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Good morning i love you letter
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Romantic Good Morning Love Letters for Boyfriend. Is a beautiful morning, wish your boyfriend the best in it with Cute Good Morning Love.

The relation between Husband and Wife is one of the most beautiful relationships, and it demands love, care, and understanding. The love between husband and wife is one of the best kind of love in this whole universe.

Here, we are providing you a list of gud mrng wishes and cute, good morning texts for a husband to make him smile in the morning. Husbands want to show their love to their wives. But they get so involved in work that they don’t get enough time to spend quality time with the wives. So, it will be great if you as a wife text him every day to remind him of you. It will be the best way to express your warm love towards your husband. He will be much happy on receiving your lovely good morning greetings and love messages. We are sure that your husband will like these awesome romantic good morning messages.


Good Morning Messages for Husband:

  1. Other people wake up for the sunshine but I wake up for U. Good morning my sweet husband!

  2. You are charming, handsome, and hot, but those are not the only reason I love you a lot. U make me laugh and smile which makes everything in life feel worthwhile. Good morning.

  3. I can start my day without a morning cup of tea or coffee, but not without cuddling with my handsome. Good morning dear husband!

  4. I love you more than anything else. GM!

  5. Knowing that there’s someone waking up at the same time as you, thinking that there’s someone also thinking about u. I am sure, it’s a gud way to start your day. Good morning!

  6. In a world full of deceit and lies, I feel lucky when I see the love in your eyes. Good morning.

  7. The most special moment for my heart is when it finds itself next to u. Good morning, my sweet husband.

  8. My husband, today’s morning we r free and available for one another. Accept my good morning wishes and check my luv through my message.

  9. When I have u beside me, I can survive without air, water, and food. Thank u for filling my soul with a rainbow. Good morning.

  10. Your love energizes my soul. Your hugs and kisses make my heartbeat. I love you so much. Good Morning my dear hubby.

  11. I can easily predict that you love me very much and can give your life for my sake. Thanks for making me proudly partner and wealthy wife.

  12. Your kisses make my heart beat, ur hugs help me feel and your love energizes my soul. Good morning.

  13. By your side, I feel blissed. The first thing in the morning your good morning kiss makes my day perfect, Good morning!

  14. The best part of my life is that I get to wake up to the sight of the man of my dreams. In the morning, u are the most handsome thing my eyes can see. Good Morning my darling.

  15. Good morning to the one man that I’ll luv forever. Hope your day is as bright as the sunshine on this summer day.

  16. At this morning, I got up early and managed our meal table for you. I hope you will like my sacrifice of sleep just for u.

  17. My morning starts when I am kissed by you. My morning is useless without looking at the most handsome man in the world – U. Good Morning my honey.

  18. I stopped asking God for blessings the moment. He blessed me with all I need in this world.

  19. You are the only sunshine that I wake up to every morning. I hope ur day today is as beautiful as ur luv to me.

  20. My husband, you are my power, and u are my strength. I personally know that I am very weak, but with u, I am the strongest woman. Good morning with my huge love!

These good morning texts for him will surely make him happy because these are selected good morning paragraphs. So, start a new trend by sending one of these sweet good morning messages every morning to your dear husband.

Good Morning Messages for Him:

  1. For my lovely husband, I send good morning wishes and love for you this bright morning. I wish your morning be lovely as you are for me always. Have a good morning.

  2. It’s amazing to open my eyes and see u by my side. I luv to treat you with all my love. Good morning, baby!

  3. I luv u like coffee in the morning.

  4. You are the most handsome thing that my eyes dream to see every morning. Good morning, handsome!

  5. She wakes up in the morning knowing that the person she luv will never let her go apart from him.

  6. Baby, what should I prepare for u this morning? Bread-butter, milk, coffee or u just simply need me? Good morning.

  7. I Love You for everything you have done for me. U took my life to the limits of joy and happiness. I Love You.

  8. This is the biggest achievement of my life to have u as my husband. I want to spend my life in the warmth of your arms.

  9. As I open my eyes in morning, the first thing I want to see is u. I send you hugs and kisses…feel them. Gud Mng!!

  10. “I’m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without u… Just wanted to let you know.” Have a very sweet gud morning my husband.

  11. Waking up next to u is another reason to be thankful for the day my dear husband, you are the one that lights up my day. Enjoy your morning sweetheart.

  12. Wishing a very beautiful morning to the prince of my life. This is true that I will love you till I die. But what I want is to live forever to luv u till eternity. I Love You, my sweet husband.

  13. Many girls dream to be with a guy as sweet and handsome as you and I’m the luckiest of them all because I live that dream every day. Love u, Good Morning!!

  14. You r my sunshine, u are my light…You make everything feel all right….I luv you smart and gentle husband Good morning!

  15. I cannot have a cup of breakfast tea or coffee but cannot embrace my handsome guy. Good morning.

  16. There should be a warning for me on the marriage certificate that: “Beware of Hot Husband”.

  17. I think you should have a good sleep, Have u ever dreamed abt me? I have dreamed of u. Just let me know what you miss….Good morning

  18. My beloved husband, faster all the oceans, rivers, seas, and lakes dry up than my love for u will disappear. I’m urs forever.

  19. The half of our lives we spent apart, so we were not happy, but now we build a common future in which there will be only happiness, luv, and laughter of children.

  20. You r a blessing to me and I appreciate everything you do for us hubby. Have a wonderful morning and may everything go ur way.

