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Tuition payment reminder
April 23, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

ACC offers payment plans as an option to help make paying tuition You will receive an email reminder of your scheduled payment prior to processing.

Not that many years ago, every week I could expect to have tuition payments arrive late and later.  It actually got so bad that I was making trips to the bank 3-4 (or more) times every week. I was so tired of it!  Some parents would say they “forgot” here and there.  Others would be habitually late every week.  I was in my push over phase and let things go for too long.  Finally, I was given a road map for how to get tuition payments on time – every week.  So just in case you can relate, today I want to share this strategy with you.  Buckle up, and get ready for things to take an 180-degree turn.  Here are 10 things you can do this week to get paid on time next week and every week.

How to get tuition payments on time – every week

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Last updated: 03/10/17

1. Payment policy

One of the first steps to getting paid on time is to have a CLEAR Payment Policy.  I actually have a Payment Policy page that is printed on a separate sheet from the contract and requires a separate signature.  To be honest, it basically says just what is in my contract.  I created the separate page just to call attention to this VERY IMPORTANT policy with the hopes that parents will actually read it.

2. Reminders

Send out weekly reminders the day before the payment is due.  My reminder says “JUST A REMINDER:  Next week’s tuition is due Friday MORNING.  Late fees in the amount of $10.00 per child will be charged for each business day that payment is made past the day it was due.”  Sending a reminder like this out EVERY week eliminates the “Oh, I forgot your check.”

3. “No Pay, No Play” or “No Pay, No Stay” policy

Basically, this is requiring payment prior to services.  I used to receive payments on Monday but a few years back I moved it to the Friday prior.  I thought I would get some protests from parents, but nobody even blinked.  This is essentially the better day because most people get paid on Friday anyway.  By the way, if they do forget (which they won’t because you have already reminded them, wink wink), for sure they will need to submit payment by Monday.

4. Payment Inbox

Make a specific Payment Drop-Box where parents can simply drop off their payments.  This avoids the awkward times like at drop-off and pick-up when you are most likely preoccupied.  Even a cheap photo box will do here.  Mine says “Payments go here”.

5. Late fees

This is a hard one, I know (that’s why I stuck it in right here), but it’s very necessary and at the very heart of the whole payment on-time thing.  Hopefully, you will only need to do this rarely, especially if you use that reminder above.

The thing is NOBODY likes paying extra fees.  But if you don’t enforce this policy, believe me, parents will take advantage of your kindness.  If its hard for you to verbalize this, then print out a slip or send out an email stating that late fees are due.  Follow through on this one and you will see a difference.

6. Issue invoices

If you have part-time or drop-in care clients, make weekly invoices and send them out via email.  It helps you stay on top of what’s due but also reminds parents as well before it gets out of control.

“Make exceptions the exception”

7. Make few exceptions

I have a saying “Make exceptions the exception” and not the rule.  Again, if you let things go, your clients will too.  If and when you do make an exception, remind your client that you RARELY do this and only on this specific occasion.  Make it a big deal so that they don’t think it’s a small deal and ask all the time.

Make it a big deal so that they don’t think it’s a small deal and ask all the time.

8. Money in the Morning

Ask for payment in the morning.  Why? Well, just in case someone “forgets” in the morning you have time to remind them to bring it at pick-up.  Of course, you are just being helpful by reminding them how to avoid those pesky late fees.

9. Make it Easy

Most people use some sort of automation to pay their bills or make online purchases nowadays.  There are so many services out there now.  Why not look into using Square’s Cash App, PayPal, Stripe, Google Wallet, or Direct Deposit to make it easier to get that payment in on time.

UPDATE: I now use the Cash App to receive tuition and make payroll payments

Oh, by the way, if there is a fee to use this service you can always pass that along to your client as a convenience of using the service.

10. Incentives

Consider offering a SMALL discount as an incentive to pay tuition early, say on a monthly basis.  I offer a 3% discount if tuition is submitted monthly.  The catch?  “Parents paying child care tuition monthly, tuition is due & needs to be submitted on or before the 1st of the month to receive a discount and avoid late fees.” Yep, you guessed it.  That’s the reminder I send out.

