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Welcome new daughter in law into the family
January 08, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 4 comments

That privilege goes to your new daughter-in-law's father. It is to welcome your new daughter-in-law to the family: (bride's first name) (groom's He came running into the kitchen all excited and it was not about what he had.

To My Future Daughter-in-Law

By Ashley Willis

Our relationship with our in-laws can be difficult to navigate at times even when we genuinely love them. Therefore, as parents, we need to decide ahead of time how we will receive and treat those who marry our children. When we do this, we create a great foundation for a healthy relationship with not only our son/daughter-in-law but we will also cultivate and keep a strong and balanced bond with our grown child. As a mother of four boys, I’ve thought a lot about who God will lead them to marry and what I want those precious women to know. So, I decided to put together a letter to “her,” and I wanted to share it with you today.

Dear Future Daughter-in-Law,

Wherever you are in the world, I want you to know that I can’t wait to meet you, and you are already loved by our family.

From the moment our son was born, we not only prayed for him, but we prayed specifically for you. We know that God has amazing plans in store for both of you someday. As we all patiently wait for that glorious day you two walk down the aisle, your father-in-law and I want you to know a few things:

1. We support you in your autonomy as a couple.

To put this plainly, I want to resist being “all up in your business”. When you two marry, you become your own family. Your father-in-law and I want to support you two wholeheartedly in any way we can, but we also want to respect your privacy and have healthy boundaries in place. I promise we will call before we come over and try to only offer advice when you ask for it.

“This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Genesis 2:24 (NLT)

2. When you marry our son, you will be more than an “in-law”; you will be our DAUGHTER.

We firmly believe that when two people fall in love and join each other in a marriage covenant that two truly become ONE. You will instantly become not only our son’s precious wife but our daughter too. We don’t see you as just a girl who is legally wedded to our son; we see you as his chosen beautiful bride for life.

Genesis 2:22-23 (NLT)
Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to the man.

“At last!” the man exclaimed.

“This one is bone from my bone,
and flesh from my flesh!
She will be called ‘woman,’
because she was taken from ‘man.’”

3. We want to be a blessing to you!

More than anything, we want to bless you and our son as much as we possibly can. God has so graciously blessed us with the two of you, and we want to be a blessing right back. In-laws get such a negative stigma sometimes, but we don’t want to be that stereotype at all. We are for you all, not against you! You can come to us for anything.

1 Chronicles 17:27 (NLT)
And now, it has pleased you to bless the house of your servant, so that it will continue forever before you. For when you grant a blessing, O Lord, it is an eternal blessing!”

4. We will all make mistakes.

When two families are joined together, it can be complicated and messy at times. All of us will make mistakes. Sometimes, we may inadvertently say hurtful things, not do something the way it was intended, and so on. In those moments, I promise to seek your forgiveness and to be truthful with you if my feelings have been hurt. I ask you to do the same in order for our families to have peace. I want you both to feel like you can communicate freely with us. Please don’t “walk on eggshells”.

James 3:2 (NLT)

Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.

5. Yes, I am his mother, but I want to be your FRIEND.

I know you have your own mother, and I, in no way, want to try and fill that special place in your life. I want to be your friend…your much older friend. I want to take you out to breakfast and go shopping. I want to watch the grandkids and let you have a break. I want to be on the other end of the phone when you need someone older, and hopefully wiser at that point, to talk to. Let’s please be friends. I so look forward to that.

Proverbs 27:9 (NLT)

The heartfelt counsel of a friend
is as sweet as perfume and incense.

6. I am your prayer warrior.

I will continue to pray that God prepares your heart as you grow up, Dear Daughter. I pray that you grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. I pray He bestows many blessings in your life. I pray He protects your heart and mind from sexual sin. I also pray that if you make mistakes, and many of us do, Sweet Daughter, that you will seek His forgiveness and know that you are indeed forgiven. When your heart is broken, I pray you surrender it to God. Only He can make you whole. No man, including my son, can fill this hole in your life. You are a child of God. You are precious. I pray you don’t lose sight of this.

Hold on to the hope of knowing that God has an amazing plan for your life. Please know that I am praying the very same prayers for my son, and I greatly look forward to the day when he brings you home to meet us for the very first time. I. Can’t. Wait.

But, until then, please know that you are already loved by our family, Dear Daughter.

With love and anticipation on the blessings to come,

Your mother-in-love, Ashley

What would you write in a letter to your future daughter/son-in-law? Try writing it down and give it to him/her on the wedding day. I’m sure it will great a great blessing to them.

Dave and Ashley Willis have built a strong following, reaching millions of married couples through their blogs, books, and videos. Get Dave and Ashley’s most popular resources for couples and groups. Their mission is to create resources focused on building Christ-centered marriages and families. They have four young sons and live near Augusta, Georgia.

you are to have such a wonderful son and an amazing daughter-in-law. . something new happens to remind me how blessed I am to be your mother. is also just as blessed to be able to welcome [bride] into our family.