Your husband is the perfect choice for you to share all your experiences and feelings of life. He is your better half. Being a married woman and her wife, you are supposed to do everything that makes your hubby happy! Your husband will surely appreciate your hard effort which you put in making him happy. You can do it by the start of the day by sending cute and romantic good morning wishes to him. It will make him happy and bring a big smile on his face. So, you can pick the perfect good morning wish for your husband from the above-given good morning SMS for the husband.

Good Morning Quotes for Husband:

  1. You are my luv, peace, and passion that God gave to me and for this reason, I love to see your shining face because it reminds me of how sweet the sunshine could be. I am pleased to say gud morning my handsome.

  2. Life is full of romance, passion, and surprises, but it would mean nothing without you by my side.

  3. Can’t thank God enough for bringing you into my Life, u fit the right places and tick the right boxes in me, Darling. Good morning my Joy.

  4. Love is the thing which cannot be stolen
    But It can be shared, I can’t share u
    At any cost my love, because I luv you a lot.

  5. I appreciate all the good things you are doing for me. You make me feel beautiful, needed, and cared about. I wish I could be there to hold you. I love you so much!

  6. I love you every morning, thanking God for having put you in my way and let me have your love, u are the most valuable thing that life has given me, have a wonderful daydear husband.

  7. Waking up to ur kisses makes me feel like I am in paradise, that I am still sleeping, that it is impossible that someone like me could have so much luck. Thanks, my life.

  8. My dreams are full of the sweet memories that we shared together the last time we met. I want to live my life with u and be your partner no matter what it takes.

  9. With the first moment of the day, I wish u romantic morning.

  10. This coffee is steamy, but nothing is hotter than waking up next to you each morning.

  11. I do not care whether it is day or night, As long as I have my beautiful hubby in sight. Good Morning my hubby.

  12. To my adorable hero: roses are red, violets are blue, I’d make up a rhyme but I’d rather dream about u.

  13. Good morning. My coffee may be hot, but you’re hotter. U are the best part about waking up.

  14. The smile can make a day better. The hug can make a day complete. So, I am sending my smiles and hugs for you to have a better and a complete day. Good Morning my handsome hubby.

  15. Hey handsome, do u remember that place where we first met? Let’s go there tonight.

  16. The sun doesn’t rise in the east, it rises next to me in my bed, u are my sunshine. Good Morning my hubby.

  17. My heart 2 U is given:
    ØH, do give urs 2 me;
    We’ll lock them up together,
    & throw away D key.

  18. Your Good Morning kiss makes my day perfect. Everything seems better in your company. I feel very happy to be with u. A very sweet Good Morning to my hubby.

  19. When I wake up with ur arms wrapped around me, I know that u are the knight that kept my nightmares at bay during the night.

  20. I don’t want anything from God as long as you are with me. A very good morning, Hubby!

Share these best good morning love quotes for him and make your husband’s day even brighter and happy. We have placed the most romantic morning love quotes here. So, if you are searching the best good morning quotes for my husband on google, then pick any of the given quotes from here.

Good Morning Quotes for Him:

  1. Last night, I was alone in my thought hoping that I will wake up and see you next to me but unfortunately, you were nowhere beside me. I am sorry for everything I might have done unconsciously which hurt your heart. Good morning.

  2. I love the mornings because it means that God has given me another day to see you, hold you and love you with all my heart. Good morning, my fire!

  3. You r my Joy and Sunshine, I’d choose to be with u over and over again. Thank you, my love.

  4. The truth is that I can’t do anything without thinking about u because already, I am addicted to you. This morning, I am wishing you all the best so that you may feel the impact of what it takes for a woman to luv her husband. Good morning.

  5. Please let me know what I did to deserve u…I want to make sure I keep on doing it. Luv u.

  6. Life can change any moment
    But you convert it in fairy-tale
    Love u a lot dear.

  7. No other man has ever made me as happy as u, being at your side is so amazing that I want 2 be together for eternity.

  8. You are half part of my heart
    And my life as well, u are only one
    Who can do anything for me
    And you do care for me as well
    Thanks a lot my honey!

  9. Thinking of you through my daily hustle makes it fun. You’re my inspiration and Joy, My Partner in Luv nd Life. Good morning my Muse and Happiness.

  10. Thank God for giving u to me. Good morning my Heartbeat.

  11. A morning means that God gives the day to work more and do gud things for his creation … so … hopefully one day a meaningful day!!!!!

  12. Rise and shine my dear sleepy husband, its time u start your day by opening your eyes to the bright day and not keep on lazing. Have a good morning hubby.

  13. Each time I look at you, I just smile to myself and think, ‘I certainly could not have done better.

  14. Last night I had a nightmare but waking up in your arms makes everything better. Good morning to my one true luv.

  15. There are no guarantees in life except one – my love for you and your love for me.

  16. Nothing makes me smile more in the morning than waking up and giving you a big kiss, morning breath and all. Good morning!

  17. By your side and in ur arms – this is the best way to wake up every morning.

  18. Every day gives us a chance to add yet another beautiful couple in the romantic poem of our lives.

  19. The wisest decision I made in my life is choosing you,
    I have made the right choice. Proud and excited to be your wife.

  20. You are so humble and caring,
    With u, it is a great sharing,
    The best life partner that I could ask is you,
    Thanks for being the best hubby, a very special thank you!

When it’s time to wake up your husband, try to do this by showing some love and affection by choosing the best words to speak your heart out. Make his morning happy and cheerful. Your wishes will convey what you want to say to your partner. These amazing quotes will convey exactly what you feel and want to express. So, pick and say Good Morning My Husband! It’s one of the best ways to say good morning to him.

