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Thank you for telephone conversation
September 18, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 1 comment

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me last (day). I think you will agree that we had a very productive meeting. During our meeting, we spoke about your.

Sample Letter #1


Thanks for taking the time to meet with me last (day). I think you will agree that we had a very productive meeting.

During our meeting, we spoke about your company's need for twice-weekly deliveries. We also spoke about my company's ability to provide these deliveries with a two-hour advance notice. The following points summarize our discussion:

*(list points of discussion)

Over the next few days, I will draft a formal proposal which will address these points. When the proposal is ready for your review, I will call you to set up an appointment for a formal presentation. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call me at 555-5555.

Thanks again for your time and consideration.

Sample Letter #2


During our last meeting, we came to some preliminary decisions about working together. I believe I have a good understanding of your needs and you have a clear view of my services.

Therefore, I am asking that we sign a simple Letter of Intent so we can move toward a final contract. This letter would state your intent to contract with me and to make payments according to the schedule I described in my proposal to you. Once we sign this Letter of Intent, I will begin to process the final contract.

I will call you at the end of this week to set up an appointment to sign the Letter of Intent. I look forward to working with you.

Sample Letter #3


Since we last spoke six months ago, we have instituted new services that I believe will be of benefit to your company. My purpose in writing you today is to request a meeting to explore some of these new services.

Please take a few moments to review the enclosed information. I think you will be especially interested in (describe new service).

I will be calling you next week to set up a convenient appointment. If you have any immediate questions, please contact me at 555-5555.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to meeting with you again.

Sample Letter #4


I appreciate your taking the time to meet with me yesterday to discuss the book sales campaign. Your suggestion of having one of your representatives work with all the school libraries sounds practical and efficient. As promised, I have enclosed a copy of our most recent catalog, complete with price guides and information on hosting special sales events. I will be happy to provide you with additional information, as needed. Simply call me at 555-5555; otherwise, I will follow up with you next month.

Sample Letter #5


Thank you for discussing your real estate needs with me yesterday. I am confident that Doe Realty can sell your town house quickly and profitably so you can move into the home of your dreams. I would like to call on you within the next few days to give you a free appraisal of the market value of your town house. Then, if agreeable, Doe Realty will go to work for you. Please call our offices at 555-5555 if you have any questions about our services. I will call you soon to arrange a time for the appraisal. We look forward to serving you.

Sample Letter #6


Thank you for sharing our interest in how Doe Dairy can meet many of your shopping needs. Doe home delivery can save you money by eliminating those all too frequent trips to the supermarket for milk and bread that inevitably cost you more because of impulse buying while you are there.

I have enclosed a video that explains all of the ways Doe Dairy can provide you with a full line of dairy products and save you both time and money. I am sure that after viewing this video, you will agree that Doe home delivery is a service you won't want to be without. I will stop by next week to pick up the video and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to reach me before then, you may phone me at 555-5555.

Sample Letter #7


Thank you for discussing your life insurance needs with me over the phone yesterday. I have enclosed several brochures on the amount and types of coverage you may consider to suit your needs. All of the policies are terrific and are only surpassed by Doe's speedy and courteous service. Please call me next week in order to solidify your choice.

Sample Letter #8


Thank you for the opportunity to show you our newest mineral recovery hardware. Doe is one of the few plants in this region advanced enough to take advantage of our latest technology. Our recovery systems work twice as fast as the current units, and at 12-21% greater efficiency. Please take time to review the enclosed technical overviews. I think you will find the KL5 will pay for itself within a very few years. I will call you within two weeks to answer any questions you may have. I am very confident we can do some smart business together.

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Guide to Write This Letter ❯

Sep 25, CAUTION: A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a I would also like to thank you for your great support in the area of.

Writing a Business Letter

thank you for telephone conversation


achieve a unique success. I’m able to tell you the following; the first time, you called me to congratulate me when I won my presidential election, and the second time you are now calling me when my party won the parliamentary election. I think I should run more often so you can call me more often and we can talk over the phone more often.

(S/NF)The President: [laughter] That’s a very good idea. I think your country is very happy about that.

(S/NF)President Zelenskyy: Well yes, to tell you the truth, we are trying to work hard because we wanted to drain the swamp here in our country. We brought in many many new people. Not the old politicians, not the typical politicians, because we want to have a new format and a new type of government. You are a great teacher for us and in that.