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welcome new daughter in law into the family

If you are reading this article, then you must be a mother whose son is getting married soon. This is an exciting time for you as a mother and you might be tasked with delivering a speech on your son’s wedding day.

Your son, who was once your little boy, has now grown up and is getting married. A wedding is not just an emotional time for the couple, it is also an intense time for the family as well, especially the parents of the bride and groom. If you want to let your son and his bride know how happy you are for them, you can write a speech that will be delivered at the wedding.

As the Mother of the Groom, there are different messages and themes that you can touch on in your speech. You can talk about how grateful you are to have such a wonderful son and an amazing daughter-in-law. You can talk about what your son was like as a boy as well.

You can also talk about love. You will have the knowledge to talk about the love that a mother has for her son. You can even talk about the love that you have for your husband. And to tie up the theme, you can talk about the love that the bride and groom have for each other.

Since it is a very special day, you will want to work hard on this speech. When working on this speech, you will want to think about good memories of your son. This will help to provide you with the right kind of positive inspiration. You will also want to try and focus on your son’s good qualities as well as those of his bride.

You can also try talking about the first time you met the bride and what she and the groom are like as a couple. How do the bride and groom complement each other? How has the groom changed since he met the bride? What are your hopes and wishes for the newlywed couple?

These are just a few topics and questions that might help you write a speech that is truly personal. Even though there are speech examples below for you to use, you will also want to avoid sounding generic. It should be clear that this speech was written for your son and his bride and they will appreciate the personal details that you include in your speech.

Below are several examples of speeches for a Mother of the Groom. These speech examples can be used as inspiration for the speech that you will give at your son’s wedding.

Mother Of The Groom Speech Examples

1. [Groom,] my son, I love you so much. On your wedding day, I am overcome with so many happy emotions: love, gratitude, excitement, and joy. You could not have found a better bride to spend the rest of your days with. [Bride,] thank you for making my son so happy. I am more grateful to you than words can possibly say.


2. I may be a little more than biased, but I am sure I am not alone when I say that [groom] is a person who is kind and generous. He has a heart of gold.

As [groom’s] mother, it can be very tempting to take all of the credit for the wonderful person that he has grown up to be. While his father and I did our best to be great parents and to raise him with good values in a loving home, at the end of the day, we are not responsible for the person he is today.

The plain truth of the matter is that [groom] is the main person responsible for who he is now. And this person that sits before all of us today is a person of exceptional character. He is a beautiful individual, inside and out and I am so blessed to be his mother. I could not have asked for him to be any better than he is.

Believe me, I do not just say this because he is my son. He is someone who I know makes the world a better, happier place. But [bride,] she makes him even better than he was before because she just brings out the very best qualities in him.

Just when I thought my son could not be happier, [bride] came along and changed his world for the better. And during their relationship, she made him want to be the best person that he could be. And I really do thank her for that.


3. There are merely not enough words to describe the sense of peace that a mother feels in her heart when she knows that her child is taken care of. While I know that my son could fend for himself and survive alone in the world, I also know how nice it is to have someone to care for you and spend the rest of your life with you. If you are lucky enough to get that chance, then you can never take it for granted.

I know that no matter what happens, [bride] and [groom] will care for each other and take care of each other with patience, love, and understanding.

I know that my son is in good hands and that he has found the perfect woman to be his wife. I know that they will be great together and that they will continue to make each other happy.

[Bride] and [groom] I wish you nothing but happiness, success, and an endless love that will burn brighter and stronger between you to as your days go by. I love you both very much. Take care of each other always.


4. [Groom,] I have known you for a very long time and I like to think that I know you well. And from the moment I met [bride,] it was crystal clear that she was the one for you. If I had not been introduced to her yet and was asked to pick her out from a crowd of people, I would have been able to spot her right away. And I would have known she was your soulmate.

You and [bride] were meant to be together. Your wedding day is just a reminder of that, a promise that you have made to each other to stick together and stay side by side. Congratulations to the two of you, from your proud mother.


5. While it was quite a long time ago, I can still remember my very own wedding day quite vividly. Even though the wedding day was all about my husband and I, I did not get to see him all day until the wedding ceremony itself. That is, after all, the tradition.

As I prepared for the wedding, I was surrounded by plenty of loving people including my bridesmaids, my mother-in-law, and my own loving mother who was a huge source of support for me as I planned my wedding.

On the day of my wedding, I knew that my mother was excited for me, but I also knew there was something bittersweet about seeing your baby getting married. Today, I truly have an idea of how my mother felt. I can hardly believe that my baby boy is now the man sitting right there. How time flies.