Good Morning Wishes for Husband:

When you are in love, you think about that special one. You want to spend your day seeing his smile. It feels nice to receive a sweet good morning msg from someone whom you love and who loves you. You can make your someone special feel loved every morning and make them realize that they are the first one to come into your mind in the morning. Share these lovely long text of good morning message with your loving husband who is far away from you. So, pick any of these good morning wishes to the husband as the wake-up text and send:

  1. My days are a tad brighter in the morning sunlight my days always good with you. Wishing you heartiest good morning.

  2. Husband, you are the only one
    To whom I luv the most in this world
    I cannot stay here alone
    I can go any problem with support of urs

  3. You r the first thing I think about when I wake up early in the morning. Good morning and have a beautiful day!

  4. When I’m in your arms, I feel so safe, and it makes me think I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have such an amazing partner. I want to spend the rest of my life with you wherever u go.

  5. You’re so hot- wish I could touch u.

  6. We cannot meet, nor see each other.
    And yet I luv u more every day.

  7. The warmth of every single ray of the sunshine reminds me that we were just meant to be. Good morning.

  8. Every Morning when I wake up, I feel so happy because u are always with me. You are my true luv Have a wonderful day.

  9. When the night breeze blows my hair, I imagine they’re ur kisses,
    When the morning light envelopes me, I imagine they’re ur embraces

  10. Ur kiss truly special for me, the way you hug me, the way you take my hand in your hand. Happy morning my luv.

  11. I may not be there when you need me, but a part of me laughs when you’re happy and cries when u r sad, the other part stays strong to pray for you. Gm.

  12. Love, please don’t believe what circumstances are giving to u now. In the meantime, everything will take shape. Sorry, I am not there.

  13. When I am sad, I just close my eyes. And I can feel you right here beside me.

  14. You have replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness and my fears with luv. Good morning.

  15. I can do anything for u bcz I luv u so much. Good morning.

  16. You are the perfect gift God gave me. Now, I don’t want anything from Him. Gud Mrng Love!

  17. Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. Good morning my love.

  18. Truly, I miss you and wish that you are here to tell me how much I mean to u. To tell me the best stories that bring the ocean of passion to the heart. I just want to say good morning, my sweetest treasure.

  19. Today is a special day, and this day is dedicated to you because you are the most important to me. Have a good day.

  20. My life’s biggest security is not just loving you, but knowing that you will always be there to love me back no matter what. I love you baby. Good morning my charming husband.

You can send him heart-warming good morning messages to start a lovely day. He will be happy to see messages from his beloved wife at the start of his day. You can use these simple good day wishes or good morning greetings to make his day even more special. If you think that I want to send some flirty or funny good morning text messages to my husband, then you can send these types of text messages too because we also have the collection of it.

These CREATIVE cute good morning paragraphs for her will make her feel special and closer to you. Carefully selected love letter for her will.

101 Sweet Good Morning Messages for Her

good morning i love you letter

Starting a new day is not always easy. As a general rule –except those “morning people”- people wake up in a bad mood, a bit grumpy. This is normally due to the fact that they have to work, go to school or just live their daily routine. But things change when they are in love or they have a crush on someone.

When this happens, the first thing you think about when you open your eyes is him or her: the man or woman of your dreams. Thanks to all the advances in new technologies and the easy access to smartphones and mobile apps, we can reach the love of our life with just one click, one twit or one private message. The last ones are our favorites, of course, because sweet good morning messages are very important for any kind of relationship: couples to be, beginners or long lasting marriages.

Keep the flame alive and make him/her start the day with a smile!

Good morning my love

  • It’s time to wake up, my love. Light up the day with the shine of your eyes and your smile. Have a wonderful day!
  • Good morning, my love. Hurry up, I really want to see you smiling by my side. I miss you.
  • My love, good morning. I hope that this message reminds you how much I love you and how special you are for me.
  • I wish had wings to go to your house every morning, open your door and wake up by your side. You make me very happy. Good morning my love.
  • Every morning, the first thing I do before I open my eyes is looking for you inside my head. That makes me wake up with tons of vitality because you are my reason for living. I love you. Good morning!

Good morning baby

  • Have a good day, baby. Remember that I will be thinking only about you all the day.
  • A bunch of flowers will show you that I love you; I smile will prove that I like you; my tears will confirm that I miss you… but this good morning text means that I always think of you. Good morning, baby.
  • We may be thousands of miles apart, but it doesn’t matter. The magic of a good morning text can make our hearts and thoughts be closer to each other and can make us smile by just looking at a screen. When we see each other again, I will hug you and never let you go.
  • Good morning baby, I just want to tell you how much I love you because you make me very happy and you are the most wonderful person I know.
  • The Sun lights up the Earth… just like your eyes light up my heart. Good morning baby!
  • Follow this steps to enjoy a wonderful day: open your eyes, take a deep breath and read my good morning text: I love you!
  • People are always wondering why I live with a permanent smile on my face. I know they think I’m crazy, but the truth is that I am crazy about you. Good morning!

Good morning, I love you

  • I don’t even need to tell you “good morning” because every morning, afternoon and night are wonderful as long as you are by my side.
  • It’s already daytime and the first thing that comes to my mind is you. I hope you have a lovely day.
  • Good morning, I love you! Have an amazing day and never forget how much I miss you. You illuminate my darkest days.
  • I know how much you hate waking up too early, but you need to: the world needs your smile, and I need your love!
  • I am writing to you this good morning text because I want to be the first one in your daily life. Remember how much I love you, day and night.
  • I woke up and remembered that you were in my life. I felt so happy. Good morning love.
  • You know what? Today is a wonderful and sunny day. Our love lights up everything around us, no one will ever tear us apart. I love you, good morning.

