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Accepting resignation letter template

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Accepting resignation letter template
April 29, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

This morning, regretfully, I received your letter of intent to resign from your position as administrative assistant. I accept your resignation and appreciate your .

Sample Resignation Letter - how to resign gracefully

Use this professional sample resignation letter when you want to write a meaningful and heartfelt resignation letter.

Regardless of your reasons for leaving your job, you will have gained something positive during your employment with the company. Focus on the positive and maintain a good relationship with your ex-employer.

You never know when you might need to refer back to this employer so take the time to write a professional and polite resignation letter.

Formal Resignation Letter Sample

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


Ms Jane Smith
Financial Director
XYZ Corporation
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Ms Smith (or first name if you have an informal relationship),

Please accept this as formal notice of my resignation from the position of Accountant at XYZ Corporation, effective two weeks from today. My last working day will be August 30, 2019.

After much consideration I have decided to accept another job offer. I feel it is time for a new challenge and this is a good opportunity to further my career goals.

Working for this company has been a wonderful experience. I feel privileged to have been part of such a professional team and will miss all my colleagues.

I appreciate both the professional and personal growth opportunities that have been provided to me during my time with the company. I would like to thank you in particular for all your advice and support. I hope that we will stay in touch as I begin this new chapter in my career.

I wish you and XYZ Corporation continued success in the future.


Your signature

Typed name

Best short and simple resignation letter

If you are looking for a sample resignation letter that is short and to the point but polite and professional you can use this basic sample resignation letter.

Go to the  letter of resignation template to help format your letter of resignation. It is easy to fill in your own information and use any of the key phrases provided to complete a professional letter of resignation.

If you are leaving before securing a new position you can simply use the following phrase:

"I have decided to spend some time evaluating my career and exploring new opportunities".

Be positive about what you have learned while in the job and how it will be of value in securing a new opportunity

How to resign by email

If the situation demands that you resign via email use this sample  resignation email to help you.

Sales Resignation Letter

How to resign gracefully

Apart from submitting a polite and professional resignation letter there are certain steps to take to ensure you leave the company on the right note.

  • Easy-to-use resignation checklist will show you how to resign properly and professionally with a practical list of things that need to be done when resigning your job. Tick all the boxes and make a smooth exit from the company. Know your rights and obligations to the employer.
  • Say goodbye to your colleagues with a brief email. You can use this sample farewell email to help you.
  • It is important to make sure you secure a job reference from your employer before you leave. You will definitely need it sometime in your future career.
  • Are you expected to complete an exit interview before you leave? View  exit interview questions to be well prepared.

Best sample resignation letters and emails

The job offer acceptance letter can be used to professionally accept your new offer of employment.

Handling the resignation process professionally enables you to focus on the positive things you are moving toward rather than getting stuck in any negatives you are leaving behind.

Update - Frequently Asked Question

I am worried I will not get my final paycheck. What can I do if this happens?

If your regular paydate for the last pay period has passed and you have not been paid by your employer you can contact your State Labor Office and seek assistance with your non-payment issue.

Please Note. This sample resignation letter is provided for guidance purposes only. Resignation letters should be edited to fit your own personal situation.

Job Interviews > Resign Your Job > Resignation Letter

Use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for.

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In the professional world, there is a format and sequence for everything to be done. Hence, even if a person wants to leave his job for any particular reason and.

The art of acceptance…of resignation.

accepting resignation letter template

Receiving a letter of resignation from an employee is almost often an inevitable thing to happen. People move on and look for better opportunities or opportunities that allow them to do what they love the most. Whatever the reason and the purpose of their resignation, it is important to provide a resignation acceptance letter to your employee.

A resignation acceptance letter is a letter that proves that you were able to receive the employee’s Letter of resignation. Providing a resignation acceptance letter is not just a means of paper trail or a tangible proof that a letter of resignation was indeed received. It is also a reference for the employee to use or to show that a letter of resignation was given.

Sample Restaurant Employee Resignation Acceptance Letter Template

Employee Resignation Acceptance Letter

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter Example

Manager Resignation Acceptance Letter

The management and handling of employees includes a broad and varying range of aspects that starts from an employee’s hiring date until his last employment date. Although it is usually overlooked, dealing with a leaving employee is also an important aspect in employee management. Having an established policy pertaining to an employee’s resignation will help you to handle his exit in a positive and respectful way.You may also see formal acceptance letters.

A lot of companies typically have a set program intended for leaving information to aid them through the different steps of transition. A company’s human resource department or the employer’s supervisor should offer professional separation services and should properly explain important details that need to be ironed out for his resignation such as notice requirements, his last day of employment, severance pay, etc.You may also see membership resignation letters

Once an employee submits a letter of resignation, an employer should send a reply letter or a resignation acceptance letter to the separating employee. The letter should express your regret about having to lose the employee but that you understand and respect the difficult decision that he had to make as well your acknowledgement of receiving the letter and the employee’s last day of work.You may also see resignation letter formats

Request for Resignation Acceptance Letter

Resignation Acceptance Letter in PDF

Resignation Acceptance Letter in Doc

Below are some tips to help you construct a resignation acceptance letter for your employee:

1. Provide an acknowledgement of your acceptance to the employee’s decision of resigning from the company.

2. Advise the employee of any requirements or formalities needed to be accomplished prior to his last day of work.

3. Maintain formality and professionalism in your letter.You may also see offer acceptance letters.

4. Commend the employee for any achievements that he has done throughout his tenure that has positively impacted the company.You may also see employment resignation letters

Although bidding adieu to an employee can be a hard and difficult process, establishing policies pertaining to an employee’s resignation can help make the transition smoother. It can also be helpful to provide information packets to give to resigning employees. If employees will approach you, they will probably want to discuss or ask questions about making the steps required to make the transition out of your company go as smoothly as possible.

