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Writing an award letter

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Writing an award letter
May 20, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

I am writing this letter to nominate John Smith for the President's Employee of the asset to our department and is so deserving of this award and recognition.

Being asked to write a nomination letter is an honor. Someone thinks your opinion is valuable. Of course, before you make a recommendation, you need to ensure you truly believe this person is deserving of the award since you’re putting your name behind the recommendation. Chances are if you’re being asked, though, the person is fairly sure you’ll have good things to say, which means the next step is to write a letter that gets results. This is fairly simple, just requiring a little honesty about your relationship to this person and why you think he’s deserving of the award.

Before You Write an Award Recommendation Letter

Before you write the first word, put some time into getting the background on the award and the candidate. Try to research the history of the award. What type of people generally win? If there’s a published list of criteria, review it and note areas that fit your nominee. Take a look at the list of past recipients and look for qualities you may be able to highlight when you write your own letter.

How to Start Your Letter

Once you have that information, start your letter. In your introduction, tell a little about yourself and how you know the person you’re recommending. From there, you can segue into describing all of the reasons the nominee deserves the award, pulling in as many facts as you can. In addition to facts and figures about the ways the nominee has helped others or furthered organizations, mention personality characteristics that make her deserving, including her passion for helping others or her lifelong commitment to her chosen profession.

Reasons to Nominate Someone for an Award

Over the course of your career, you’ll make plenty of friends and associates. The person who worked for you or served as your boss in your first job could contact you down the line to ask for a recommendation. This long-term networking can pay off should you ever need a favor in return. By following through, you’ll strengthen those professional relationships, which can only pay off for your own career. Perhaps the best reason to nominate someone is that you’re likely giving someone who deserves it a boost. If this person works in your own industry, this benefits that industry as a whole, which will help you in the long run. If you’re recommending a former student or friend who isn’t connected directly to the work you do, you’re still ensuring a deserving person is acknowledged for his hard work, and this always sets a good example for others.

Example Nomination Letter

I'm honored to nominate Sarah Brown for the Manager of the Year Award. I've worked with Sarah for twelve years, and have always found her to be efficient, great with customer service and a positive asset in employee relations. Her recent success in training at-risk youth is just one example of the great work she's done for this company.

Sarah is a true team player, as evidenced by the fact that she's trained more employees who have gone on to our management team than anyone else. She's had the highest retention rate in her division for five years running, out of the entire Northwest sector. Her people respect Sarah's leadership and show it by producing higher quotas than 79 percent of the rest of the company. I couldn't think of another person more deserving of this award than Sarah Brown, which is why I'm pleased to nominate her for Manager of the Year.

It is a good idea to write a thank you letter when you receive an award or prize. Here are some tips, as well as an example letter.

Endorse or Nominate a Candidate For an Award | Letter-Writing Guide

writing an award letter

Parents, stay tuned to this content series helping you with key info on college funding to help make affordable choices.

A financial aid award letter is just the first clue to how much college will cost a family – but it’s not the final answer.

Over the next several weeks, My College Corner will post articles and three free, short videos to help parents understand:

  • The components of a Financial Aid Award Letter
  • How to estimate the total cost they can expect
  • All of the options to pay for college – not just savings and student loans
  • The ins and outs of student and parent loans

My College Corner will share videos from Vimeo including:

February 13th:   Scott Maciag shares his college guidance expertise with My College Corner host John Hupalo to discuss Financial Aid Award Letters.  Is the total amount of aid you’re getting a good deal?   John and Scott cover the following:

  • Review an actual financial aid award letter
  • Show you how to identify the free money (grants and scholarships), earned aid (work-study) and loans
  • Explain the difference between sticker price, net price and total cost of a college
  • Talk about how to appeal a Financial Aid Award letter
  • Offer practical tips to parents
  • Available on Vimeo Now

February 27th: John will use the total remaining cost identified in the first video to detail options to pay including:

  • Favorite options:
    • Parent and student savings
    • Student and parent income
    • Payment plans
  • Options requiring consideration:
    • Student loans
    • Parent loans
  • What to avoid:
    • Credit Cards
    • Withdrawals from retirement savings
  • Available on Vimeo Now

March 13th: John will focus on loans and share how he and his daughter chose a private loan.

  • Using the same financial aid award letter featured in the first video, John will discuss why the Federal Direct Student Loan program is best for undergraduates and offer tips on how to minimize borrowing.
  • John will then discuss the pros and cons of options for parents to borrow and offer tips on how he chose among the options:
    • Federal PLUS loans
    • Private credit loans
    • Loans from retirement savings
  • Available on Vimeo Now
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Free sample employee recognition letters

13+ Award Letter Templates

writing an award letter

The award letter is an opportunity to both thank a valued employee for his or her contribution and to reinforce the behaviors and actions for which the award is presented. The award letter doubles the impact of the recognition.

When the manager verbally presents the award and then reinforces why the employee is receiving it in a letter, the award is powerful. Depending on the employee, public recognition is just as powerful.