Good morning honey


  • While you sleep so deeply, I can’t stop thinking about you… wake up honey, good morning!
  • I wish I could enjoy the honey of your lips and give you all the stars that shine up in the sky. I am so in love with you, honey! Good morning…
  • Today, we have been blessed with a new wonderful day, an amazing sunrise and with the greatest joy: knowing that we have each other and that we enjoy our relationship. Wake up, I want to see your beautiful face.
  • Every new day is a great new opportunity that life gives us so we can live our love and give and receive the sweetest kisses. Good morning, honey.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t wake you up with a real kiss, but instead of it, I send you this cute text message telling you that we have a long life to spend together.
  • You are the reason why I wake up smiling every morning. You make me dance, laugh, sing and enjoy my life. You are so sweet and caring that I love you with every beat of my heart.
  • I dream about being your love when I sleep, and I enjoy being it when I am awake. I feel that you are my better half, my complement, my soulmate. Together we can live in harmony and happiness forever. Good morning, honey!

Good morning sweetheart

  • I wish I could see you waking up every morning and start my day with a kiss from you. I know that is not possible now because of the distance between us. I wait for the moment I can see you again. Good morning my sweetheart.
  • Good morning, sweetie. I send you a huge kiss and a big hug. I hope they help you to start your day with strength. I miss you and love you so much!
  • Life is not long enough to share my love with you. But it is not either as short as we think. Especially with you by my side, every day is a new chance to be happy and smile as it would never end. Good morning, my little sweetheart, I hope everything goes well today.
  • Some people have the ability to make every day more special than the other. You are one of these people. Thanks for making my life special, I love you. Good morning.
  • A good morning text doesn’t just mean “good morning”. It is also the reflection of how much I love you and how much I think of you when I wake up alone in my bed.
  • Knowing that you love me is the reason why I wake up so happy every morning. Thank you so much for sharing your life and feelings with me. I hope you have a great day, sweetheart.
  • Even that this is a cold morning, I thank you because you make my days shine as if I was living in an eternal summer. I love you and I wish you a wonderful morning, my sweet love.

Why does a good morning text work?

When you ask someone how they feel about receiving a cute morning text from their love, they will only say good things. And making others feel good will make you feel as good as them –or even better! The complicity in happiness is very important to start a relationship or keep your feelings alive.

Romantic morning messages will determine how the rest of the day will go. If you feel happy and relaxed (and in love), you will be nicer with your co-workers, the bus driver, the baker, and even your mother-in-law. This happens because when we wake up we start a new day from zero: and what is better than a good morning SMS?

We can make our lives better just with a simple, cute and romantic goodmorning message. Some people will say this is useless and nonsense, but they are completely wrong. Is it really useless to make someone happy?

The good morning texts for him or for her that we have shown you today are just a few examples of what you can say to your sweetheart when you wake up –not only by text message, but you can say it out loud! And in fact, waking up next to him or her is way easier because you can add a kiss, a hug or a good breakfast with that good morning message.

For all the long distance (or short distance) relationships, our mobile phone is a must, it is our best ally and we have to know how to use it properly. So, with this collection of cute good morning texts for her and him we hope you make someone’s day.

When can I use this good morning texts? Dos and don’ts.

Now you have all the information, and we all know that information is power. The power of letting him or her know that you think about them every morning. Take advantage of this, but use it properly. Here there are some tips so you don’t mess up everything!

  • Don’t send cute good morning texts for her or him it every single morning. Maybe you think that it is super romantic to write “good morning, I love you” texts every day, but once you do it as a routine, it is not romantic anymore.
  • Don’t do it before he or she wakes up. Even if it is the cutest good morning text ever, if you wake her or him up with the sound of a notification, you will make them very angry.
  • Don’t do it too soon. You can’t tell someone that you want to be with them all your live after a first date. People need time to love, and remember that you are not in a Disney movie!
  • There are many cute ways to say good morning to your sweetheart: Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS and even better, in person!
  • Do not limit yourself to words. Don’t you know that an image is worth a thousand words? Use funny, cute, romantic and sweet images when you send cute good morning text messages to him or her. Also, make a good use of all the emoticons and stickers that all these apps give you!


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Good morning text messages for him or her

good morning i love you letter

Good morning love letters, good morning love letter for him, good morning love letter for her, Good morning love letter for boyfriend, good morning love letter for girlfriend.

Welcome to our collection of good morning love letters that contains morning letter to my love and romantic good morning text to send to the love of my life.
The love of your life may include your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or even side chick.

Whatsoever or whoever you wish to send some good morning messages to, there are loads of letters that will help you express yourself without getting confused with words.

Put a smile on the face of someone special with these letters (both short and long) and make the day a great one.



Good Morning Love Letters

I Wish You All The Goodness The Morning Brings
Good morning to you my love.
The queen of my heart.
I wish you all the best, and this new day brings along.

Good Morning Love Letter for Her

1. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to live again.
I want you to know that you’re always on my thoughts as I woke up and you are the last thing that comes to my mind before I sleep. If you ever wish to know how much you worth, I would tell you that you are worth more than what money can buy. I love you, have a good morning.

