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Employee of the month announcement template
August 24, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Thinking of new ways to keep your employees motivated and productive at work? Then maybe you can start looking into starting an employee.

Learn how to make an announcement for your upcoming employee appreciation day using our template

As a manager, I believe you fully understand why employee recognition is important. Disregarded employees can destroy your organization relationship with the customers leading to the loss of clients and poor productivity. On the other hand, Appreciated employee are motivated to perform their daily tasks. In fact, employees are likely to engage the customers, and this significantly improves sales productivity.

Consider implementing an appreciation day for business. Creating an appreciation day and rewarding the employees will boost the employees to perform and also create a positive competitive work area. An appreciation day can be done once in a month, quarterly, semi and annually.

Steps of Employee appreciation day announcement


The first move should be to appreciate the employee. Recognition should be done precisely and should be realistic.

State the date

Clearly indicate the time, when the employee appreciation day will be.

Have a theme

The committee is expected to come up with award items for the appreciation day. The items should complement the employee NIL the appreciation day and the awards. Example include the employee of the year, team of the year award, outstanding employees’ award, etc.

Indicate the Awards 

The employee is expected to come up with eligibility criteria, and also awards selection. Eligibility is done to identify the employee to be granted and nominated for a gift. On the other hand range of awards should be meaningful to the employee receiving them.


Appreciation day will involve not only awards but also some activities such as social days, and games may be planned.

The marketing committee is responsible for making the recognition program known to the employee. Here are examples which you can make the announcement;

  • Use award program flyers
  • Send email to the employees
  • Use organization newsletter
  • Use the company’s website
  • The company billboard or the bulletin.
  • Public announcement in a meeting

Example of an annunciation letter

Dear employees

Our fiscal year is almost coming to an end. We would like to thanks the employee for the commitment towards achieving the company objectives. We have increased the productivity by 20% and thanks to your effort this is the best year for the enterprise.

With great pleasure the company announce the 28th week to an appreciation week. The company will appreciate and recognize employee through rewards and activities as a way of gratitude to the employee. Activities include games, awards, luncheon and more exciting activities.

Thank you for all your commitment and making this a better company. We hope you look forward to the week events.



Employee Computer Monitoring - Announcement Samples Starting from the next month quality monitoring software will be installed on.

Employee Recognition Letter Samples

employee of the month announcement template

EOM Deadlines 2019-2020

Who is eligible for Employee of the Month?

What does an Employee of the Month receive?

Who can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month?

How long will the nominated employee remain in the pool?

Who selects the Employee of the Month?

How can I market for USPS EOM nominations in my department?

2009-2020 Winners

How do I nominate an employee?

If I have questions, who can I contact?

Who is eligible for Employee of the Month?

  • USPS employees in good standing with a minimum of 2 years USPS
  • Employees can only receive this award a maximum of one time
    every 3 years.**Human Resources will verify eligibility

What does an Employee of the Month receive?

  • Introduction to President and members of the Board of Trustees
  • Marquee announcement on the sign in front of UCF
  • Certificate and letter of recognition from the Chief Human Resources Officer/VP of Human Resources
  • Special gift from Theatre UCF
  • “Goody” bag from Human Resources
  • Surprise delivery from the prize patrol
  • Recognition at the Annual Employee Awards Program
  • One of the 12 Employees of Month will be named Employee of the Year and will receive a $2,500 (before taxes) check
  • One time $200 cash award (via paycheck)
  • Preloaded $25.00 Fairwinds Credit Union gift card that can be used at any retail business on campus
  • $25 in UCF Bookstore products

Thanks to Business Services for supporting our EOM program!

Who can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month?

  • Anyone with UCF affiliation can nominate a deserving candidate.  UCF affiliation refers to a fellow employee, student, parent of a student, or someone who conducts business with the university. For additional information please go to HR’s General Information and Process page found here.

How long will the nominated employee remain in the pool?

  • Each complete nomination packet will remain in the Employee of the Month pool for one year. After one year if the nominee is not chosen for Employee of the Month, the Nominator may resubmit the Nomination Packet in hard copy format or via the electronic process

Who selects the Employee of the Month?

  • The Employee Recognition Committee selects the Employee of the Month. The  committee reviews the completed Nomination Packets and votes on the winner each month. The committee is comprised of USPS, A&P and Faculty employees.

2009-2020 Winners

How do I nominate an employee?

  •  If you would like to nominate a USPS employee, the EOM nomination packet is available in hard copy nominator form here and supporter form here or via electronic submission visit here .
  • If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or 407-823-2777.
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Employee of the Month Voting Form

employee of the month announcement template

Sending recognition letter or email to employees

What is a recognition letter or email to employees?

A recognition letter or email to employees is a document an employer sends to employees in order to show appreciation for their hard work and effort they put in achieving a specific goal. Send an appreciation letter to employees to thank them for successfully completing an assignment/activity/specific project/etc.

The importance of a recognition letter or email to employees

Writing and sending an honest recognition letter is an important step in employee recognition process.

Sending recognition letters to your employees is crucial in building strong team relationships and health company culture.

Recognizing your employees’ work will make them feel good about themselves and motivate them for future work. 

Sending recognition letters to your employees is a crucial part of your employee recognition program.  Having a good employee recognition program can really bring your organizational culture to the next level and significantly reduce your turnover rate.

This is why it is important to make sending recognition letters or emails a routine! 🙂

How to use this template for a recognition letter or email to employees?

To help you save time, we have created a standard recognition letter or email to employees template. Feel free to customize this recognition letter to suit your needs.

