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Writing appreciation letters
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Appreciation letter to employee is reward for good work. Letter of appreciation mail thanks messages or note must carry thank you appreciation words, find.

A note of appreciation sent to anybody goes miles to improve a relationship at the same time create a sense of belongingness between the sender and receiver. When you have to maintain a good relationship just do the little to send an appreciation letter in our collection of such formats and see the magic it does to make your receiver come close to you.

An appreciation letter is a very good PR tool to help maintain smooth interaction between an employee and employer as well. In case you need to write numerous such letters for your entire team, the easy to download and print templates from our collection can be of great help for you. Here are some best chosen appreciation letter templates. You may also like Congratulation Letters.

Free Appreciation Letter

Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Thank You Letter for Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Letter Template

This kind of employee appreciation letter is a very good moral boost up tool for your employee, when you really want to thank them or show your sense of gratitude towards them for their yearlong hard work. Written in suitable appreciating words, these letters are very good PR tool for you to use.

Teacher Appreciation Letter

Next to parents the most respectable person in one’s life are the Teachers. So it is a very appreciable gesture to feel the contribution of such personalities in your life and write a small yet emotive letter of appreciation to them. This appreciation letter template is a very apt one with tender words that is sure to touch your teacher’s heart at ease.

Customer Appreciation Letter

In case of a business or shop, the most obvious person without whom your success would have not been possible is the customer. So, in certain occasions like business anniversaries and/or opening of branches, one may wish to felicitate such loyal customers who have been by your side while you were struggling to stand.

Appreciation Letter for Good Work


Free Sponsor Appreciation Letter

Sample Appreciation Letter to Brother

Sample Appreciation Letter to Employees

Sample Appreciation Letter Template

Appreciation Letter to a Friend

What is The Purpose of An Appreciation Letter?

An Appreciation letter is such a letter which you can write and send to any one at any point of time. You may think to encourage the constant support of your employees behind the success of the organization or you may gift such a letter as a token of thanks to your most beloved teacher or your very loyal customers can also be gifted with an appreciation letter for being a part of your journey towards success. One appreciation letter template from our collection could also proof beneficial to bridge a sweet relationship between a brother or friend or any one from your relations. You may like Professional Letters.

What Are The Tips To Write A Good Appreciation Letter?

Here are a few tips for you to write good and effective appreciation letter for any one.

  • Say thank you without any delay, just after the event has taken place. You may write a letter within 3 days of time, but if missed then write one immediately, being late than never.
  • Use of proper format; formal for formal relations and informal for close relation.
  • Put the proper salutation.
  • Start with the reason for your writing.
  • Detail in the second paragraph.
  • After signing off proof read the letter for silly mistakes.

What Are the Benefits of Such a Letter?

Writing a good appreciation letter has always proved to be beneficial in most of the cases. It works great in boosting moral and encouraging people for being as a support. An appreciation letter is a very fruitful gesture to remind about yourself and your capabilities which in time can fetch good references for you. You may also like Professional Thank You Letters.

Our collection of impeccable appreciation letter templates are ready and friendly to serve you in times when you have heavy load of writing and want to finish the work within very short span of time. These formats are easy to download and print, just ready to post to the address.

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Writing an Appreciation Letter or Thank You Letter is one of the best ways of expressing your gratitude towards others. Whether it is your.

5+ Appreciation Letter Templates

writing appreciation letters

It's always a good idea to write a letter of appreciation to express thanks and gratitude to someone who has provided help or assistance to you, whether this was during the course of a job search or simply in the daily course of your performance in the workplace.

It’s also a good idea to write personal letters or email messages showing your appreciation and thanks for those who have helped you in your personal life.

These letters aren’t difficult to write, and reviewing a sample letter of appreciation may make it even easier for you.

Why Write a Letter of Appreciation 

Throughout your career and job searches, you'll likely get a lot of help. Mentors and bosses will provide advice and strategy, while co-workers may help with projects and training. Others may freely step up to cover your work responsibilities in the event that you become ill or have to take an unanticipated leave of absence.

Many people will likely make introductions or connect you with jobs or contacts. In fact, there are endless opportunities to express your appreciation to all the people who've aided you.

Sending a letter of appreciation is a great way to reach out and make others aware of your gratitude for their help. It's a courteous gesture – and also helps increase the likelihood that people will lend you a hand again in the future. 

What to Include in Your Letter

A letter of appreciation does not have to be long. Sincerity is more meaningful than length. Begin the letter with a greeting, and then let the recipient know why you're writing.

For example, you might say: "Thank you for bringing me up to speed on the new accounting program," or "I just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated your advice over the past two weeks as I deliberated over those two job offers." 