2. I wish to kiss you so much in my dream. I woke up still having that feeling. I imagine the softness of your lips and how tender it is when I lightly bite it. Can you please see me before the day run out because I want to kiss your lips, I can’t just get it out of my thought. Good morning my lover.

3. I’m super excited to wake up because I have a beautiful princess I’ve got to say good morning to when I wake up, spend my day with and show her how much I love her.
It’s another wonderfully bright day, and I can’t wait to enjoy it with you, my angel. I love you, baby. Have a great day ahead.

4. All through the journey of dreamland, you have been in my heart. Awake this morning, the first thing my heart thought of is you. Followed by a smile. I’m looking forward to spending a fantastic day with you. I pray you to have a day as beautiful and lovely as your smile. Good morning my love.

5. I found you when I lost myself in love. You are everything in my world. Good morning special one because you rule my heart. I can’t wait for our future together where we will sleep on each other’s body and wake up to each other’s smile. The future will be beautiful, and nothing will deny me this future happiness. Have a fantastic day, my love.

6. This morning comes with happiness and joy, of the love you give to me. I can’t dispute the fact that your love is everything I needed to survive and survive I will because we have a fantastic day and more beautiful days to spend together. I love you, my dolly. Have a good morning.

7. I call you my sunshine because you show up just when I need you, I know you as my light because you light up my world.
I call you ‘my own’ because you are the one for me. I have never felt so good in the morning than the mornings I spent loving you. Good morning to you, my baby.

8. I feel alright every morning knowing that our love is intact, I look forward to the graceful memories we are yet to share and the beautiful reality we will be painting for the whole world to see. It’s hard imagining me without you in the picture, and it’s like trying to survive in space without air. It’s you forever baby and me. Have a Good morning.

9. This morning seems boring because I didn’t wake up lying next to you, but I know that it will end soon because you will officially be my wife someday.
The only spice I’m having right now is typing this good morning text, but soon, I will enjoy the luxury of being called your man. I love you forever.

10. I’ve looked for a better half, my missing rib, but all through the search, nobody completes me as you do. No one fits in but you.
I spend the more significant part of my day wondering how life would have turned out for me if you never showed up. Always know that even if we pass through life’s thick and thin, my devotion to you is unwavering. Have a pleasant morning my dear.

11. Mediating and reflecting on my life this morning I realized that you are the happiness in my life.
There is no pain greater than being far from you right now.
I wish to share my mornings with you, kiss your lips before facing the day’s activities but no matter what, I will still be the first to say good morning to you.

12. I am dependent on your love due to the joy and happiness it gives me whenever I’m with you.
Whatever today brings, I will hurry through it just to come to spend time with you.
If there is anywhere I want to be, it will be right next to you, in your arms. Good morning.

13. I woke up this morning smiling because it seems like my realities now come back to me in my dreams.
You made this possible with the unconditional love that you give to me.
My life is now what I wished for, years before I met you. Thanks to my sweetheart for always being the best, Good morning.

14. Dear beloved, missing you is the most painful thing I’ve ever felt when I wake up in the morning and notice you are not by my side.
All I wish is to see you when I open my eyes. Kiss you before going off. I want to start living these dreams I have about us rather than feeling pains.
I know you miss me too. Take care, good morning.

15. I’ve felt loved, and I’m glad I did.
I’m grateful for your consistent loving that engulfed my heart, suffocated the flawed side of me and bringing out the best in me.
Your love is pure from heaven. Just the thoughts of your love give me an unmeasurable wonderful feeling that I can’t explain.
Good morning my lover. You own my heart forever.

16. You have won me over and over in the game of love, sometimes the feeling of “I don’t deserve a wonderful angel like you” soak up my thoughts.
While I can’t repay you enough for the good things you brought into my life, take the whole of me as I proof of my love for you.
I’m glad I finally found someone who’s ready to watch me grow. Good Morning my dear.

17. I pledge my undying love for you this morning and every other morning that follows.
All through life’s up and down, and I’m giving you my word, I will love and stand by you because aside from being my lover, you have taken the second valuable spot in my life. (the position of a best friend)
Good morning.

18. From the brightness of the sun, I know the future we share will be bright.
Let’s enjoy every moment of the day because we will grow old sitting right at each other’s side.
Now I understand why it took me so long to find you. It’s because good things are hard to come by. I will be happy every day for I’ve finally seen you. Good morning.

19. When you are mine, everything falls into place. Hours turn to seconds when you are around, and nothing else seems to interest me aside being close to you.
I pledge my undying devotion to you because we have got a very bright future to share. Good morning.

20. You are my endless desire, the one close to my heart. You have filled all my emptiness and made my flaws, flawless.
You have made my world a paradise that I long to live in forever.
I can’t forget that you have given me the best love in the world. Good morning.

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Good Morning Love Letter for Him

21. A future with you is worth the risk, the stress, and the challenges.
I never regretted choosing you over everyone because your love, care, and loyalty are out of the world.
As long as the future is great with you, I’m ready to go any mile to be with you forever.

22. The day kicks off, so did my joy.
Waking up with a thought of your sweet love is more than discovering a goldmine.
I’m done chasing shadows because I’ve found the right one who compliments my life and makes my world beautiful.
Have a beautiful day as you step out.

23. I can’t wait to be with you today. It gives me untold joy and expectations that our Union will lead to a beautiful future.
I declare all my love for you because I’m just too anxious to jump into this future and be with you forever.
I know you will have a beautiful day because you are gorgeous. Take care of your self for me and smile always.