Template for a formal recognition letter or email to employees

Here is a recognition letter or email template you can use to show appreciation for your employees' hard work:

Dear [insert candidate’s name],

on behalf of the [insert your company’s name] management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on [insert appropriate: assignment/activity/specific project/etc.].

Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable.

The management team at [insert your company’s name] know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we want to assure you that your efforts are recognized.

As a sign of our appreciation, you will receive a bonus of [insert appropriate amount in dollars/euros if applicable] to thank you for your hard work and effort.

Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.


[insert your first name and last name]

[insert your job position title]

[insert your company’s name]

Need more HR and recruiting templates like this employee recognition letter?

Check out other templates for Human Resources and templates for Recruiters.

Who can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month? and members of the Board of Trustees; Marquee announcement on the sign in front of UCF.

How To Announce Employee Monitoring – Announcement Samples

employee of the month announcement template

Clear communication is an essential part of a healthy company culture. 

According to a recent Interact/Harris poll, the top complaint from employees about their bosses was a lack of communication. Additionally, 63% of employees said that “not recognizing employee achievements” was the top communication issue they experienced, while 57% said “not giving clear directions” was theirs.

As part of the Human Resources team, communication is probably a huge part of your job.

An eye-catching Human Resources poster is a great way to make information more accessible and easier to understand.


You can use a poster to summarize important information, offer helpful resources, outline processes, and announce events, like this HR poster does:


But at this point you might be saying to yourself: how am I supposed to design an eye-catching poster if I don’t have much (or any) design experience?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Start with a unique Human Resources poster template and then customize it using our drag and drop poster maker tool.

It’s free to sign up and use our online editor. Just to let you know, some of our HR poster templates are free and some cost a small monthly fee to use.


1. Plan Information Human Resources Poster Templates

Keep employees informed about the details of their extended healthcare coverage with these easily customizable HR poster templates:



Another common problem many companies face is that employees are unable to assess whether or not their 401(K) Plan is right for them. You can help untangle some of the confusion surrounding 401(K) plans by creating a 401(K) Plan Flyer that clearly outlines basic information about your company’s plan. You can also use HR software to help manage these types of benefits etc.


If you have plans for making your company a better workplace, you can use an HR poster template and our online poster maker tool to remind team members of this plan. Use visuals like icons to illustrate ideas and make key points more memorable.


2. Event Human Resources Poster Templates

Publicize your upcoming workshop or event with a beautifully-designed HR poster template, like this one:


Let your staff know about fun upcoming company parties and events by customizing this HR poster:


3. Conflict Resolution Human Resources Poster Templates

Conflict in the workplace happens. Ideally, you want a solution to be found as quickly as possible. Be sure to read this post on the warning signs of a toxic workplace culture if conflict is happening too frequently.

A conflict resolution human resources poster provides team members with actionable tips for how to deal with conflict quickly and effectively.

Organize information on the poster into steps that team members can follow. Each step should have a list of quick, actionable strategies team members can try out.


Address questions your team members are likely to ask during a conflict.


Help your team members better understand why they’re feeling a certain way. Offer tips for how they can self-reflect and communicate their perspective clearly.


4. Workplace Safety Human Resources Poster Templates

It’s very important that your team is aware of any potential risks at your workplace. It’s also important that your team knows where to find resources for safety training, safety equipment, and health and safety assessments.

There are official OSHA posters distributed by the government that employers are required to display in the workplace. But you may want to provide additional human resources posters with tips for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

Design your workplace safety posters so that they are attention-grabbing and engaging. This will help ensure that more employees notice the information and read it.

The most important part of creating a workplace safety human resources poster is that the information is easy to read and understand. Use bright colors to attract the eye. Complement key points with simple, easily understood icons and illustrations. Use easily recognizable symbols like the OSHA symbols.


You could also create an uplifting poster with motivational tips. Use color and icons that reflect the mood of the information. For example, if your human resources poster offers tips for how to maintain a positive attitude, use bright, sunny colors and cartoony icons.


You could easily change the icons in this HR poster to reflect workplace safety tips:


5. Job Opening Human Resources Poster Templates

For many employers nowadays, the challenge isn’t to find new hires, it’s to find the right new hires. The volume of people applying for jobs has increased by 33% in recent years. That means that employers will have to sift through potentially hundreds of applications before finding standout candidates.

But the more specific your job posting is, the more likely you are to attract the right candidates.

You can communicate a lot about your company culture and company values through your job opening ads.

Personalize your human resources poster design with your company’s brand colors and visuals that represent your company’s personality.


Optimize your job opening poster for social media. Images with a landscape orientation often look better in Twitter and Facebook feeds.


If you want to keep your post design minimal, then consider just using some color accents and strategically placed icons to make it just that bit more engaging.


6. Business Greeting Card Templates

Greeting cards are small and simple way to remind team members that they’re appreciated, just like mentioning them in your employee newsletter.

Why stick to one generic greeting card when you can customize your cards to fit the occasion? The winter holiday season, a team member’s birthday, or a company milestone all deserve their own custom designs.

If you start with a template, you can easily swap out icons and images and change the colors to fit the occasion.

Use seasonal icons to decorate your greeting cards. Pick a font that reflects the mood of the season.


If you have a team photo from the same event the previous year, people will probably appreciate the memory. Use a photo as the background of your greeting card for a super personal design.


You may also want to include your company logo somewhere along the border of the card, or to use your brand colors or fonts.


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Purpose. [Company Name] appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve corporate goals and to fulfill its vision statement. Outstanding employees deserve .

employee of the month announcement template
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