Remember, if something isn’t working, change it.

I realize some of these tips might require you to make a policy change here or there, but that’s really not such a big deal.

Remember, if something isn’t working, change it.  You’re the boss!  Getting paid on-time is something to be expected.  Getting this under control is one of the best things I ever did and probably has saved me a fortune in gas.

Do you get paid on-time?  What have you done to make sure payments come in on-time?  Leave me a comment below.


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Student reminders go to the official MIT email address on record. student accepts full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees, and other associated costs⁠01 The.

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tuition payment reminder

Reminder: tuition and fees are due today! Any payments made after today will be charged a late fee.

It’s easy! Just pay your TAMIU bill online and enter a chance to win a Grand Prize of $2000 or one of four chances to win $500!

How to pay online:
1. Go to www.tamiu.edu/pay
2. Enter your TAMIU student ID and PIN.
3. Pay your balance and you’ll be automatically entered.

• Tuition must be paid in full by Sept. 18, 2017 in order to be automatically added to the drawing.
• Any student paying/applying for an emergency loan or installment plan online will also be included in the drawing.
• Winners will be announced Sept. 20, 2017.
• Winners will be contacted by phone call/email and shared on social media.

For more information, call the TAMIU Bursar’s Office at 956.326.2140, or email businessoffice@tamiu.edu

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Politely Remind a Customer That Payment Is Past Due — Collections 1 of 6

tuition payment reminder

The ideal child care billing situation would be one where every parent is aware of a looming tuition payment deadline, and is prepared when that day arrives with a check that covers each day of child care provided, as well as factoring fees for late pickup and similar infractions. 

As nice as this sounds, it is rarely the case. The parents your child care center serves are busy. It is unlikely that they will remember every payment, let alone track hours and accrued fees on their own spreadsheet.

It can be difficult to remind parents of their overdue child care bills. Drop-off and pickup times are always hectic as care providers monitor kids, gather their belongings, and prepare them for the beginning / end of the day, while parents hurry off to work or to get their kids home for the night.

Because this is often the only face-to-face time care providers get with parents, incorporating daycare attendance software that can also display tuition payment reminders is valuable.

Use Check-In Messages as Tuition Payment Reminders

If left unchecked, a family’s balance due can build up over time, making collection of larger balances difficult and time consuming. Using the Attendance Tracker messaging feature of Procare Software®, you can remind parents they need to make a payment if their balance exceeds a certain amount. Because the Attendance Tracker also knows exactly when students were checked in and out, the center can easily charge fees for extra hours and late pickups.

Of course another option, to make sure you are paid on time – every time, is to use Tuition Express™ to collect payments electronically, but we’ll save that for another article.

How Does it Work?

You’ll simply create a recurring message to appear at the Computer Check-In Station for any parents whose balance is greater than a certain dollar amount, say $50. This message will only be displayed when their balance exceeds that amount.

To create the message begin at the main screen Procare Family Data:

  1. Go to Functions –> Attendance Tracker –> Messages. Click New at the bottom.
  2. On the Message screen under Type of Message select the option Current Balance and set the ‘greater than or equal to’ amount to whatever you’d like, say $50.
  3. Choose an End Date far into the future, and mark Show Always – that way the message will appear any time the balance amount is exceeded, until the future date is reached.
  4. In the box below, type the message that you’d like your payers to read, for example:

“Attention! Your payment is past due. Please speak with the office manager to make payment arrangements as soon as possible.”

Final Thoughts

It can be easy for parents to forget about an upcoming payment. While this is understandable, child care providers can’t let it slide. In order to run a successful child care program, there has to be a consistent cash flow on a monthly basis.

An easy way to send child care billing reminders to parents is through your check-in interface. This is beneficial to your center as it ensures consistent cash flow, and to parents as it keeps past due balances from becoming unmanageably high.

Don't let tuition payments fall behind. Send a friendly Tuition Payment Reminder notice. (pack of ) The postcard is " X ".