24. For a full life of significance, your love is the only thing I need.
I can see my self-touching the skies because your love is assured.
I can’t even look at the future directly because it’s just too bright.
Your beauty compliments your kind heart. You are doubtlessly the best person in the world for me this morning. Good morning my lover.

25. I place your heart above your cute eyes and pretty lips because all it disposes of are good vibes, blissful and sweet words my ears are hungry to hear.
You are more than a lover. You are my helper and my strength.
I salute the true and unbeatable love that you give to me all day.
Good morning my sweetheart.

26. I offered to be yours, and you provided double: to love me unconditionally and allow me to grow while building my world and I’m not ashamed to say you are the only one which suits to be with me in my world forever. Have a beautiful day, my handsome baby.

27. On my journey to my destiny, I found something precious and rare.
I found my destiny, and you are my destiny. I know because ever since you became mine, I’ve felt everything turn around for good. Nobody can fit into my agenda of a happy future, but you. Thanks for being my rock.

28. You would have been better off without me, but you chose to be called my own.
You’d have found thousands of cute girls out there, but you decided to stick with me.
What I want to give you, words can’t explain, the mind can’t decipher.
What I want to give you is more than love. Good morning my Darling.

29. You are the best person for me because every part of my world accepts you wholesomely.
On this journey of life, all I ask of you is to stand by me, because with you, I can conquer the world and have a happily ever after.
Good morning baby, I love you.

30. Even when I locked and hid my heart in a safe locket; you burnt and broke down the lock and treated my wounded heart.
That’s why I’ll always love you, this morning and all the mornings I open my eyes to, Good morning love.

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Good Morning letters


If all you need is a romantic good morning love letter that I can send to the love of my life or a sweet, good morning letters to wake him/her up, then you will surely love the following notes.

31. I think my mornings are amazing and my days are blessed because you are here with me. Even if I don’t wake up right there with you, I am still close to you because you are in my heart. I will keep calm and wait for nature to bound us together forever. Let this new day give you fulfillment in all you do today.

32. Here is a good morning text, straight from a pure heart that has loved and felt love. My good morning text is a beautiful pack of wishes created with love just for you because you are the most fantastic thing I have ever had. Have an awesome day today. I love you.

33. The morning is waiting for you to wake up and the night is waiting for you to go to bed. Open those beautiful eyes and set nature free because you seem to have all it takes to rule the earth. Wake up sleepy head, and I can’t wait to see your pretty face today. Good morning.

34. The sun is the first thing that understands you, and the bed has you all to itself all night. I can’t wait for the day I get to kiss your lips goodnight and hold you all to myself through the night. Until that day comes, I want to envy the sun and your bed for being ahead of me. Have a pleasant day, my dear.

35. I thought of the most fantastic person in my life this morning, and the memories of you filled my mind. I decided to tell the most fantastic person in my life that she is the most fantastic person I have ever seen. You are a dream come true, and I can’t lose you to anything in the world. Good morning, baby.

36. My life took a new turn when you came into my world, and it has been the most awesome revolution of my life. You won my heart and brought down my defense now you have me under the spell of your love. You are just a reflection of me, and I love every bit of you. All you have done gladdens my heart, and I love you very much.

37. To the sweetest and cutest lover, I want you to know that my heart beats for you both today and every other day. Every morning is a beautiful opportunity to spend another 24 hours, showing you how much I love you. From now until the end of our days, I want to give you love, care, and attention. I want to love you. Good morning.

38. No one fills my heart as you do. No one makes me happy as you do. My life literary revolves around you because the love I get from you alone makes me feel accomplished. You are my motivator and my energy. Let this morning mark the reaffirming of my love for you because I will never stop loving you.

39. You are the biggest treasure I have ever had, and nothing goes by without reminding me about you. I find joy being around you. I love my mornings because I get to look at your photos with my sleepy eyes the fall in love with you over again. I know that I am in love with you and I will be letting you know about it.

40. I want to be a part of you because you are a part of me. I want to connect with you and show you how easy it is for my heart to fall for you. I wish you to wake up because the whole world is waiting for the most awesome person in the world to wake up. I love you baby, and I am glad that you are my lover.

41. I can’t wait to show you how much I love you. The little things I do all through the day for you are not enough to let you know that you mean the world to me. The most pleasing thing I have ever seen is your smile. Keep smiling for me, baby. Enjoy this brand new day that nature has given us.

42. I want you to know that I love you more than I love myself because you mean so much to me more than I am to myself. I want you to enjoy the best of the morning and the day in general. I sent a bird to sing for you this morning. You might be sleeping when it came around. Have an awesome day.

43. You are the magic in my life, and you are the sunshine in my world. I will always appreciate the love you shower on me, and I pray you to have the best of the day because you are one delicate and fragile angel ever made by God. I love you.

44. I want to use every morning to let you know that you are unique in every aspect. Sometimes, I get confused with how to express myself to you but thank God you are not unaware that my heart beats for you. The feeling of your love fills me with warmth. I love you every day.

45. I love the feeling I get when I am around you. The sun might overtake me to compliment you about your beauty, but I am not giving up on winning this fight. I will have the feeling of fulfillment when I can kiss you before the sun comes up. I love you, baby.

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Good Morning Letter for Her

46. I can’t contain my joy and happiness that has accumulated in my heart this morning because I know that someone somewhere cares enough to love me all through yesterday and is willing to love me all through this new day. Have a great day and always remember that I care about you every day. Good morning.

47. My warm good morning greetings are for you, my queen. I don’t care if its Monday, the beginning of the week or Friday, the start of the weekend. All I care about is that we are together and will be together as long as I exist. Let’s spend the day with love and create a day that will remain beautiful all through.

