF)

Note: If you disagree with a lien, levy, seizure or a denial, modification or termination of an installment agreement, see Publication 1660, Collection Appeal Rights (PDF), for information on filing your protest.

You must send your formal written protest within the time limit specified in the letter that offers you the right to appeal the proposed changes. Generally, the time limit is 30 days from the date of the letter.

How to File a Small Case Request

You may submit a Small Case Request if the entire amount of additional tax and penalty proposed for each tax period is $25,000 or less. If you are appealing the denial of an offer in compromise, the entire amount for each tax period includes total unpaid tax, penalty and interest due. Employee plans, exempt organizations, S corporations and partnerships are not eligible for Small Case Requests.

  1. Follow the instructions in the letter you received
  2. Use Form 12203, Request for Appeals Review (PDF), the form referenced in the letter you received to file your appeal or prepare a brief written statement. List the disagreed item(s) and the reason(s) you disagree.

Appeal a Collection Decision

In addition, if you’re appealing a collection decision, you should select the appeal procedure listed below that corresponds to your case for specific instructions to prepare your request for Appeals.  Remember, if you decide you want to present your dispute to Appeals, you will need to mail it to the office that sent you the decision letter.

Collection Appeals Program (CAP) is generally quick and available for a broad range of collection actions. However, you can’t go to court if you disagree with the Appeals decision.

You may go through the CAP process if you are involved in any of the following collection actions:

  • Lien
  • Levy
  • Seizure
  • Rejection of Installment Agreement
  • Termination of Installment Agreement
  • Modification of Installment Agreement

CAP Procedures

If your only collection contact has been a notice or telephone call:

  • Call the IRS telephone number shown on your notice
  • Explain why you disagree and that you want to appeal the decision
  • Be prepared to offer a solution
  • Before you can start the appeals process with the Office of Appeals, you will need to first discuss your case with a Collection manager, unless the appeal involved a rejected, proposed for modification, modified, proposed for termination or terminated installment agreement

If you have already been in contact with a revenue officer:

  • Call the revenue officer you've been dealing with
  • Explain why you disagree and that you want to appeal the decision
  • Be prepared to offer a solution
  • Before you can start the appeals process with the Office of Appeals, you will need to discuss your case with a Collection manager, unless the appeal involved a rejected, proposed for modification, modified, proposed for termination or terminated installment agreement
  • Complete Form 9423, Collection Appeals Request (PDF)
  • Submit the completed Form 9423 to the revenue officer within 3 days of your conference with the Collection manager

For more information, refer to Publication 1660, Collection Appeal Rights (PDF).

You are entitled to a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing with Appeals if the IRS sends you a notice that states you have the right to request a CDP hearing, such as:

  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filing and Your Right to a Hearing Under IRC 6320
  • Final Notice - Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing
  • Notice of Jeopardy Levy and Right of Appeal
  • Notice of Levy on Your State Tax Refund – Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
  • Post Levy Collection Due Process (CDP) Notice

CDP Procedures

  • You generally have 30 days from the date of the notice to timely request a CDP hearing
  • Complete Form 12153, Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing (PDF)
    • It’s important to identify all the reasons for any disagreement you have
  • Send the completed Form 12153 to the same address that is shown on your CDP Notice
  • If your request is timely made, you will be entitled to an Appeals hearing and to seek judicial review of that hearing with the Tax Court
  • If your request is timely, IRS levy action is generally suspended against you for the tax periods you appealed
  • If your request is not timely, you are still entitled to request a CDP Equivalent Hearing with Appeals within the 1-year period described in the Form 12153. However, if you still disagree with the Appeals decision in the Equivalent Hearing you have no right to judicial review by the Tax Court

For more information, refer to:

 An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is an agreement between the taxpayer and the government that settles a tax liability for payment of less than the full amount owed. If you received a letter notifying you that your offer was rejected, you have 30 days from the date on the letter to request an appeal of the decision.

For more information, refer to:

This penalty can apply if you are a person responsible for:

  • Collecting or withholding
  • Accounting for or
  • Depositing or paying specified taxes

If you willfully fail to do so, you can be held personally liable for a penalty equal to the full amount of the tax that was not paid, plus interest. This includes:

  • Non-resident alien (NRA) withholding
  • Employment taxes
  • Excise taxes

A responsible person for this purpose can be:

  • An owner or officer of a corporation
  • A partner
  • A sole proprietor
  • An employee of any form of business

A trustee or agent with authority over the funds of the business can also be held responsible for the penalty.  The assessment of the trust fund recovery penalty is applicable to the following tax forms:  CT-1, 720, 941, 943, 944, 945, 1042 and 8288.

Refer to Publication 5, Your Appeal Rights and How To Prepare a Protest If You Don’t Agree (PDF), for information on preparing your protest. In addition to the steps outlined in the publication, when preparing your formal written protest or small case request:

  • Enclose a copy of the Letter 1153, Proposed Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Notification
  • Explain why you don't believe you are responsible for the unpaid taxes or the reason you disagree with the amount of the proposed assessment(s)
  • Include a clear explanation of your duties and responsibilities
  • Cite the law or authority, if any, on which you are relying
  • Send your protest to the attention of the IRS officer whose name and address are listed in the Letter 1153 you received
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statement of disagreement sample
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