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Formal apology form
September 01, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

People would write a letter of apology or a formal apology letter to . apology letter, you would have to use a more formal tone and format.

Professional relationships are needed to be taken care of as much as we value our personal relationships. There may be instances where misunderstandings and wrong processes may lead to misunderstandings that can ruin our relationship with clients, consumers, businesses, and other entities we transact with. You may also see Letter Samples.

Writing an apology letter allows us to truly show how apologetic we are with the situation that we have done or the items that we are not able  to provide for a specific entity. We can provide you with downloadable apology letter templates, which you may use as references regarding this matter. Moreover, we also have other sample Letter Templates that may serve as your basis in writing different kinds of letters for various transactions that you may want to involve yourself with.

Apology Letter Dissatisfied with Quality of Product Template


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Size: A4, US


Restaurant Apology Letter Template


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Size: A4, US


Restaurant Apology Letter for Delayed Response Template


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Size: A4, US


Formal Apology Letter Template

Customer Service Apology Letter Template

Student Apology Letter Template

Business Apology Letter Template

Missed Interview Apology Letter Template

Customer Service Apology Letter

A customer service apology letter is usually written by a company representative to extend their apologies to a client. A customer service apology letter are sent for the following reasons:

  • There may be services that are not provided to the guest within the duration of the transaction.
  • The guest may have experienced lack of attention given by the staff of the business or company where he or she had a transaction with.
  • There may be unacceptable incidents that have happened during the transaction processes that made a customer or client angry and no resolutions have been made.
  • The company may have overpromised but lacked in delivery and implementation.

Student Apology Letter

A student may write an apology letter for the following reasons:

  • He or she has violated a school rule or regulation.
  • He or she may have shown disrespect to a professor or any school faculty/officer.
  • He or she is unable to submit a project or a requirement on time.
  • The student may be absent for a specific period which disables him or her to cope up with subject matters and other assignments.

Other than our apology letter templates, you may also be interested to download our Personal Letter Templates.

Apology Letter Template to Principal

Apology Letter Format Template

Business Apology Letter

A business apology letter is a document that is usually sent in a business to business process. A company may write a business apology letter to another business or enterprise for the following reasons:

  • There are business transactions that are not implemented or delivered well.
  • There may be lapses that have occurred in a specific business process between the two companies.
  • There are deliverables that have been promised but have not been provided at all.
  • The steps to be followed in a specific transaction has not been considered for a period of time.
  • There may be business regulations that have been violated.

Missed Interview Apology Letter

A missed interview apology letter is sent by an applicant to a company if he or she has already committed to go to an interview but was unable to do so. A missed interview apology letter includes the following information:

  • The basic details of the applicant.
  • The supposed date, time, and location of the interview.
  • The interview processes that should’ve been done.
  • The reason why an applicant was not able to show up in the specific interview date.
  • A consideration for a reschedule interview date and time, should it be applicable.

Aside from our apology letter templates, you may also browse through our samples of a Business Letter Template for other transactions as well.

Make things right again with your customers by sending your them an apology letter. Start by using one of these 6 apology email templates.

26+ Apology Letter Templates in Word

formal apology form

You screwed up. Now it’s time to own it. Knowing how to apologize is a crucial life and career skill. But when you write an apology letter, creating a permanent record of an event and your response to it, it’s all the more important that you get it right.

Why is writing an apology letter so hard?

Apologizing is an art form few of us seem to master. We don’t want to admit our mistakes because we think that making mistakes reflects badly on our character. But the truth is, not apologizing, or making a feeble non-apology, is often worse.

There are a few reasons you may struggle with apologies:

  • You assume that making mistakes means you’re a bad person. When you feel ashamed, you have a hard time recognizing that one goof doesn’t reflect on your character as a whole.
  • You get defensive. No one wants to feel ashamed. But a defense is not an apology.
  • You worry that you’ll have to own all the responsibility, or that you’ll open the floodgate for more accusations. It could happen, sure. But not apologizing builds resentment over time, and that’s toxic to personal and workplace environments.