48. I will love you entirely from the break of the morning sun down to the appearance of the nighty stars. I will love you until the end of my life even if it will cost me all I have achieved in life and I will love you in my next life if anything like they exist. Have a beautiful morning and a memorable day.

49. The death of the night gave way to the rising of the morning sun. Same way all your worries shall be swept away by the arrival of this beautiful morning. Enjoy a new morning with a cool gentle breeze beating your body as you prepare to face the day’s challenge. Have a lovely day my heart beat. I love you always.

50. The night is gone and the morning is here. The same way my sorrows are gone and you (my happiness) is here. You have given me something more significant than life. You gave me my freedom when you became my wife. I feel fulfilled knowing that I have got the most awesome woman in the world. So in a simple sentence, I’d say; I love you baby.

51. The morning air reminds me of your love. Because it has moisture and creates a calm environment free from tension. The same way the morning sun has shone on good folks as well as bad ones. That’s the way your love has shone on my flaws and perfect sides. Thank you for being so tender with your care and affection. You have created so many unforgettable memories that I am grateful for, Good morning my dear.

52. A great morning to actualize our dreams and strive to achieve our ambitions but you have always created a small space to squeeze me in between your tight schedules and still shower me with love and attention. You have given my life a sense of existence, and I am so happy to provide you with my heart. Good morning to you my princess.

53. We wake up with a prayer to God to make all our wishes a reality today. Out of the gifts that nature has givens to us, you are my favorite. When I saw you, I loved you, and I won’t relent in showering my love on you from Monday to Sunday and from morning till night because you are perfect for me. Good morning to you.

54. I am not perfect, and you are not perfect, so that makes the two of us. Let’s stay together and love each other’s imperfection. I love you, even more, when you try not to be perfect. Make every moment of today an unforgettable one because we will relive every moment we spent in this happy relationship.

55. It’s inevitable not to love you. How can’t I fall in love with your beautiful face when I have never seen anything so bright and enticing. You are my heartbeat, and I will always wish you God’s favor today and every day of your life. We will have a bliss-filled relationship because I can’t find another you elsewhere. Have a great morning.

56. I want to feel your body when I wake in the morning. You get cuter in the morning, and it keeps me wondering if you are a goddess. You are perfect for me in every aspect, and I can’t give up on your love. Every second of your life is damn important to me, so I want you to enjoy every second today comes with, Good morning.

57. Thanks for the care and love. The thought of you is the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake in the morning. Every morning I start with hearing your voice is a perfect and fantastic morning. Your makeup kit is ready, all you need is a big smile and a happy heart.

58. I love you so much both morning and night, and nothing can beat that. You are brighter than the stars combined. I feel on top of the world knowing that you are mine and I will spend the rest of day knowing that I am the luckiest guy on earth. Good morning.

59. If I can get a kiss from the one I love this morning, it will be a more valuable prize that a guy will ever win. I hope you have the best of the day because I sincerely wish you to have a great day filled with loads of lucks. You make me feel alive when you are right next to me.

60. I know that you are an angel from heaven and I know that the skies are envious of you. I chose to be with you because you are special. I pray for a fulfilling day, and I know that for the rest of our lives, fulfillment will follow us. I see a bright future for our unborn kids and us.

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Good Morning Letter for Him

61. Our love is more like a growing tree, despite our time together, it has grown too much and will keep improving every day till it bears beautiful fruits. I enjoy every moment spent with you. I will respect and adore you, my king. Good morning.

62. Let our love blossom again if it’s dead, let it boom of its still alive. Whichever way, let’s make things right, let’s love again and let’s enjoy the feeling that comes from being with the one you cherish. You mean everything to me and without you, my world is empty. Good morning, have a beautiful day ahead.

63. Smile for me every morning baby because you have won my heart. I can’t think of anything aside from you.
Everything you did for me is mind-blowing. It is way more than I expected. It’s incredible to be sharing the same world with the most awesome person on earth. Step out and have a great day.

64. You give me so much joy that I can’t estimate. I love you, and you know. My love grows from my heart. I love you, everyday baby, because you are the only one for me and God knows that there is nobody else I have other than you. I will keep this love evergreen until the end of our days. Good morning my sunshine. I hope you smile today.

65. You are my hope to laugh today because you are the only one who knows my default and current settings. You always push me to the right places just when it’s necessary. I love you very much because there can never be another you in my life. It will always be you and me until the day we cease breathing, and our hearts go cold. Good morning my sugar.

66. I call you my partner because you are more than a friend and much more than a lover. You cover me in every part that I can’t think of, and I wonder how my life would have been without you.
The kind of love you lavish on me makes me feel like a celebrity. I can’t thank you enough for being the best for me. God will keep us alive for each other. Good morning honey.

67. I will never stop loving you because nobody deserves my love than you. Nobody does the beautiful things you do like you do. You fit me like you were tailored to fit in and cover up for my imperfections. Without doubts, I am sure that I am your missing rib.
I can’t run this race without you darling so let’s run together. Good morning, have a beautiful day today.

68. Embrace me and keep my fears away because you are my confidence. Stay with me, hold my hands, let’s go through this like we always do because there is no life without you. I want to live each day by seeing your face and holding your hands when I seek comfort. No matter where you go or what you do, the feelings in my heart will never reduce.
I love you, dear, Good Morning.