Not sure what to write? Here are thank you quotes for a variety of circumstances that you can tailor for your own correspondence, and include in your letter or email.

Next, share more details about how much the recipient's help has meant to you. Thank them again before your closing sign-off. 

Sample Appreciation Letter

Download the Word Template

Sample Appreciation Letter (Text Version)

Avery Jones
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Viola Lee
Vice President, Customer Relations
ACME Financial
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities.

I especially appreciate your offer to connect me to others in your network. I plan on following up with the contacts you emailed me right away. I will also use the online networking resources you recommended to further my job search.

Any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome. I'll update you as my search progresses.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Best regards,

Avery Jones (signature hard copy letter)

Avery Jones

If you’re sending an email message, the subject line of the message can simply say thank you, like this:

The email message should include everything in the example above from the salutation downwards.

Review More Examples

Here are more examples of appreciation letters and notes that you can use as a starting point for your own correspondence:

More Tips for Writing Appreciation Letters

Thank you and appreciation letters are so important in all aspects of your career. Review how to write a thank-you letter, including who you should thank, what to write, and when to write an employment-related thank-you letter.

If you need information on other types of letters, you may find these letter samples to be helpful. The examples include cover letters, interview thank-you letters, follow-up letters, job acceptance & rejection letters, resignation letters, appreciation letters, business letters, and more great employment letter samples that will help you access all the employment-related correspondence you’ll need to write.

How to Make Your Letter Stand Out

  • Use your letter or email to show your gratitude for the help you have received.
  • Thank everyone who has assisted you, both personally and professionally.
  • Let the recipient know in detail why you are writing.

Your letter of appreciation can be as simple as a short thank-you email, but since email inboxes overflow, it might be even more meaningful to mail a handwritten letter or card.

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Appreciation Letter Samples

writing appreciation letters

It is common to have people go out of their way at times to help you out. Courtesy and etiquette call for a show of appreciation on your part. There is no better way to express your gratitude than to give them a Professional Thank You Letter. When considering sending a thank you note, even before finding a template, the following tips may be useful:Observe the three-day rule when sending a Thank You Letter; but when you delay a bit, still deliver the message because it is better late than never. The format should be appropriate, observing either formal or informal letter formats. Address, date and salutations as well as conclusion should be present.

This is a requirement, though the tone of the formal and informal letters are quite dissimilar. It is necessary to include your reason for writing the thank you letter. It may be Scholarship, funding or even job application approval. Whatever it may be, thank your addressee for it in writing.

Free Appreciation Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter for Customer Appreciation

Thank You Letter for Employee Appreciation

Thank You Letter Appreciation for a Friend

Appreciation & Thank You Letter for Best Customer Service

This official letter can be addressed to a single employee or an organization that has been managing the customer service on part of an organization. Check out this template to know how best to show your gratitude.You may also see professional thank you letters.

Appreciation Thank You Letter for Sponsorship

Any sponsorship from a third party needs to be replied to with a grateful thank you letter as a form of gratitude, support and belief in the project. Check out this template.You may also see interview thank you letters.

Appreciation Thank You Letter for Volunteer

A good volunteer is more productive than an employed participant. Any good volunteering work should thus be highly appreciated and a thank you letter / certificate are the least you can do.You may also see sample award thank you letter

Appreciation Thank You Letter for Scholarship Donor

Another letter template to show your gratitude towards a sponsor, the letter aims at building better relation and encourage continued support.You may also see thank you letter to recruiter

Appreciation Thank You Letter for Amount Donation

Donations are always voluntary but you need to show that the contribution will be well spent by replying with a corporate thank you letter to the donor. The letter, apart from showing gratitude will also mention the purpose of the donation.You may also see thank you letters after job interview

Thank You Letter for Appreciation Received

It is a written document where the employees show respect and thanks to the employer once the employee receives the appreciation. It is a token of gratitude from the employee. Download the format of the Thank You Letter for Appreciation Received and frame in your style to impress your employer.You may also see coach thank you letters.

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Service

It is a document where an employer gives you appreciation for your contribution to the office. It helps the employee to achieve future goals and open new direction. Get the pdf format of Sample letter of appreciation for Service and you can customize the text and logo as per your requirement.

Appreciation Letter for Performance

The employer offers this performance appreciation letter to an employee for the overall ability of his or her deliverable. It is an achievement of an employee for the overall performance. Get the free Appreciation Letter for Performance and change the format of the sample as the way you want for your company.

