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Final love note
August 06, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Love Letter is a South Korean television series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Soo Ae and Ji Jin-hee. It aired on MBC from February

"Final Love Note" Explication

Clare Rossini's poem "Final Love Note" is a perfect example of a poem that creates imagery with language. The title takes on a very serious sense of loss. If one were to read just the title and make a judgment as to what the poem would be about, they would probably guess the loss of a loved one, most likely through death. The speaker even gives the readers that idea in the first few lines through her language. The title and word usage of the poem makes the reader compare a human lover to what was literally lost, an elm tree. The most effective elements used in this poem are tone, symbolism, and imagery.

One finds out fairly quickly that the speaker was not referring to a human loss, but that of a huge tree that has been cut down by her house. Throughout the entire poem, however, she uses language that one would use to describe a human lover. The poem takes on a very somber tone. This, too, is due to the language and personification techniques the writer chose. She says the tree abandoned her and she says she "endured its silences" (line 8). These examples of personification cause one to automatically compare this dying tree with the loss a lover. It is extremely dramatic and moving. It takes on a more serious tone than one would usually take when cutting down a tree. This tree has brought the speaker much happiness, so she is very depressed in the loss of it.

One makes an assumption that this poem is not meant to be taken literally. Symbolism is used in this poem very successfully. The tree is used to symbolize her lover. The sky is another symbol that could be taken to stand for a new found freedom and independence. Independence and freedom are usually interpreted as wonderful qualities but there is a sense of foreboding in the speaker. She is afraid of the new freedom because she is no longer sheltered and protected by the massive elm.

The images that "Final Love Note" produces are very clear and dramatic. When reading or listening to this poem, one can see a dead tree being cut


84 Hilarious Love Notes By Couples With A Sense Of Humour Bored Panda collected some of the quirkiest and funniest love notes to give you Final score.

A Modern Guide to the Love Letter

final love note

Love. Imagine if each one of us resonated more love today into the world. Imagine the people we could touch and the lives we could impact – together as a whole. Imagine how those people might feel your expression of love, and then in turn share their own expression of love. It’s the ripple effect. And it’s powerful.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It is a day of love. For the next 48 hours, I invite you to resonate more love in every moment of the next 2 days. Let it flow to you and from you.

It’s not about flowers and gifts and Hallmark cards, but rather it’s a feeling… a way of being… in every interaction with every being.

As you meet others in passing, smile a warm loving smile. It will brighten their day. Express your appreciation of each being you meet or speak with. Simply spread the love.

Today I invite you to write three love letters.

  1. It starts with you – Self Love. Write yourself a love letter today. Express everything you love about you. What makes you special? What makes you joyous? Wrap a warm embrace around your being. Celebrate you.
  2. In your life – Select someone who means the world to you: A spouse, a lover, a child, a friend. Write them a love letter. Shine a light on all that is wonderful about them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you believe in them. Uplift their being with your love.
  3. In your business – Write a love letter to your business. What do you love most about your business? Who are the clients you’re most thankful for and what the experiences you appreciate most? Tell your business about the fabulous future you see before you.

Can you feel the expansion of the ripple effect already? I can. Let it flow through you and from you.

May you have fun with these. May you dance in more love these next few days and simply enjoy expressing more love, being in more love.

Thank you for your tuning into these daily love letters and giving me space to let things flow through me and from me. My heart is full of love and gratitude for you and our connection.

Til next time my friend, listen to your heart, follow your dreams and be you.

Much love,

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"Final Love Note" Explication

final love note

Nipsey Hussle’s celebration of life took place on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Thousands gathered at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to honor the legacy of the man born Ermias Joseph Asghedom who was taken too soon. Family, friends, and fans alike gathered in his honor. After his mother, Angelique Smith and his brother, Samuel Asghedom both spoke, Lauren London his longtime girlfriend, shared her final love letter.

London took the stage wearing a long white gown with black sunglasses covering her eyes. The crowd applauded her with encouragement. She started by reading a text message that she’d written while watching Nipsey Hussle sleep on the morning of Jan.21, 2019. Her words captivated the audience as people listened in silence.

She went on to unfold a letter that she’d written as she mourned his death.

London said, “I’ve never felt this type of pain before but I know God is alive. Bear with me, y’all.

“His soul was majestic; he was the strongest man that I ever knew. A gentle father, a patient leader, a divine light. He was brilliant. He researched everything, completely self-taught, constantly seeking knowledge. He would go to bed listening to these audiobooks in his headphones. I would tease him but that was really what I thought was the coolest s— ever about him.

“He would wake up in the morning and play music for the kids and light a sage and burn it around the house. He would just make sure our energy going outside would be uplifting and we could handle the day. My pain is for my 2-year-old who probably won’t remember how much his dad loved him. This is something I don’t really understand. But I know Ermias used to say you can’t possess people but you experience them. I’m so honored and blessed that I got to experience such a man. I know everyone is hurting but I’d like to say something to my city of Los Angeles. If you’re from LA, stand up. This pain is really ours; we know what Nip meant to us. We lost an incredible soul. We lost someone very rare to us and we lost a real one. We won’t ever be the same.

“In Hussle’s words, ’cause he always used to say this, ‘The game is going to test you, never fold. Stay 10 toes down, it’s not on you it’s in you and what’s in you they can’t take away.’

“He’s in all of us.

“To Ermias, the love of my life, you know what it is. Grief is the final act of love. My heart hears you. I feel you everywhere. I’m so grateful that I had you. I love you beyond this Earth.”

She closed by saying, “Until we meet again, the marathon continues,” and walked away with her fist clenched and raised in the air.

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I never thought I would be writing you this letter. There was a time when I thought our love would stand the test of time and nothing could come between us.

Goodbye Forever (It's Time to Go Our Separate Ways.)

final love note

1. This bae who dropped a romantic (bath)bombshell.

"I kissed right here. Use only once at 12:00am CT Jan 1, 2017."

2. This guy who really went above and beyond.

3. This dude who adds up to be one hell of a great boyfriend.

4. This backpacking babe.

"Landon, if I could give you the world I would and one day we'll travel the world together. So until then you'll have this to remind you of me with every journey you take. —Love Blake <3"

5. This boy who puts Nicholas Sparks to shame.

6. This man who just really missed his woman.

7. This teeny-tiny note giver with a huge heart.

8. This guy who did envelope-origami magic.

9. This cinephile you'd want to go on infinite movie dates with.

10. This dude to drive away with after your last final.

"Well I just wanted to tell you good job! And I am so proud of you baby girl!! Don't let anything get in the way or bring you down because you're better and stronger than that! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL! <3 Jarren"

11. This sneaky S.O. with a small yet potent surprise.

12. This keeper who wrapped cookies in literal love.

13. This brilliant coffee brewer worth waking up early for.

14. This downright hero who got his GF an Urban Decay palette but reinforced the fact that he thinks she's perfect.

15. This wonderful hubby-to-be who is committed to making even lame days worth celebrating.

16. This patient partner who counted down a whole month to write this.

17. This boyfriend who at least gets points for creativity (note: that is bathroom crayon, not blood.)


18. This dedicated dude who does a note a day. A day. What.

19. And this boy, who pretty much nailed the whole love-letter thing.

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Nov 27, Bailey Sellers felt a shiver as she opened the envelope and saw her dad's handwriting one last time.

final love note
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