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Thank you husband letter

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Thank you husband letter
April 16, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents No comments

Thank you for supporting me in being the rock I needed you to be, when I wasn't always so strong. Thank you for being there for me in my.

Dear Rand,

I just wanted to say thanks.

For waiting until I’ve photographed your food before you start eating (even when you’re starving).

For getting us to the airport waaay too early, even if it means that we’ll be sitting around for the better part of an hour, because you know I freak if I think we’re running late.

For teaching me to appreciate things.

For helping me in my never-ending quest for cake.

For actually thinking I’m funny. Sometimes.

For not criticizing me when I try on every single outfit I’m about to pack for a trip beforehand, in order to properly coordinate accessories and shoes.

For encouraging me (and this blog).

For stuff like this:

And now my heart is full.

For covering up any and all lights in our hotel room (whether they be emitted by cell phones, laptops, or alarm clocks) because you know I can’t sleep unless it’s pitch black.

For making me smile.

For packing me snacks before every trip.

For agreeing to go along to all the dorky, stupid attractions and tourist traps I insist on visiting (and for occasionally even agreeing to have fun while we’re there).

For keeping me warm.

For never, ever, getting fed up with me.

For insisting that I try to see the bright side of things, and the good in everyone (like you do).

For being so damn handsome.

I know you say you aren't, but you're wrong.

For the last two years, and more.

Happy Anniversary, babe.


Rand, Random Musings

triochitarristicodiroma.com News ☆ Finding out that your husband of 12 years cheated on you is not an easy thing, and many women do nasty things when they.

Letter To My Husband: Thank You For Being A Godly Leader

thank you husband letter

  • I don’t always say it, I know deep in my heart that I love you and I will always be yours. Thank you for everything, my honey.
  • Thank you for taking care of my parents while I am away. Things may not have started out well between you, but you still showed them love just the same.
  • Thank you for always dropping by the grocery store before you come home. I really appreciate that. You are simply the best, honey!
  • I started thinking about you today and I am so thankful that I married you. Indeed, we are a match made to last. 
  • Sweetheart, if I begin to enumerate the things I am thankful for in our relationship, my list would circle the earth. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

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Thank You Messages for Husband

thank you husband letter

Dear Husband, 

We made it through the first year of marriage (not that I had any doubts, don’t worry)! We’ve been through more than our fair share of difficult times, loss and trying times together. But, through thick and thin, we’ve stayed together and can’t live life without each other. 

I never thought I would find someone who would accept me for who I am and who would accept my irrational fears of stomach flus, germs, change and sometimes other people. I once told you that I really believed “Hell Is Other People”, a line from the play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre. I am pretty sure I told you this in one of my depressed states. I think I said it out of frustration because I was struggling and I felt like no one understood me, and in relation to how stigma can make a person feel. 

When we met, unbeknownst to either of us, I was in a hypomanic state, and I was fun, spontaneous, hypersexual (compared to what I became in years to come), and I was thin and I was feeling great. I didn’t need to eat much and I didn’t need to sleep much. Of course you wanted to be with me, I was easy going and flirty and I was great to be around (minus the many late nights where you wanted to get more sleep of course). And then I “crashed” that summer and became depressed and I don’t know if I ever recovered. By the winter, I was severely anxious and required an antidepressant that ended up causing a tremendous amount of weight gain which to this day, I still struggle with and has shattered my self-esteem. But, you never stopped calling me beautiful and you never saw me in a different light. 

A few years after we met, we found out why I was having these drastic “ups” and “downs” and severe anxiety. It seems my genetic predisposition to something called Bipolar Disorder came into play, and it was my turn to receive the dreaded diagnosis. I know my existential rants in the middle of the night were probably frightening and my questioning the purpose of my existence, or if I “was really here” probably made little sense to you, but you still held me and made me feel safe. You tried your best to make me feel like nothing had changed and that life was worth living and that my life was not over. 