[Groom,] I am beyond proud of you for everything that you are and everything that you have accomplished. No matter what you do, you make us so proud and happy and I know that I am not alone when I say that you and [bride] are just right for each other. I just know that you will bring each other love, joy, and peace for many years to come.


6. [Groom,] you have always been a boy that I could be proud of. And now that you are a man, I could not be any prouder of who you have become. As your mother, I am so very happy and proud for you because you were able to find [bride,] a loving, beautiful woman who will love you for the rest of your life. I know you will treat her with respect and shower her with love.


7. The first time I laid eyes on [groom,] I was instantly in love. He was my little baby who grow into a wobbly toddler, and then a curious child. Then came the pre-teen and teen years and the next thing I knew, my little baby was a man.

[Groom,] I am so proud of the person that you have become. You have always made your family proud in everything that you do and on your special wedding day today, we could not be happier for you.


8. As a mother, there are so many moments in your child’s life that stay with you. There is the moment they are born, when you first hold them in your arms. That is a moment you never forget.

Over the years, I have so many fond memories of my son. There was his very first word, his first steps, and his first day of school. On graduation day, I had so many emotions. Imagine how I feel today, on his wedding day, to a beautiful and lovely woman.

[Groom,] every time I think that I could not be happier for you, something new happens to remind me how blessed I am to be your mother. Thank you for being such a wonderful son. I know that you will be a great husband and that [bride] will be a great wife to you.


9. Love is the truly the greatest gift of love. When you have it, never treasure it always and never let it go. That is the advice that I have for you on your wedding day. You will have hard days and you will have great days as well, just remember to love each other no matter what. I love you both and wish the best for you two.


10. Seeing all of the lovely people here reminds me a little bit of my own wedding day. The excitement, the intense planning, and the nerves going all around. Many people might refer to their wedding day as the happiest day of their life, but I do not find that to be true for me.

While my wedding day was an amazing, unforgettable day full of love, for me that special day was only the beginning of a wonderful life with my soulmate. I hope that your wedding day is only the catalyst for the rest of your beautiful life together, like it was for my beautiful life with my husband and family.


11. To my lovely son [groom] and his wonderful wife [bride], may you continue to grow together in love. My wish for you is that today is only the beginning of your happy days together. May you learn to cherish each other more and more over the years and may your love for each other grow stronger with each passing day.


12. Sometimes in life, it can be hard to remember all the blessings we have. But I am really blessed in so many ways. I am blessed to have a loving husband and a wonderful family. My son [groom] has blessed our family with so many happy memories and we are eternally proud of him. And now, [groom] is blessed to have [bride] as his wife.

I have to say that our family is also just as blessed to be able to welcome [bride] into our family. How did we get so lucky with such an amazing and kindhearted woman? I hope that we can make you feel welcome and loved as if you were our own flesh and blood. [Bride,] know that you are like a daughter to me now. I know that God will bless the two of you in your marriage and in your many years together as husband and wife.


13. When my son [groom] was born, I was overjoyed to have a son. He was perfect in every way and I could not have wanted more. Our son gave us some of the happiest times of our lives and we did our best to make him happy as well.

While God did not give us a daughter at first, I have to say that I am perfectly okay with that. But now that [bride] is a part of our family, it really does feel like God did give us a daughter after all. Even before they got married, [bride] was part of the family. But after today it is official. [Bride,] welcome to our family. We welcome you with open, loving arms.


14. Hello everyone, I am [groom’s] mother. As many of you know, our family can be a little crazy. We can be loud and maybe even intimidating to outsiders who don’t know us. But we are also fiercely loyal. We would do anything for each other and we love each other dearly.

When [bride] was first introduced to the family, I hoped that she wouldn’t be scared off. You could instantly tell that she was a wonderful person and you could see how much she cared about [groom] and how deep her love for him was.

Now I know that I can sometimes come on too strong. But [bride] held her own and quickly found her place in this family. And now that she and [groom] are married, they are creating their own family together.

While the love of a mother is like nothing else, I know firsthand that there is something truly special about the love that a husband and wife have for each other. That kind of love is strong and unlike anything else. It is a treasure that you must cherish always.

[Bride,] thank you for being part of the family and for making [groom] so happy. Let us all toast to the happy newlyweds.


15. Even though [groom] is an adult now, in many ways he is still very much the same as the little baby and the little boy I knew. And yet, one day, something about him did change. He seemed happier, bright-eyed, and more optimistic. Something about him was different. And then one day we met [bride] and it all made sense. Our son was in love. We were so happy for him and we were happy to get to know [bride.]

It was not long before it became clear to all of us that the two of them would spend the rest of their lives together. Even before the engagement, you could easily tell that these two beautiful people were meant to be husband and wife.

[Groom,] I am overjoyed that you are changed, that you are happier now than ever before. May today only be the beginning of your happy days. And [bride,] thank you for putting such a big smile on my son’s face.