Thank You Letter for Appreciation Mail

Having knowledge of correct title of the addressee is important. Whether it is a doctor, professor, madam or any other you should correctly indicate in the salutations area such as ‘Dear Dr. Smith’. In the event that you are not acquainted with the title, a template may provide you with other notations.You may also see thank you letter to doctor.

Letter of Gratitude Sample

Finalize with reiterating your gratitude to your addressee. End with either ‘yours faithfully’ or ‘yours sincerely’ for formal writing but there are no restrictions when writing to a close friend. You can then append your signature and write your name under it as many templates suggest.You may also see thank you letters.

Business Appreciation Letter to Client

Follow Up Letter after Thank You Letter of Appreciation

Formal Thank You Letter of Appreciation

Professional Thank You Letter of Appreciation

Thank You Appreciation Letter for Good Service

Thank You Letter after Internship

Thank You Letter for Business Appreciation

Thank You Letter For Employment

Thank You Letter for Staff Appreciation

Thank You Letter for Teacher Appreciation

Thank You Letter For Appreciation Gift

Thank You Letter for Appreciation for Boss

Thank You Letter for Appreciation Received from Boss

Congratulation Letter Example

Thank You Letter for Appreciation PDF Template Free Download

How do you write a Thank You Letter of Appreciation?

A thank letter of appreciation is usually written by a person as an acknowledgement to a service rendered or help offered. This letter actually makes the receiver feels special and would lead him to being equally understanding in the future too thanks to all the positive observations that you would make in the letter. Here is how you can go about writing a thank you letter of appreciation.

1. An appreciation letter should be written at the earliest. Any delay can actually lead to the losing out of the whole purpose.You may also see customer thank you letters.
It is very important to begin the letter by giving an explanation of why you are writing it in the first place.

2. Make sure that the letter is not too long or vague. It would be best to keep in concise as well as clear.You may also see sample thank you notes.

3. It is crucial that you adhere to the format that is recommended for such letters. You can easily find this online.

4. Do not forget to proofread and correct all the errors before mailing it to the person concerned.You may also see formal letters.

How do you reply to Boss for Thank You Letter for Appreciation Mail?

When your boss sends you a thank you letter for appreciation mail, there is no way you can leave it unacknowledged. After all the mail was sent as the recognition of your efforts and thus a positive response from your end can work wonders for you at the time of appraisal. Of course you can get some cue to write these by taking a look at the Thank You letters to Boss templates. Additionally, here are some tips that will help you draft an impressive reply.

  1. First things first, make sure that you immediately respond to the mail. Any delay would not be appreciated.
  2.  There is no need to write a long, winding letter. A simple, precise response would be enough.You may also see volunteer thank you letters.
  3. In the letter, talk about the efforts you are making and what you expect from the organization.You may also see scholarship thank you letters
  4. Don’t forget to thank your boss for all the support offered by him.

When do you need a Thank You Letter of Appreciation?

There could be a number of reasons to write a thank you letter of appreciation. Let us take a look at what these are.

1. To an organization for their impeccable services

2. To a student for volunteering in a social cause or any other event

3. To a senior citizen for their support in a particular initiative

4. A sponsor thank you letter to a person who may have agreed or offered sponsorship

5. To an employee for his impressive work on a particular project

It should be noted that not all thank you letters of appreciation need to be professional ones. You can write similar letters for personal reasons too.You may also see thank you letters to employees.

Importance of Thank You Letter for Appreciation

Wondering why it is so important to send a thank you letter for appreciation? Well, it is because these letters, be these thank you letters to teacher or thank you letter for team member/pastor, actually help you create a positive impression on the receiver. Here is why there is so much brouhaha about writing thank you letters for appreciation.

1. It gives you a chance to reconnect with the person on a later date

2. It makes the receiver feel special and his efforts appreciated

3. It gives you a chance to discuss things that you might have missed to address in person

4. It helps you create a positive rapport with the reader. You may also see thank you letters for boy friend.

5. Now, a thank you letter need not be a long statement. A small yet clear note would more than suffice.

Benefits of Writing Thank You Letter of Appreciation

Experts recommend the writing of thank you letters of appreciation because of the benefits you can reap from this. Wondering what these are? Take a look.You may also see thank you letters for donation.

1. Writing such a letter actually strengthens your bond with the other person which can be beneficial for you in the future.You may also see formal thank you letters.

2. Showing your gratitude becomes easier with such letters.

3. These letters help you to make a good impression on the other person.You may also see admiration letters.

4. By writing such letters you can actually set higher standards than your contemporaries.

Not sure how to write a thank you letter for appreciation? We have a wide collection of such letters. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find one that would be perfect for you need. Designed by professionals, all these letters adhere to the recommended format. Easy to download and customize, you can quickly draft a unique and impressive letter with these templates.You may also see sponsor thank you letters.

