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Thank you cards for birthday gifts

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Thank you cards for birthday gifts
September 01, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

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 Birthday Thank You Notes Samples

Examples of birthday thank you notes.  Congratulations and I hope you celebrated in style. I expect you were spoilt rotten with birthday gifts or perhaps a friend threw a party for you. In which case, it's time to say thank you for birthday wishes received. 

Don't worry, you'll find lots of thank you messages for birthday gifts, right here.

Go here if you were looking for funny birthday card messages to write in birthday greeting cards.

Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for the card and beautiful flowers you sent for my birthday. What a lovely surprise; you know how much I adore roses. Their scent is heavenly and they are gracing the entrance hall and receiving lots of compliments.

Thank you once again.



Dear Julia and Kerry,

Thank you so much for my birthday card and the exquisite crystal vase you gave me for my 50th birthday. I can't believe you also sent roses; I have been truly spoilt. I have had my eye on that particular vase for ages so what a wonderful surprise it was when I unwrapped my gift. 

The beautiful roses make a pretty picture in my lounge and their heady scent is breathtaking. Thank you both so much, you are too kind.

Love Joanne


Dear Aunt Joan,

Thank you for the generous gift for my birthday. You have really spoilt me!  I am going to put it towards the purchase of a new camera. I had a lovely birthday and celebrated with mum, dad and John at Casey's burger bar.  On Saturday I am out with friends so it's one big party!

Thanks again for your generosity and I hope to see you soon.



Dear Grandma,

I just wanted to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you for the money you gave me for my birthday. You have really spoilt me this time as it is far too much! The money is secure in my bank account for the time being as I am going to put it towards my Australia trip next year.

Did Mum tell you that we are coming to visit at the end of the month? I am really looking forward to seeing you after so long. I hope you are ready for a swim in the ocean!! I certainly am.

Until then, lots of love



Thank You For The Birthday Gift


Thank you all so much for the beautiful bracelet you gave me for my 40th birthday. It matches my pearl pendant perfectly and I shall enjoy wearing it when Pete takes me out to dinner next week.

Thank you all once again for your generosity.

Kind regards,


1st Birthday Thank You Wording

Dear Marcie and Tom,

Just a little note to say thank you for spending Julia's 1st birthday with us. 

The gifts you gave her are so much appreciated.  We love the teddy bear and she does too.  It now accompanies her to bed every night.  The teething ring is a great idea too; I think it really helps. You are so talented in finding such adorable and useful gifts.

Lots of hugs,

Michelle and Peter


 Kids Birthday Gifts Thank You Notes

Dear Julie,

Thank you for my barbie doll you gave me for my birthday. I enjoy playing with her every day and I have also taken her to Kindergarten to show all my friends.

Thank you.



Dear John,

Thank you for the lego set you gave me for my birthday. I have already built the robot; he is really cool! I hope you enjoyed my party and that you can come to play soon.



Dear Niklas,

Thank you for the book gift voucher you gave me for my birthday. I have bought the new Harry Potter book which I have wanted for ages. Thanks also for coming to my birthday party and I hope you enjoyed it.  Mum took some photos and once they are developed I will give you some copies.

See you soon,



Birthday Thank You Note For Party


I just wanted to thank you again for last night. It was so thoughtful of you to turn our night out into a birthday party for me. It was such a lovely surprise; I didn't suspect a thing! I really enjoyed myself and am so lucky to have you as friends.

Thanks again.



50th Birthday Thank You Note

Dear ________

Thank you all so much for joining me in Barcelona to celebrate my 50th birthday. I had an amazing time and hope you all did too. Thanks awfully for my presents too! What darlings you are to buy me such a beautiful necklace. I shall treasure it and our time spent together.

Thanks again.

Much love



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Examples of birthday thank you notes. Congratulations and I hope you celebrated in style. I expect you were spoilt rotten with birthday gifts or perhaps a friend.

Thank-You Messages: What to Write in a Thank-You Card

thank you cards for birthday gifts

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gifts

When someone remembers your birthday and gives you a gift, that person is someone deserving of gratitude. Writing in a thank you card can feel good and be part of taking care of a relationship. Find something meaningful to say as you read through these examples.