You may also enjoy our Bride’s Speech Examples.


16. A mother’s love for her child is unique. It is special. Even before my son was born I knew that I always wanted the best for him. I wanted [groom] to have everything in this life. I wanted him to always be surrounded by those who love him. And one day, I hoped that he would find somebody to love who would love him just as much.

I hoped that he would be as lucky as I was to find my soulmate, that this special person would move the sun and moon for him and that he would do the same. I wanted him to know the kind of love that exists between two people who are meant to spend an eternity side by side.

And that is why I am so happy that he met [bride.] Not only is she beautiful and charming, she brings out the best in him. And she makes him happy. And I think he makes her happy too. May they always be willing to move the sun and moon for each other and may their marriage be blessed and happy.


17. [Groom,] if I have not told you enough I will tell you now. You are the kindest person I know. You have enough love in your heart for all of your family and friends, and [bride] who is now your wife.

Even when you were a child I knew that you would be an amazing person. While I knew that your life would not always be easy, I knew that at the end of the day, I would not have to worry about you.

Knowing how you are as a person, I still want to remind you what a marriage is about.


18. As [groom’s] mother, I cannot truly say how happy I am to see him married to such a wonderful person. This has been a beautiful wedding and while I am sure we are all enjoying the festivities and the celebration of [groom] and [bride’s] love, I cannot help but think of their future with excitement and hope.

To be married is to be blessed with a best friend who wants to wake up next to you every day. Someone who will stick with you through good times and bad, who will make you laugh when you cry and laugh along with you when you are overcome with joy. I can say without a doubt that [bride] and [groom] have found that in each other.

As a mother, here is my wish for the happy newlyweds. I hope that you remember to be patient and kind to one another, even on the tough days. I hope that years and decades from now, you will be old and gray and still in love with each other if not even more deeply in love than you were on your wedding day.

I hope that over the years, you will continue to learn more new things about each other like uncovering a piece of buried treasure. You both have a whole lifetime ahead of you and I know you will make a million wonderful memories together.


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Be the mother-in-law of her dreams

welcome new daughter in law into the family

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Welcome to the Family Speeches

Welcome to the family speeches are exactly that: welcoming!

The aim or purpose of this speech is to embrace its newest addition(s): to make them feel at home, at ease, and valued.

Your words extend a hand of friend and kinship on behalf of your immediate and extended family. Delivered with a smile they warmly acknowledge and celebrate the newcomer's admission to the family.

If you've been asked to give a welcome to the family speech as part of a wedding celebration adapt the sample speech below to fit your needs.

There's room to personalize it with a couple of succinct stories to fit the occasion or you could just leave it as is.

What's here follows the SSS rule: simple, short and sincere.

Sample Welcome Speech

Mary {Insert the name of the person you are welcoming} - welcome to the family!

Family, tribe, clan, group, net-work - call it what you will: it's us - all of us!

We're Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, 3rd cousins, even 53rd cousins, old and young, generations of us linked together through shared DNA and history.

Look around. Those faces smiling back at you are now your people too.

And you thought you were just marrying Dean {Insert the appropriate name} didn't you?

We are the bonus prize!

But seriously, we're delighted that Dean {Change name} had the good sense to choose you to marry.

Over the time leading up to today we've seen you are so right for each other.

{This is the place to insert a couple of examples or stories illustrating how good these two are together.}

Now we look forward to supporting you both, sharing your lives through the many years ahead.

We're honored to welcome you to the family.

For more on preparing, delivering & rehearsing speeches

One of the simple ways is to tell your daughter in law about your As soon as the son gets married, mom gets prepared to welcome the new family member. . but now we can feel the warmth of happiness inside our house.

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welcome new daughter in law into the family

Whenever her mother-in-law came to stay, ­Vanessa Trent would go out of her way to make her feel welcome. "As soon as she arrived, I'd drop everything and set aside a few hours for a catch-up and a cup of tea or a glass of wine," says mother-of-one Trent, 43.

Despite her best intentions, it took Trent a few years to realise that her husband's mother, Liz, had other expectations of her. "While I thought I was being hospitable and hostess-y, Liz dropped hints that I might use her time with us better if I caught up with my housework. She'd mention that when her mum-in-law came to stay when her kids were small she'd take that opportunity to clean the oven. When she once found me dusting the picture rails, her comment was: 'I'm so pleased, but what really drives me mad is when you don't clear the breakfast table'."

Their differing views finally came to a head one evening at a birthday dinner for her husband, Adrian, four years into their marriage. In a light-hearted moment, Trent thanked Liz for buying him some new shirts, "especially the non-iron ones".

Sharing sweet daughter-in-law quotes is the perfect way to show her that to her life — not to mention a whole new group of family members.

welcome new daughter in law into the family
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