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The good news is that when you put your apology in writing, you have the luxury of polishing and editing your thoughts so that they say precisely what you mean to convey.

The Elements of a Good Apology Letter

Sorry does seem to be the hardest word, but if you can master these steps in the apology process, you’re sure to make a good impression. These guidelines apply whether you’re apologizing for a personal error, or you’re writing an apology on behalf of a team or business.

  • Say you’re sorry. Not, “I’m sorry, but . . .” Just plain ol’ “I’m sorry.”
  • Own the mistake. It’s important to show the wronged person that you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Describe what happened. The wronged person needs to know that you understand what happened and why it was hurtful to them. Make sure you remain focused on your role rather than deflecting the blame.
  • Have a plan. Let the wronged person know how you intend to fix the situation.
  • Admit you were wrong. It takes a big person to own up to being wrong. But you’ve already reminded yourself that you’re a big person. You’ve got this.
  • Ask for forgiveness. A little vulnerability goes a long way toward proving that you mean what you say.

—If You Want to Know How to Apologize, First Do This…

It’s as easy (and as hard) as that. No minimizing, no shifting blame, no defenses. Now, let’s take a look at some apology letter examples that follow this format.

Apology Letter Examples

Before you begin writing, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. First, keep your letter brief and to the point. Don’t ramble on about what happened—distill it to the essentials. Don’t exaggerate, either. There’s no need to fall on your sword. But do keep your language respectful, sincere, and professional.

The Third-Party Apology

If you supervise an employee who made a mistake and find yourself apologizing to a customer or client, it’s important that you take responsibility without dumping all the blame on the employee. After all, what your employees do reflects your leadership.

The Personal Apology Letter

Sometimes, you have to own up to something you did that hurt or inconvenienced another person. We’ve all been there. Keep it simple. Don’t make excuses. Show that you’re trying to improve.

The Mass Apology

It’s horrifying to think about, but sometimes you end up upsetting a group of people rather than just one person. As with all apology letters, It’s important not to say, “I’m sorry if anyone felt offended.” (That’s like saying, “It’s too bad some of you don’t know how to handle my personality.”) Instead, say, “I’m sorry that I offended anyone.”

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Formal Apology Letter

formal apology form

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It takes 12 great customer experiences to make up for a single bad one. When something goes wrong, sending a polished, professional apology letter to your customers is the first step to making it right again.

Whether it’s a scheduling mishap, a bug in your product, or something more serious like an app outage or security breach, communicating about mistakes with customers certainly isn’t easy. The good news? Sending an apology email is your chance to start a healthy conversation and potentially build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Crafting a message that strikes the right tone for your apology can certainly be an art — and we can learn a lot from seeing how others do it. We collected a few real examples from customer success managers and company leaders. They contain great copy for admitting your mistakes, apologizing, and setting customers up for future success.

When you're sending an apology as a reply:

1. We were wrong. Here’s what happened.

Hi [client name],

Thanks for being patient while we sort this out. After an in-depth discussion with my team, we’ve realized that we’re responsible for these issues. Given the progress we’ve made the in the last {weeks/months/years}, our relationship is extremely important to us, and we never want our errors to set you off track. We want to make sure you’re back on track for meeting your goals ASAP.

We’re very committed to making it right, so here’s our plan for moving forward: {insert plans here}.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

When to use this apology email:

Your client will see you as more credible and trustworthy if you give them every detail of what happened and why. If something was truly your fault, avoid using language that blurs the lines or shoves off the blame, like “we’re sorry this happened to you.” Instead, send this to take full responsibility for the problem.

2. We’re working on it.

Hi [customer name],

I’m sorry about {insert problem here}. I’m talking with my team about exploring this issue more now. I just want to let you know that your issue is important to us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with proper insight and solutions.

Thanks for your patience,

When to use this apology email:

Giving a swift reply explaining that a customer’s issue is top a priority can make a huge difference in showing them you care. Send something like this when you’re still working on finding a resolution and digging into a problem.