Offer them professional advice and make sure to provide a structured outline for details such as severance packages, leave notice requirements, provision of a forwarding address for final pay, and final dates of employment.You may also  see membership resignation letters.

Creating a resignation acceptance letter is not a complicated thing to do. For as long as the letter provides an acknowledgement of the receipt of the letter of resignation. You can also view our other sample letters, Resignation Letter Format Samples, retirement resignation letters, and letter of resignation examples for more templates that you can use.


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Reference letter sample job

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

accepting resignation letter template

29th September, ’08.

Dear Ms. Miles,

I refer to your resignation letter dated (28th September, ’08). I hereby accept it and the
organization would relieve you of your duties by the (10thof October, ’08).
I have forwarded a note to the Accounts Department who would do the needful and clear your
dues on your last date of work here.

On behalf of the Organization and myself, I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

With Best Wishes,

Yours Sincerely,


(Richard Taylor)

Subject : Acceptance of Resignation

Dear Mr./ Ms. _____________,

This has reference to your resignation letter dated ........... The Management has
accepted your resignation and you will be relieved from the services of the company
at the closing hours of ..............

Please handover your charge immediately to your superior and return all documents,
properties (including Company accommodation) of the Company that may be with

We request you to contact the accounts department for the settlement of your dues
if any after ________________ ( last working day).

We wish you success in all your future endeavour.

For, Company name


cc: Accounts department.

2nd Foramt:

Dear Mr./ Ms. _____________,

This is to certify that Mr. __________________ ( name of the employee ) was

working at Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. As _______________ ( Designation of the
employee ) from ____________________ ( date of joining) to
_______________( last working date ).

During his tenure, we found him to be .....................his services were found to be


We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

For, Company name


Hope it will be fine with you,


Resignation acceptance letter

Note: Ensure you check correct policy and procedures with, and seek
approval from, your HR department (or equivalent) before sending any
formal letters such as a resignation acceptance.

Name and Address of person who has resigned.


Dear (name - Mr. Smith, or first name if appropriate)

Your resignation from the position of (job title and

site/department/division as applicable), effective from (date of
effective resignation which should be confirmed with HR department or
equivalent), is accepted.

According to your contract of employment you will work until (date

that employment ceases according to notice period, calculated from
stated effective date of resignation - and agreed with HR department
or equivalent).

(Optional:) While working your period of notice you will obviously

continue to be subject to your conditions of employment, and I would
be grateful for you to maintain your normal high level of commitment
to your job up to the time you leave.

(Insert specific instructions relating to leaving procedures, eg., return

of equipment, company car, completion of expenses, final pay details,

(Insert details of exit interview date, time, venue and interviewer, if


(Optional, and generally recommended unless there are disciplinary

implications :) I thank you for your efforts and contribution during
your time with us, and I wish you all the best for the future.

(Also optional :) I am happy to provide a reference if required.

Yours sincerely etc.



Dear [Name]:

It is with deep regret, that we accept your resignation

as [job title/position] of the [organization].

We can appreciate the demands that this position has placed

on you, and appreciate all of the fine contributions you

have made as [job title/position].

We wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

Yours very truly,

Reference No:
Date :


Employee No.............
Employee Designation............
Employee Department................

Dear Sir,

We refer to your letter of resignation dated................received by us on .................. We write

to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you will be relieved from the
services of the company with effect from the close of working hours on .............

We have instructed the Accounts Department to settle your dues in accordance with normal
procedures of severance. Please ensure that no-dues certificates from the difference
departments reach the Accounts department in time.

We fully reciprocate your sentiments at bidding farewell, and wish you and your family all the
best in future.

With best regards

Yours Sincerely

For XXXXX Limited

Resignation Acceptance Letter issued by employer saying we are accepting the Resignation and you can be relieved. Find format and sample letter for.

Letter of resignation

accepting resignation letter template


______________ (Your name)

______________ (Your address)


Date: __________ (date of writing letter)


__________ (employee’s name)

__________ (employee’s address)



Subject: Acceptance of resignation letter

Dear Mr. /Ms________ (name of the concerned person),

This letter is to inform you that your resignation from the post of___________(mention designation) has been accepted by the company.

You have played an important role in the growth of the company. You grew along with company, from an executive to the managerial level. You have motivated your team members to do their best, and all your team members are sad because you are leaving. We enjoyed the moments we all shared in this company. The time you spentatthe company is memorable for you and your team members.

Your contributions to the company are highly appreciated. It is difficult to find people like you who are committed and sincere. Your hard work has helped you in your success all through.

As per the company policy, the HR department will settle all the dues before you leave the company.

We all wish you good luck in all your futureendeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

___________ (Your name)

In the professional world, there is a format and sequence for everything to be done. Hence, even if a person wants to leave his job for any particular reason and.

accepting resignation letter template
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