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Want to learn how to write Thank you Letter of Appreciation? Here are few handy tips that will guide you to easily write a thank you letter.

Thoughtful Wording for a Thank You Note

writing appreciation letters

What is Appreciation letter & how to write Mail messages to employee.  Find sample templates 


Appreciation letter is the recognition of the excellent work performance of an employee on his role. It is given to encourage the employee and also acknowledge the efforts and good work done by an employee. Letter of appreciation is also issued to say thank you for the contribution and appreciating the efforts put in.

Who can issue letter of Appreciation? 

Appreciation Letter to employee is commonly issued by the employee’s boss, Manager or Human Resource Department and this works as morale booster not only to the employee but also spread a positive vibes to the other  employees working in an organization.  

The organization can identity the employee who is supporting and helping organization to achieve the goals.  The letter of appreciation can be given to anyone whosoever is doing a good job and performing above the expectation consistently. The Company sometimes shortlist few consultants, lawyer and other business support professionals and give them appreciation letters and extend their gratitude and thank them for sharing expertise, trust and support provided for the business.

What to write in Appreciation letter?   

Appreciation letter given to the employee is considered as recognition and award for an employee. Employee keeps this as an Award and achievement and use this for his further career growth.The Appreciation letter should be written in a polite language, which will encourage the employee for his hard work and superb performance.

Find multiple Sample letter of appreciation, email Messages &  template for example 


Recommended To Read : How to Draft Good Show cause Notice : Some Tips 




Appreciation Letter to a Manager
Sample Letter Template



Name of the Person
Address ______________

Subject: Letter of Appreciation for satisfactory services

Dear ( Name) 

I would thank you for the services from your organization offered to us. I would appreciate the way you do business and your services were perfect and your staff is well mannered.

You have dealt with the situations well in tough conditions and clients appreciate your leadership skills in managing the situation. I would admit that it is very difficult to find high standards of genuineness and reliability in the today´s business world.

It would be my pleasure to hire your services in the future and I sincerely wish you all the best.

looking forward to do business with you again.
Sincerely Yours,

Name of the Person
Organization Name

Business Appreciation Letter
Sample Template


Name of the Person
Address ________________

Dear Sir,

 Sub :  Letter for Appreciation for Business

I am writing this appreciation letter on behalf of the board and management of company (name), the reason behind writing this letter is to convey our gratitude to you for your support at our annual summit.

You graced all the events with your kind presence; we are grateful for your donation made to the cause. You delivered highly motivational and educative speech to the audience.

We are very thankful to you for all the things you did for us. We hope for a long lasting relationship with you in the future. 

Yours Faithfully,

Name of the Person
Organization Name

Appreciation mail Message for Exceptional Services
Sample Letter

Email Subject line :  Appreciation for Exceptional Services

Dear Mr. ( Use first name ) 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your response in the conference meeting. The companies Board Members and the Chairman asked me to pass this appreciation to you for your efforts and hard work.

Thank you so much for your participation in the conference meeting, The meeting was very successful with your participation. We hope for the same kind of response in the future also.

Best Regards, 

Name and Designation

Appreciation Letter to employee for excellent performance
Sample Template


Mr. / Ms. (Name of the Employee)
Complete Address
City, State & Postal Code.

Sub : Appreciation letter for Excellent performance

Dear (Name of the Employee ) 

We appreciate the way in which you handle the responsibilities at the workplace. We noticed that you are a very hard working person and we appreciate your punctuality and accountable attitude shown at the given tasks, you are sincere team member and also have the leadership skills.

We hope you will move ahead on the path of success. A copy of this appreciation letter is placed in your personal file.

Thanking you,
For Company Name

Manager Name

Appreciation Letter to employee 
Sample Template


Name of the Person
Address ___________

Subject: Appreciation letter  for the excellent service record

I am writing this letter to tell you that it has been a pleasure working with you in our organization for _________ years.
As a (Designation) ____________, you have done a great job during your tenure. It would be tough for me to not see you around anymore. I feel happy to congratulate on your retirement.

I would like to thank you for the commendable work done by you at (Organization´s Name) ______________.You had exceptional skills and you were very sincere towards your work. We feel proud to tell you that you were an asset to our company

It was great working with you. We hope you also enjoyed working with us. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely
Organization Name

Director Name

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Need to write a letter of appreciation? Use one of the sample letters provided here to get started writing a letter that conveys just how much you.

writing appreciation letters
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