Organizations that hold periodic ceremonies or lunches to present awards are also effectively magnifying the impact of the award.

The meaningful award letter fulfills several purposes.

  • The award letter announces the award and describes the details of its amount/type and receipt options or details.
  • The manager uses the award letter as an opportunity to reinforce the behaviors that earned the employee the award.
  • The award letter differentiates the recipient’s performance so that the award has meaning to the employee who receives it.
  • The award letter thanks the recipient for his or her contribution that resulted in the award.
  • The award letter provides personal, special recognition for the recipient from the upper-level manager who presents the award notification.

The award letter comes from the recipient’s department head or a higher level manager so that the employee understands that the award is a big deal.

The award is generally presented in a way that lets other employees know that their coworker received the award and why. This publicity provides the organization with the opportunity to demonstrate that recognition is available for positive contributors. It enhances employee morale and assures employees that good work is noticed and rewarded.

If you follow these guidelines for an employee award letter, you will magnify the employee's feeling of accomplishment. The employee will keep your award letter where he or she keeps treasured mementos.

What's in an Award Letter?

The letter should thank the employee and detail any gift, monetary award, or certificate that the employee is receiving as the recipient of the award. It should describe any function or ceremony that will be held to honor awardees and provide attendance details.

Finally, the award letter is signed by the employee's manager, at least, or ​the president or the CEO. If you go to the trouble of providing awards, recognize them for the big deal that they are for your employee recipients.

Make awards, recognition, and gratitude a regular feature of your workplace to recognize and retain your best employees.

The following sample award letters provide an example that you can use as a template when you write your award letters.

Sample Award Letter

This is an example of an award letter to recognize an employee. Download the award letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Download the Word Template

Sample Award Letter (Text Version)

Mary Johnston
Director, Human Resources
Acme Paper Co.

Sandra Lau
Talent Recruiter
Acme Paper Co.

This letter is your notification that you have been awarded a $1,000 spot bonus for your contributions to our recent search for a new employee in accounting. The accounting manager said that you handled the interview facilitation like an advanced HR professional. 

We loved hearing this as it the first time you have participated in an employee selection process. We are also positive that it won't be your last given the professionalism with which you participated in the selection. Terry Costanza said that the thoughtfulness of your interview questions helped all of the participants get to know the candidate very well.

She also said that you handled facilitating the sessions professionally despite the fact that many of the interviewers have job titles that place them two or three ranks in the organization above the level of your job. She said that you were fierce in your determination to keep the questioning on track—even the senior managers.

Another strength you exhibited was to sort through the resumes thoroughly. By the time Terry received them for review, you had truly singled out only the most qualified candidates. It saved her a lot of review time which she appreciated.

You can expect to receive your award at the HR/Accounting departments on Monday at our normal meeting. The other employees will get to hear about your positive contribution to the accounting selection team. We won't share the amount of your award with your coworkers, but we will mention that it is a substantial award that they are also eligible to receive.

Once again, thank you so much for your contribution and making the HR department look good in the eyes of the employees we serve.

Create a broad outline that will be appropriate for the majority of award letters you anticipate writing; this will.

Welcome to Brock University

writing an award letter

Sending recognition letter or email to employees

What is a recognition letter or email to employees?

A recognition letter or email to employees is a document an employer sends to employees in order to show appreciation for their hard work and effort they put in achieving a specific goal. Send an appreciation letter to employees to thank them for successfully completing an assignment/activity/specific project/etc.

The importance of a recognition letter or email to employees

Writing and sending an honest recognition letter is an important step in employee recognition process.

Sending recognition letters to your employees is crucial in building strong team relationships and health company culture.

Recognizing your employees’ work will make them feel good about themselves and motivate them for future work. 

Sending recognition letters to your employees is a crucial part of your employee recognition program.  Having a good employee recognition program can really bring your organizational culture to the next level and significantly reduce your turnover rate.

This is why it is important to make sending recognition letters or emails a routine! 🙂

How to use this template for a recognition letter or email to employees?

To help you save time, we have created a standard recognition letter or email to employees template. Feel free to customize this recognition letter to suit your needs.

Template for a formal recognition letter or email to employees

Here is a recognition letter or email template you can use to show appreciation for your employees' hard work:

Dear [insert candidate’s name],

on behalf of the [insert your company’s name] management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on [insert appropriate: assignment/activity/specific project/etc.].

Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable.

The management team at [insert your company’s name] know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we want to assure you that your efforts are recognized.

As a sign of our appreciation, you will receive a bonus of [insert appropriate amount in dollars/euros if applicable] to thank you for your hard work and effort.

Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.


[insert your first name and last name]

[insert your job position title]

[insert your company’s name]

Need more HR and recruiting templates like this employee recognition letter?

Check out other templates for Human Resources and templates for Recruiters.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to write an SAP Financial Appeal Letter

When you are lucky enough to receive an award, the most professional and courteous thing to do is write a nice award acceptance letter. This will show that.

writing an award letter
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