What to Write to Say Thanks for a Birthday Gift

  1. You have an amazing skill for choosing gifts for me. Feel free to practice your skill as often as you'd like.
  2. Having you in my life is the best gift you could give me, and I also want to say thanks for the gift.
  3. If I could put a hug and smile in a card and send it to you I would. You're the best! Thanks for acknowledging my birthday.
  4. The only thing I like more than the gift you gave me is the fact that I got it from you.
  5. Birthdays come and go and the one thing that is constant is your ability to choose great gifts.
  6. I appreciate your thoughtfulness with the birthday gift you gave me.  It must have taken a lot of time for you to choose and put together such a great gift.
  7. You can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card. I was able to order some media related items that will help me with my creative projects. Thank you for giving a gift with flexibility.
  8. The new shirt you bought me for my birthday is really cool. I like the color and it fits well. Thanks for taking the time to find something that fits me well.
  9. Every once in a while you get a gift that is something that you didn't even realize that you wanted. You hit the nail on the head with my birthday present. The tool box you gave me will definitely come in handy in the future and already has.
  10. You made me feel special on my birthday with the party you threw me and the nice beauty package you gave me. I will feel pampered when I use those items in the coming months. Thank you for making my birthday awesome.
  11. Thank you for the gift card. That's the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. The steaks and the coffee were the perfect gifts for me. I have been thinking of you with gratitude when I sip my coffee in the morning and we just had a grill out with the steaks. They were amazing!
  13. Thank you for the birthday money and for the vegetable soup. The soup was good, and I am sure I will buy something fun with the money when I decide what I want.
  14. I didn't expect you to buy me a birthday gift, and you really surprised me. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. You are a generous and thoughtful person.
  15. There are not many people who know me well enough to get me a gift that I would like as well as the gift you got me. I am a picky person, but you know me well. Thanks for getting me a perfect birthday present.
  16. I'll always feel special on my birthday as long as I have you.
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When Should You Send Thank You Cards?

thank you cards for birthday gifts

Writing Birthday Thank You Notes

Writing birthday thank you notes isn’t so hard, and it is always appreciated. Here are a bunch of wording samples to help you write your thank you notes after your birthday bash.

Tip: Are you a parent who wants some creative thank you note ideas for your kids? Check out our Thank You Note Ideas for Kids.

More birthday thank you help...

Birthday Thank You Quotes
Thank You Poems

Tips for Writing Birthday Thank You Notes

  1. If the gift was on your wish list – let them know!
  2. Point out ways the gift will make your life better.
  3. Personalize each note.
  4. Keep it short and sweet...

Check out these example thank you notes to get some inspiration for your own writing. And don’t forget, being thankful now will pave the way for even bigger and better presents next year!

Birthday Thank You Note Examples

From a Child

Dear Kyle,

Thank you so much for coming to my birthday extravaganza! I had a lot of fun, and I really appreciate the gift you got me. I’ve wanted a Super Soaker for ever. Thanks for celebrating with me. I hope you had your fill of cake.


For a Great Gift

Dear Kathy,

I can not thank you enough for your birthday gift. I am still in awe of your generosity -- I know that necklace wasn't cheap. I keep getting compliments every time I wear it out.

You are a great friend, and I am lucky to have you in my life.

Sue k.

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For Hosting a Birthday Party


I had so much fun the other night. Thank you so much for hosting my party. It wouldn't have been the same anywhere else.

I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself playing Trivial Pursuit. Obviously I need to brush up on my trivia!

Thanks again Tim. The food was to die for and the drinks were plentiful. Thanks for the great memories.


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Thanks for The Gift


Thank you very much for the gift card to my favorite coffee shop. You know me and how I love coffee so this card won’t last long. I’ll make sure to think of you as I am enjoying my white chocolate mocha!

Thanks again! You’re a true friend.


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To Mom and Dad

Mom & Dad,

You are the best parents a girl could ever ask for. I can not believe that you gave me a car to use at college. I was preparing to walk everywhere but – big shocker!! You got me a car??

I couldn’t have been more surprised and I still don’t see how you kept it a secret.

I love you guys,

In this note, Mary shows her parents that she truly is thankful for the big gift that they gave her. She also complements their slyness by admitting her surprise. A big birthday present such as a car definitely requires a thank you note.

To an Aunt

Aunt Patty,

Thank you for the nice pair of boots that you sent for my birthday. I will be sure to keep warm this winter. Send the rest of the family my love, and give little Buddy a belly rub for me.

Your Niece,

Many times, distant relatives have no idea what you want so they will buy something almost everyone would use. Sending them a thank you note may be difficult, but just putting something in and getting it sent off is important to keep the relationship open.

From One Friend to Another


Hey girl. Thanks for the sweet card and the certificate to go to karate classes. I wasn’t serious about giving the boss a beat down but this really made me laugh. Who knows! I may actually be good at karate.


Marsha and Jenn obviously have an inside joke going on about their boss. Jenn thought up a great way to brighten up Marsha’s day. Making sure that you thank them will keep the working relationship in good standing.