3. Still not sure…help us understand the problem further.

Hi [client name],

Thanks for reaching out to us about {insert issue here}. We’ve spent the last few days assessing what’s been going on, and we really appreciate your patience during this time. Although we’ve been working on resolutions, we still haven’t found a fix. Here’s what we’ve tried so far:

{list what you’ve tried}

I am very committed to fixing this for you. I’d really like to hear more about your experience so that we can make sure we’re on the same page and figure out next steps. To start, I have some questions:
{insert questions}

Thanks again for your patience while we work through this. I’m confident we’ll find a resolution soon.

Sincerely, {name}

When to use this apology email:

This message is for that time when you’ve been working on fixing a problem for a while, and you still can’t figure it out. The best course of action? Be transparent about it. Make a list of bulleted list of the things you tried, and follow with a list of questions. This email should be straight to the point, but keep an optimistic attitude.

In the instances above, you’re replying when a customer comes to you with a problem. But that’s not always the case. What about when you're initiating the conversation?

When you're initiating the apology:

1. Important Security Notice

Dear Ashley,

We are writing to inform you that we were recently able to confirm that there was unauthorized access to a {company} database containing user profile information. We have since blocked this unauthorized access and made additional changes to our technical infrastructure to prevent future incidents. We have made all relevant details available on our blog. No specific action is required of you.

However, we have also just released Two Factor Authentication (“2FA”; also known as “two step verification”) and we strongly recommend that all users enable this feature, which provides an additional layer of security for their account. Additional details are available in our help center and you can enable 2FA directly on your account settings page.

Since the compromised system was first discovered, we have been working 24 hours a day to methodically examine, rebuild and test each component of our system to ensure it is safe. We are very aware that our service is essential to many teams. Earning your trust through the operation of a secure service will always be our highest priority. We deeply regret this incident and apologize to you, and to everyone who relies on us, for this inconvenience.

For more on our security practices and policies, see {link}. Again, for additional information, we encourage you to read the blog post for more details.

{Your name}

What makes this apology email great:

This tone of this apology is serious, but optimistic. It starts with a detailed, honest assessment of the problem and a recommendation to help fix it. Next they explain their fault, commitment to a resolution, a sincere apology, and resources for finding more information.

2. Outage

Hello Sarah,

I'm emailing to update you on our service outages on {time and day}. Service was fully restored at about {time}.

I know this has been a very frustrating and trying time for you as a {company name} customer, and for that I apologize. Please know that our team has been working through the night to resolve these incidents. (The post mortems on these incidents are here.)

This has been a tough {time period} knowing that we've let you down, and we want to make amends. We failed to provide you with the service you deserve. I wish I could tell you this outage was unpredictable, or it was all an external party's fault, but it wasn't.

We have been aware of the possibility of this kind of outage. We have in fact been working on hardening our system to this kind of risk for months. That’s why we know it was preventable. In the end, we did not execute quickly enough to prevent these issues from affecting you.

We feel no great irony in the fact the specific component that lead to this outage was scheduled to be replaced this week. The positive news is that we spent the last months rewriting how the particular servers affected today are set up. Had the servers been using this new set up, it would have helped avoid this issue. These updates are still due to be released imminently as they were scheduled to do so regardless of this particular outage.

You can rest assured, we are taking this seriously. I realize that doesn't make up for lost business {time and day} though. As a mea culpa, we are issuing you 2 days worth of credit on your account. You should see that reflected in the next few days.

If you feel this isn't sufficient, please let me know and we can discuss further.


PS: You can subscribe to service status updates at {status page}

What makes this apology email great:

This message not only tells — but shows — just how seriously they’re taking this outage. They give a breakdown of what happened, link directly to their post mortem, and admit to their fault, plain and simple. They also explain how the problem was preventable, how they could have solved it, and what stopped them from preventing it, which shows that they’re taking steps to make sure it never happens again.

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3. App Downtime Apology

Dear Ashley,

You may have noticed, we experienced a downtime of our indexing API today. For about {time period} starting at {day}, some write operations were refused by the API with a {error code}. {Feature} was not impacted, and {Feature} ran as usual.

