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A thank you message for a gift

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A thank you message for a gift
February 13, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Receiving a gift is normally due to a special occasion or to show appreciation for the individual. When you issue your thanks for the gift, be sure.

Using words to express your gratitude for a gift is a great way to ensure that a generous person understands your thoughts and knows that their generosity mattered.

The following are examples of what you can write in a card or note when acknowledging a gift. Thank-you messages for gifts don't have to be super difficult to write. It's just a matter of putting together the right parts. Here are a few things to mention when saying thanks for a gift.

What to Include in a Thank-You Card for a Gift

  1. Why and how the gift they chose is a good gift for you (be specific)
  2. How you felt when you received the gift
  3. Something positive about the person who gave you the gift
  4. Thanks for the giver's time, thoughtfulness, and generosity
  5. A personal message of goodwill to close the note

Including these will almost ensure that your message is an apt expression of your feelings. Keep in mind that you don't always have to write a lot in your thank-you card. Simple and concise messages can work well, too.

Below are two sets of example messages that show gratitude for gifts. One set of examples includes short messages, and the other includes longer thank-you notes.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Message Ideas Template Examples We are grateful for your presence, warm wishes and generous gift and look forward to.

How to Thank Someone for an Unwanted Gift

a thank you message for a gift

Thank You Templates to Make Thank You Note Writing a Snap!

Our thank you templates illustrate common elements found in any personal thank you note.

Each include a greeting, such as, "Dear or Dearest _______", to the person you are thanking, followed by a statement of appreciation for the gift, favor, invitation, etc.

Next we include an explanation of how the gift will be used, how the favor helped or how much the business or social event was enjoyed.

Finally, we add a second thank you, followed by an appropriate closing, such as "Sincerely", "Many Thanks", etc. Of course, never forget to sign your name after the closing!

Unfortunately, many think that saying “Thank You” right when we are handed a gift is thanks enough.

However, when we take the time to mail a thank you for that thoughtful gift, we make the giver of the gift feel as special as we did when we received it!

We might also consider sending a thank you for a favor, a kind act, or a job well done.

Wouldn’t our world be better if we took time to write a thank you note to the clerk at the hardware store who helped us find just what we needed to fix the sink—and saved us money on a plumber? It is always a good thing to acknowledge the effort of someone this way, especially if she went out of her way.

It is usually not appropriate to mention the amount of a cash gift. Simply thank him or her for being so generous, and include a statement or two as to how you intend to use the funds.

Use our thank you templates to guide you as you compose a thank you note, or simply copy and paste a template to use as your own. Just remember to replace the “[blanks]” with your personal details!

Thank You Templates

Dear [ name ],

I want you to know how much I appreciate your generous gift. Because of you I will be able to [ buy my college books, pay the rent, do something special just for fun, get that new book I’ve been wanting, etc ].

Thanks again for thinking of me!

[Affectionately, Fondly, Much love, Take care, Warm regards….] [your signature]


Dear [ name ],

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me the [ book (name the title), article of clothing, gift card, flowers, etc ]. You always make me feel so special. I can’t wait to [read it, wear, go shopping, show my kids, etc ].

Thank you so very much!

[Yours truly, With love, With many thanks, Kind regards….] [your signature]

Check out this page for more thank you note writing help. You can also take a peek at our sample thank you notes page for more ideas.

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Thank You Messages For Gifts

a thank you message for a gift

Many people underestimate the power of a simple handwritten thank you card. These days it seems easier to send a quick email, text message or make a phone call, but a handwritten thank you note says more. Sending a handwritten thank you note says that you went out of your way to sit down and write a special message to someone who deserves it. Sentiments that are personalized for the recipient truly have the power to make someone’s day better while elevating your appreciation for someone’s help, gift, or kind gesture. Sending custom thank you cards to your family and friends is the perfect way to express your gratitude on a deeper level for just about any occasion.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put our thoughts on paper. We’ve all struggled at times to find the right words to say when thanking family, friends, or associates. Although, one thing that we can remember is that everyone desires to make a lasting impression. No matter how hard it may seem to get started, if you use these easy step-by-step instructions you’ll be a professional at crafting your thank you notes in no time. Since this article about what to write in thank you note has a lot of information, you can jump to specific information below:

What to Write in a Thank You Note

You can simplify your thank you card writing process by sticking to a few core rules and tips that add clarity. Since you’ll want to craft the perfect note of gratitude, always assess your relationship with the recipient to guide your wording. Follow steps one through six below if you’re having trouble deciding what to write in a thank you note:

  1. Open your card with a greeting that addresses your card recipient. “Dear,” is a safe standby greeting that is commonly used for notes and cards. If you have a closer relationship with your card recipient  you may decide to just use the recipient’s name or even a nickname. One thing to make sure of here, is that you’re using the correct form and spelling of the person’s name and anyone else’s names you might be using in your thank you message.
  2. Write a thank you message to express your gratitude. Next, it’s your chance to say what are arguably the two most important words in the card: thank you. You’ll want to make sure your thanks makes an appearance at the beginning of any thank you message.  Although it seems like two short words, there are many different ways to say thanks. When trying to find the perfect words, just keep in mind whom it is you are speaking to and use your own personal style to guide your selection.
  3. Add specific details to your thank you card. To make each thank you note a one-of-a-kind, it’s important that you add specific detail to your thanks. What exactly is it that you are thanking this person for? Did they do something more, something that specifically made you feel special? If so, include that in the note. There are a lot of occasions that deserve a special thanks. Like we said before, people love to feel appreciated and remember that they might not even know that they made a special impact on you until you thank them for it. If they gave you a gift, now would be a good time to describe how you’re going to use it. If they threw you a party, tell them what your favorite part was. If you are close with the card recipient, you can include inside jokes, or anything special that the two of you share. Crafting a sincere and heartfelt thank you card message is all about personalization.
  4. Write a forward looking statement. Mention the next time that you may see them, inquire about something going on in their life or just let them know that they are in your thoughts.
  5. Reiterate your thanks. As you begin to close your thank you card, restate your reason for writing the note. Add details to say thanks in a different way. This also serves as a great way to signal that your thank you note is coming to an end.
  6. End with your regards. The sign off you select will depend on your relationship with the recipient. For more formal thank you letters like a post interview thank you note or a letter for your boss, select a professional closing. If you are crafting a more personal message for your wedding thank you notes or bridal shower thank you cards, you might select a warmer closing.

Thank you notes are appropriate after many different occasions. Anyone who throws a party, gives a gift or takes time to do something for you deserves to be appreciated. If someone went out of their way for you it’s nice of you to acknowledge it. There is no event, action or occasion that doesn’t deserve a thanks. Your thank you messages don’t have to be two pages long, short and sweet will do the trick.

We all appreciate our actions getting noticed, especially when we did something nice for someone. These thank you card templates and examples for various occasions should leave you with zero questions on what to say in a thank you card and will give you some ideas for proper appreciation.

6 days ago Use these to inspire you on what to write in a thank you note or card. Ideas include funny, sincere, gift, and general thank you messages.

Thank You Card Messages

a thank you message for a gift

Did you receive a gift basket and want to say thank you? Below, you will find tips followed by example notes for saying thank you for the gift basket. Gift baskets can be fun to receive. They can contain items such as chocolate, snack food, fruit, gift cards, flowers, or other many things.

If you were looking for instructions on how to make a gift basket there are steps here. To buy a basket, check out the more than 50,000 results on Amazon.

We enjoyed the gift basket of meats, cheeses, and crackers for our anniversary. Your Dad and I had fun trying the variety of cheeses that we had not had before. We were also pleased that you respected our wishes not to receive any stuff. The basket is beautiful. If you do not want it, we will donate it.

Basket sent to office or team from customer or other business relationship

Thank you for the gift basket. The whole team enjoyed it. Of course, the fantastic caramel corn was the first to go! We look forward to another year of working together with you.

Thank you for the fruit basket. Since we are doing the Whole 30 as a team, we are very grateful for the fruit instead of chocolate and other snack foods that are not allowed. We appreciate that you listened to this detail during the monthly call last month! We wish your team a Happy New year!

The gift basket celebrating our fifth year as your customer was delightful. We enjoy working with you and your team. We will indulge in the snacks and chocolate this afternoon. Thank you!

Thank you for sending the Harry and David gift basket to my team. We had fun splitting up the items. We look forward to our growing relationship with your team.

My team appreciated the gift basket your team sent to use for Valentine's Day. It was a pleasant surprise to get a basket other than at the end of the year. Thank you for thinking of us. We enjoyed the chocolate, nuts, and candy.

Basket from team at office given to you as their teammate 

Note: These examples could be sent to the entire team at the same time via email.

You are all wonderful coworkers. Thank you for the gift basket for my birthday. I will enjoy the hot chocolate and coffee from Starbucks.

I have the best team. Thank you for the fruit basket. I appreciate that you all remembered that I am not eating added sugar right now. This basket was perfect to celebrate my promotion.

Thank you for the beautiful basket of chocolate! I read the little notes of encouragement from each of you on the dark chocolate bars. The basket cheered me up! I hope to be back to work soon.

The gift basket welcoming me to the team and your city was awesome! Each person giving a gift card to your favorite restaurant was a neat way to help me learn a bit about each of you and the best places to eat out.

The gift basket of cat items was a fun surprise! The foster cat loves catnip and playing with toys. He will have plenty to keep him busy for a while. The team pitching in to support my latest cat project is wonderful, and I thank you for your support.

Thank you for the flower gift basket

The gift basket of flowers celebrating my promotion is beautiful. The purple carnations are lovely and will last for weeks! I will reuse the basket once the flowers are no more.

The basket of flowers made my day! You are a great friend. I will enjoy seeing the flowers on my kitchen table. They smell great too!

Thank you for the basket of roses! I'm so happy that you chose roses since they are non-toxic to my cats. Buster smelled them, but he didn't try to eat any. I will text you a picture of him with the flowers. The flowers made my day.

The basket of flowers for Christmas is beautiful! They will look lovely while on display during the family holiday parties. Thank you for sending them early! We will enjoy them all season.

Thank you for the flower gift basket. The colors and variety of flowers are pretty together. Thank you for remembering me on my birthday!

What was the best gift basket you have received? Did you write a thank-you note for it?

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It is common to send thank you messages for gifts that you receive no matter what the occasion or event.

a thank you message for a gift
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