For Breakfast in Bed


I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are the only one that truly knows exactly what I want. Delivering breakfast in bed was the greatest birthday surprise, and when you added my favorite hot tea it set the day off right. You’ve set the bar high. Your birthday is less than a month away. I’ve got to get to work to beat that!

I love you so much,

This is a sweet note that says thank you and also allows the husband to know that he did a good job. And really, every husband needs this sort of positive reinforcement.

Birthday Gift from a Boss

Mr. Mosley,

Thank you for the card and gift card that I found on my desk. It was a very welcome surprise. I have never had the chance to eat at this restaurant, so I am excited to see how it will be. You are a great boss to work for and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Janice makes sure that she does not over personalize the note that is meant for her boss, but makes certain he sees that she is appreciative. Since her boss does not know her very well, he most likely bought a gift card to a restaurant that he likes.

Whereas a not to a Friend can be casual and fun, when addressing someone of authority, its wise to keep things a little more formal.

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Need Help Writing Your B-Day Thank You Note?

Tell us who you want to thank, and why. We'll write up a sample thank you note within 24 hours.

Enjoy the presents!


Submit your thank you notes...

Want to show off a thank you note? Help inspire others by posting your thank you note below.

Perhaps the most obvious time to send thank you cards is when receiving a gift. Birthdays, weddings, holidays.

Personalised Thank You Cards

thank you cards for birthday gifts


Choose the thanks to fit the occasion.



Handwritten, Email, or Phone Call?

It’s always correct to send handwritten thank-you’s, and people always appreciate them.  Handwritten notes are warmer and more personal than a phone call or email, and only second best to thanking someone in person.  The general rule is: If you open a gift in the presence of the giver, then your verbal thanks are sufficient.  For example, when you receive a hostess gift, or a holiday/birthday gift from a good friend or relative and you open it and express your sincere thanks personally, then a follow-up thank-you is optional. If the giver wasn’t present, then a phone call is fine.  Email is great when you just need to say a simple thanks quickly.  Here’s a rundown of when a note is expected:

  • Wedding or baby shower gifts.  After giving shower gifts, the majority of people consider it rude if they don’t receive a written note of thanks even if you’ve given thanks in person.
  • Wedding gifts.  Each wedding gift should be acknowledged with a written note within three months of receipt of the gift, even when you’ve given thanks in person.
  • Congratulatory gifts or cards.  Send a note to anyone who sends a present or card with a personally written message to acknowledge an accomplishment, such as a graduation or promotion.
  • Gifts received when sick.  Notes should be written when the patient feels well enough, or a relative or close friend can write notes on his or her behalf.
  • Sympathy notes or gifts.  Send a written thank-you to anyone who sent a personal note, flowers, or a donation.  It’s fine for a close friend or relative to write notes on the recipient’s behalf.

Different Gifts, Different Thank-You Notes

Different kinds of gifts and occasions merit some tweaking to the standard thank-you note.

    • Gifts of money.  In your note, let the giver know how you’ll use a money gift—to furnish your apartment or add to your savings. It’s up to you whether you mention the amount, but doing so let’s the giver know the funds arrived intact.
    • Holiday and birthday gifts.  Write thank-you notes for holiday and birthday gifts as soon as possible, preferably within two or three days.  A good standard is to acknowledge Christmas or Chanukah gifts before New Year’s Day.
    • Other gifts.  Thank-you notes are not always necessary for presents that have been given in person at a housewarming, going away party, or similar occasion.  If a sincere thank-you was expressed in person when the gift was received, that’s sufficient.
    • Thank-you gifts.  Gifts sent as a “thank you for…” require a note of appreciation in return.  It’s necessary to let the sender know that the present arrived and is appreciated.
  • Acknowledgment cards.  Printed acknowledgment cards expressing appreciation can be used in three instances:
    • After the death of a prominent person when scores of sympathy notes, gifts of flowers, or donations to charities are received. They can also be used as a placeholder acknowledgement until a personal note of thanks can be written.
    • When a public official is elected and receives a landslide of congratulatory messages.
    • When a bride has such a large wedding that she and the groom simply cannot write personal thank-you notes immediately.
  • A newspaper “Card of Thanks.”  In some small towns and rural areas, it is not only permissible but expected that recipients of a large number of gifts or contributions—after a birthday, anniversary, retirement party, funeral, or even political campaign—put a public “thank you” in the newspaper.  The notice is typically headed “Card of Thanks” and is followed by a brief message.

Items 1 - 30 of Discover thank you cards with a twist, from new baby announcements to chocolate shortbread thank Pack Of Baby Gift Thank You Cards.

thank you cards for birthday gifts
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