It's the first time that an outage has happened since we launched the service, and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We published a full explanation of the problem and its resolution on our blog: {blog link}

Should you want any details, feel free to contact us anytime.

{Your name}

What makes this apology email great:

This message gives customers what they need to know without dwelling on the error. They acknowledge exactly what was impacted, list what was unaffected, and give a link to more detail for those who want to explore it further. They clearly take fault without blowing the situation up into something catastrophic.

Showing customers you’re human can go a long way in building better relationships. When it comes to writing apology emails, admitting to your mistakes and having empathy are the best things you can do to make it right and make customers happy again.

Intercom's Wyl Villacres said it well: "Having a difficult conversation yield a positive outcome can get you a glowing endorsement from your customer. And just like defusing the tensions in a bar, it starts with empathy, and making sure that the customer feels heard before things heat up."

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Whether you're drafting an informal apology to a friend or family member, or a formal apology letter to a colleague or customer, there's a basic format you can.

8+ Sample Formal Apology Letters

formal apology form

When it comes to apology letter writing, we can broadly divide the apology letters into two major sections. The first type is personal apology letter, which is written to a friend or relative or someone close to heart. The other kind is Professional Apology Letter which has generally been written by the professionals. For example, an employee should write apology letter or apologize letter to the management, HR manager or team leader or even business owner, if he has been found to be seriously guilty for some reasons.

Formal Business Apology Letter

Formal business apology letters are generally written by employees addressing employers, asking employers to apologize for the mistakes that have been committed by employees. It can also be written by one business owner to another business owner.

Formal Apology Letter Format

Formal apology letter should be well structured and properly written. Tone of writing is the most important thing. You can use this sample for writing a formal apology letter.

Formal and Informal Apology Letter

This is a template that can be used for writing both formal and informal apology letters. Available in PDF format, this template is easy downloadable. You have to download it first and then print it for using it.

Formal Refund Apology Letter

Formal Letter of Apology for Missed Interview

Formal Apology Letter to Client

Formal Personal Apology Letter

Sample Formal Apology Letter

Uses and Purposes of Formal Apology Letters

Depending upon the situation or scenario, uses or purposes of apology letters can vary. Generally, a business apology is a formal apology that an employee owes to his or her employer or higher management. An employee may commit some mistakes that are financially or physically harmful for an organization or company.

In that case, the employee owes an apology to the management or company owner. In case of any disrespectful behavior by an employee, the company can issue show cause notice to that employee. Employees should write Business Apology Letters, if they have genuinely committed the mistakes. Professional apology letter can also be written to colleagues in some cases.

Who Should use the Formal Apology Letter Samples?

Formal Apology Letter Sample should be used when you have decided to make a formal apology to your employer or higher management or team leader. Writing apology letter is necessary, when you have intentionally or unintentionally make a mistake that can be costly for the company.

Typically, in an apology letter, you need to write about your mistakes and possible justification those mistakes. Justifications should look like overdone. If you know you have committed a mistake, without giving any justification you should ask for an apology. You can write why you deserve an apology from your employer or senior management. To write apology letter, use online samples.

How to Write Formal Apology Letter?

When you have made a mistake in professional field, you know that there is slim chance for getting a second chance. However, second chances do come, when you write a formal apology letter, stating your sincerity for the company and assuring no repetition of errors in future. Sample Apology Letter should include the possible reasons why employer should apologize your.

Your apology message should sound genuine. The writing tone of the letter should be formal as well as professional. You should also follow professional or standardized structures for writing the letters. Use templates that are available online to craft your apology letter with perfection.

Apology letters must be simple and well written. Formal apology letter should be completely different from personal apology letters. In formal apology letter, professional tone must be maintained. There should be lesser emotions. The Formal Letter should be precise and logically written. Follow online samples to write such letters in professional style.

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This led to several official expressions of remorse, some of which are included here. form of personal compensation, along with a formal apology from the Diet .

formal apology form
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