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Following our phone conversation

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Following our phone conversation
August 14, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Following up on our recent conversation I am trying to write an email as a follow up to the recent conversation I had with IT Support company.I am not sure what.

Writing English emails lesson Example Subjects

What will I be learning from the English lesson writing emails?

During this English lesson you will start learning how to writing emails in a more professional way. The lesson will explain what you should do for each part of the email.

The Subject is more important than the email itself, it should be focused, clear and informative.

Strong Subjects:

  • Invitation to the ABC Conference, Nov 2009
  • Application for Account Manager Position #413 – Jane Smith CV
  • Agenda for the meeting on Monday, 10am
  • Party Invitation for John, Sally and Martin
  • Updates on the building plans
  • Meeting scheduled for Oct 15, Thursday @ 10am
  • Great craft ideas using recyclable materials

Weak Subjects:

  • [blank]
  • Hi, Hello, How are you?
  • First line of the email message
  • Words to avoid: Help, Percent Off, Reminder, Free

Example Greetings

Don't misspell the name!

  • Dear [name],
  • Hi [name],
  • Hi,
  • Hello [name],
  • Hello,
  • To whom it may concern,

Example Opening Sentences

  • Following our phone conversation, I am sending you...
  • Attached please find the documents you requested regarding...
  • In regards to the upcoming pilot program, I have listed below the tasks and deadlines that need to be completed.
  • Further to our last discussion, I would like to bring to your attention the following issues:
  • As we agreed, there will not be...
  • Please reconsider our proposal for...
  • In response to your job post for Marketing Director, please find below a brief overview of my skills. I have also attached my CV for your review.

Example Email Information in Detail

Details, information and actions required.

  • Here is the detailed list:
  • In addition to the attached agenda, please click on this link http://www...
  • To register for the online event, please go to...

Example Closing Sentences

  • I look forward to your reply.
  • Thank you for the time you have taken to review my candidacy for the position.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Thank you, in advance, for your time.
  • I await receipt of the information we discussed.
  • Please forward me the exact information.

Example Sign-offs before the Signature

Identify yourself, company and contact information.

  • Sincerely,
  • Thank you,
  • Best Regards,
  • Thanks,


Title, company name
Web Address

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Follow Up After a Sales Appointment or Telephone Conversation During our meeting, we spoke about your company's need for twice-weekly deliveries. We also If you would like to reach me before then, you may phone me at

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following our phone conversation

''Following our phone conversation''


Senior Member
How to translate ''Following our phone conversation....''

No seguimento da nossa conversa telefónica....?

I am really not sure about the sound of this... any help would be appreciated!

Thank you


Senior Member
''Following our phone conversation... here is the phone number of X''. I think the phrase is straightforward and standard enough not to require a description of context but there you go.

Thank you!
Anything that sounds straightforward and standard in a language may have several possible translations into other languages depending on context. I was going to say, "conforme combinamos pelo telefone" (as if you had made an arrangement).

"Conforme o pedido feito por telefone, informo que o número de X é: 9999-9999."
Last edited:


Senior Member
Thank you so much Patriota! In fact I prefer '' conforme combinado por telefone'' because there was an agreement to exchange a contact, rather than a request for one. You are right that context changes meaning, and it is difficult to gather the full meaning of a phrase unless one knows the full story.

Best regards
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Follow Up After a Sales Appointment or Telephone Conversation

following our phone conversation

No one wants to be known as the king or queen of boring conversations. One way to prevent tedium is to avoid predictable speech patterns. Are you guilty of overusing “per our conversation?” Grab your listener’s attention with five fresh variations!

If You Want to Give Credit for an Idea

1 As Mentioned When you say “per our conversation,” your listeners understand that a conversation took place. But who said what? If you insert the name of the speakers, you minimize the possibility of confusion. “As mentioned” allows you to specify the speaker.Here are a couple of examples:

Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.

Of course, you can use “as mentioned” without pointing out the speaker if keeping track of conversants isn’t your goal.

If You Want to Give a Reminder

2As Agreed Often, the motive behind a “per our conversation” email is to remind others of something they said they would do. The best phrase for the job is “as agreed.” If you made a contract, this expression is especially useful for reminding different parties of their obligations.

To Explain The Results of a Conversation

3Following Our Conversation

“That changes everything!” Have you ever made that exclamation after a conversation reveals surprising information? “Following our conversation” is a handy phrase to show the effect of new details. Take a look at these examples published online:

If the above examples seem too formal, you can easily replace “conversation” with a more casual term such as “chat,” “talk,” or even “convo.” However, in a legal context, you may encounter an even more formal way to say “following our conversation.”

4Pursuant to our conversation/In pursuance of Do pursuant and pursuance remind you of a verb? If you said pursue, you have found a clue to understanding these terms. Pursuant means “in accordance with” and pursuance refers to the execution or carrying out of something. “Pursuant to” and “in pursuance of” our conversation are used when an action follows as a result of a discussion. Notice the following example:

Note: According to the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Writing Business Plans and Proposals, these two phrases are too formal for non-legal correspondence. In a section on clichés, K. Dennis Chambers challenges “pursuant to our conversation”: “Would you ever say that in real life? Would you sit down with a colleague over coffee and say, ‘Hey, Joshua, pursuant to our last conversation. . .?’” Most people wouldn’t. If you are an exception, you might want to risk trying these two controversial options for the sake of variety.

To Summarize

Summarizing a conversation is an essential practice if you want to create a record for reference or to make sure that both parties understand each other. In this case, the simple “according to” is the most appropriate phrase to recap a conversation.

5According to

Here’s another reason to avoid using “per our conversation.” The Handbook of Technical Writing classifies the word “per” as jargon when it’s used to mean “according to.” What do you say? Will you freshen up your vocabulary with one of these five fresh phrases today?

Follow Up After a Sales Appointment or Telephone Conversation During our meeting, we spoke about your company's need for twice-weekly deliveries. We also If you would like to reach me before then, you may phone me at

phone conversation letter

following our phone conversation

January 11, 2012

Joseph Rodriguez,

General Manager

Good Life Publishing House


Walder Street, LA

Dear Joseph,

From our phone conversations and meetings, I feel honoured by being the prospect of working with Good Life. Your publishing team is among the most inspiring people I have come across in my job search. I also feel privileged by the prospect of working in a state-of-the-art printing press, and also in a new country – Australia.

Though I am eagerly waiting to commence working for you, I have received another offer from Viewspaper, based in Copeland, which I am finding hard to reject as they have offered me an additional $ 5,000 a year on addition to what your publishing house is offering. The additional money is much welcome since I have medical bills to cover.

However, I wanted to restate my continued interest to work for Good Life if we can come to terms on this issue and revert back to our joyful relationship as soon as possible.

Hope you will not let me go, and would like to take my services. I would also be delighted to work with your esteemed organization.

Yours faithfully

Sniper Lawn

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Top Sample Letters Terms:

I'm just following up on our conversation of last week regarding the status of the applications for new TLDs from the round of proposals in.

following our phone conversation
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