How to get tuition payments on time

tuition payment reminder

The deadline for the receipt (or obtaining a deferral) of the Minimum Payment in order to become an officially registered student for 2019-2020 is September 5th for all continuing upper year students

Only when this payment is received and processed (or the deferral granted), will you be officially registered, which enables the university to provide confirmation of your enrolment. 

If granted a deferral, the deadline for the receipt of payment of Fall Fees (Tuition Fees + Incidental/Ancillary fees + $55 system access fee) isSeptember 30th, 2019.


All payments must be RECEIVED at UofT Student Accounts by the listed deadlines.


Students are responsible for planning sufficient time for payments to reach the University’s bank account and to be recorded in the student’s ACORN account by the payment due date. The transfer of funds from major Canadian financial institutions normally takes three to five business days, however the transfer from Canadian credit unions and financial institutions from outside Canada can take much longer.


If you check your account on ACORN and do not see the payment posted to your Financial account, check again in a few days. There are daily updates from the bank to the University.


Make sure you keep your receipt or your verification/confirmation number. It is your proof of payment and will be requested to follow up on any payment problems.

Late Payment & Interest Charges

This applies to all students, whether receiving Faculty of Law funding or not.


For any UofT student, any outstanding or unpaid Fall Fees on your UofT student account on ACORN is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% (19.56% per annum) by the university starting October 15th, 2019 and as of the 15th of every month until paid in full.


For more information about these service charges, please visit the Student Accounts webpage on Making Payments. See the 2018-2019 information, the 2019-2020 information is expected online from July 13th.

How Much To Pay?

I did not apply for the Faculty of Law Financial Aid Program

  • Pay the balance for 2019 Fall Term Fees that appears on your fees invoice on your ACORN student account. Invoices for 2019-2020 are expected to be available in ACORN from July 15th.


I applied for the Faculty of Law Financial Aid Program

  1. I have not yet received my aid assessment
    Pay the balance of your Fall fees that appears on your UofT student account on ACORN by the deadline. If you are also interested in getting a final financial aid assessment from the Faculty, please provide any missing documents to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. I received my aid assessment which did NOT include abursary
    Pay the balance of your Fall fees that appears on your UofT student account on ACORN by the stated deadline.
  3. I received my aid assessment which included a bursary
    If your assessment was dated before September 30th 2019, then your entire bursary will be credited towards your UofT student account no later than October 15.
    Thus, please pay the difference between the balance that appears on your UofT student account on ACORN and your entire bursary as soon as possible, by the deadline i.e. do not wait for the bursary amount to be visible in ACORN in order to pay due fees.

    Total Fall fees due [A]Student account balance on ACORN as of Sept 23, 2019$17,540
    Law Bursary received [B]Faculty of Law bursary funding, as per final or revised notice of financial aid assessment

    Law bursary will be deposited by the law school directly into the student's ACORN account
    Amount due by Fall payment deadline
    [A minus B]

    Student to pay using all or any of:

    • student’s own funds
    • Scotiabank/TD line of credit
    • government student loan
      note: OSAP First Payment will be deposited by the government directly into the student's ACORN account

Total fees for 2019-2020

Payment of the total fees for the 2019-2020 academic year must be received in full by the end of the winter session April 30, 2020.


If your account is not paid in full by the end of the winter session, you will not be permitted to register at the university for the 2020-2021 academic year, and production of your transcript will be blocked until such time as your arrears are cleared.

How to Pay

All Students
Refer to our fees information webpage.

OSAP students
Effective 2018-19, changes to OSAP has resulted in a new process for paying fees and obtaining fee refunds.  In short, your Fall term portion of OSAP funding (i.e First Payment in your funding summary) will be directed from the government to the university to cover fall term tuition and ancillary fees, but excludes covering residence fees for staying in UofT housing. Please read the changes online at Student Accounts.


Questions about your UofT student fees account?
Student Accounts

tel: 416-978-2142


For those yet to pay the school fees for the first trimester of the next academic year (), this is a reminder that the deadline for payment is.

tuition payment reminder
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