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Congratulations prize letter
April 05, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Letter from Dr. Robert Simpson, London, to W. B. Yeats congratulating him on his winning the Nobel Prize Gold Medal for Literature, November

Have you received a letter, email, or even a Facebook message telling you that you have won a sweepstakes or lottery prize, such as thousands of dollars and a car? Have you been asked to send money to cover taxes or registration fees so that you can receive your prize? If so, you are being targeted by a common scam – no real sweepstakes prize would ask you to pay taxes or fees.

Scammers may pretend to be legitimate businesses such as Publisher’s Clearing House or Reader’s Digest, or may use a similar sounding name. You may even receive a check in the mail that looks legitimate. The scammers claim they have sent you some of your prize so you can use the money to cover the cost of fees or taxes. Do not deposit the check – it is fake! Scammers hope that you will send them real money from your account before the bank realizes that the check has bounced.

You may be instructed to not tell anyone about “winning” to protect your prize. This is an attempt to isolate you so your friends and family can’t warn you about the scam. Don’t take the scammer’s advice – call CAP at 1-800-649-2424 and we can help you determine if you are being scammed.

Remember: if you won a real sweepstakes prize, you would never need to pay a fee to claim your winnings. Never send money to get money!

Contributing Writer:  Annalee Beaulieu

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Congratulations Message For Award

congratulations prize letter


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Congratulation Letter for Winning a Competition

congratulations prize letter




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Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I …………..(name of the sender) on behalf of our……………(name of section) team wish you a hearty congratulation on receiving the award for the best employee of the year…………..(mention year). You truly deserve the award because you have always been sincere with your work. Also you have always given importance to deadline sand worked accordingly. All this makes you different from other staffs.

Our company indeed requires staffs like you who will work with dedication. We look forward to work with you and expect the same behavior of yours in terms of work. We once again congratulate you and wish you all the very best for your future life.

Yours Truly,


Name of Employer
Sign of the Employer Sign of the receiver

If you want your congratulations note to convey the desired message, are some criteria that should be met in order for a winner to claim the prize. . The next one can be a sneak peek, such as the first letter of the winner's.

Congratulations, You’re A Winner!

congratulations prize letter

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We congratulate all recipients on their prizes and thank them for their unparalleled To apply, please send a letter of motivation, an official letter certifying your.

congratulations prize letter
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