(S/NF)The President: Well it’s very nice of you to say that. I will say that we do a lot for Ukraine. We spend a lot of effort and a lot of time.1 Much more than the European countries are doing and they should be helping you more than they are. Germany does almost nothing for you. All they do is talk and I think it’s something that you should really ask them about. When I was speaking to Angela Merkel she talks Ukraine, but she doesn’t do anything. A lot of the European countries are the same way so I think it’s something you want to look at but the United States has been very very good to Ukraine. I wouldn’t say that it’s reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good but the United States has been very very good to Ukraine.2

(S/NF)President Zelenskyy: Yes you are absolutely right. Not only. 100%, but actually 1000% and I can tell you the following; I did talk to Angela Merkel and I did meet with her. I also met and talked with Macron and I told them that they are not doing quite as much as they need to be doing on the issues with the sanctions. They are not enforcing the sanctions. They are not working as much as they should work for Ukraine. It turns out that even though logically, the European Union should be our biggest partner but technically the United States is a much bigger partner than the European Union and I’m very grateful to you for that because the United States is doing quite a lot for Ukraine. Much more than the European Union especially when we are talking about sanctions against the Russian Federation. I would also like to thank you for your great support in the area of defense. We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps. specifically we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.

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Phone Interview Thank You Email

thank you for telephone conversation

The thank you note is an essential part of a top-notch candidate’s repertoire during the interview process. And without question, it is a must after each and every in-person interview. This interview tail is a demonstration of appreciation, courtesy and professionalism. And is a positive reflection of You to an employer.

But what about the phone interview? Is a thank you note customary…or required after a preliminary phone screening interview?

In today’s profession, it is not common or customary for a candidate to send a thank you note to an interviewer after an initial phone screen. Nor do the vast majority of employers expect it. Screening interviews are typically the first step in an interview process – a high-level 30-minute conversation covering the nuts and bolts of a candidate’s practice. It also provides an employer with the opportunity to assess phone manner and general personality. Time passes at the speed of light and after the exchanged niceties; little time is left for much conversation depth. So expectations for a follow up note are low.

But there are exceptions. And some employers do care – particularly when the person on the other end of the line is the hiring manager (as opposed to HR). Knowing whether your interviewer falls into this camp is impossible to predict. So my advice is to take the “better safe than sorry” path when speaking with a hiring manager – and send a brief email of thanks after the call.

Will not doing so label you as a terrible, unprofessional, ungrateful candidate? No. Kill your candidacy? Not typically. But in the event you happen to encounter the employer who does care, a neglected thank you will either disadvantage your candidacy or spike it altogether. So take the time and small amount of effort to say thank you.

The content of this thank you note is slightly different than the one following an in person interview, in that it should be uber succinct with no more than 2-3 sentences.


  • “Rhonda, thank you for your time this afternoon to discuss the Senior Counsel position with Company X. I enjoyed our conversation and would welcome the opportunity to move forward in the process. Best Regards, Julie”
  • “Margo, it was great speaking with you today and learning more about Law Firm Y. After our call, my interest in the position remains high. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Robert”

So what if HR is conducting the phone screen as opposed to the hiring manager? Thank you or no thank you?

In instances where HR conducts the screening interview by phone (which is almost always the case when an employer does not partner with an outside recruiter to conduct its search), the follow up thank you is not as professionally critical – as it is the norm in their view of the market not to receive one. But if you decide to send one anyway, send away. There could be upside in making a good impression with your go-the-extra-mile approach.

When it comes to building a successful career, the best professionals attend to the smallest details. This includes sending thank you notes after interviews. But the initial screening interview by phone is a different situation where the follow up thank you is not customary or expected. So it won’t be a professional faux pax if you decide to skip it. But bear in mind, a select few employers do care…so you may want to play it safe to avoid the risk of being sorry later.

Try to cover any pertinent facts about you that you may have left out during the phone conversation, and reiterate your desire for the position that is being offered .

Sample follow-up letter after a phone call

thank you for telephone conversation

Subject Line: Thank You - Marketing Assistant Interview

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you today about the marketing assistant position at the ABCD company. The job seems to be a perfect match for my abilities and interests.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong communication skills, flexibility, and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department. During our conversation, I noted that one point you stressed was your need for a Marketing Assistant who can work overtime and/or on weekends during product roll-outs and during the height of your sales season during the holidays. Please know that I am more than happy to “go the extra mile” and can ensure that I will be available to work extra hours as these are warranted.

I appreciate the time you took to interview me, and look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you in person.

Again, thank you very much for your time and for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

FirstName LastName
Email Address
Phone Number


Thank you very much for taking some time with me in our recent telephone conversation. Your advice has been most useful. I am seeking a position as an.

thank you for telephone conversation
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