69. From my end to yours, I’m saying good morning because there is nothing as pretty as the morning sun and there is nothing as unique as you. You make life derive a different meaning. A much sweet purpose that everyone wishes for, You are my heartbeat, and I am nothing without you. From the depth of my heart, I will say this to you, and you are my love forever.

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70. We are meant for each other because we compliment each other perfectly.
You are just so amazing that I can’t imagine losing you. How would life look like without you? Having you is a big blessing I can’t stop thanking God for, It’s the best morning in the world, so enjoy this morning goodness and remember that I love you always.

Here's a collection of some beautiful good morning quotes and texts that will make her day special. I love you more than summer sunset and winter snow.

Love Letters For Him

good morning i love you letter

Love Letter 2

Love Letter :: Send to your Love

Shine every time you see me

My darling,

When I look deep in your eyes I can see how they shine every time you see me. And my heart is filled with
happiness, as it feels reassured that all the affection I’ve devoted to you echoes in your kind heart.

It’s great to feel loves and wanted by someone as sweet as you. It feels great that each one of your gestures
and caresses has a reason to be; they are not just automatic gestures but truly felted ones, coming from the
bottom of your heart just to cheer me up and make me happy.

I would love you more each day if only that was possible. But it isn’t, because you already have the best
of me. Our lives already walk side by side and I can only imagine good things happening in them. Forgive me
if I sound too cocky, but it pleases me to know that you are happy and to know that my presence is the
reason for your well being. I’m happy to know that you are happy by my side!

I want to devote myself to you always; I want to see you this happy all the time. I could never neglect this
beautiful love we share, because I can’t imagine one day looking into your eyes and not finding that bright
flame of affection and happiness.

Love. Yours
Good morning, day by looking at you face

My darling,

It feels great to start the day by looking at your sweet face and listening to your soft voice. I know that by
the time I usually hear your "good morning", most of the people are out in the streets, facing the traffic or being
surrounded by a multitude of problems.

Yet, your morning greeting gives me the strength to face any Goliath. You wishing me a good day gives me the
motivation to decipher any enigma and to face any giants because it fills me with love and courage. And that’s
why it feels so great to find you by my side every morning.

You are, the reason of my worries and at the same time the source of my courage. Without you around I
would be more indifferent to adversities. But you give me the motivation to look ahead with confidence and
determination in the pursuit of the options that will give us more tranquility to enjoy the affection we share.

Even when my days don’t run as smoothly as I would like, I don’t get mad, because I know I will be coming
home to your caresses and to be greeted by your warm smile. Even when I face some problems during the
day, I always keep in mind your morning wish, your “good morning“ and I try to overcome every obstacles
just so that I can see you again soon and enjoy true peace in the peaceful island of your arms.

I love your “Good morning!”, just as I love every night and every hour we spend together.



A great love will never die


I suddenly started remembering, not with a nostalgic feeling but with a lot of tenderness, the time we really
were together, the time we used to share to the full our emotions, wishes and hopes. I remembered everything
we’d already lived together and I missed it! Strange that I’ve remembered those things, but that’s because
I feel you’re becoming so distant… And yet, for me this is just the confirmation that a great love will never die
and I hope you feel the same...

I started by remembering only the good things that surrounded us: the way you used to touch me, the tender
words we dedicated to each other, the way you used to look at me (always with a mix of love and desire),
the warmth of your body.

And it’s as if I could feel it all over again, as if I could here the sound of your voice penetrating my ears just
as it used to happen not so long ago.

That’s when I thought there could be a chance for us to relive those times… I know we’re living a different
reality today and we’re more susceptible to everyday problems, letting them interfere with our lives us. But I
thought that perhaps we could fearlessly give in to this beautiful and strong feeling that, at one point, has
brought us together and that, for me, is more alive than ever!

Think about it carefully, my darling!

With love from yours
Blood flows – happily- in my veins.

Dear (name)

Loving you gives me the certainty that my blood flows – happily – in my veins.

You are the most beautiful, sweet and wonderful thing that could have happened to me, and I can only thank
heaven for putting in my path with the strength and persistence of a cascade.

I know I love you and becoming aware of all this love that invades and takes over me makes me very happy.
I feel happy mainly because of all the energy that comes from you; you are a source of good feelings, fountain
of virtues and of joy.

If the reason why I feel the way I feel is due to you, I can only reciprocate by devoting you all my affection
and attention, by dedicating you the deepest and truest of loves, and by making myself available for anything
you may need. There’s nothing happier in the world than reciprocated love, and this is how I feel about our
love: reciprocated, true and, for all that, extremely happy!

With a very tender kiss from someone that loves you very much and will never, ever forget you,

Open up my heart to you


I would like to open up my heart to you, but I may lack the skill, or I’m short for words, because my heart
harbors so many good feelings towards you that the dictionary seems to short to express all this love.

I feel an immense and endless love for you. Immense because it’s almost impossible to measure it or
compare it to anything you might now; endless because it reassures me that it will endure all summers,
winters, springs and ages, and it will reach fall with the royal dignity of an oak tree.

This immense love is all yours. This love is what that moves and targets my thoughts towards good and
beauty. With you, with the emotion that your existence and closeness bring me, I am capable of overcoming
all dangers and obstacles live may bring. With you I’m unable to succumb to sadness and desperation, you
bring me the trust and joy; you’re already a part of my happy soul!

Yes, my love, you are part of my happy soul because you’re the one that makes it happy and today I
would like to tell you how much I love you. Maybe this letter will give you a rough idea.

A passionate kiss

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This is really the strength of someone special's words. That is why today we are presenting you good morning text messages and love letters for.

good morning i love you letter
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