Because of you, I have managed to keep working, to keep friendships, to learn more about myself and to learn how to better interact with people. You are an extrovert and I have always been an introvert (except for when hypomanic and I overextend myself and think I can handle seeing EVERYONE- when I can’t). You tried to, and have succeeded in bringing me out of my self-inflicted protective shell for the most part, and you have helped me to blossom, even after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. That’s not hard to do- especially when I wanted to stay in bed on the weekend and forget about the world. You would never let me do that. 

I know you want to fight the stigma toward mental illness with me. You have been trying, and you showed me from very early on in our relationship that the fact that I had an anxiety disorder did not bother you. You understood I had limitations with socializing at times. Regardless of comments from other people, you stayed with me. Even when I had to miss events because of my depression or anxiety, you defended me. You pay little regard to ignorant comments about your desire to be in a relationship “with someone like me” and you are finally learning that as your wife, I am a priority in your life and my mental health is important and if you have to miss an event because I am having a bad day and not well, so be it. I know that was hard for you to accept because you are so sweet and you want to please everyone, especially your family, but I am proud of you for learning to stand up for me and for wanting to be here for me. 

You will always remind me of who I am and why I am here. So, on our first wedding anniversary, I want to thank you for making me want to live life. I may not be able to live in the present moment most of the time, but you are teaching me not to dwell in the past. You are teaching me it’s okay to cry, to let go, to be myself and to feel emotions (because there are days when I describe myself as numb). Having a mental illness does not come with an instruction manual. Imagine how great it would be if it did? We could pick up the manuals for Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and learn together. 

We do have our share of arguments like any married couple, which I think means we are doing okay. We have dealt with every struggle that has come our way. We have some things to work on, like any married couple does, but no marriage is perfect. What I do know is that we are perfect for each other and that’s all that matters. 


Your very appreciative wife.

Melanie wrote more about her marriage in her post, Laughter is the Best Medicine and is How I Found My Soulmate and Daniel also wrote an accompany blog to that post, What I've Learned Since We Found Out My Wife Has Bipolar Disorder

To read more from Melanie, check out the rest of her blogs for IBPF, her blogs for Healthy Minds Canada, or visit her personal blog at PS I'm Bipolar.

A Thank-You To My Husband On Father's Day I said this letter wouldn't focus on anything outside of how awesome of a father you are, but I think this is part of .

21 Sample Love Letters to Your Husband or Boyfriend

thank you husband letter

Finding out that your husband of 12 years cheated on you is not an easy thing, and many women do nasty things when they make such discoveries. One woman did things a little different and penned 'the other woman' a brilliant thank you letter.

After discovering 'love bites' on her husband's body, a scorned wife sent the mistress a very detailed letter to thank her for the marks.

In the letter, the presumably now-divorcing woman made it clear that the other woman, identified as Jennifer, can now have her man, she doesn't want him anymore.

The letter also told Jennifer that she will have to financially take care of the man now, as he will have to pay child support and alimony.

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According to the letter, Jennifer will also have to provide clothes for her new man because all his clothing disappeared into a 'black hole'.

Legit.ng noticed that the wife made sure to have her sense of humour intact as she mentioned that Jennifer could buy her man a dress if she so pleased.

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Here are some screenshots of the actual letter, thanks to Jennifer

The first part of the letter. (Image Source: innerstrength.zone)

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The letter continues. (Image Source: innerstrength.zone)

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The wife really had a lot to say. (Image Source: innerstrength.zone)

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The woman ended the letter by thanking Jennifer again.

The end. (Image Source: innerstrength.zone)

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had earlier reported a similar story of a wife who confronted lady who wished her husband a happy birthday on Facebook. The woman had noted that she was not comfortable with another woman referring to her husband as dear.

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Source: Legit.ng

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Express your way of thanking or loving your hubby by sending him cute messages which can bring both of you closer.

thank you husband letter
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